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Chapter 351: Determination (2)

Determination (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The blood of Moon Goddesses, the soul of the Demon Emperor, the tears of a Shura and the Scourge of the Moon…

Only when they were together could Shui Ruo be revived!

This thought took root deep within Ling Chen’s heart. His soul, which had sunk into darkness due to Shui Ruo’s death, finally found a bit of light. No matter what it took, he would definitely revive Shui Ruo.

No matter if it was true or false; no matter if in the end it was all for nothing… as long as there was a slight sliver of hope, Ling Chen definitely wouldn’t give up or back down.

“Looks like the little master has made his decision.” Qi Yue said as she smiled. She had long since predicted that Ling Chen would make such a decision. His feelings towards Shui Ruo were incredibly deep- for her, he had actually believed the words that Qi Yue had spoken. If he really decided to follow that path and collect the Moon Goddesses’ blood, the Demon Emperor’s Soul and a Shura’s tear, it could take him ten, a hundred… or even a thousand years. Perhaps, the rest of his life would be spent on this quest, and he may even end up empty-handed at the end. However, he still made this decision, and the look in his eyes was of incredible determination.

Although Qi Yue had been with him for a long time, he still surprised her from time to time. This was not the first time he had shocked her.

He could be heartless at times, and incredibly kind at others. However, in the end, he was a true and loyal person.

Perhaps that was why… the people around him were willing to follow him.

Qi Yue continued to speak, “Little master, aren’t you afraid… that this is all just a story? Moreover, to you, the Mystic Moon world is just a virtual world. Even if you can believe that legend, I can’t confirm if it’s true or not. Also, there has never been a record of anyone being revived before. It’s really possible that all your effort will be for nought.”

Her words did not cause Ling Chen to hesitate at all. In fact, his eyes became even more resolute.

“Who cares about that… since you were able to appear here, that’s enough… if I can bring Shui Ruo back, I’m willing to believe all of this!” Ling Chen took in a deep breath as he continued, “Qi Yue… I have the Lunar Scourge, so tell me… how can I obtain the three other ingredients: the Moon Goddesses’ tears, the Demon Emperor’s soul and a Shura’s tear? Only you can help me with this.”

“You’re my master, so I’ll definitely help you with that,” Qi Yue said as she giggled, “Since little master was able to conquer the Lunar Scourge, little master definitely isn’t an ordinary person. Now, you’re even the successor of the Feng Chen Sect, and have the incredibly lucky Xiao Hui following you around. Perhaps little master really will be able to create a miracle. After all, little master has created quite a few already.”

Ling Chen didn’t want to hear any of this useless waffle. He directly asked, “About the Moon Goddesses’ blood- is that the blood of Order, Fate and Freedom, the three current Moon Goddesses? Do I just need blood from one of them, or all three?”

“Of course it’s all three. They each respectively wield a portion of the Highest Moon God’s power from back then. Only by combining their blood will the legend be fulfilled- you can’t lack even a single one of them.” Qi Yue replied. Each of the Moon Goddesses was incredibly powerful- obtaining the blood from a single one of them would be almost impossible, let alone all three.

“All three… so all I have to do is injure them, then collect their blood?” Ling Chen gritted his teeth. When he received the Lunar Scourge, he was told that he was fated to be enemies with the Moon God Clan. If he couldn’t defeat them or destroy them, it would be himself and the Lunar Scourge that would be destroyed.

And now, he was required to collect their blood.

Surprisingly, Qi Yue shook her head as she said in a coy voice, “Of course it’s not that simple. Obtaining the “Moon Goddesses’ blood” isn’t as simple as injuring them or even killing them. This is because the “Moon Goddesses’ blood” refers to… their virgin blood.”

Ling Chen: “!@#$%....” (completely shocked)

“Hahaha, did that give you a fright?” Qi Yue couldn’t help but laugh, “However, what I just said wasn’t a joke. Only with the three Moon Goddesses’ virgin blood combined together can you release the power of utmost holiness. Moreover, you need the virgin blood of all three of them. It’s much harder than killing them, right?”

Ling Chen could feel a headache coming on. This was simply ridiculous. He shook his head as he asked, “Then… what about the Demon Emperor’s soul? Where can I find it?”

Qi Yue suppressed her laughter as she casually explained, “In the ancient times, Demon Gods ran rampant, and any of their souls could be counted as the soul of a Demon Emperor. However, the True Gods and Demon Gods destroyed each other, and disappeared from the world. Now, there aren’t anymore True Gods or Demon Gods- only the Moon God Clan and the Night Demon Clan which count as demi-gods. The last Demon bloodline was exterminated 10,000 years ago, which was the Demon Beast Clan. Their leader was the last creature in the Forgotten Continent that possessed a Demon Soul.”

“But, since it’s already dead… does that mean it’s impossible to find the soul of a Demon Emperor?” Ling Chen asked.

“Nope,” Qi Yue smiled as she shook her head, “Ten thousand years ago, the Demon Beast Clan was exterminated by the Moon God Clan. However, the Demon Beast Clan had a secret that even the Moon God Clan doesn’t know about.”

“What was the secret?”

“The Demon Emperor wasn’t an idiot. He knew that his Demon Beast Clan couldn’t survive in the Forgotten Continent, so before they were destroyed by the Moon God Clan and the Fairy Clan, he prepared an escape route for himself. He separated his Demon Soul into 10 parts, and hid them within 10 pieces of jade. As long as these pieces of jade weren’t destroyed, then he could be revived with his soul in those pieces of jade. Those 10 jades can be found on the ten ancient demon beasts. Each of them has one, and these pieces of jade are more important than their own lives.”

“Ten ancient demon beasts… jade… could it be…” Ling Chen suddenly thought of the War Demon Beast that had been killed by Xi Ling and the Shadow Demon Beast that had been killed by the Shura. After they had died, they had each dropped a piece of jade that looked like a ‘c’… each of the jades was imprinted with “War” and “Shadow”, respectively.

“That’s right, little master has already obtained two of the Demon Jade Hooks from the War Demon Beast and the Shadow Demon Beast. These ten pieces of jade are things that the ten ancient demon beasts must protect with their lives. Only by killing them can you obtain the jade in their possession. Every year, the ten ancient demon beasts meet up, so they can gather the ten Demon Jade Hooks and fill them with their power, so as to maintain the soul of the Demon Emperor.

“The ten ancient demon beasts have never entered into human territory all these years, and haven’t caused any trouble. As such, they’ve been able to escape the notice of the Moon God Clan, who don’t even know of their plan to revive the Demon Emperor. Currently, 10,000 years have passed, but the Demon Emperor hasn’t been revived, because the ten ancient demon beasts are missing something important.”

The ten ancient beasts gathered once every year… Ling Chen remembered that back when he had entered the Lonely Spirit Ridge, he hadn’t encountered any danger. Qian Gun Gun had said “that guy” would leave for a bit of time each year. It seemed that back then when he had gone to the Lonely Spirit Ridge, that was when the ten ancient demon beasts were meeting.

“Something important? What is it?”

Qi Yue replied, “Lake water from the Underworld Blood Lake at the bottom of the Underworld.”

“Lake water… from the Underworld Blood Lake?” Ling Chen said to himself. The Underworld Blood Lake sounded familiar to him. He instantly remembered the three Psychic Flowers he had bought from Qian Gun Gun- apparently they grew beside the Underworld Blood Lake. The “Underworld God Mysterious Blood Metal” that he had bought from Qian Gun Gun had also come from the bottom of the Underworld Blood Lake.

“The Underworld Blood Lake is located in the innermost region of the Underworld, and is one of the three forbidden areas of the Underworld. Unless the Underworld King personally permits it, no living or dead creature can go there. The Underworld Blood Lake’s existence precedes that of the Underworld itself, and countless remains are buried there. It is filled with the energy of countless souls and spirits. After 10,000 years, not even the Underworld King knows how many bodies have been buried in there, and how much energy has been accumulated. If the ten ancient demon beasts can obtain lake water from the Underworld Blood Lake, and pour it over the Demon Jade Hooks when they are together, they will be able to awaken the Demon Emperor.

“It’s just that the Underworld is like a separate world, and only dead creatures and spirits can enter. The only living creature that is able to enter and exit from the Underworld is that Qian Gun Gun. The Underworld King is not weaker than any of the Moon Goddesses, and with the incredibly destructive Underworld God Cannon, not even the Moon God Clan dares to make any trouble for the Underworld. Although the ten ancient demon beasts are powerful, but charging into the Underworld would be tantamount to suicide for them, let alone reaching the Underworld Blood Lake. As such, although 10,000 years have passed, they haven’t been able to obtain the lake water from the Underworld Blood Lake.”

Ling Chen could only listen in silence.

Resurrection from the dead, going against the heavens…

Since it was going against the heavens, how could it be easily accomplished…

The Moon Goddesses’ Blood… referred to the virgin blood of all three of the Moon Goddesses.

The Demon Emperor’s Soul… required killing all of the Mysterious God grade ten ancient demon beasts, as well as entering the Underworld to acquire lake water from the Underworld Blood Lake…

This sort of goal seemed almost impossible.