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Chapter 354: Farewell (1)

Farewell (1)

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Ling Chen brought Tian Tian to the outskirts of the forest. In a glance, he could see Yun Meng Xin and the others who were raising their heads and looking in anticipation.

“Big brother Ling Tian!”

“Tian Tian!!”

Seeing the appearance of Ling Chen and Tian Tian, their emotions could no longer be suppressed as they all rushed over without any control. Although it was only ten days of not seeing one another, it felt too long. All the things that had happened during this period of time was like a dream that no one would ever want to think about again; many things had slowly changed.

Putting Ling Tian’s condition aside, he and Tian Tian had at least appeared in front of them again. But Ruo Ruo…… had permanently left them. This truth weighed like a huge and heavy stone in their heart, and even though they had reunited, they were unable to be happy.

Mu Bing Yao was the fastest and appeared in front of Ling Chen so quickly that her body turned into a blur of white light. Looking at him and then looking at Tian Tian, her snow-lotus-like face reflected her heart which was filled and written with deep emotion which normally did not belong to the Frozen Hearted Man-eater. There were so many things she wanted to tell Ling Chen and Tian Tian, but once she saw them standing in front of her unscathed, she, although already quite taciturn, was moved to speechlessness.

“Bing Yao, have your injuries recovered?” Ling Chen said as he looked at her with a light smile. During these days, the condition of her injuries were always on his mind. That night, she largely exhausted her energy, having carried him for a long period of time, before facing many strong enemies again…… it was very fortunate that she made it out alive. Maybe at that point in time she had already placed herself in death’s way. If not for the accidental appearance of the Xiao family later on…… he wouldn’t have been able to see her again.

He already owed Mu Bing Yao a lot and this time she risked her life for him…… So he had no reason not to cherish her well.

“En.” Mu Bing Yao nodded her head and lowered it to look at Tian Tian; like Ling Chen, she had also been separated from them for a very long time, and gently said, “Tian Tian, thank you.”

Right now, not only her but all the Reapers were deeply grateful to Tian Tian from the bottom of their hearts. Ling Tian had said the other day, that if not for Tian Tian he would have already died. In the past, they protected her because of Ling Chen’s command, but after today, Tian Tian was not just a simple girl in their eyes, but a goal that they were willing to protect.

“Ah?” Although Mu Bing Yao’s voice was soft, Tian Tian still managed to hear it. She blinked her eyes and cheerfully said, “Big sister Mu why did you thank me…… But it’s really great that big sister Mu is fine. I was very worried that something had happen to big sister Mu that night.”

“Big brother Ling Tian, Tian Tian!”

Xiao Qi and Su Er hastily ran over while Yun Meng Xin’s pace was somewhat slower. Today, Ling Chen did not wear his mask as he had done in the past and in the girls’ line of sight was a well-defined jawline and dominating heroic face. They had already seen this face many timeson the television, and it could be said that all of the Chinese were very familiar with it as well. Today, other than Su Er, this was their first time seeing his true appearance in such a close proximity. For a very long time, their hearts were in turmoil and were unable to remain calm as his true appearance was even more attractive and perfect than the countless photographs shown by the media. He had tugged at their heartstrings more so than they had ever expected.

However, what surprised them was seeing a warm smile on Ling Chen’s face instead of finding the depressed and dusky expression they had expected. Xiao Qi walked until she was the closest to him and after awhile of her lips just quivering, she said only one sentence, “I missed you a lot……”, her eyes completely wet; no longer able to say anything more.

“En, I missed you all as well. It feels as if we have not met for a very long time…… are all of you doing fine?” Ling Chen smiled as his eyes gazed across Xiao Qi, Su Er, and Yun Meng Xin’s face.

“We are…… Doing fine, always doing fine, but, but…… Big brother Ling Tian, there is still…… There is still……”

Xiao Qi had already said half of her sentence, yet she was still unable to voice out the misfortune that happened upon Shui Ruo. She was unwilling to say it out loud, and was even more afraid that it would hurt Ling Chen. Yun Meng Xin discretely sighed and went in front saying, “Ling Tian, we feel relieved as long as you’re fine. I heard that you were seriously wounded the other day. Are your injuries better now? Is the place you and Tian Tian are staying at, safe?”

Ling Chen still had a light smile on his face, his smile was natural without a tinge of rigidness and force, “Although I have not fully recovered, I still have a decent amount of strength. It wouldn’t be a problem even if I rushed into the Long Family again, haha…… Tian Tian and I are at Su Hang now, we’re living at a very safe place so you can all be rest assured.”

He lowered his head and placed his hands on Tian Tian’s shoulders as he said tenderly, “I really have to thank Tian Tian this time…… that night, Tian Tian carried me while walking for the entire night until even the skin of both her feet were completely torn off. Her whole body was injured after falling down numerous times, and had also guarded me for three days and three night. If not for Tian Tian, I would not have been able to see you all again.”

Ling Chen’s words heavily touched each of the girls’ hearts as their gazes fell onto Tian Tian, feeling pain and pity in their hearts…… just how much persrverance must it have took for such a little girl to carry a grown adult man and walk the whole night. No, this was already not just perserverance but only could be explained as a miracle. It was Tian Tian who used all of her heart and body to create such a miracle and save Ling Chen’s life.

“Tian Tian, you really are too amazing! You are the most amazing girl.” Xiao Qi said sincerely. Her heart was filled with deep love, respect, and gratitude towards Tian Tian.

“Tian Tian, you are great, no wonder you’re big brother Ling Tian’s little sister.” Su Er’s pupils were like water, trembling softly whilst gazing at the small adorable girl that looked like a doll.

The Tian Tian that usually becomes immensely proud of herself whenever she gets complimented became embarrassed. She grabbed onto Ling Chen’s hand and faced her cheeks upwards as she said softly, “Hehe, nah, not letting big brother be in danger was what I was supposed to do.”

“Tian Tian, you don’t have to be modest about this incident, you are the true heroine this time.” Yun Meng Xin said with a smile, and after that her gaze returned to Ling Chen.

From the start till now, nobody had brought up the name ‘Ruo Ruo’ because they were scared that it would cause a deep blow to Ling Chen. However, Ling Chen’s expression was completely the opposite of what she had expected, as if he had moved on from the huge blow of Ruo Ruo’s passing within such a short period of time…… but, this was not possible. The feelings between him and Ruo Ruo could be seen through everybody’s eyes. Ruo Ruo’s death that night had caused him to barge into the Long family alone. The him in that state, and that level of affection…… how could it possibly be forgotten so easily.

She sighed in her heart and with a soft voice, asked, “Ling Chen, what are your plans after today?”

When Yun Meng Xin said those words, the attention of all the girls turned towards Ling Chen, even Tian Tian looked up to him, waiting for his reply.

Ling Chen looked at them one at a time as he slowly retracted his expression and said to them calmly, “Although we have been together for a very long time, I had still hidden my identity so that none of you knew who I was or where I came from, whether I was a good guy or bad guy, and even not knowing how I looked like.

Now that all of you know…… I am not only a bad guy, but also the greatest, most terrifying kind of wickedness. Just that night alone I had killed so many people, just how much blood had my pair of hands been stained with and the number of lives I had taken, even I have already lost count.

Furthermore, the people that I killed were not bad people but were actually the most sacred of all Chinese citizens. Killing the Guardian God of the Chinese meant that the people that I attacked were the highest leading family of China. If I had succeeded, the people that suffered would have been the whole of China, causing the country and its people to fall into a long period of chaos.

Even if the crimes of all the criminals in China were added up together, it would still be nothing compared to just me. And now, I am even the nation’s most wanted fugitive, the mastermind of the organisation that everyone is afraid of…… However, all of you have a net worth and background that ordinary people could not even dream of. Sticking too close to me would not only be dangerous, but would also completely implicate your reputation……”

“Don’t say it, don’t say it anymore, we don’t want to hear all this!!”

Xiao Qi yelled loudly, interrupting Ling Chen before he could finish his lines. She bit onto her lips as she worked hard to suppress the tears of heartache and grief. Looking straight into Ling Chen’s eyes, she shouted with force, “Big brother Ling Tian is not a bad person, you’re not an evil person, and you’re even more so not a fugitive…… The big brother Ling Tian that we know, is the greatest, he’s the one that lets people feel the most secure, he’s the most trustworthy, the most likeable, and the most respectable person.

As long as big brother Ling Tian was here, no matter what was ahead of us, we would not be afraid. No matter how hard the goal was, we would have the largest confidence. Whether it’s me, Su Er, or big sister Meng Xin, we have always felt that being able to meet big brother Ling Tian was really the greatest luck of our lives.

It was big brother Ling Chen who brought us to witness so many novel things that we could never have imagined, completing miracles one after another that we would not even dare to have thought of. It was also big brother Ling Tian that let us acquire a brand new ‘Heart’s Dream’, and it was also big brother Ling Tian who made us so addicted into the world of Mystic Moon…… We believe in our own eyes and believe in our own heart and feelings, that even if all the people in the world are bad people, Ling Tian would not be a bad person.

It was the Long family that harmed Ruo Ruo, it was because of Ruo Ruo that big brother Ling Tian had barged into the Long family, not even caring for your own life. How can you be a bad person when you are a person that feels deeply, is sentimental and righteous. The real bad people are the ones that harmed Ruo Ruo, big brother Ling Tian and Tian Tian, the ones that say that big brother Ling Tian is a fugitive! It was the crazy and ridicoulous Long Tian Yun!!

Big brother Ling Tian is not a bad person, we will only ever like big brother Ling Tian. Even if everybody in the world objects or redicules us, we will stand beside big brother Ling Tian and will never change forever.”

Ling Chen, “……”

Su Er’s eyes were almost overfilling with tears as she said timidly, “We…… we love big brother Ling Tian the most. Big brother Ling Tian is not a bad person and you never were one, but instead, the very best person.”

Ling Chen gently took in a deep breath and silently closed his eyes… there seemed to be something that was quietly moving in his heart.

Yun Meng Xin gradually spoke, “Xiao Qi and Su Er’s words were also what I wanted to say. Although the time that we knew each other was not that long; during this period of time, if we couldn’t even differentiate whether you were a bad guy or someone that we could trust, then how are we fit to be your companions? How can we, with a peace of mind, always enjoy the miracles and glory that you have brought to us with a clear conscience.”