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Chapter 358: Heaven’s Secrets Sect Successor (1)

Heaven’s Secrets Sect Successor (1)

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Editor: Chlocolatte

Vermillion Bird City Central Square.

There were not many people here, due to the extremely hot weather. After coming to the Vermillion Bird City, Xiao Qi felt a lot calmer. A person had to make countless choices in their lifetime, and the choice she just made seemed like an extremely silly one. However, she was still determined to come here, because this was a path that Ling Chen had given her, and it was the only one with hope.

Xiao Qi picked up her communication device and contacted Xiao Qiu Feng.

“Big brother, I’ll be staying online for a long time- maybe even a few months. Can you help me arrange the life-support systems and look after them? If something goes wrong with them, your little sister’s body might be damaged~”

“What?” Xiao Qi’s words greatly shocked Xiao Qiu Feng. He frowned as he replied, “Staying online for a few months? What are you doing? You’re joking, right?”

“I’m completely serious. It might just be a few months, but it could be… even longer.”

“Absolutely not!!” Seeing that Xiao Qi was serious, Xiao Qiu Feng immediately refused, “Don’t do this, Qi Qi! If you do that, you’ll definitely hurt your body. And also… it’ll be too dangerous if your illness flares up during that time!”

“Hehe, don’t worry about me. You know, this is actually to cure my illness. If I do this, then on the day I come out, my illness could be fully cured!” Xiao Qi said in a relaxed manner.

“What?” Xiao Qiu Feng was completely surprised, “Qi Qi, what are you doing?!”

“Just believe in me, big brother. Having such a great big brother and dad makes me very reluctant to just die. As such, I’ll do my best to keep living. It was big brother Ling Tian who told me this method, but I need to keep it a secret from big brother. When I come out, you’ll receive a big surprise. Alright, I’ll leave everything to big brother. Oh, and also, big brother Ling Tian asked me to thank you. He said that he’ll always remember what you’ve done for him… during this period, you and dad need to take care of yourselves. Don’t worry about me, and don’t force me out of the game, no matter what. Alright… bye bye!”

“Qi Qi!!”

Xiao Qi ended the conversation, and Xiao Qiu Feng immediately tried to call her back. However, Xiao Qi had already turned off her communication device. Xiao Qiu Feng’s emotions were in a complete mess.

What’s Qi Qi doing? She said that her illness could be cured… is this true… is this even possible?!

It is; it has to be real!! Xiao Qiu Feng rapped on his head with his knuckles, trying to make himself feel more positive. His mind rang with the last words Xiao Qi had said… Ling Tian had charged into the Long family’s residence by himself, causing terror and chaos. He had killed countless guards, and many of the Long family’s elite soldiers. Even Murong Xiong Tian, Xuanyuan Sheng and Xuanyuan Dao, the strongest bodyguards of the Long family, had been defeated by him. This person… no, this monster, was simply incredible. When Xiao Qiu Feng and his father had first heard about the death count in the Long family, they had both trembled.

The Long family was utterly terrified of Ling Chen. Indeed, no one wouldn’t be afraid of such a person. This was evidenced by the fact that they had made Ling Chen a national fugitive and had locked down Beijing. They had even mobilised the national army to look for him. Right now, the only thing they wanted was to have Ling Chen dead. If they knew that he was still alive, they would do anything in their power to destroy him.

To have someone like this feel so grateful to him and owe him a favour… Xiao Qiu Feng wondered how this favour would be repaid. It seemed that helping him that night had been the right decision.


After Xiao Qi ended the call with Xiao Qiu Feng, she immediately turned off her communication device. She didn’t have any expectations or hopes for her illness to be cured. All she wanted was more power, in order to help Ling Tian and the other girls. What she had said was to let her big brother and dad be at ease, so they wouldn’t worry as much. As for what would actually happen… she left that up to her fate. At the very worst, she would just waste the last few months of her life.

As if they shared a mental connection, Xiao Qi suddenly turned around and saw Su’Er standing behind her. Su’Er’s eyes were red, and Xiao Qi smiled and went over to hug her, “I knew that Su Su would have definitely followed me.”

“Wuu… wuu…” Su’Er started to cry out loud, and her tears dampened a large patch on Xiao Qi’s shoulder. She was a girl who cried easily, and had cried many times in the past few days. Xiao Qi started to sniffle as she smiled in a reassuring manner, “Alright, Su Su, it’s not like I’m going to do something dangerous. It’s just that I won’t be around for a bit. You never know- maybe I’ll be cured by the time I come back, and will be even stronger in the game. Perhaps I’ll be as strong as big brother Ling Tian, hehe.”

“But I don’t want to be apart from Qi Qi. What will I do without Qi Qi… wuu, wuuu…” Su’Er started to cry even harder. She was usually always with Xiao Qi, and they were quite emotionally dependent on each other. This time, they would separate for a long time, and she might not even be able to see her ever again. Su’Er simply couldn’t calm down.

Su’Er couldn’t bear to part with Xiao Qi, and Xiao Qi didn’t want to part with Su’Er either. They were both quite attached to each other. In all these years, the longest they had ever separated for was three days. Hearing Su’Er’s voice, and seeing her tears, Xiao Qi felt even more reluctant to go, and started to rethink her decision. She gently pushed Su’Er away, and held onto her hands as she looked into her eyes, saying, “Su Su, do you remember, a few years ago we talked to a fortune-teller. That fortune-teller said that we’ll be together forever! I believe that fortune-teller was right. In order to be sisters forever, it’s worth it for me to leave for a little while.”

“Qi Qi…”

Xiao Qi let go of Su’Er’s hands, and summoned her mount. She climbed onto it, and waved at Su’Er as she smiled, “My little Su Su, wait for your big sister to come back. You’re not allowed to cry anymore, alright?”

After speaking, Xiao Qi gritted her teeth, hardened herself, and charged forwards on her mount. As soon as she left, the smile on her face disappeared, and her tears wouldn’t stop flowing… Su Su, I don’t want to leave you either…. But so that we can be sisters forever, I’m willing to believe big brother Ling Tian… I’ll definitely come back…

Su’Er watched as Xiao Qi left, and stood there, unmoving. She stood for five minutes… ten minutes… but still wasn’t willing to leave.

At this moment, the peacefulness of the Vermillion Bird City Central Square was shattered by an ear-piercing yell.

“Fifteen days, fifteen-freaking-days!! We’ve walked around in this town 800 times, I can even remember what all the pigs look like. Can’t we go somewhere else? I’m goddamn sick of this place.”

“The stars have decreed that this is the place. The Vermillion Bird city is vast- how can we find the person in a measly fifteen days? Brother Xiao, I’ll have to trouble you to accompany me for a few more days.”

“God-freaking-dammit, you’re not willing to find out the Heaven’s Secrets, and you’d rather use some crappy stars. If those ‘stars’ are so useful, why would you even use those Heaven’s Secrets?”

“The stars and Heaven’s Secrets are different. The stars point in a general direction, and don’t give any specifics. Ai, brother Xiao, please stay for another three days. If we still can’t find the person, then I will accept that our destinies have not been connected yet, and will look elsewhere.”

The two voices were coming closer and closer. These were two old men. One of them looked around 60 years old, and half of his hair and beard was white. He was wearing tattered, grey clothing, which looked somewhat clean. Although he was an old man, but he would hop and skip around as he walked, and his expressions were quite comical. The other old man looked around 70 or 80 years old. He was wearing a green Daoist robe, and held a horsetail whisk in his hands. His hair completely white, and was so long that it reached his waist. His gaze was deep and calm, as if he was some sort of immortal. Despite how raucous the old man beside him was, he did not seem agitated at all. The atmosphere he gave off was one of seriousness and tranquillity, and the way he walked made it seem like he was walking on clouds.

It was quite strange to see these two completely different old men walking together.

Indeed, these two old men were the Sect Leader of the Feng Chen Sect, Xiao Feng Chen, and the Sect Leader of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, Daoist Tian Qing.

After escaping from the Lunar Sky Hell, Xiao Feng Chen went to find Daoist Tian Qing for two reasons. The first was to meet up with an old friend who he hadn’t seen for a thousand years. The second was to help Ling Chen with his issue, which resulted in him being dragged into helping Daoist Tian Qing find a successor. Originally, they had relied on Xiao Feng Chen’s Feng Chen Technique to run around aimlessly. One day, Daoist Tian Qing saw something in the sky, which directed them to the Vermillion Bird City. As such, Xiao Feng Chen was dragged to stay in the Vermillion City for half a month. He was forced to use his Feng Chen Technique countless times, and yet they still couldn’t find anyone with the qualifications to become the successor of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. Xiao Feng Chen had long since run out of patience.

“The hell?! Another three days? This stupid place doesn’t even have any beauties; how can it have the sort of person you’re looking for… Screw it, screw it, I’ll just accept that I owed you in my past life or something. If it wasn’t for that boy, I would’ve ditched you ages ago.”

Daoist Tian Qing had already become used to Xiao Feng Chen’s ramblings. No matter how much Xiao Feng Chen cursed and complained, Daoist Tian Qing’s heart remained calm. He knew that Xiao Feng Chen couldn’t control that mouth of his, and that he was doing his best to help him. In fact, Xiao Feng Chen had even begun to view this as a personal matter. Daoist Tian Qing laughed as he said, “I’ll have to trouble brother Xiao then. If I really can find a successor, I will definitely help brother Xiao with Ling Tian’s matters.”

“Cheh, my only friend from back then who’s still alive is you, you old thing. If you die, who would keep me company? Alright, alright, hurry up and find your successor and get them to do it. Try to live for a few more years… eh?” Xiao Feng Chen suddenly stopped walking. He looked forwards as his eyes shone, “Wow, wow, what were we talking about before? Who would have thought that there would be such a cute girly in the Vermillion Bird City.”