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Chapter 355: Farewell (2)

Farewell (2)

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“Thank you all……” At this moment, Ling Chen realised that he could only form these few words. Initially, he only joined Mystic Moon for Yun Meng Xin, but now, in this place, he found a faint sense of belonging……

“We are all companions so you don’t no need to thank us. After all you too had said this.” Yun Meng Xin slightly smiled, while Xiao Qi and Su Er eagerly nodded. Subsequently, Yun Meng Xin’s expression dimmed, “Also, there’s something that we need to tell you.”

Initially, they didn’t plan on mentioning this matter, so as not to let Ling Chen and his emotions become even more disoriented. However, looking at his condition, it was even better than expected, thus Yun Meng Xin still decided to say it, “Heart’s Dream…… has been destroyed by Long Tian Yun…… just a couple days ago.”

While discussing the matter, the expressions on both Xiao Qi and Su Er’s faces were of grief; almost bursting into tears. That day, they could only stand and look at “Heart’s Dream” come apart while being smashed, and could do nothing to stop it. This sense of powerlessness was the feeling that made their hearts shatter into pieces. The blow that they had suffered during that time was even almost on par to the heartache they had felt for Ling Chen.

Although hearing this kind of news, Ling Chen wasn’t surprised at all and only clenched both his hands a little tighter as he calmly said, “I knew…… Actually before coming over here, I had already thought that it would be like this, only that I did not go to confirm it…… Haha, however, the one that had been destroyed was not ‘Heart’s Dream’ but only a form that represented our existence. We’re all still here, aren’t we?

“Yes, yes!” All the girls vigorously nodded their heads as Xiao Qi said loudly, “The thing that was destroyed had merely an image. I’m here, Su Er is here, big sister Meng Xin is here, big sister Mu is here, Tian Tian is here…… and most important of all, big brother Ling Tian is here. As long as big brother Ling Tian is here, there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome, as long as there is big brother Ling Tian to lead us, there will be a time where Heart’s Dream would be glorious again. Big brother Ling Tian, together with you we can make it, right?”

A eager look full of anticipation appeared in the girls’ eyes, and towards this, Ling Chen nodded. But then shook his head as he said, “Of course I will…… but, the reason I came here today is to say farewell to all of you.”


All the girls were stupefied, even Mu Bing Yao and Tian Tian just stood there with a blank stare.

“Big brother, where are you going?” Tian Tian immediately asked as she grabbed onto his shirt.

“Farewell…… what do you mean, farewell? Why are you saying farewell?” Xiao Qi asked anxiously.

“Ling Tian, are you going somewhere and leaving for sometime? Or…… Or are you leaving because you want peace and quiet? Yun Meng Xin, who was usually as calm as water, hurriedly spoke her words. The things that she had mentioned were the best possible outcomes she had thought of… The word farewell would normally be used for a long-term absence or as an eternal goodbye, but she refused to think that, no matter what.

Ling Chen patted Tian Tian’s shoulder, indicating that she did not need to worry, “I have an important thing I must do and I don’t want to be distracted. I may be on the move for a sometime.”

“What important thing is it? Can you tell us? We…… We could all help. And…… How long would you be? A few days? Or a few weeks…… Or……” Xiao Qi became even more anxious as she rushed forward and grabbed onto Ling Chen’s clothes, afraid that he would turn and leave immediately. Su Er also quickly moved and stood at his other side, looking at him with panic.

Ling Chen said carefully, “It’s a very important thing, a thing that is even more important than my own life. I have to complete it, and only I can complete it, nobody is able to help me. As for how long it would take…… I am not sure myself, maybe a year, maybe a few years…… Haha, maybe not so exaggerated also, I could even complete it tomorrow.”

Ling Chen laughed, but none of the girls could laugh as their hearts were so heavy it made them almost unable to breathe.

A thing more important than his life…… these words let them know that they could not as well as should not persuade him otherwise. They were even unable to help. And as for the time…… A few months…… a few years…… a few decades……

How many few months, few years, and few decades would a person’s life have……

Let’s say that he was unable to complete it after such a long duration of time, then would it mean that they would never meet ever again?

The girls didn’t ask again about what he was going to do, because if Ling Chen had wanted to tell them, he would have already done so.

After a long silence, Yun Meng Xin faintly asked, “Then…… When do you plan to move? Where will you be going?” Yun Meng Xin asked remotely after staying silent for a long time.

“Immediately…… As for where I am going, I do not know either. But, I will always be in the world, Mystic Moon.” Ling Chen replied.

The reply he had given exceeded all their expectations.

Initially, they had thought that the ‘thing more important than his life’, that Ling Chen had talked about with such seriousness, would have definitely been something in the real life. Never did they expect that he would actually say that he would ‘always be in the world called Mystic Moon.’ Xiao Qi said in surprise, “It’s in the game world? But…… bu t……”

The voice full of questions could not even complete more than half of its sentence. Since Ling Chen had already decided to leave and he did not want to say much, she felt that she should not ask too much. She became depressed as she switched her tone and said, “Must you really go now? Why can’t you leave a few days later…… it was so difficult for us to meet.”

“Yes, I will leave immediately, because this…… is the most important thing that must be completed in this life time of mine. I do not wish to delay it for even a minute or second, so, I can only say farewell to all of you here…… Meng Xin, Qi Qi, Su Su, me and Tian Tian are very well, you all don’t need to worry. The thing that all of you must do is to take care of yourself and after that, using your own method and hard work, develop Heart’s Dream…… I have to go now.”

He pulled Tian Tian along and placed her little hands into Mu Bing Yao’s hand before bending down and gently saying, “Tian Tian, I cannot accompany you in this game any further, you must listen to the big sisters when you’re with them, understand?”

Before going into the game, Tian Tian had totally not known of Ling Chen’s decision. Her small head was still in confusion even at this moment, but after looking into Ling Chen’s eyes, Tian Tian, in an effort to be obedient, lightly nodded her head.

Ling Chen gave a small smile before turning around, and with a wave of his hand, a big shooting star flew towards the south without reluctance, giving the girls a view of a lone back.

He left…… just like that……

Always, when he had occupied their thoughts, they had always felt afraid or on edge. But when they had finally met, he had already left after only saying a few short lines. They still didn't even know when they would see each other again.

Mu Bing Yao did not know what to do as she stared at Ling Chen’s back. She too, did not know what Ling Chen was going to do. The rim of Xiao Qi and Su Er’s eyes went red as they thought of how they would not know which year or month they’d see him again…… for Xiao Qi, her life would come to an end in less than half years’ time. As for Su Er, in also less than half years’ time, she would be facing the day she had not wanted to face the most, which too, would be the day she wanted Ling Chen to appear the most……

Coincidently, they all forcefully held onto their lips at the same time while they saw Ling Chen not too far away yet already completely hazy from the mist. At the side, Yun Meng Xin stared at the direction that Ling Chen left silently as a pair of beautiful eyes became hazy like the fog underneath the veil.

Even if they hated him leaving and did not want to part with him, not one went to stop him and hold him down. Because it was for something that was more important than his life, every one of them had not allowed themselves to become his burden.

However Ling Chen himself had stopped in his tracks.

He turned his body around and looked at the girls who were trying their best to suppress their urge to weep. His face revealed a helpless smile, “I said to all of you, it’s only separating for a period of time, it’s not as if we are not seeing each other again. Why make it as if we are going to part forever? Also, it’s easy to travel in Mystic Moon so whenever I miss you all too much, I will put down all my things on hand and come back to find all of you…… You never know, I may come back tomorrow. Alright, alright, since all of you couldn’t bear leaving me, and I can’t bear to leave all of you, how would I bear leaving for too long…… alright, if you all can’t bear it……”

Ling Chen faced them as he opened his arms wide, “then let’s hug before separating.”

“Big brother Ling Tian!!”

Xiao Qi and Su Er could no longer suppress their emotions and tears as they wept, not caring about the people around. They threw themselves forward as both girls, one left and one right, hugged Ling Chen tightly. Their tears were like the water from an uncontrollable dam that had just gushed out.

With two soft gems in his embrace and a fragrance that intoxicated his heart, having two gorgeous young women hugging him at the same time was a kind of luck that no ordinary man would be able to enjoy. Their cries from both left and right were as if they were telling Ling Chen their worries, heartache and their deep reluctance to separate, causing the corner of Ling Chen’s eyes to be slightly moist.

“Alright, don’t cry anymore, I have already said that I cannot bear to leave all of you for too long, and have also promised all of you that I would work hard together with you all for the sake of Heart’s Dream.” Ling Chen consoled them in a low voice. Before Shui Ruo left, the first thing that she made him promise had specifically mentioned Xiao Qi and Su Er. Clearly, she could already tell that he had already quietly owed a heavy emotional debt towards these two girls; being close sisters, she did not want to see them get hurt, and was even more unwilling to see Ling Chen hurt them because of her.

As for Ling Chen, having to lose Shui Ruo made him understand further that certain people and certain things needed to be cherished, or else once you lose it, no matter how much it is, pain or regret could not bring it back.

After hugging for a long while, the two flower-like girls finally left his shoulders with their eyes red from crying and an adorable redness that had surfaced on their face. Since they were young ladies, they were still shy from the bold actions they had taken, even after their hearts had gradually calmed down; moreover, Meng Xin and Bing Yao was still there watching them.

“Xiao Qi, once I leave, head over to Vermillion Bird to take a look, alright? In this world, it’s not true that some things do not exist just because you think that it does not exist. You might think that it will not occur just because you think it’s impossible. A lot of unimaginable wonders are actually around us, and very close to us. It’s just that we have not discovered it yet. The Vermillion Bird could give you back your energy, and may even…… give you life.”

After hearing Ling Chen’s words, Xiao Qi became dumbstruck and just nodded as her eyes stared blankly. This may have been the first time in her life that she, who was usually stubborn and in high spirits, had cried so disorderly. It was also at this moment that she suddenly realised how much Ling Tian actually meant to her in her heart. Just not long ago had she been simply admiring him, yet he was firmly filling and affecting her heart, silently occupying all of her. Now, no matter what was said by Ling Chen, she would still nod her head and agree.