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Chapter 336: Do your best, Tian Tian (2)

Do your best, Tian Tian (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Seeing that Tian Tian was unharmed, Mu Bing Yao let out a sigh of relief. She gently put Ling Chen down, then hugged Tian Tian back. Tian Tian’s face was covered with tears, and when she saw the bloodied figure on the ground, her entire body stiffened, then leapt over. She sobbed heart-wrenchingly, “Big brother… Big brother!! Big brother!!”

Ever since Tian Tian had joined their family, she had always been together with Ling Chen and Shui Ruo. She would even sleep with them in the same bed every night, and was incredibly familiar with them. Although it was impossible to tell that it was Ling Chen from his current appearance, Tian Tian instantly recognised him. After Shui Ruo left, she was devastated, but at least she still had her big brother to rely on. Right now, the thing she feared most was if Ling Chen would also leave her. If that happened, she would have lost all of the people she was close to on earth… and no one would ever protect her, treat her well or care for her…

Looking at Ling Chen, who was covered in blood, she felt as if her entire world was collapsing. She mourned as she knelt over his body.

“Tian Tian! Tian Tian!!” Mu Bing Yao immediately went to hug Tian Tian’s body. She held Tian Tian’s tear-stained face as she said, “Your big brother’s fine. Even though he’s hurt, he’ll get better soon. Tian Tian, you’re a big girl now, do you want to save your big brother? If you do, then don’t cry. Use your hands to save your big brother, alright? Right now, the only one who can save him… is you.”

Tian Tian didn’t understand most of what Mu Bing Yao had said, but she clearly heard that her big brother wasn’t dead. She also heard that she shouldn’t cry, but should do her best to save her big brother. She suppressed her crying, and vigorously nodded, shaking her tears everywhere, “I… I won’t cry… I want to save big brother… he’ll be fine…”

“Good!” Mu Bing Yao nodded as she lovingly stroked Tian Tian’s face. Mu Bing Yao quickly got up, and put Ling Chen’s upper body on Tian Tian’s weak shoulders. At home, Ling Chen and Shui Ruo had never made Tian Tian do any heavy work. As such, her little body nearly collapsed under the weight of Ling Chen’s body. However, she gritted her teeth, and shouldered his weight, because the person on her back was her big brother.

The sounds in the distance came closer and closer, and Mu Bing Yao bit her lips as she looked at this little girl carrying Ling Chen. She gently said, “Tian Tian, quickly take big brother and leave. Go as far away as you can, and try not to stop. Do not, ever, turn back. Tian Tian, only you can save big brother now. Big sister needs to go and kill those people who are trying to kill him… Tian Tian, I’ll leave him to you. You need to be strong. Big sister believes… you’ll be able to do it.”

The weight on her shoulders felt incredibly heavy, but Tian Tian refused to give up. She wrapped Ling Chen’s arms tighter around her, and furiously nodded, “I will be strong… I’ll definitely save big brother!!”

“En!!” Seeing the tears in the little girl’s eyes, Mu Bing Yao’s eyes once again became damp. She also vigorously nodded and stretched out her pinky finger. The two girls’ pinky fingers entwined as Mu Bing Yao said, “Do your best, Tian Tian… we’ll all do our best. You’re the bravest, strongest girl in the world!”

In the darkness of the night, the little girl used her shoulders to carry Ling Chen, step by step, as she walked forwards. She walked incredibly slowly, and had to use the full strength in her whole body to take each step. She felt like she would collapse any moment, but she determinedly continued to walk. She didn’t let out any cries, nor did she allow herself to shed any tears, and she definitely wouldn’t allow herself to stop, no matter what.

“Tian Tian…” Even Mu Bing Yao felt that it was cruel for her to put such a burden on this little girl’s shoulders. However, she had no other choice. She turned around, no longer looking at that tiny frame, as she was worried that she would not be able to resist running over to help her. She bit her lips as she ran forwards, and a cold glint flashed in her hands as she took out ‘Icy Hell’.

A breeze passed by and a piercingly cold light flashed, and the group of people suddenly stopped. In front of them, an incredibly beautiful but cold-looking woman had appeared. She silently stood there, looking like a proud snow lotus.

No matter if it was because of her beauty, or her incredibly cold aura, the iron-willed soldiers all lost their focus for a split second. However, the look in their eyes became resolute as they raised their weapons defensively, due to the killing intent she emanated.

The 42 people all wore different clothing, but none of them had any guns. Out of the 42 people, 20 held swords that were about one foot long, and the other 22 didn’t carry any weapons at all. Their equipment, or lack of, caused Mu Bing Yao to become incredibly wary. The 42 people all had a savage and wild aura like that of wild beasts’.

Tonight, Mu Bing Yao, and her ‘Icy Hell’ would face off against 20 Blood Wolves and 22 Savage Tigers.


The wind blew, and a look of joy appeared in Mu Bing Yao’s eyes. With the wind, the scent of blood on Ling Chen’s body would be scattered, making it harder for them to track him. If she could stall for enough time, and Tian Tian was able to get far away, then without the scent of blood, they would be unable to track down Ling Chen. When more people came, perhaps all traces of Ling Chen and Tian Tian would be gone by then, making it almost impossible to find him again.

Mu Bing Yao’s worry decreased by a bit, and her killing intent increased. As the wind blew, her body turned into a blur as she charged into the crowd of her enemies. She only had a single Icy Hell, but it was as if she had three. She danced among the soldiers, sometimes even taking three of their lives in an instant…


“Tian Tian, quickly take big brother and leave. Go as far away as you can, and try not to stop. Do not, ever, turn back.”

Do your best, Tian Tian… we’ll all do our best. You’re the bravest, strongest girl in the world!”

“I will do my best… I will save big brother… big sister has already left me… I don’t want big brother to leave me either…” Tian Tian had no idea where she was, or where she was going. It was completely dark, and there was no one to talk to her or soothe her fears. However, she didn’t feel afraid anymore. She knew that she had to continue to walk and walk, and couldn’t turn back…

Just like this, Tian Tian carried the unconscious Ling Chen on and on. She didn’t know how long she had walked, or how far she had walked. She had fallen over many times, but she did not give up. Usually, all she did was eat, play and sleep, but this time, she did not dare stop even for a moment. Even if she fell over, she would immediately get up again. Her face was covered with mud and the skin on her hands had split open at many places. However, each time, she would put Ling Chen on her shoulder again, and walk forwards, step by step.

She didn’t see a single person as she walked, and no one appeared to help or stop her.

She completely lost track of time, but she continued to walk and walk. Soon, she saw the sky slowly become brighter and brighter. No one, including Tian Tian herself, would believe that she had carried Ling Chen on her weak shoulders for an entire night.

Even an adult wouldn’t be able to do such a thing… and yet, by sheer determination, she had somehow accomplished it. Each step was filled not only with her sweat, blood and tears, but also her determination to save Ling Chen.

The sky became brighter and brighter, and Tian Tian continued to walk. She had not slept or eaten in a long time, and had carried Ling Chen for an entire night. She felt quite dizzy, and her entire body was sore. She almost couldn’t feel her legs, which were incredibly swollen, anymore. The pretty shoes that Shui Ruo had bought for her were stained with blood, and her face was covered with mud and scratches.

It was shocking to think that the girl who was lazy to the point that Shui Ruo usually had to put on her clothes for her, could actually possess such willpower.

The sun started to rise, and Tian Tian continued to walk. For Ling Chen, she simply couldn’t give up. She was no longer capable of much thought, but her body mechanically continued to walk.


Tian Tian lost her footing, and both she and Ling Chen fell to the ground and rolled for a while become they finally came to a stop. Tian Tian could no longer stand up, or even open her eyes. She whispered, “Big… brother…” before she also fell unconscious.