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Chapter 350: Determination (1)

Determination (1)

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Seeing that Ling Chen was completely dumbfounded, Qi Yue continued to speak, “I don’t understand what happened to the Mystic Moon world either. However, the truth is bound to come to light sooner or later. What that truth is, doesn’t really matter to either of us. I didn’t come to find little master just because I missed him- there’s something much more important. I’m sure little master will be interested in it too.”

“What is it?” Ling Chen asked. Right now, his mind was in complete chaos. He simply couldn’t understand how Qi Yue was here.

“Lil sis Shui Ruo’s body is with me. Or more accurately, it’s within the Lunar Scourge.”

Qi Yue uttered a sentence that completely blew Ling Chen’s mind.

“With… you? You’re saying you took Shui Ruo’s body?” Ling Chen lurched forwards and tried to grab Qi Yue, but she was only an image. He yelled, “Why’s she with you? How could she be in the Lunar Scourge… what do you want?”

“Little master… please calm down. I put lil sis Shui Ruo’s body into the Lunar Scourge because the space within the Lunar Scourge is special. It’s impossible to put living creatures in it, but corpses are fine. Because I put her body into the Lunar Scourge, it will be preserved for a while. Otherwise, in the place where little master was living, her body wouldn’t have been able to last for very long.”

Everything that Qi Yue said sounded completely impossible. These days, he had been pondering unceasingly as to how Shui Ruo’s body had disappeared, as well as who would be able to take away the corpse. And now, the supposed truth that he had just been told was something no one would be able to believe. If he hadn’t seen Qi Yue appear and disappear, he would never believe what she had said. He gritted his teeth as he asked, “Are you saying… that the Lunar Scourge can also appear here? And what are you going to do with Shui Ruo’s body? Immediately return her to me!!”

Only with things involving Shui Ruo would Ling Chen lose control of his emotions. Qi Yue sighed as she replied, “Little master, do you really want me to return lil sis Shui Ruo to you? In such a climate, her body will decompose very quickly, and there won’t be even a chance for her to come back to life. Doesn’t little master want to revive little sis Shui Ruo?”

Ling Chen: “!!!!!!”

Ling Chen felt as if he had been struck by lightning. The word “revive” struck him deep in his heart, and spread to every part of his body. He stared at Qi Yue as he said in a trembling voice, “What did you say… what do you mean by ‘revive’… explain yourself!!”

“It’s very simple,” Qi Yue said. Ling Chen’s reaction was exactly what she had expected. The only thing that could possibly make him react like this was that girl. She casually replied, “What I’m saying is that since little master likes little sis Shui Ruo so much, then he should revive her. Little master clearly knows how to bring her back to life.”

Ling Chen almost stopped breathing as his heart trembled, and his blood began to boil. He yelled, “You’re saying Ruo Ruo can be revived? How? I don’t know… I don’t know what it is! Hurry up and tell me!”

It was impossible for a dead person to come back to life- this was something that even toddlers knew. If people could come back from the dead, then this world’s order would have been destroyed a long time ago. Resurrection from the dead only happened in stories.

No one would believe what Qi Yue was saying.

However, hearing Qi Yue’s words… no matter how impossible they seemed, Ling Chen wanted to believe that they were true. He wanted to believe that there was a method for reviving Shui Ruo! He so, so desperately believed that it was true!

“Aiya, did little master really forget? I definitely told little master before. It was the second time when Xi Ling sacrificed herself for little master- do you really not remember?” Qi Yue said.

Back when Xi Ling sacrificed herself for him for the second time… Ling Chen’s mind had been completely thrown into chaos by Qi Yue’s words. The words that Qi Yue said to him at that time surfaced in his mind as he stared at her in shock, “Are you saying… saying…”

Qi Yue smirked, “Looks like little master finally remembered. Back then, after Xi Ling used the Nine Suns Heavenly Wrath and was about to die, little master asked me how she can be saved. I told little master two methods: the first was to find the Vermillion Bird and use its soul flame to save Xi Ling. The other method was to revive Xi Ling after she had died.”

“…….” Ling Chen still clearly remembered the methods she had told him.

“Life and death are two important ingredients to the basic order of a world. Resurrecting from the dead is something that goes against the heavens. If someone really did rise from the dead, there would be severe consequences on the natural world’s order and laws. As such, there should not be such a thing. At least, I’ve never heard of anyone resurrecting after their soul has been destroyed. However… in the ancient Mystic Moon world, there was a legend… the legend says that if one can gather four important ingredients, they’ll be able to bring someone back from the dead. Does little master remember what they are?”

Ling Chen’s breathing became irregular as he slowly said, “The blood of Moon Goddesses… the soul of the Demon Emperor… the tears of a Shura… the Scourge of the Moon.”

These were the things that Qi Yue had mentioned to him in the past.

“That’s right. The Moon Gods represent utmost holiness; the Demon Emperor represents utmost evil; the Shura represents utmost hatred. The Moon Gods’ blood, Demon Emperor’s soul and Shura’s tear contain the power of holiness, evil and hatred. It is said that when these three powers are combined with the Lunar Scourge, heaven-defying power can be released, which can change the natural laws and cause a being to come back to life.

“However, causing someone to rise from the dead definitely goes against the heavens, and it’s unlikely that such an unnatural thing can happen. As such, this is only a legend, and no one has successfully accomplished it before. It’s very well possible that it was just a story made up by a bored person. Well, is little master willing to believe this legend? Aiya, it’s probably quite difficult for little master to believe a legend about resurrection from a ‘virtual game’.”

Ling Chen: “……”

“Moreover, even if this legend is true, obtaining even one of the ingredients is incredibly difficult. With how powerful the Moon God clan is, who would be able to obtain a Moon God’s blood? As for the Demon Emperor, even the Moon Gods fear him. Plus, he died over 10,000 years ago- how can someone find his soul? As for the tear of a Shura… Shura’s are the rarest creatures in existence, and as soon as one appears, they are exterminated by the heavens- who would be able to obtain a Shura’s tear? However, little master possesses the fourth – and most important – ingredient: the Lunar Scourge. Notwithstanding, the Lunar Scourge requires its twelve God Orbs in order to fulfil the legend. However, that doesn’t mean the Saint Orbs aren’t important- if the three Saint Orbs are missing, the revived creature will be lacking in power, and their memories, as well as senses will be affected.”

Seeing Ling Chen’s expression becoming more and more intense, Qi Yue continued to leisurely speak, “Little master, do you understand? What I just told you was just a legend from a ‘virtual game’- and it’s even more laughable than a joke, and even more difficult to accomplish than reaching the skies. In fact, it’s not even verifiable. Not being able to accept it or believe it is completely normal. Any earthling would take it as a joke. However, as little master’s slave, all I can do is tell this legend to little master. The only evidence I have is myself… the fact that I’m able to appear in this world. If little master really wants, I can show him lil sis Shui Ruo’s body right now.”

The Mystic Moon world took the Cosmos Corporation 10 years to develop. Everyone knew about its name and what it was. In fact, most people spent more time in that world than in the real world.

Indeed, this virtual world was created by humans. Humans had never risen from the dead before, and never would. However, a creature… no, a spirit from the virtual world had appeared before his eyes in the real world, and told him a legend from the virtual world about resurrection of the dead… anyone who heard it would take it as a joke.

However, if there was a single person in the world who would believe such a legend… it was Ling Chen.

He stared unblinkingly at Qi Yue as he said each word at a time, “I believe… of course I believe! You even appeared before me- what isn’t there to believe! I’ll always believe that Ruo Ruo won’t leave me!”

Qi Yue: “……”

Did Qi Yue’s appearance cause him to believe that implausible legend? Of course not… it was Ling Chen himself who desperately wanted to believe that there was a method to bring Shui Ruo back to him. To him, there was nothing more important than being with Shui Ruo… if it could really bring Shui Ruo back to life, no matter how silly and laughable it seemed, he would believe it. He would do all he could to fulfil this implausible, unconfirmed legend.