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Chapter 339: The Destruction of Heart’s Dream (2)

The Destruction of Heart’s Dream (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

No matter how big or small an official guild was, what determined its life or death was the same: the guild sign with the guild name written on it. It was the symbol of a guild, and was the most important thing to a guild. During battles between guilds, even if not a single player died, but the guild sign was destroyed, the guild would still be disbanded. Conversely, even if all the players of a guild died, as long as their guild sign was still fine, their guild would still remain in existence.

If a guild was destroyed, they could use a Guild Creation Token to immediately re-establish their guild. From the sound of it, a guild being destroyed wasn’t that big of a deal. However, the destruction of a guild didn’t just mean that it would be temporarily disbanded- the guild’s communication channel would be unusable, making it almost impossible to coordinate as a guild. Re-establishing the guild into the exact same condition would be almost impossible. Destroyed guilds that were re-established would not even be as half as powerful as they were before destruction. Moreover, a destroyed guild’s fame and morale would also plummet. For large guilds, being destroyed meant that they would lose much of the time, effort and money invested into the guild, and the guild would never be able to fully recover. Also, if a guild was destroyed, the would directly fall to the bottom of the rankings if they were re-established.

As such, protecting the guild sign was one of the most important things for a guild. Of course, because guild signs determined the life and death of a guild, they would not be destroyed so easily. They would often be placed in the most secure place in the guild, behind all of the guild’s defences. Most of these defences were incredibly difficult to destroy within a short period of time. Once the guild was under attack, all of its players would be immediately notified, and they would quickly rush back to the guild to protect it.

As such, unless there was a great gap in power between the attackers and defenders, it would be quite difficult to destroy a guild sign. Moreover, as a guild’s level rose, their defences would also become more powerful. The headquarters of a guild wasn’t just the main meeting place of a guild; it was also where their guild sign was kept. If a guild wanted to develop, they would need to increase their number of players. As such, most guild headquarters were publicly known. However, there were exceptions, such as the Dark Night. Although the Dark Night was publicly recognised as one of the three strongest guilds, they never recruited people. As such, no one knew where their headquarters were. Those who wanted to destroy the Dark Night did not even know where to start looking. However, how many other special guilds were there like the Dark Night? Without any new blood, it would be almost impossible to develop.

Since Mystic Moon had opened, there was another guild that was incredibly famous, but hadn’t recruited any people… and that was the number one ranked guild created by the number one player Ling Tian, Heart’s Dream.

It was impossible for a guild not to have a headquarters. It was like a seed not having dirt to grow in. The guild sign couldn’t be put in one’s bag, and it was impossible to keep it on a person 24/7. As such, when Ling Chen established Heart’s Dream, he put the guild sign in their unimpressive little room. They had less than 10 people, so he had no plans to move to a larger, more obvious place. Because the little room had their guild sign, it became their temporary headquarters. Because the guild sign was there, any member of Heart’s Dream could directly teleport from any place within the Azure Dragon City to there, which was one of the functions of a headquarters. Of course, this was only a temporary headquarters. Within one month of the guild being established, they could change their headquarters at any time without being attacked, due to the protections. However, after one month, it would be much more difficult to change headquarters.

Currently, it had already been one month since Heart’s Dream had been officially established, and Heart’s Dream had lost the one-month protection. As for the little room that they kept their guild sign in, they had all come to accept that place as their headquarters. Normally, residential areas couldn’t be damaged, unless weapons had the incredibly rare ‘destruction element’. However, because it was the headquarters of a guild, it could be attacked and forcefully entered into. Attacks against the little room also would not alert the City Guards.

When Xiao Qi logged on, she appeared right next to Heart’s Dream’s headquarters. What she saw caused her great pain in her heart.


A clear sound rang out as the building’s door collapsed. Afterwards, a large crowd of players holding weapons charged in.

There were players everywhere- so many that most of them could barely move. It was completely different to the usual peacefulness of the residential district. These people all had a tattoo of a golden dragon with five claws on their arms, under which were words “Yan Huang”. Underneath the emblem of the Yan Huang Alliance were the branch they belonged to, as well as their position… in the distance, there were also many spectators watching…

“No… No!!!” Xiao Qi stood in shock for a few moments before crying out and rushing over. She gripped the Spectre Staff that Ling Chen had given her in her hands, preparing to attack.

“Qi Qi…”

She had only run a few steps when she was pulled over by someone. The voice in her ear caused her to stop, and she turned around to see Yun Meng Xin, who was wearing a white veil, and a tearful Su’Er.

“Don’t go over…” Yun Meng Xin shook her head… her actions were all incredibly slow, due to the grief in her heart.

The Yan Huang Alliance had mobilised a whole three thousand players…

It wasn’t known if Heart’s Dream’s strongest player, Ling Tian, was alive or dead, and Shui Ruo had passed away. Tian Tian was also missing, and Mu Bing Yao had just woken up, and was incredibly weak… the only ones who were online were the three of them.

In this period of time, their faith and confidence in Ling Chen had reached unimaginable heights, because he had performed miracle after miracle. If he was here, no matter what they were facing, they would not be afraid. Even if there were 30,000 players attacking their guild, they wouldn’t despair at all…

However, what could they, three girls, do against three thousand Yan Huang Alliance players? If they went to stop them, they would just die for nothing.

“Big sister Meng Xin, Su Su… But… But…”

A system announcement suddenly sounded in their ears.

“Ding… your guild Heart’s Dream’s guild sign has been destroyed. Heart’s Dream will be disbanded.”

Their guild communication channel disappeared, and the words “Heart’s Dream” in their player information also disappeared.

Although they knew what was coming, but hearing this system announcement, they still felt utterly devastated.

“Ding… China Region Announcement. The first guild, Heart’s Dream’s guild sign has been destroyed, and the guild has been disbanded. The Guild Rankings have now been updated. Please view the Guild Rankings for the updated rankings.”

The announcement was broadcast to every player in China. Only when a guild on the Guild Rankings was destroyed would they be eligible for this ‘special glory’. Opening the Guild Ranking, what they saw was that Heart’s Dream had disappeared, and of course, the number 2 Yan Huang Alliance had become number 1, with no one else on the rankings. This was the main reason why they had destroyed Heart’s Dream. They had always been the number 1 guild, and their name represented fame, glory and power. How could they be satisfied with being number 2?

Xiao Qi stared into the distance, as Su’Er cried her heart out. Yun Meng Xin stood there silently as she watched the little house they were so familiar with crumbling into ruins.

Ling Tian, Ruo Ruo Loves Chen, Tian Tian Tian Tian, Cute Qi Qi, Su Su, Mu Bing Yao and Meng Yu You Xin… just a few days ago, they had been discussing the future of Heart’s Dream, as well as their progression towards Meng Xin’s goal. They watched as their Heart’s Dream grew, and planned for their future…

However, in just a single night, everything had changed.

Ling Chen was the support for Heart’s Dream. If he left, Heart’s Dream would instantly crumble. Right now, with him missing, the Yan Huang Alliance used this opportunity to destroy their guild… the girls could only watch as their beloved guild was destroyed. To them, Heart’s Dream wasn’t just a guild- it was a dream that they worked for together, and now it had been obliterated…

Tears streamed down the three girls’ faces. They had gotten together to help Meng Xin achieve her dream. Heart’s Dream was created for Meng Xin, but due to their combined efforts, their hearts had all bonded together, and Meng Xin’s dream had become their collective dream.

In the distance, two groups of people hurriedly ran over, and stopped in the distance. In front of the groups of people were Yun Feng and Xiao Qiu Feng. They had heard the system announcement on the way, and there was nothing more they could do. They could only look at the three girls and sighed.