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Chapter 347: A Voice From Another World (1)

A Voice From Another World (1)

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The two women arose and stood in front of Ling Chen. The two of them were quite tall, adding to their dignified and elegant look. However, although Ling Chen was at eye-level with them, he still felt a bit of pressure. Adding on their curves and seductive looks, Ling Chen’s heart became increasingly chaotic.

These twins were called Chao Ying and Chao Xi, and they were also taken by Instructor Hell to the place by ‘Hell’. They had been in ‘Hell’ for a lot longer than Ling Chen- apparently they had been brought there when they were three. Even they didn’t know who was the older sister and who was the younger sister. They had been in Su Hang since they arrived in China, and this villa in the Bamboo Sea Wonderland was obtained by them.

“Master, are you satisfied with this place?” It had been over a year since they had met Ling Chen in the real world, and they had missed him terribly. They were extremely excited to be reunited with him, but they both knew how he was feeling.

“It’s fantastic… just like its name, it’s definitely a ‘wonderland’. This is probably the best place to live in all of China.” Ling Chen said as he smiled.

Chao Ying and Chao Xi revealed smiles of joy, “It’s great that master likes it.”

“I’m sure you had to expend quite a bit of effort in order to obtain this place, right?” Ling Chen suddenly asked. The looks, personality, expressions, voices and atmosphere that these two women gave off were much too similar- even for twins. They were more like clones. No matter how he tried to observe them, he could never tell which one was Chao Ying and which one was Chao Xi. What he knew was that individually, they were quite average in terms of strength. However, when they worked together… even Gui Ya had difficulty against them. Not only did they look extremely similar, but it was as if their hearts were linked- they could tell what the other person was thinking, and knew how the other felt. Their teamwork was simply unparalleled in the whole world.

The woman on the left replied, “This place belongs to the Li family, or more specifically, the Li family financial group’s big miss, Li Xiao Xue. She usually manages the Li family’s group within the virtual world, so she very rarely comes here. However, that doesn’t mean she easily lets other people stay here. Despite this, because of us, she agreed to let us use it.”

“And that’s because we saved Li Xiao Xue in the past, and are good sisters with her.” The other woman finished.

“Eh?” Ling Chen was quite surprised, “You saved Li Xiao Xue in the past? It shouldn’t be as simple as that, right? I doubt you would do something that had no benefit to you, and might even cause you trouble.”

The women laughed at the same time, in the same manner, as one of them replied, “Master’s so smart. The Li family financial group is the largest financial group in China, and even controls China’s economy. The Li family has incredible power in Su Hang City, as well as most of China’s south. Li Xiao Xue is Li Yun Ze’s only heir. Because of her close relationship with Li Yun Ze, being close with her is extremely advantageous to us collecting intelligence. Two years ago, the four of us performed an act. Seven Demon and Nine Demon acted as assassins who were targeting Li Xiao Xue, and killed all of her bodyguards. Just as they were about to take her away, we appeared and rescued her. Because of how grateful she was, she invited us to her place, and we gradually became friends.

Ling Chen listened silently, then said, “Li Xiao Xue’s extremely intelligent and cautious. I’m sure she wouldn’t believe you so easily.”

“Of course she didn’t. However, she couldn’t confirm her suspicions. She tried to investigate us over 10 times, but couldn’t find anything. After all, we don’t technically exist in this world. Even we don’t know our backgrounds, so no matter how much she investigated, she couldn’t find anything. The fact remains that we did save her, and don’t hold any ill-will towards her. Plus, we only hid things from her, but never lied to her. She understands that people like us do not divulge our secrets easily, and so she came to trust us more and more. After a long time, she began to even tell us things that she wouldn’t tell others.”

“Doesn’t that mean you’ve been exposed?” Ling Chen calmly asked. Two young women in their twenties, who were monstrously strong- no one wouldn’t want to befriend them. This was so even for Li Xiao Xue.

“Don’t worry, Master, Li Xiao Xue is the most intelligent woman we’ve ever met. She didn’t tell anyone about us, including her father. She asked us to be her personal bodyguards many times, but we refused each time. Also, without her invitation, we never go to find her. We’ve never requested anything from her before, but she’s asked us to help her quite a few times, and we were successful each time. She trusts us even more than her own relatives.

“Asking for this place was the first time we’ve requested anything of her in these two years. Of course, it’s impossible that she would simply give it to us- we had to pay the appropriate amount of money as well. Li Xiao Xue felt that she owed us a lot, so she quickly agreed, and reduced the price by 10%, and extended the lease by one year. Currently, Master can stay here for three years. If Master doesn’t want to leave after three years, we can find ways to extend the lease or to buy it permanently. Moreover, we also agreed that Li Xiao Xue wouldn’t tell anyone that she leased this place, including her family, and that she wouldn’t allow any of her family in here… however, that didn’t include herself. She was adamant about this, so we could only agree.”

Chao Ying and Chao Xi’s explanation had answered many of the questions in Ling Chen’s mind, but had also raised many questions. He felt that something wasn’t quite right, but he, who was so emotionally drained, didn’t think too much about it. He just wanted peace. He nodded as he replied, “I see, thank you for that. There isn’t much for you to do here, so you can leave when you want. Also, say hi to Seven Demon and Nine Demon for me.” Chao Ying and Chao Xi looked at each other simultaneously as they said together, “Master, please let us stay here.”

“Stay here?” Ling Chen looked at them in surprise.

“Within the contract, it’s stipulated that we must also stay here. If there are third parties living here without us, she has the right to take back the property. Plus, all of the others agree that we should stay here.”

While speaking, the two women looked at Ling Chen with hopeful and expecting eyes. In Beijing, Gui Ya personally took care of all of Ling Chen’s requests. In Su Hang, Chao Ying and Chao Xi were the best choices for this. They were extremely familiar with Su Hang, and could make life a lot easier for him.

“We know that what Master needs the most right now is peace. Don’t worry, Master, there’s a small residence about 200 metres to the south. We’ll be living there. We’ll come over as soon as Master calls, and won’t disturb Master unless there’s something urgent.” The two women quickly said. They were desperate for this opportunity to stay near him, and were afraid that he would reject them.

Ling Chen thought for a while before smiling, “Alright, do as you please. If you want to come over, just come over. You can also live with us if you want. There are many rooms here, and Tian Tian also needs people to play with.”

Chao Ying and Chao Xi’s eyes lit up, and they faintly blushed as they sweetly replied, “Yes, master.”

However, although Ling Chen had said that, they still lived in the other residence… although they truly, truly wanted to move in with him…

Ling Chen walked into the main hall, and looking around him, he thought of his old home. It had only been a few days, but it felt like it was a lifetime ago. This place was extremely beautiful and luxurious but…

This home didn’t have his Ruo Ruo.

“Big brother, who were those two pretty big sisters?” Tian Tian excitedly asked as she ran over to him. She was wearing a blue-and-white checkered dress, which looked great on her.

“Mmm, they’re big sisters who will play with you in future.” Ling Chen replied. Tian Tian’s excitement caused him to smile, “Do you like it here, Tian Tian?”

“Yup, yup!” Tian Tian vigorously nodded her head. In the afternoon, she had explored almost every inch of the villa, and she enthusiastically replied, “The bamboo forest is so beautiful, and this house is so nice. There’s also a really pretty lake and a super, super, big tennis court, as well as lots of toys… so there’s actually such beautiful places on earth. Big brother, are we really going to live here?”

“Mhmm,” Ling Chen nodded, “We can live here for as long as Tian Tian wants.”

Seeing Tian Tian’s red cheeks, Ling Chen’s vision became slightly hazy.

This was indeed a wonderland, and he liked the beauty and peacefulness of this place.

However, was this place suitable for Tian Tian?

This place was extremely beautiful, but people could get bored of beautiful places. Tian Tian was only a child, and at her age, she should be getting to know more people and exploring the world more. Living here was equivalent to being cut off from the rest of the world.

It was peaceful, calm and relaxing, which was just what he needed… but was this place really suitable for Tian Tian?

Perhaps he looked for this sort of place because he was afraid… Shui Ruo’s death had scarred him quite deeply, and he didn’t want the same thing to happen to Tian Tian. Deep down, he just wanted a place where he and Tian Tian could live safely.