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Chapter 346: New Home

New Home

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East Su Hang, Jade Cloud Beach.

Jade Cloud Beach was in the east of Su Hang. It was one of the new Districts in Su Hang after the city was expanded six years ago. It was split into four regions: the Central District, Xi Zi Zhou, Bamboo Sea Wonderland and Phoenix’s Nest. Before this region was developed, it was filled with flowers and grasses, looking like a fairyland. But in just six years, there were already many high-rises and roads everywhere. However, much of the environment had been preserved, making it look like it was a city in a fairy tale.

Su Hang City had beautiful mountains and lakes, and was publicly recognised to be the most beautiful city in all of China. It was also said that it was the city with the most beautiful women in China. Within Su Hang City, Xi Zi Zhou had the majority of the beauties. Although Xi Zi Zhou was only a residential district with not much scenery to marvel at, it was one of the must-go places for young men when visiting Su Hang City. Because what surpassed even beautiful scenery were beautiful women. As such, Xi Zi Zhou was always filled with people, and developed incredibly fast. The housing price in Xi Zi Zhou soon became the most expensive in all of Su Hang City.

Phoenix’s Nest was a region for scholars. Four years ago, Su Hang City’s new university campus was built there, and became the main campus. At the same time, many high schools were constructed around it. It was quiet, elegant, peaceful and beautiful there, so this place became a prime area for schools and high schools. After six years, Phoneix’s Nest had become the main educational region in Su Hang City. The area that had been developed the least within Jade Cloud Beach was Bamboo Sea Wonderland.

The Bamboo Sea Wonderland was an enormous bamboo forest, which was so large that it was referred to as a ‘sea’. It spanned forty square kilometres, and was acknowledged to be the largest bamboo forest in all of China. The vast bamboo forest was simply breathtaking, and the air was so fresh that visitors never wanted to leave. Occasionally, one could see little streams and creeks flowing through the forest, adding to the beauty of the scene. Walking in here was like walking in a wonderland from a movie. As such, it was called the Bamboo Sea Wonderland.

However, because that was the only feature of the Bamboo Sea Wonderland, and because it was so easy to get lost inside, it wasn’t really a tourist destination of Su Hang, and not many people visited there. Of course, there was another important reason… and that was because this incredibly vast forest was privately owned by a single person! This bamboo forest was grown many, many years ago, and it was owned by the richest person in Su Hang City, as well as all of China and Asia- Li Yun Ze. Later on, he announced that he was gifting this piece of land to his daughter, Li Xiao Xue, on her eighteenth birthday.

In the middle off the Bamboo Sea Wonderland, there was an extremely luxurious villa. It had its own water and electricity supply, and was more or less cut off from the rest of the world. Around the villa was a man-made lake, and the water was clear and sparkling. On the edge of the lake, there was a pavilion, as well as deck chairs, a rock garden and recreational facilities. Behind the villa was a large, empty area of land that could be used to grow vegetables or other plants. There was also a garden with many different types of grass and flowers, and each of them worth astronomical amounts of money. At the front of the villa was a large courtyard, which had carparks, cold storage and a tennis court.

The villa had three storeys, and looked extremely beautiful and modern. One could scarcely dare to imagine how luxurious the inside was after seeing the outside.

Today, a new owner had moved into this villa.

“So beautiful… so beautiful… wow!!”

After entering this beautiful wonderland, Tian Tian simply could not calm down for the entire afternoon. She ran in and out of the villa, yelling her head off. Ling Chen watched Tian Tian in amusement as he smiled.

Ling Chen never expected that they would live in a place like this. He was extremely pleased with everything here… it was spacious, elegant, natural and peaceful.

“Tian Tian should be very happy here”, Ling Chen thought to himself.

When they arrived, everything had already been prepared for them. The cold storage was filled with food, and even an entire year worth of clothes were waiting in their wardrobes.

Ling Chen had been with Shui Ruo for six years, and she had completely changed him. Even his name had changed because of her- he didn’t use his old name anymore, but instead created a new identity, with “Ling” still as the surname. With Ling Chen’s personality and mental fortitude, he could perfectly hide any and every emotion. However, after losing his lover, who had been by his side for six years, everyone could see how much pain was in his heart. As such, in order to help him move on, his subordinates had put every effort into choosing the perfect place for him to live. They weren’t in any lack of money- after coming to China six years ago, they had amassed more and more money. However, if Ling Chen continued to drown in his grief, what would be the point in having even 10 times as much money? As such, in order to find the perfect place to live for Ling Chen, it could be said that they used every bit of effort in their bodies.

Gui Ci had also come to Su Hang with Ling Chen, and met up with the three people stationed there. Gui Ci had been following behind Ling Chen the entire time. He couldn’t help but sigh inwardly- although Ling Chen had inspected the whole property, he didn’t ask how they had obtained this property… evidently, although Ling Chen seemed quite calm, he was still quite distraught on the inside. Ling Chen had promised that he wouldn’t seek death, but his consciousness and awareness had been scattered. Otherwise, with how careful he was, he definitely would have asked how they managed to get this place for him.

“Master, everything has been prepared for you. Your new identities are also ready- if you need any identification materials, just tell Chao Xi and Chao Ying- they’ll be here soon. I need to get back to Zhong Zhou before sundown, because Blue Tiger is probably about to reach Zhong Zhou.” Gui Ci said. Blue Tiger was the other person stationed at Zhong Zhou with him. Chao Xi and Chao Ying were two of the people stationed at Su Hang, and were both women.

Ling Chen, who had zoned out, suddenly nodded, “Thanks for your hard work. If there’s nothing else, you can go back.”

“Roger.” Gui Ya said, as he prepared to leave. He hesitated, then said, “Master, no matter what happens, we’ll always be guarding your front and back. We are your sword and shield… if something happens to you, there’ll be no point for a sword and shield, so… so…”

Ling Chen’s eyes trembled, and he turned around and patted Gui Ci on the shoulder as he smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Also, I really like this place, and so does Tian Tian. Thank you all… you must have spent a lot of time, money and effort to obtain this place.”

“As long as Master likes this place, we’re happy… I’m going now. Haha, it was me who was worrying too much- of course nothing will happen to master.” Gui Ci laughed, then knelt on one knee in front of Ling Chen before disappearing in a blur.

After Gui Ci left, Ling Chen slowly breathed out. He looked around him, and estimated how much money it would have cost to obtain this place… perhaps it wasn’t even bought with money. At this moment, two pairs of light footsteps sounded behind him. He turned around, and his eyes couldn’t help but light up.

Walking towards him were two women, who were around 20 years old. They were both quite tall and slim, and wore the same light-coloured blouses and short skirts. Their exposed legs were extremely beautiful and seductive. They looked extremely similar… evidently, they were twins.

Even within Su Hang, where there were beauties everywhere, these two women could be said to be peerlessly beautiful. There was nothing in which the two women could be differentiated. They walked in sync with each other and even carried themselves in the same way.

This sort of woman was hard to find in Su Hang, and this was even more so for twins. It was undoubtable that any man would be inflamed with desire for them, and would want to make them his… however, that was all they would dare to do. The atmosphere they gave off made it so that most men could only look at them from afar, and most did not even have the courage to flirt with them… however, no one could possibly imagine how many peoples’ lives had been ended by those beautiful hands.

As they came closer and closer to Ling Chen, the two women’s faces became slightly red, and their expressions became somewhat excited and flustered. The knelt down on one knee at the same time as they greeted him, “Master.”

The two women were wearing quite skimpy clothing, and Ling Chen could see their ample breasts clearly as they knelt down. Both of them were quite well endowed, and in this position, it seemed as if their breasts were straining against their clothes. Ling Chen’s eyes were filled with the white flesh, which could conquer any man.

Ling Chen quickly glanced away and slightly smiled, “Ying, Xi, we haven’t met in over a year. Thank you for your hard work… please get up.”

Ling Chen’s calm voice caused them to feel quite disappointed. When they heard that their master was coming to where they were, they were so excited that they almost couldn’t sleep, and made themselves look as sexy and appealing as possible. However, Ling Chen’s reaction towards them made them quite shocked. It seemed as if there was no room in his heart for anyone except the girl called Shui Ruo.