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Chapter 357: Xiao Qi’s decision

Xiao Qi’s decision

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

“Yun Feng.”

“Ling Tian, where are you?! I’ll come and find you immediately; there’s so much I need to talk to you about!” Yun Feng sounded like there was something extremely urgent.

“No need. I know you’re worried about me, and that you’ve kept me in your thoughts. I’m very grateful,” Ling Chen said, “You’re a good friend- although I’ve been made a fugitive, and everyone’s been slandering me, you’re still willing to stand on my side. Ruo Ruo has passed away, but before that, I was able to live happily with Ruo Ruo. That was all because of you. I will never forget the kindness you showed to us. Don’t worry, I’ll fulfil what I promised you.”

“Ling Tian, that’s not what I meant. I just wanted to say…”

“Let’s talk after I’m back. I’m going to do something very important right now, and I don’t want to think about anything else for the time being. For quite a bit of time, no one will be able to contact me. Don’t try to find me either. After I’m back, we can have a good chat. Take care… goodbye.”

After he finished speaking, Ling Chen turned off his communication device. He wouldn’t be able to contact anyone, and no one would be able to contact him.

After stocking up on large amounts of potions and teleport scrolls, Ling Chen headed towards a certain forest… the Fairy Forest.

“Little master, who would have thought that the little sister called Meng Xin would be so devastatingly beautiful. After seeing her, even I wanted to make her my pet. I could tell little master’s heart was beating so chaotically.” Qi Yue said as she giggled.

Truth be told, although Ling Chen had imagined how beautiful Yun Meng Xin would be, she was much more beautiful in real life. She was the only woman he knew who could compare to Qi Yue.

“Mm, Meng Xin is indeed quite beautiful,” Ling Chen replied, before looking up, “When Ruo Ruo’s older, she’ll definitely be as beautiful as Meng Xin.”

Qi Yue burst out laughing, and asked, “Then why did little master want to leave so quickly? You could have spent some more time with them. All five of those girls are as beautiful as goddesses, and any man would consider it their greatest fortune to spend time with even one of them. Little master could have had all five of them, and yet just left like that. If I was a man, I definitely wouldn’t have left.”

“Right now, there is only one thing that I care about.” Ling Chen flatly said. He had already made his decision, and would not change his mind. He didn’t bother wasting any more words with Qi Yue.

After quite a some time, the Fairy Forest appeared in front of him. Although he had been here before, he couldn’t help but marvel at the purity and beauty of this place.

His sole aim was to enter the Fairy Realm and put Ruo Ruo’s body into the Fairy Fountain. He knew what the consequences would be, but there was no other way.

“Little master, keep in mind that you’ll face three main problems. The first one is that Fairy called Ying Xue. Last time, you had escaped, but seeing as you came, they’ll think that it was Nature that brought you back to be with her. They will do everything in their power not to let you escape again. The second is that they will never let any outsiders touch the Fairy Fountain. The third is… little master, after you enter, how will you come out? Could it be that you’ll enter the Lunar Sky Hell again, and use the Spatial Stone to escape? Or will you directly use the Spatial Stone in the Fairy Realm?”

Ling Chen calmly looked ahead of him for a while, then walked forward with a look of determination on his face, “I’ll just do my best.”

In front of Ling Chen, a dark light flashed, and a small figure appeared. It was a girl who looked 12 or 13, with a pair of jet-black eyes. She was hugging a doll wearing a princess dress.

“Leng’Er.” Ling Chen called out. He had not been around in a while, and he wondered if she had been lonely.

Leng’Er looked at him with her jet-black eyes. Looking into her eyes made Ling Chen feel like he was looking into boundless, dark night. She stared at Ling Chen for a while, before saying in a soft voice, “Master… where… did you go…”

Ling Chen walked over to her and stroked her hair. Now, Leng’Er was already fine with him touching her. Ling Chen said warmly, “I had to do some things, so I couldn’t spend time with Leng’Er. It’s all master’s fault. Did you miss me?”

Leng’Er’s eyes blinked as she thought for a while. She softly nodded her head, and said in a small voice, “Yes.”

Ling Chen smiled, and took out two new dolls, “Master likes Leng’Er more and more. Look, these are some pretty dolls for Leng’Er. I missed Leng’Er as well. In future, I won’t leave Leng’Er for that long anymore, alright?”

Leng’Er’s eyes lit up as soon as she saw the dolls. She hugged the two dolls in her arms, and revealed an extremely happy smile.

After following Ling Chen, Leng’Er began to smile more and more, and her smiles gradually more natural.

Ling Chen called out Xiao Hui, and together with Leng’Er, they walked into the Fairy Forest. ……………………………………………………………… After Ling Chen left, the girls all felt a bit dazed. They wanted to talk with Ling Chen more, but found that they couldn’t contact him. From now on, unless Ling Chen appeared, they wouldn’t be able to see him, and wouldn’t even be able to hear his voice.

Xiao Qi’s mind rang with Ling Chen’s words over and over again. She gripped her clothes as she finally made a decision… a decision that she would not allow herself to regret.

“Big sister Meng Xin, big sister Bing Yao, Su’Er, Tian Tian… from today, I won’t be able to see you all for a long time, I…”

“Eh?” All of the girls looked at Xiao Qi in shock. Su’Er hurriedly grabbed onto her hand as she asked, “Qi Qi, are you alright? Is… is it because your illness has gotten worse? Big brother Ling Tian just left… we… we can’t lose you as well.”

Xiao Qi shook her head and turned to took to the south as she replied, “Do you remember what I told you about the Vermillion Bird… I’m going to go ahead with that.”

“Vermillion Bird… but Qi Qi, do you really think that a creature in the game world can cure you? Plus, you said that it’ll take many months, if not years… your body is already… already…”

Yun Meng Xin wanted to say that Xiao Qi’s body wouldn’t be able to handle the illness flaring up again… however, she wasn’t able to say it.

“I may not be able to believe the Vermillion Bird or that a creature in the game world can cure me. However, I believe in big brother Ling Tian. He said that he thinks it’s possible, so I’ll try it. Even if it can’t cure me, but it said that it can make me more powerful. If I become stronger, maybe… maybe I can do something for big brother Ling Tian. So please don’t try to stop me, alright? Back when things were going well for Heart’s Dream, I could only reap the benefits, but I couldn’t contribute anything. Now that such a big thing has happened, and big brother Ling Tian has been hurt so much… I couldn’t do anything to help him. Even if I have a bit of power to help big brother Ling Tian beat the Yan Huang Alliance, that’ll be enough.”

Xiao Qi bit her lips. The more she spoke, the more useless she felt, and the more determined she became. Her words struck each of the girls in their hearts.

Finally, Yun Meng Xin opened her mouth. She sighed, and said, “He has something magical about him that makes every word he says seem believable. Qi Qi, if you really want to go, then go… perhaps a miracle really will happen.”

“Mhmm!” Xiao Qi raised her head and looked at them, “I want to go right now.”

“Ah? Why are you in such a hurry?” Su’Er was surprised.

“Because I’m afraid that if I wait too long, I won’t be able to leave you guys.” Xiao Qi’s eyes became red. As she spoke, she took out a teleport scroll for the Vermillion Bird City, “Big sister Meng Xin, big sister Bing Yao, Su Su, Tian Tian, I’m going now. Don’t worry about me- I’m not going to do anything dangerous. I’ll just be away for a while. Maybe it’ll go really well, and I’ll be back in a few days. You all need to take care yourself. Don’t let me see that you guys have gotten skinner when I’m back.”

At this point, Xiao Qi was barely able to hold back her tears. She gritted her teeth and shattered the scroll, then disappeared.

“Qi Qi!!”

Su’er couldn’t help but call out as she watched Xiao Qi disappear. She stood in shock, and took out a teleport scroll as she also shattered it.

“Su Su, you…”

Yun Meng Xin was about to say something, but then stopped. She watched as Su’Er disappeared as well. She knew that Xiao Qi and Su’Er had grown up together, and were incredibly close- closer than real sisters. They had pretty much spent their whole lives together, and would often sleep on the same bed. How could Su’Er bear to be apart from Xiao Qi for such a long time? In the end, she chose to follow Xiao Qi to the Vermillion Bird City to say farewell.