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Chapter 349: The Connected Worlds

The Connected Worlds

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The voice from the darkness caused Ling Chen to become incredibly tense… to be able to stealthily approach him, and not let him detect even a bit of their presence- this was simply impossible. Even Instructor Hell wouldn’t have been able to do such a thing. What sort of monstrous expert was this person… or could it be that there were really such things as ghosts?

Moreover, this voice was somewhat familiar to him. It wasn’t just a faint feeling of familiarity- the more he thought about it, the more he realised that it was a voice that he heard quite often.

“Hehe…” His shocked appearance caused the other person to giggle, and the voice once again sounded out, “Little master, can’t you tell it’s me?”

Ling Chen: “!!!!!!”

Ling Chen suddenly realised why this voice sounded so familiar. This voice was incredibly soft and lazy, yet also dreamy and seductive. Ling Chen froze, and even his consciousness felt like it was going to explode out of his body…

The way she talked to him, the name that she had called him…

This voice…

It evidently belonged to that demoness Qi Yue, from Mystic Moon!!

Impossible! Impossible!! This was his new home in Su Hang. In front of him was the man-made lake, and there was bamboo all around him. The bracelet had been thrown into the middle of the lake, and this was definitely not the virtual world.

So what was with this voice?

It was definitely coming from beside his ear… but there was not a single person around!

Impossible! A character in the virtual world definitely couldn’t appear in the real world!

Ling Chen deeply breathed in, and said in a serious voice, “Who the hell’s playing pranks. Get out immediately.”

“Aww…” The voice let out a small sigh of disappointment, and the space in front of Ling Chen twisted. His eyes widened, and a black figure, defying all logic, appeared in front of him…

Although it was quite dark, he could clearly see her face and body, as if she was separated from the darkness. What he saw was a bewitchingly beautiful face, as well as an incredibly seductive and voluptuous body.

She was wearing an entire body of black clothing, and the clothes on her upper body were extremely tight against her chest. Just by standing there, this demoness looked so beautiful and alluring that almost every man would go crazy for her. Looking at her, Ling Chen’s eyes widened to comical proportions, and his throat became extremely dry. He was so shocked that he couldn’t utter a single word.

“Little master, you’re so heartless. It’s only been such a short period of time, but you can’t even tell it’s my voice.” The woman said in a coy voice as she made a sad expression.

“Qi… Qi Yue!!” Ling Chen opened and closed his mouth three times before he was able to finally yell out her name.

The sound of footsteps rapidly running over sounded out in the distance, and Qi Yue’s image immediately vanished. Ling Chen stared at where Qi Yue had been, completely dumbfounded.

What was going on? How could Qi Yue appear here? Just what was happening… what had just happened couldn’t be explained by logic or science… this sort of thing happened only in movies and comics!!

Could it be that he was hallucinating? Perhaps he was too mentally drained. However, what had just happened was far too realistic!

What was going on? Qi Yue… was definitely a person within a virtual game! No, she didn’t even count as a person- she was a virtual spirit!

Two identical figures came closer and closer, and reached Ling Chen at the same time. Of course, it was Chao Xi and Chao Ying. They were still wearing their pyjamas, as they had hurried over as fast as they could. They looked around in alarm, and worriedly asked, “Master? What happened? Are there intruders?”

Although they were living quite far away, it was the dead of the night and Ling Chen’s yell had travelled clearly into their ears. They had immediately rushed over as soon as they had heard him.

Ling Chen immediately controlled his expression and calmly said, “It’s nothing. It’s just that something landed into the lake and I was too suspicious. Go back and get some rest. I’m more than half healed, so within Su Hang, there’s nothing that can threaten my life. Don’t worry about it.”

Although they felt something wasn’t quite right, since Ling Chen had said everything was fine, they swiftly departed. After they were far away, Ling Chen took a deep breath and said, “Come out.”

The space in front of him twisted, and the figure once again appeared. Ling Chen took this opportunity to examine her closely. Her appearance, clothes, expression and her voice…

Definitely all belonged to Qi Yue!!

Even though he had incredible mental fortitude, seeing a virtual character appear in real life caused him to become extremely shocked, and his entire body was cold.

No one could accept such a thing could actually happen in reality.

“You… you’re really Qi Yue?!” Ling Chen asked as he gritted his teeth. In the darkness, he forcefully pinched himself… which hurt quite a lot. This definitely wasn’t a dream!

Qi Yue revealed a smile that was much too familiar to Ling Chen. Out of all the women he had met, Qi Yue was definitely the most beautiful and bewitching one out of all of them. She was the only woman who could easily cause him to lose control of his emotions. Ling Chen believed that this sort of woman could only appear in the virtual world, because it was simply impossible for such an enchanting woman to exist in the real world.

However, this woman had actually appeared in reality.

“Of course it’s me. Could it be that you don’t recognise me after only 10 days? In the other world, little master and I were together all~ the time.”

She was indeed Qi Yue- at least, Ling Chen couldn’t find anything that suggested otherwise. Apart from Qi Yue, who could this coy seductress be? He shook his head, and stared at her, trying to look through her. As he concentrated, he could faintly see the garden behind her… her body seemed to be semi-transparent. He did his best to keep himself calm, and maintained a serious expression as he asked, “Tell me… why did you appear here? You’re definitely… definitely…”

Ling Chen’s reaction caused Qi Yue to become even more amused. She glided forwards, closer towards Ling Chen, as she said, “Of course it’s because little master hasn’t come to visit me in a long time. I really missed little master, so I came to visit him.”

Ling Chen gritted his teeth as he frowned, “You know what sort of answer I want! If you’re really Qi Yue… you should be a virtual character! How is it possible that you’re here?! This is earth - reality- so what’s going on?”

“Oh?” Qi Yue’s smile became even wider as she asked, “Earth is reality- can’t the Mystic Moon world also be reality?”

Ling Chen: “……”

Qi Yue’s words completely stupefied Ling Chen. He immediately replied, “Mystic Moon is a virtual game created by the Cosmos Corporation. Everything’s just a bunch of numbers. Could it be… that technology has advanced so much that virtual creatures can be projected into the real world?”

“Hehe! Little master has quite the imagination. However, you’re completely wrong. At least, the Mystic Moon world that I know is completely real. It’s just that it’s not as advanced as your world, but its energy levels are greater than your world by many times. I just don’t how our Mystic Moon world became a virtual game for you humans though. I don’t want to know the answer either.

“All I know is that 10 years ago, the Mystic Moon world was covered by a mysterious energy, and was gradually changed… In 10 years, the entire workings of Mystic Moon, as well as countless creatures’ identities, knowledge and memories were all changed. Countless objects were also modified through numbers. Now, Mystic Moon has become a world made of numbers. That mysterious energy was so powerful that it could even modify living beings’ consciousness. I was one of the few people who detected these changes. Does little master understand what I’m talking about?”

Ling Chen: “!@#$%....”

“Aiya, why can’t little master understand what I’m saying. To be honest, I don’t really know what happened either. However, me being able to appear in front of little master means that the Mystic Moon world isn’t just a ‘virtual game’, right?” Qi Yue slowly said.

Ling Chen listened with his mouth open. He simply couldn’t understand what Qi Yue was talking about. Modified? World made of numbers? What was she on about?

However, Qi Yue had appeared in front of him- this was the undeniable truth!