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Chapter 330: I Won’t Fall (3)

I Won’t Fall (3)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Although it was near midnight, the number of players online in Mystic Moon wasn’t any less than during the daytime. In a dangerous area where the monsters’ levels were much higher than the average player level, Xiao Qiu Feng was training by himself. He was swinging a black longsword with two hands as he whirled around in a mob of terrifying-looking monsters, causing wind to swirl around him. Suddenly, his communication device rang. Xiao Qiu Feng frowned, and quickly retreated to a safe region where he answered the call.

A low voice spoke out, and after listening to three sentences, Xiao Qiu Feng deeply frowned as he yelled, “What did you say? Ling Tian?”

He ended the call very quickly as his face darkened. He thought for a while before contacting Yun Feng and got straight to the point, “Something big happened.”

“What?” Yun Feng still wasn’t aware about what had happened. From the silence in the background, it was evident that Yun Feng was also training alone. Those who were truly strong sought to gain power by themselves through their own efforts.

“Ling Tian’s real life identity was found out, and he was attacked by the Long family… it is extremely likely that it was Long Tian Yun who issued the order.” Xiao Qiu Feng said darkly.

“W-What…?” Yun Feng was extremely shocked, “This… This is impossible. With Ling Tian’s abilities, how could he be found so easily? And even if he was found, he should have known… could it be that they found the wrong people?”

Tian Yuan District, Number 12 House. His real name is… Ling Chen.” Xiao Qiu Feng slowly said. His Battle Alliance was the largest underworld faction in China, and had quite an impressive information network. He already knew what had happened.

“!!!!” Yun Feng immediately burst into cold sweat, “This… how…” He suddenly thought of something and asked, “And then? Was Ling Tian able to escape? And what about his little sister, Shui Ruo? Was anyone hurt?”

Xiao Qiu Feng slowly breathed out and replied, “Long Tian Yun completely and utterly hates Ling Tian, and in order to destroy him, he decided to deploy a whole 75 Steel Dragon Corps soldiers… however, the result was completely unexpected- the 75 Steel Dragon Corps were all annihilated. However… the Steel Dragon Corps actually used their heavy weaponry, completely destroying Ling Tian’s home. It’s likely that someone he cared about was killed, causing him to go berserk. His screams and roars were heard by almost every single family in the Tian Yuan District…”

“Someone he cared about… who was it?” Yun Feng’s voice started to tremble. A terrifying possibility emerged in his mind, but he desperately hoped it wasn’t true. To cause Ling Chen to go berserk… could it be that…

“According to the information, after the explosion, no traces of Ling Tian’s little sister could be found, and the little girl was crying for her big sister. It’s possible that…”

Clack… Xiao Qiu Feng heard something falling to the ground on the other end of the line.

Yun Feng would never forget that the first time he had met Ling Chen and Shui Ruo, Shui Ruo had been sitting on a wheelchair, with Ling Chen slowly pushing it. He was extremely tender and affectionate towards her, and his eyes were filled with love and adoration. It was clear that he viewed her as more important than himself. Moreover, Yun Feng could still remember the exhilarated reaction that Ling Chen had displayed upon obtaining the 13223 drug, as well as the dedication he had shown to Shui Ruo when she had the Isrock Disease…

From the very beginning, Yun Feng knew just how important Shui Ruo was to Ling Chen, as well as what would happen if she left him…

And that was absolute, catastrophic despair and grief.

“Then… Then… Ling Tian, he…” Yun Feng’s voice was shaking by now. He felt like he had been struck by lightning upon hearing this news.

“He attacked the Long family, alone, and killed many of their people. He’s inside their residence now, and is exacting his revenge… as well as trying to die.”


Just as Xiao Qiu Feng finished talking, Yun Feng immediately hung up. Xiao Qiu Feng thought for a while before once again lifting up his communication device…

“Qi Qi, are you still awake? There’s something I need to tell you, but you need to stay calm…”


Murong Xiong Tian’s condition caused all of the Long Yu espers to become frenzied, and they madly rushed towards Ling Chen, wanting to save Murong Xiong Tian. At this moment, a man shouted from behind them as they saw a cold flash of light burst forth.


The icy cold light from the sword cut through the darkness of the night, shining into all the onlookers’ eyes. This sword light came from the Xuanyuan family’s strongest sword, the Azure Edge Sword. The light caused all of the Long Yu espers to stop in their tracks as they all revealed expressions of joy. The leader of the Xuanyuan family was here to save them!

The deadly light pushed Ling Chen’s body to lean backwards. However, he put his strength into his legs and managed to stay upright, although he was pushed back more than 10 metres by the light. The sword light could not fatally wound him, but there was now a long cut on his forehead, and a lock of his hair also flew into the air.

The Long Yu espers immediately ran over and hurriedly pulled Murong Xiong Tian out. Murong Xiong Tian was bleeding profusely from his mouth, nose, eyes and ears, and was completely unconscious. However, seeing that he was still breathing regularly, they all breathed out in relief. They quickly moved him to a car and sent him to the hospital… the mighty Chief of Long Yu, the strongest esper in China, a god to all soldiers, had been injured by the exhausted Ling Chen to such an extent… just what was this Ling Tian?!

Ling Chen’s body shook as he touched the cut on his forehead, causing the fresh blood to flow over his hand. He was now surrounded by eight men who were all around 20 years old, all of whom were pointing their long and thin swords towards him. He looked up towards the serious-looking man in his fifties, who was carrying an azure-coloured longsword. Ling Chen coldly spat out two words, “It’s… you!!”

Xuanyuan Sheng’s eyes narrowed as he calmly stared back at LIng Chen, “Huh, I never thought that you would remember me. You were able to escape six years ago, but in the end, you’re still going to be slain by my Azure Edge Sword. After killing so many people and even severely injuring Murong Xiong Tian, it’s about time… for you to die!”

How could Ling Chen not remember this person. When he was young, he was always looked at with cold and condescending gazes by many people. When he was together with Dia Wu, this man would often be there, telling Dia Wu to stay away from him and not to interact with him. Six years ago, it was also this man who had left him with six injuries, three of which were almost fatal… of course, that was because he had been completely exhausted and covered in injuries after fighting so many people from the Long family. Otherwise, how could he lose to a mere Xuanyuan Sheng!

Xuanyuan Sheng had trained for decades, and was indeed incredibly powerful. However, the training that Ling Chen had undergone in ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ was something that normal people could never imagine. His body, strength, mental energy and speed were all far above those of normal humans’. How could he be afraid of a human wielding a cold weapon!

Since he was young, he had always hated Xuanyuan Sheng- in fact, he hated everyone in the Xuanyuan family except Dia Wu. He also deeply remembered the injuries Xuanyuan Sheng had given him six years ago, which fuelled the humiliation and hatred within him. Now, seeing this man in front of him, the feelings of hatred and humiliation once again bubbled up to the surface… Ling Chen’s body was incredibly weak and tired. He didn’t mind dying, but he definitely wouldn’t allow this man to kill him.

Ling Chen gripped his incredibly sore and numb hands into fists, as blood dripped from his body onto the ground. He slowly spoke, “Try and kill me… in your next life… The only person who will die today… is… you!!!”

Xuanyuan Sheng coldly laughed, “Very impressive. Your strength and speed are indeed quite terrifying, and you were able to even seriously wound Murong Xiong Tian in that condition. However, what you just did cannot happen again.”

“Don’t waste time; hurry up and get rid of him.” Long Zheng Yang’s instructions rang out in Xuanyuan Sheng’s ear. This person was simply too monstrous- every second that he was alive was a nightmare to the Long family. Xuanyuan Sheng straightened up and pointed his sword towards Ling Chen, “Stop struggling… I’ll give you an easy death.”

“All of you get back!”

The eight men surrounding Ling Chen dispersed and retreated. Xuanyuan Sheng did not wait anymore as he sped towards Ling Chen. He wanted to kill Ling Chen in a single strike, and so he put all of his strength into this very first attack. He reached Ling Chen in an instant, and the Azure Edge Sword in his hand disappeared, turning into countless images of swords which all shot towards Ling Chen.

The feeling of death rushed towards Ling Chen, which felt like countless needles stabbing into his consciousness. Ling Chen’s eyes widened as his body twisted and sprang backwards… however, in his semi-conscious state, he barely had any control over his body, and he was still hit by many of the swords.


Thirteen sounds of cutting and shredding merged together, creating a piercing ripping sound. Ling Chen’s body flew far away, and a mist of blood suddenly appeared in the air. When Ling Chen landed on the ground, thirteen long and deep cuts could be seen on his chest, arms and legs.

Thirteen strikes in an instant- this was the power of the man second only to the Sword God, Xuanyuan Dao.

“So we finally get so see Uncle Xuanyuan in action again. His skills are just as incredible as ever.” Long Tian Yun said in admiration. He looked at Ling Chen on the ground, lying in a pool of his own blood as he coldly laughed, “He should be dead by now. If he isn’t dead, then he’ll be a real monster.”

“Indeed, he still isn’t dead.” Xuanyuan Dao said as he coldly looked at the screen.

On the screen, Ling Chen slowly stood up… the thirteen incredibly long and deep cuts looked extremely terrifying. The wounds he had already received were enough to kill a person countless times, and now he was also hit by the Azure Edge Sword thirteen times… and yet, he was still able to stand back up.

Xuanyuan Sheng had wanted to cut Ling Chen’s body into ten or so pieces. However, just as the Azure Edge Sword was about to hit him, Ling Chen suddenly moved backwards. Thus, Xuanyuan Sheng was only able to cut through his skin and some muscles, rather than his organs.

Seeing that such a weak and exhausted person had survived his fatal blow, Xuanyuan Sheng was incredibly shocked, and secretly furious. Seeing Ling Chen getting up, he deeply frowned, and once again attacked, not giving Ling Chen any time to recover. He leapt up three metres into the air and gathered his sword intent into his right hand. The Azure Edge Sword burst with light, and swept downwards towards Ling Chen… this time, there was only one sword, but it contained all of his strength and sword intent. Xuanyuan Sheng was determined to split Ling Chen in half.

The monstrous blade descended towards Ling Chen, and before it had even reached him, the pressure from it caused Ling Chen’s consciousness great pain. Ling Chen suddenly looked up, and his colourless eyes suddenly let out a red glow…

“The one who will die… is you!!”


Xuanyuan Sheng’s sword heavily cut into Ling Chen’s shoulder and continued to sink downwards… The ten-centimetre wide sword cut through half of Ling Chen’s shoulder, almost chopping it off…

But it could not cut any further.

The Azure Edge Sword which could easily cut through metal, which was wielded with all of Xuanyuan Sheng’s strength and sword intent… could only cut through half of Ling Chen’s shoulder. No matter how much he tried, Xuanyuan Sheng simply couldn’t cut any deeper.

Xuanyuan Sheng’s pupils contracted, and Xuanyuan Dao simply couldn’t believe his eyes either. Stopping the Azure Edge Sword with one’s body… this was simply impossible!! How could something like this happen?!


The sheer shock and incredulity from this caused Xuanyuan Sheng to lose control of his breathing. He heard a roar of pain and despair, and saw a pair of crimson red eyes that should not exist on a human. He felt two icy cold hands grabbing onto his right arm and right shoulder respectively, and a demonic howl filled his ears…

A horrifying ripping sound swept through the air…


The incredible pain overwhelmed Xuanyuan Sheng’s mind, causing him to roar out in pain. He watched as his blood spurted out and his arm was ripped off by Ling Chen…