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Chapter 338: The Destruction of Heart’s Dream (1)

The Destruction of Heart’s Dream (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

“On the night of the 24th, the Long family suffered the largest terrorist attack in history. They sustained heavy losses, but were able to fight back the terrorists after one hour of fighting. The situation has since been settled. Most of the terrorists were killed at the scene but some were able to escape. The survivors are likely hiding in the outskirts of Beijing, and the police and national forces are currently doing their best to find them. We hope that residents will immediately alert police if they see anyone suspicious.

“The motives of the terrorist group are unclear, but based on the scale of the attack, it is possible that the attack came from other countries. However, no civilians have been hurt, so we hope that residents will not panic. We are told that the head of this terrorist group is a 22 year old man, called Ling Chen, who has lived in Beijing for about two years. He suffered heavy injuries in the fight, and is likely dead, but there is a possibility that he was rescued by his comrades. He is now a wanted fugitive, and if anyone sees him or has any information regarding him, please contact the police.”

Ling Chen’s photo appeared on the screen.

“The terrorist group’s headquarters in the Tian Yuan District have been destroyed. Residents of the Tian Yuan District can be rest assured that the danger has passed…”

“This is outrageous! Outrageous!! Big brother Ling Tian… has become a wanted fugitive! Outrageous!!”

Xiao Qi bit her lips as she threw the remote control at the TV screen. She covered her face with her hands as her tears once again began to flow. Every tear was filled with worry and fear…

Three days had passed since the night of the attack. The girls of Heart’s Dream had spent each of those days in constant worry. Since that night, they hadn’t seen Ling Chen, Shui Ruo, or Tian Tian log on, and even Mu Bing Yao had disappeared. They were becoming more and more worried, and didn’t feel like doing anything. On that night, they had received a shocking piece of news.

Xiao Qi had always wanted to see what Ling Tian really looked like, and wanted to get closer to him in real life… she finally saw his face and knew his true identity, but she never thought that it would be under such circumstances.

Ling Tian’s real life identity had been found out by Long Tian Yun, who had attacked his home with heavy weaponry.

Shui Ruo had died…

The furious Ling Tian had charged into the Long family’s residence to get revenge and to die…

When Xiao Qiu Feng told the girls this information, all of them felt like they had been struck by lightning. They simply couldn’t believe it, and didn’t want to believe it.

Within these three days, many soldiers from the national army patrolled the streets, creating a tense atmosphere in all of Beijing. The appearance of the national army signified that the Long family was determined to get rid of Ling Tian, even if it meant disrupting the entire city. As such, even if Ling Tian was still alive, he wouldn’t have anywhere to hide. Almost everyone in China, perhaps even the whole world, now knew his name and face, as well as the fact that he was supposedly the head of a terrorist group.

The girls all cried out in their hearts… why did things turn out like this?!

Shui Ruo had died. That gentle, beautiful girl, who they treated as their close sister had left them forever. All of them could see how deeply she loved Ling Tian, as well as Ling Tian’s love for her… they remembered that the last time they had said their goodbyes, they were all laughing and smiling, and had set the time and place for their next meeting. No one could have thought that all of a sudden, they would never be able to see her again…

Even now, they found it difficult to accept Shui Ruo’s death. They desperately tried to believe that the information was wrong, or that they had mixed her up with someone else…

Now, even Ling Tian’s life or death was uncertain, and there was no news at all about Tian Tian. Xiao Qi, Su’Er and Meng Xin all watched the news every day, fearful that Ling Tian or Tian Tian had been discovered.

Xiao Qiu Feng walked to the door and heard Xiao Qi crying. These days, her eyes had become redder and redder from crying. This girl, who had never cried about her disease, had been crying non-stop these three days. Xiao Qiu Feng quietly walked over, and turned off the TV as he gently said, “Qi Qi, don’t cry anymore. Ling Tian definitely got away- I saw someone carrying him and running away. We tried to look for him, but only found the Frozen Hearted Man-eater, but not Ling Tian. He should be far away, at a safe place. With his abilities, he’ll definitely be fine, so don’t worry.”

The Dark Eagles were annihilated, Blood Wolves and Steel Dragons were almost destroyed, Xuanyuan Xiong Tian had been severely injured, Xuanyuan Sheng had been crippled and Xuanyuan Dao had also received heavy injuries… the information Xiao Qiu Feng received had shocked the wits out of him. All of this was done by Ling Tian singlehandedly. In the virtual world, he was the overlord. Who would have thought that he would be so monstrous in the real world as well! When putting the Long family’s efforts in finding Ling Chen into context with this information, it did not seem excessive at all.

Hearing Xiao Qiu Feng’s voice, Xiao Qi quickly wiped off her tears as she asked him, “Why… Why didn’t you save him! Why… Why!!!”

Seeing Xiao Qi like this, Xiao Qiu Feng could only shake his head and sigh as he replied, “The scent of blood on him was too strong, which made it easy for him to be tracked. If I brought him here, then my entire Battle Alliance would be dragged into this… I can’t sacrifice my entire Xiao family and the countless brothers and sisters in the Battle Alliance for a single person. I already did all that I could on that night… we’ll have to see what fate has in store for him.”

“But you should have saved him! If something happens to big brother Ling Tian, I… I…”

“Alright, alright, it was my fault. I’ve confessed my sins many times now.” Xiao Qiu Feng said, his face incredibly apologetic. In front of his little sister, Xiao Qiu Feng didn’t have a bit of his “Cold Magistrate” appearance. He patted Xiao Qi’s shoulder as he softly said, “Qi Qi, Ling Tian isn’t a normal person, so he won’t die that easily. It’s already been three days, so he should be far away by now. Dad has already sent people to search for and check up on him. If there’s any news, I’ll let you know immediately… and also, your big sister Mu Bing Yao has recovered from her injuries incredibly quickly. She should be able to wake up today, if you want to go and see her.”

“Really?” This was the only good piece of news Xiao Qi had received these days. She quickly got up, and rushed out.

There was a puddle of tears left on the couch by Xiao Qi. Xiao Qiu Feng silently stared at it, and an expression of grief appeared in his eyes as he said “Ling Tian, don’t die. Otherwise, Qi Qi will really be devastated.”

“Ah!! Big sister Bing Yao! Big sister Bing Yao, you’re awake! Thank goodness!”

Xiao Qi’s shout of joy soon became sobbing. Mu Bing Yao had woken up faster than anyone had expected. Perhaps it was because she was worried about Ling Chen, so she tried to wake up as fast as possible.


“A single person killed 11 Blood Wolves and 13 Savage Tigers… she’s indeed the Frozen Hearted Man-eater. This would shock anyone.”

That night, when Xiao Qiu Feng and his subordinates had finally caught up, Mu Bing Yao was already covered in blood and completely exhausted. She wasn’t facing off against normal soldiers, but against the expert Blood Wolves and Savage Tigers. What completely blew their minds was that she had already killed 20 of them by the time they had arrived, and the remaining ones were all hurt quite heavily. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for the people he brought to finish them off. After the bloody battle had finally concluded, Mu Bing Yao immediately fell to the ground, unconscious. They brought her back to the Battle Alliance, as she had not gone to the Long family’s residence, and all the people who had seen her were dead.

They had never thought that she would also be one of Ling Chen’s subordinates. Xiao Qiu Feng did not disturb Xiao Qi and the newly-awoken Mu Bing Yao. He picked up his phone, and contacted Yun Feng.

“Any news?” He directly asked.

“Nothing… not even a clue.” Yun Feng’s voice sounded incredibly tired. He practically hadn’t slept at all for the past few days, and his eyes were completely bloodshot.

“No news is good news,” Xiao Qiu Feng said as he sighed, “If you can’t find him, perhaps the Long family won’t be able to find him either. Their skills at counterespionage should be just as monstrous as their skills in fighting. Yun Feng, you should rest. We’ve done all we can already. Come to think of it, what sort of person is Ling Tian? What’s his background? How can he possibly be so strong, and what does he have against the Long family?”

“I don’t know the answers to those questions either. When I met him, I tried to ask, and I also did my own investigations. However, I wasn’t able to find out anything. Out of respect for him, I decided not to pursue the matter any further. It seems that the Long family doesn’t know why Ling Tian hates them so much either. In this world, perhaps only Ling Tian knows. However, now that Ling Shui Ruo has been killed by the Long family… just this is enough for him to completely and irreconcilably hate the Long family. If he survives, the consequences will be terrifying for them.”

“Forget it, you should get some sleep. Also, be careful- the Long family’s intelligence network isn’t just for show.”

“Don’t worry, all of the evidence left behind on that night were left behind to misdirect them. At least, it’s impossible for them to suspect us. Without any solid proof, they wouldn’t dare to accuse us.” Yun Feng tiredly said as he hung up. He was worried about Ling Chen, as well as Meng Xin…

Xiao Qi, who had just started talking to Mu Bing Yao, suddenly received a call from Su’Er, who was within the game.

Su’Er was crying worriedly as she yelled, “Qi Qi… wuu… Qi Qi, quickly come over! The Yan Huang Alliance is attacking our Heart’s Dream’s home… wuu… quickly come….”

Xiao Qi’s eyes widened as a buzz went through her head.