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Chapter 341: Waking Up (2)

Waking Up (2)

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Editor: Chlocolatte

Where is this? Am I still alive…

Ling Chen’s mind began to awaken, and the memories from before he fell unconscious flooded in. Instantly, his heart was filled with incredible pain.

He wished that this was all a nightmare, and that everything would be fine when he woke up. However, he knew that no matter how he lied to himself, Shui Ruo was gone. He had watched as Shui Ruo had died in his arms- he had been powerless to do anything about it…

Ruo Ruo… why did you leave me…

Ling Chen’s heart bled as he recalled the events that had transpired. Facing the reality that Shui Ruo was dead made him feel like 10,000 arrows had pierced his heart, and he wished that he could immediately die… if he died, then he could be with Shui Ruo and wouldn’t have to suffer this pain anymore.

But… But…

Shui Ruo’s image appeared in his mind. She was as beautiful as a goddess, but she was so far away that he couldn’t reach her.

“Big brother… do you remember the three things that you promised me? Make sure you keep your promises, big brother. I’ll be watching over big brother and Tian Tian from heaven. Now that I’m gone, big brother needs to take care of Tian Tian and protect her, just like you took care of me and protected me. Tian Tian will stay by you in my place, alright…

Shui Ruo’s voice gradually faded, and although his heart bled, but he didn’t chase after her. After all, it was just an illusion…

From his memory, he had lost control of his emotions after Shui Ruo had passed away. His hands, which had not shed blood in six years for Shui Ruo, had savagely killed many people, then went to the Long family by himself… he wanted to take revenge, then be with Shui Ruo. When he went there, he was half awake, and half berserk. Bodies fell down in front of him as limbs and blood flew everywhere. He lost count of how many people he had killed, and he became like a bloodthirsty Shura. The memories flowed clearly in, as they replayed in his mind… in the end, he had used the last of his strength to injure Xuanyuan Dao and clasp onto Long Tian Yun’s neck…

However, that was when he had run out of energy, and he had collapsed to the ground. Afterwards, he had been woken up by Mu Bing Yao’s voice. He had heard every single word, and remembered each and every one of them.

Tian Tian…

Where was Tian Tian… how was she… was she hurt… had she been captured…

… She’s definitely fine… she’s definitely waiting for me… Mu Bing Yao said that she’s at a safe place, so she has to be safe.

Ling Chen’s worry for Tian Tian became the fuel for his recovery. He tried to open his eyes to confirm that Tian Tian was safe, which caused his consciousness to start to struggle. His mental energy was extremely strong, and his injuries had been healed by half. Soon, he was able to slightly open his eyes. The light from outside, which he had not seen for days, poured into his eyes, and he quickly closed them.

His entire body was numb, and fiery pain came from every inch of his body. However, he did not feel that his throat was dry or in pain, and there was a sweet taste in his mouth. He once again tried to open his eyes, and he saw the blue sky and white clouds. He could also hear water flowing in the distance, and the smell of grass filled his nose… as well as the stench of blood on him.

Where… where was this?

When he woke up, he was faced with a completely unfamiliar world. He raised his arm, and although it felt incredibly weak, he knew that it would be able to recover. Although Xuanyuan Sheng had almost chopped off his arm, he could still feel it. The pain from his body told him that although there were countless wounds on him, some of which were quite serious, there weren’t any parts that would be crippled. Most of his injuries, including his half-severed arm, would have started to rot already, and nothing would have been able to restore them… if he was a normal person. However, after just a few days of rest, all of his injuries had begun to heal.

He knew that the body the Mad Scientist had spent three years on improving had once again saved him. However, that didn’t mean he was grateful towards the Mad Scientist- he only felt hatred and fear towards him. Instructor Hell was incredibly powerful, but Ling Chen was able to defeat him. However, although the Mad Scientist was skinny and weak, Ling Chen couldn’t see through him at all. Whenever Ling Chen thought about him, he would inwardly shudder.

Ling Chen looked around, and saw a large rock, as well as a girl who was leaning against it with her eyes closed. She was curled up like a small cat as she slept. Her two little hands were holding tightly onto his clothing. Her clothing looked very familiar to Ling Chen- it was a dress that Shui Ruo had bought for her only a week ago. Now, it was torn and tattered, and her face was covered with blood and mud… seeing this scene, Ling Chen’s heart ached.

He never would have thought that the first thing he saw when he woke up was Tian Tian.

It was very quiet, as there was no one else around apart from them. Looking around, he saw a small bowl, as well as a large bag of white sugar. There were many hills and small forests around, and not a single person could be seen. Ling Chen once again looked at Tian Tian. He saw that her little legs were covered with cuts… as well as her socks, which were dyed with blood.

Instantly, Ling Chen couldn’t breathe, as his heart clenched in pain.

He immediately understood what had happened.

Ling Chen’s hand trembled as he reached over to touch Tian Tian’s face. Feeling something on her face, Tian Tian slowly woke up, and she opened her hazy eyes. The moment she saw Ling Chen, she sat up like she had been electrocuted…

“Tian Tian…” Ling Chen gently said. The injuries he had suffered that night were even worse than when he had been injured by Hell. He was awake, but his body was still extremely weak, and didn’t even have the strength to stand up. However, since he was awake, his body would be able to recover even faster. In half a day, he would be able to move around again. Tian Tian stared at him, unable to move or say anything. Tears that she had been holding back began to stream down her face…

“Big brother!!” All of her emotions were contained in this shout. She leapt onto Ling Chen’s body as she cried and cried.

Shui Ruo’s death was a massive blow to both Ling Chen and Tian Tian. However, the nightmare did not end on that night. Tian Tian not only lost her big sister, but almost lost her big brother as well. When she had seen him again, he was covered in blood and close to death. Even when her body was so weak, she still carried him on her own shoulders as she walked and walked…

She had lost her big sister, but refused to lose her big brother as well. This fuelled her determination and persistence… she had walked for an entire night without resting. Even though she had fallen unconscious, she had woken up in just a few hours. She had spent each day in constant fear and worry. She did not have any yummy food, pretty clothes, comfortable showers, or anyone to play games with her or to hug her to sleep… in her fear and worry, she had suppressed the weakness inside of her, and did her best to wake up her last family member.

At last, he had finally woken up. She hugged him as all of her fear, pain and shock were released through her tears and crying. She was crying so hard that she could barely breathe, and she couldn’t say a single word.

After all, she was just a ten year old child, and what she had just gone through was far too cruel.

Hearing her cry, Ling Chen’s heart was about to shatter. He stretched out and gently hugged her, and let her cry to her heart’s content. He, who had not wanted to wake up, suddenly felt incredibly glad that he had woken up. The smell of the blood on his body told him that nearly four days had passed…

Four days…

How much pain had she endured in these four days…

Ling Chen shook those thoughts out of his head as he silently hugged her.

After a while, Tian Tian’s crying gradually began to subside. Her crying had taken up nearly all of her energy, and she lay on Ling Chen’s body. Her tears left a big wet patch on his clothes. Finally, she raised her head with tears still leaking out of her eyes. She was afraid that this was all in her head as she said, “Big… big brother… wuu… you’re awake… thank goodness… wuu…”

“Tian Tian…” Ling Chen softly said, unable to say anything else.

Tian Tian lay on his body and hugged him tightly as she sobbed, “Big brother… don’t leave me behind… we said that we’d be together… forever… now that big sister’s gone… I’m so sad… big brother’s also really sad… but I still have big brother, and big brother still has me… I’ll definitely listen to big brother in future… and be as good as big sister… don’t leave me behind… I don’t want big brother to die… wuu…”

She knew that on that night, Ling Chen had gone to get revenge, as well as to die.

That night, Ling Chen had no intention of returning alive. He fully intended to throw the Long family into chaos, and then die there as well.

However, he had forgotten about Tian Tian, the girl he had promised to care for and protect.

Ling Chen felt extremely pained and remorseful. His eyes were also slightly damp, as he softly said, “How could I leave Tian Tian behind… I’m sorry, Tian Tian. In future, I won’t do anything stupid like this, and I’ll live on… I’ll live on and protect Tian Tian and care for Tian Tian forever.”

Looking at Tian Tian’s tear-stained face, he did not feel any hesitation or regret as he said those words. His life had been saved by Tian Tian, so it no longer belonged to just himself. Even if it was only for Tian Tian, he would live on.

“Really?” Ling Chen’s words startled Tian Tian. She looked at him for a long time, before stretching out the pinky finger on her right hand, “Big brother needs to keep his promises. Otherwise… otherwise…”

Ling Chen smiled, and entwined his pinky finger with hers, “I’ll definitely keep my promises forever and ever, otherwise I’ll become a puppy in my next life.”

Tian Tian tearfully smiled. This was the first time she had smiled in days, but it was just as beautiful as ever.