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Chapter 352: Determination (3)

Determination (3)

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“Then what about the Shura’s tear? How can I find that?” Ling Chen asked. It was now completely dark in the real world.

Qi Yue fell into silence for a while, before replying, “The tear of a Shura is the ingredient that is hardest to find. In order to obtain a Shura’s tear, you must first find a Shura… however, how can such existences appear so easily? Moreover, a true Shura that supposedly has no emotions or feelings- how could they shed tears? As such, a “Shura’s tear” is more or less an oxymoron. If there was a creature that didn’t shed tears, that would be Shuras. I doubt a Shura’s tear has ever come into existence before.”

The tear… of a Shura…

Shuras were incredibly rare, and usually, once a Shura appeared, the entire world would be thrown into disaster. The catastrophe created by the last Shura remained within many peoples’ memories… the Shura that had obliterated 10% of all living creatures on the Forgotten Continent was simply terrifying. For there to be another Shura in the Forgotten Continent, and to obtain his tears… was this even possible?

Seeing Ling Chen’s expression, Qi Yue knew what he was thinking. Obtaining each of these four ingredients was as difficult as reaching the heavens. Even the experts of the Forgotten Continent wouldn’t have any hope in obtaining even a single one of them. Qi Yue had given Ling Chen a wonderful goal, as well as much hope, but the path to that goal was simply too arduous and cruel…

However, despite this, she could only see determination in Ling Chen’s eyes.

Even so, Ling Chen would do all he could to fulfil this legend- after all, there was nothing else he could do.

Qi Yue sighed inwardly as she felt a bit conflicted. She continued to speak, “Little master, if you’ve really made your decision, then the first thing you should do is find the twelve God Orbs and three Saint Orbs of the Lunar Scourge. Only when you’ve completed the Lunar Scourge and attained greater power will you have a chance at obtaining the other ingredients.”

However, this didn’t quite apply for the “tears of a Shura”.

A cold breeze blew past, causing ripples on the surface of the lake. Ling Chen looked over towards the middle of the lake, where he had thrown his bracelet. The lake was quite still, so his bracelet probably directly sank downwards.

Ling Chen kicked off his shoes, and jumped into the lake. He dived downwards, towards where his bracelet had fallen. As the strongest Reaper, how could he not be proficient at swimming as well?

The man-made lake was quite shallow. Ling Chen quickly found the bracelet, and burst out of the water. When he returned to the bank of the lake, he pressed one of the buttons, and the small screen lit up with the time. Not only was the bracelet incredibly tough, but was also completely water-resistant. Ling Chen gripped it in his hand… this time, he definitely wouldn’t throw it away again.

Qi Yue smiled and softly said, “Looks like little master’s going to go back soon. I can finally be with little master in the Mystic Moon world again… oh, there’s something else I wanted to tell little master. The Lunar Scourge can preserve lil sis Shui Ruo’s body, but this is only a temporary measure- I can only leave her in there for seven days. If lil sis Shui Ruo’s body decomposes, then even if little master finds those ingredients, it’ll be useless.”

“Do you have any other methods?” Ling Chen asked. Seeing as Qi Yue had said this, it seemed that she had another idea in mind.

“Of course. However, it all depends on little master’s efforts. Just telling you won’t be enough.” Qi Yue said indifferently.

“Then tell me what I need to do.” Ling Chen immediately replied.

“Find the Fairy Fountain.” Qi Yue said, uttering a name that Ling Chen had never heard before.

“Fairy… Fountain…?” Ling Chen repeated to himself.

“The Fairy Fountain is located at the origins of the Fairy Clan, which is the Fairy Realm. The water in the Fairy Fountain is incredibly pure- if flowers or grass float in the water, they won’t wither for 1,000 years. If a body is placed inside there, it won’t rot for 10,000 years, and will become even more beautiful. If you want to preserve lil sis Shui Ruo’s body for a long time, you’ll need to go into the Fairy Realm and put her body into the Fairy Fountain. If you can do that, then you’ll have all the time in the world to look for those ingredients.” Qi Yue explained. However, there was something that she didn’t say- the Fairy Fountain was one of the most important places to the Fairy Clan- they wouldn’t allow anything to be put inside it.

Fairy Clan… Fairy Realm…

That time when he had inadvertently gone to the Fairy Realm, he had caused a massive ruckus, but had luckily escaped. He originally planned to never go back, but for Shui Ruo, he would once again go to the Fairy Realm.

“Are you saying… that right now, Ruo Ruo’s body… is in the Mystic Moon world?” Ling Chen asked. Ling Chen had already been shocked too many times in this short period of time. Seeing as Qi Yue could appear here, it wouldn’t be too inconceivable that Shui Ruo’s body was within the Mystic Moon world.

Was Mystic Moon actually a real world? If that was the case, what was going on with Cosmos Corporation, which supposedly developed this ‘game’?

“Of course she’s in the Mystic Moon world. If little master wants to see her, then come back to Mystic Moon, and I’ll immediately show you your ‘Ruo Ruo’.”

Just as Qi Yue said this, a clear and worried voice travelled from afar, “Big brother… big brother, where are you? Big brother!”

Tian Tian’s voice sounded quite worried and distraught. Qi Yue laughed, “Looks like little master has some things to take care of. In that case, I’ll see you soon in the Mystic Moon world.”

Qi Yue had told him all that she had wanted to say, and had received the response she wanted. She winked at him as she slowly disappeared.

All that was left was the darkness. He couldn’t see or hear Qi Yue’s figure or voice anymore. Ling Chen spaced out for a few moments, and when he came back to his senses, he wasn’t quite sure whether that had really just happened, or if he was hallucinating.

Tian Tian’s yells became louder and more worried. Ling Chen quickly rushed back to the villa.

“Tian Tian, I’m here.” Ling Chen said as he reached the bedroom. He saw that Tian Tian had already gotten out of bed, and she leapt towards him as soon as she saw him. She grabbed on to him tightly as she said, her eyes full of tears, “Big brother, where did you go? When I woke up, I was all alone… I was so afraid.”

After losing her big sister, Tian Tian was still worried that her big brother would do something stupid. She had received a big fright when she woke up in the middle of the night and found that Ling Chen wasn’t next to her.

Ling Chen gently patted Tian Tian’s back, and said in a gentle voice, “I couldn’t fall asleep, so I went to take a dip in the lake. Look, my clothes are still wet.”

After hugging Ling Chen, Tian Tian’s pyjamas had also been dampened.

Ling Chen dried himself and got changed, and gave Tian Tian a dry pair of pyjamas. He hugged Tian Tian in his arms under the blankets, and she was finally able to settle down and fall asleep again.

Ling Chen stroked Tian Tian’s face tenderly like she was his own daughter. It was already quite late, but Ling Chen still didn’t feel like sleeping. After hearing what Qi Yue had said, he simply couldn’t calm down.

Qi Yue’s appearance was completely incomprehensible and inexplicable. However, this gave him a slight sense of hope for resurrecting Shui Ruo.

For this sliver of hope, he was willing to put in all of his effort and believe this legend.

Ruo Ruo… Ruo Ruo…

Wait for me… I’ll bring you back… I will… I definitely will!!

Ling Chen’s mind returned to that catastrophic night, as well as the three things she had made him promise…

“Big brother… big sister Dia Wu… loves you so much… even as much as I do… she did so much for you… big brother… you must find her… and be with her… as well as Qi Qi and Su Su… they’re all so cute and kind and pretty… they’re all good enough for big brother… and all like big brother a lot… big brother can’t give them… to other people… I’m sure big brother will like them as well… and also big sister Bing Yao… I’m not dumb, I could tell that… she loves big brother so much… and she can also protect big brother… so big brother can’t leave her either…”

“Big brother… the second thing… big brother looks the best when he’s smiling… so no matter what happens, big brother has to live smiling every day… and has to be happier than anyone else… this is my biggest wish… big brother will fulfil this, right…”

“The third thing… big brother… make sure you take care of Tian Tian…”

Ling Chen lifted his head up as tears flowed out of his eyes. However, his mouth had a faint smile… Ruo Ruo, even at the end of your life, all you were thinking about was me. I’ll definitely do everything that I promised you… I’ll go and win over those girls you mentioned, and I’ll take good care of Tian Tian. I’ll live happily every day… because I know Ruo Ruo hasn’t truly left me. Ruo Ruo has only temporarily fallen asleep… I’ll come to wake you up soon…

Ling Chen had never felt so determined to accomplish something before. There had been great changes within his heart, and his destiny… had also been greatly changed.