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Chapter 335: Do your best, Tian Tian (1)

Do your best, Tian Tian (1)

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Editor: Chlocolatte

Mu Bing Yao continued to carry Ling Chen, who Gui Dao had saved with his own life, and continued to run forwards. The way in front of her was just as dark as the inside of her heart. She didn’t know where she was running with Ling Chen… he had been exposed, and it was possible that there would be nowhere for him to hide in all of China anymore. She only knew that she could not stop. The stench of blood on Ling Chen was too strong, and although there was not much wind, it would be easy to follow their tracks. If she stopped, all that would be waiting for them was death.

It had been six years since Ling Chen had taken them out of ‘Hell’, and since they arrived in China, this was the first time Mu Bing Yao had seen one of her comrades die. The pain and her inability to breathe told her that after six years, she was no longer the cold and emotionless “Frozen Hearted Man-eater” who only cared about Adam. She was now a flesh and blood human who could laugh and cry.

Gui Dao probably never thought that he would one day have to resort to using the compressed explosives he always kept on his body. He used the remainder of his life to pull those who had been chasing him into hell with him.

Master… don’t die… please don’t die!

Mu Bing Yao silently yelled within her heart. To the Reapers, there was nothing more important than Ling Chen’s safety. If he died then she would lose all desire and motivation to live.

However, despite all her internal yelling, she was very clear that Ling Chen’s lifeforce was slipping away, bit by bit… he was getting closer and closer to death.

Mu Bing Yao felt terrified. Before, when she had quickly checked over Ling Chen’s body, she found that there were countless wounds on his body, and he had lost more than a third of his blood. Half of his right shoulder had been severed, and his entire right arm was almost completely destroyed. There was not a single uninjured place on his body, and there were even more than 10 cuts on his face. However, they all knew that with his monstrous body and mental energy, as long as he didn’t want to die, he would definitely be able to recover!

However, at this moment, Ling Chen’s lifeforce was indeed seeping away… a horrifying idea surfaced in Mu Bing Yao’s mind… it was possible that Ling Chen did not want to continue living, but instead was seeking death! He had gone to the Long family by himself so that he could die! He had been so deeply affected by Shui Ruo’s death that he simply didn’t want to live anymore!

This sort of mentality would only cause him, after being injured so severely, to die even faster! If it was like that, even the best doctors with the best technology would not be able to save him.

Mu Bing Yao stopped, and put Ling Chen on the ground. She desperately performed CPR on him as she yelled, “Master!! Wake up! Wake up!!! You can’t die, I won’t allow you to die! I don’t want you to die! Hurry up and wake up… please wake up already!!”

As she yelled, Mu Bing Yao’s tears landed on Ling Chen’s face as she pumped harder and harder on his chest. Perhaps her heartwrenching screams reached Ling Chen’s soul. After a few moments, his eyelids fluttered, and he slowly opened his eyes.

“Master!!” Seeing him wake up, Mu Bing Yao hugged him tightly and cried. In this world, the only person who could cause her to worry and cry like this was Ling Chen.

“Why… Why aren’t I dead yet…”

Ling Chen’s voice was weak and hoarse, and completely dead. After waking up, he didn’t ask where he was, or why Mu Bing Yao was there, or what had happened… the first thing he had asked was why he wasn’t dead yet.

After Shui Ruo passed away, he had been completely consumed by his despair, and after exacting his revenge, all he wanted to do was die.

Mu Bing Yao hugged him with all her might as she yelled, “Why would you want to die?? How could we let you die? There are so many things you haven’t done yet, and you still haven’t achieved your dream with us. How can you die now?!”

She knew that she had to quickly think of a way to make Ling Chen want to live. Only then would he have a chance at recovering. Back then, because of his strong desire to live, he had survived from ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’. However, what could she do to awaken this desire?

“Just… let… me… die… Ruo Ruo is gone… Why… should I live…”

Ling Chen’s eyes were devoid of any light, and his voice was incredibly weak but filled with the determination to die. Mu Bing Yao felt like her heart had been shattered, and she suppressed her desire to cry as she vigorously shook her head, replying, “No… you can’t die!! We worked so hard to save you, and many of us paid great prices… did you know, in order to cover our escape, Gui Dao blew himself up with explosives… if you die, then who will take revenge for all our fallen brothers and sisters? Did you forget how Ruo Ruo died? Don’t you want to take revenge for her? Live, live on!”

“Sorry… Gui Dao… I’m sorry… It’s all my fault… I can’t… get revenge… let me die… let me be with Ruo Ruo… let me go and apologise… to Gui Dao… let me die…”

Mu Bing Yao had unconsciously bitten open her lips, and drops of blood came out. Hearing his voice, as well as his intention to die, she nearly gave up, “Master… I know you’re extremely sad from Ruo Ruo passing away. We feel the same way as well! However… you still have us… we’re still here for you! There’s also Tian Tian! We’ll always be here for you… even if you chase us away, we’ll never leave!! Would you really bear to leave us behind? Especially Tian Tian… she’s already lost her big sister… do you know how devastated she would be to lose you as well? If you die, who will look after and protect Tian Tian?” “Then… big bad guy… no, big bro, will you really protect me and give me lots of things to eat, forever?”

“Big brother was found by big sister, and Tian Tian was also found by sister. Hehe, this is so interesting. Big brother was found by big sister, and will be with her forever, so since Tian Tian was also found by big sister, will Tian Tian also be with big sister and big brother forever?”

“Then… it’s a promise! We’re all going to be together forever. Neither big brother nor big sister can ever leave Tian Tian!”

“We’ve already become a family, so of course we’ll all be together forever.”

…… Ling Chen’s lifeless eyes suddenly focused and he suddenly asked, “Tian Tian… Tian Tian… where’s Tian Tian? Where is she?”

Ling Chen’s sudden reaction caused Mu Bing Yao to see some light in the midst of the overwhelming despair. She immediately replied, “Tian Tian’s a bit further ahead. She really wants to see you, and has been waiting for you all this time. I’ll immediately take you to meet her! Master, you can’t die, no matter what! You still need to take care of Tian Tian… you promised Ruo Ruo that you would protect Tian Tian and take care of her; how can you break your promise to Ruo Ruo? Let’s go to where Tian Tian is!”

When Shui Ruo passed away, Mu Bing Yao had been there as well. She had heard all of the promises Ling Chen made to Shui Ruo. The final one was that he would take care of Tian Tian.

Mu Bing Yao saw a brief internal struggle within Ling Chen’s eyes, and could feel that he was not as determined to die. She almost started crying tears to joy, and she once again picked Ling Chen up as she headed to where Tian Tian was.

As she ran, Ling Chen continuously muttered Tian Tian’s name. His voice grew weaker and weaker, and soon became silent. However, there was a change to his lifeforce- it was no longer decreasing, but rather growing like a tiny blade of grass… in terms of assassination skills, apart from Ling Chen, Mu Bing Yao was second only to Gui Ya. However, she was neither as fast as Gui Dao nor as strong. As such, her speed when carrying Ling Chen was not very fast. Before, she had escaped to a place very far away with Tian Tian, as she believed that Tian Tian would only be safe if they escaped to somewhere far away. She had originally planned to search for information in the morning, but she couldn’t stop worrying about Ling Chen. She left Tian Tian at the bottom of the highest tree in the area, and told her not to leave before dawn. Right now, she was already very close to that place.

However, she could hear some unsettling noises.

It was the sound of a group of people’s footsteps. They were about 300 metres away, and were gradually getting closer. There were about 40 to 50 of them.

To come all this way by foot, their physical condition and speed were quite impressive. They most likely belonged to the Blood Wolves or the Savage Tigers of the seven main forces.

Mu Bing Yao deeply breathed in, and she soon saw the tallest tree. She ran at her full speed, and called out in a low voice, “Tian Tian, Tian Tian!”

A small figure jumped out from behind the tree, and started to wail. She cried as she ran towards Mu Bing Yao. Although she felt safe with Mu Bing Yao, this silent, dark forest made her feel extremely terrified. During the time that Mu Bing Yao had left, she had been curled up in a ball, trembling, not daring to move an inch. When she finally saw Mu Bing Yao again, she leapt onto her and tightly hugged her, not willing to let go.