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Chapter 359: Heaven’s Secrets Sect Successor (2)

Heaven’s Secrets Sect Successor (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Xiao Feng Chen and Daoist Tian Qing eventually walked to the middle of the Vermillion Bird City Central Square. Near the revival point was a young girl standing there by herself. She was quite young, and looked only about 15 or 16 years old. She was staring towards the south, her eyes sparkling like crystals made of raindrops. Although she was young, but she was incredibly beautiful, and onlookers would find it difficult to stop looking at her. In that moment, she looked like a beautiful and pure fairy. There was an atmosphere of shyness and weakness around her, which would make anyone want to protect her and take care of her.

“My goodness, the Vermillion Bird City’s full of ugly and old women. Where did this cute little girly come from?” Xiao Feng Chen gasped as he stared. He then grinned as he said, “Old man Tian Qing, I’ll betcha that this girl isn’t from the Vermillion Bird City. Man, the more I look at her, the more I like her. I wish I had a granddaughter like her…” He suddenly whacked himself on the head as he began to laugh, “Old man Tian Qing, I’m going to adopt her as my granddaughter, yahaha!”

“Brother Xiao, don’t scare… Hey, brother Xiao… Ai…”

Daoist Tian Qing knew that Xiao Feng Chen was definitely going to use the Feng Chen Curses to mess with the girl. This was how Xiao Feng Chen was- when he was excited, he would always act rashly and stupidly. Daoist Tian Qing couldn’t stop him at all, and could only sigh. He hoped that Xiao Feng Chen wouldn’t be too excessive. From what he had just said, it seemed that he wanted to use the Feng Chen Curses to make the girl acknowledge him as her foster-grandfather.

Which curse would he use… that was the question.

Hmm I definitely can’t use the really harsh ones… Ah, I’ll use… a “Complete and Utter Belief Curse!!”

Xiao Feng Chen’s monkey-like eyes flashed, and directed a “Complete and Utter Belief Curse” at Su’Er. Immediately, he put on an extremely distressed and pitiful expression and cried out as he ran at Su’Er, “Ah! Granddaughter, my good granddaughter. I’ve finally found you! I’m your long-lost grandpa!”

After Xiao Qi left, Su’Er continued to stare towards the south. This sudden voice gave Su’Er a fright, and what she saw when she turned around frightened her even more. It was a skinny old man wearing tattered clothing rushing over with an extremely emotional expression.

She quickly stepped backwards as she yelled, “No… you’ve got the wrong person. I’m not your granddaughter, I’m… I’m just a player. I definitely can’t be your granddaughter…”

Xiao Feng Chen immediately stopped running, and his jaw dropped.

Xiao Feng Chen had lived for over 2,000 years. The Feng Chen Curses he used were at the absolute pinnacle- even the Moon Goddesses were affected by them. They were always guaranteed to work. The number of existences that were on par with the Moon Goddesses could be counted on a single hand, and this girl definitely wasn’t one of them. Even from afar, Xiao Feng Chen and Daoist Tian Qing could tell that she was incomparably weak. And yet, this “Complete and Utter Belief Curse” had no effect on her.

This girl had looked at him with innocence, shock and fear, and denied that she knew him.

Once a person was affected by the “Complete and Utter Belief Curse”, they would believe anything that the user said, with no exception. However, this cute little girl… evidently wasn’t affected.

Xiao Feng Chen was completely dumbfounded, and even Daoist Tian Qing was shocked.

This was impossible!

After Xiao Feng Chen had lived for 1,000 years, his Feng Chen Curses had only failed once. That was when he had met that little monster Ling Tian in the Lunar Sky Hell. The reason why his curses had no effect on Ling Chen, and had even backfired was simple- Ling Chen’s mental energy was far too powerful, and Xiao Feng Chen’s mental energy simply couldn’t compare to it.

Somehow, this cute, and weak-looking girl had resisted the curse… from the incredibly weak and kind look in her eyes, it didn’t seem like she had incredibly strong mental energy.

“Ah… uh… this… hahahaha…” Seeing Su’Er staring at him in fright, Xiao Feng Chen could only awkwardly laugh… the hell? Did my Feng Chen Curse just fail? No way… maybe I’m rusty. I’ll try again!

“Utter Despair Curse!”

The Complete and Utter Belief Curse was one of the lower-tier curses, whereas the Utter Despair Curse was an intermediate level Feng Chen Curse. Even Ling Chen wasn’t able to use it yet. Once someone was affected by the Utter Despair Curse, they would lose interest in everything, as well as lose all motivation for living.

The only change in the girl after Xiao Feng Chen used the Utter Despair Curse was that she looked even more frightened, as well as alert. Evidently, she saw Xiao Feng Chen as a crazy old man.

“Deity Curse!”

“Complete Cold-heartedness Curse!”

“Striptease Curse!”

“… Fudge!!”

Xiao Feng Chen had tried low level curses to high level curses, using five in a row. And yet, Su’Er seemed completely unaffected. When his fifth Feng Chen Curse had been rendered ineffective, he started to jump up and down as he yelled at Daoist Tian Qing, “Holy fudgesticles! Old thing, this girl isn’t affected by my Feng Chen Curses! Fudge!! She’s the one you’re looking for!”

There were three possibilities for why a Feng Chen Curse could fail. The first was because the target’s mental energy was far stronger than Xiao Feng Chen’s. The second was that the target’s overall strength was far above Xiao Feng Chen’s- the gap needed to be so large that Xiao Feng Chen’s mental energy couldn’t make up for it. The third possibility was much rarer than the first two: and that was that the target had a completely pure and innocent heart. This sort of person would not be affected by even the strongest Feng Chen Curse.

The qualifications for becoming the successor to the Heaven’s Secrets Sect was that one must have a heart that was completely devoid of evil and malice- one that was absolutely pure.

However, having a completely pure heart was virtually impossible. Apart from newborn babies, who could be completely free of evil thoughts? Even someone who had never done an evil deed in their life was bound to have harboured some evil thoughts at some point in their life. Moreover, good could not exist without evil, and evil could not exist without good. Finding a being that was completely devoid of evil was simply far too difficult.

However, this didn’t mean that it was impossible. When a person’s soul was pure to the extreme, their evil side would be gradually suppressed, until it was completely covered. Although it was still there, it would be completely suppressed by their overwhelming purity, as if it wasn’t there.

The girl in front of them was evidently this sort of person- the person that Daoist Tian Qing wanted to find. The Feng Chen Curses being ineffective against her was the best, and most direct, proof.

When the first Feng Chen Curse had failed, Daiost Tian Qing’s eyes had lit up. As Xiao Feng Chen’s expression became more and more outraged, he had become more and more ecstatic… this girl looked incredibly meek and pure, and there was not a single trace of impurity on her.

There was no doubt about it! She was the type of person he was trying to find! The stars had not cheated him- he had indeed found the person in the Vermillion Bird City.

Whether the person was male or female was not important at all. To be able to find a successor was Daoist Tian Qing’s greatest wish. If he couldn’t find a successor within 30 years, when his time was up, the Heaven’s Secrets Sect would disappear forever. He was incredibly excited as he stared at the young girl in front of him.

At this moment, Xiao Feng Chen started to congratulate Su’Er. He charged over to her with a “whoosh”, as if he was afraid that she would run away. Seeing Xiao Feng Chen flash over at an incredible speed, Su’Er became even more frightened. Xiao Feng Chen began to holler, “Girly! Great blessings! Great blessing are about to be showered on you! You see that old guy with the white hair? Hurry up and become his disciple! He’s the Sect Leader of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, one of the three sects founded by the Night Demon Clan’s Three Sages! Hurry up! Don’t miss this opportunity!”

Su’Er was completely terrified at this point. Her face was incredibly pale as she held her hands out in front of her and retreated, her eyes wide and full of fear.

Daoist Tian Qing, who was normally incredibly calm, now felt like throwing Xiao Feng Chen into the pig sty so he could be repeatedly violated by those pigs. Any normal person would think that Xiao Feng Chen was crazy, and would run away from him. Daoist Tian Qing hurriedly went up to Su’Er and swished his horsetail whisk before bowing and saying, “Little friend, please don’t be afraid. My friend is quite enthusiastic and raucous, but he bears no ill will towards you. I am the Sect Leader of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, and I have searched my entire life for a successor. Little friend, you have an incredibly pure heart, and are a perfect candidate. I would like to invite this little friend to become part of my Heaven’s Secrets Sect- are you willing?”

Currently, Daoist Tian Qing felt exactly the same way as Xiao Feng Chen had felt when he met Ling Chen in the Lunar Sky Hell- he was terrified that this little girl wouldn’t be willing. No matter if it was the Feng Chen Sect or the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, finding a successor was simply too difficult. Being able to find one was an incredible stroke of luck. Moreover, Daoist Tian Qing only had 30 years left in his lifespan. If he couldn’t find a suitable successor within 30 years, he would become the greatest sinner of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. As such, he had to convince Su’Er no matter what.

Daoist Tian Qing was like an ancient immortal, and his voice was infused with a bit of the power of the Dao. It made all hearers of his voice feel that they could trust him and become close with him. However… this didn’t help the current situation much. Su’Er had just been standing there when a crazy old man had suddenly started babbling at her, while the other old man asked her to become his disciple. She had never heard of the “Heaven’s Secrets Sect” before, and it was virtually impossible for her to agree.

Su’Er rarely left the house, and usually only interacted with her family and her close friends. She wasn’t used to interacting with strangers, and these two men were simply too intimidating. She hurriedly shook her head as she stuttered, “I… I… no… I need to do something… goodbye…”

After speaking, she quickly turned to leave.