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Chapter 362: Absolutely Impossible!

Absolutely Impossible!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

There were not many Fairies in the Fairy Clan, and they all lived together. Whenever “something big” happened, the entire clan would know quite quickly. After Greenwood spoke, the Fairy Clan’s ten elders appeared simultaneously. When they saw Ling Chen, their expressions were full of shock. Not too long ago, this human had been forced into the Lunar Sky Hell because of them. The place where the Moon God Clan sealed the evilest and cruellest creatures, a terrifying place. No one had ever escaped from the Lunar Sky Hell before.

And yet, this human was standing in front of them, completely fine. They simply couldn’t understand what was going on.

“It seems that the Moon God Clan discovered that you had mistakenly entered, and that you’re not a great evildoer, so they let you out. After all, the Moon Goddesses are all righteous and kind-hearted. Although they hate evil, they would never wrongly punish an innocent person.

Before Ling Chen could even explain, Greenwood had already set an explanation for him. Perhaps, to the Fairies, this was the only believable explanation. With the countless powerful demons and monsters in the Lunar Sky Hell, it would have been impossible for a human like Ling Chen to escape in one piece. Hearing Greenwood’s words, the ten elders all nodded together.

Behind them, a green door was silently opened, and Ying Xue appeared at the door. She didn’t come out, but instead stared at Ling Chen, her eyes filled with chaotic emotions. No one could tell what she was thinking.

Her First Wings had been taken away by Ling Chen, and no matter what, she could only be with Ling Chen. As the daughter of the Fairy Chief, she had to follow this rule. After Ling Chen was forced into the Lunar Sky Hell, she had accepted that she would be alone for the rest of her life, and had calmed herself down in just a few days. However, the person who she thought that she could never meet again was now standing right in front of her. Her heart trembled as waves crashed within it. She now somewhat understood what her grandmother meant by “connected by destiny”.

“Fairy Chief Greenwood, Elders, it’s been a while.” Ling Chen said. Actually, only half a month had passed since he had left the Fairy Clan, which wasn’t very long. However, that event seemed like a lifetime ago. Upon entering the Fairy Realm again, it felt like a long time had passed.

The Fairies could only see calmness in Ling Chen’s eyes; there was no anger or hatred, which was what they had expected. After all, they had forced him into a place where he was almost guaranteed to die. If it wasn’t for his luck, he almost certainly would have died, or spent an eternity in darkness. This was something that they had felt guilty about, causing them to regret forcing their own traditions and beliefs onto a human. Fairies were creatures with the purest souls in the entire world. Although they tried to keep their thoughts and desires pure, but their devotion to Nature, as well as their traditions, was almost fanatical…

Seeing Ling Tian appear before them again, they were greatly shocked, but also relieved. However, they couldn’t help but wonder… why did he come back here?

Last time, because of their demands, Ling Chen was forced to flee into the Lunar Sky Hell. Surely, after escaping from the Lunar Sky Hell, he had no reason to come back here. Moreover, he knew that the Fairy Realm was sealed- there would be no way to leave once he came again.

Was it for revenge? Evidently not. With his strength, most Fairies could instantly kill him.

In that case, there was only one possibility…

He must have finally come around, and decided to join the Fairy Clan by becoming a Fairy. Otherwise, why would he have come back?

Thinking to there, Greenwood spoke, “Ling Tian, I’m greatly relieved that you’re fine. Now, you know where that teleportation channel leads. After that day, we all reflected on our actions. Although we maintain that our beliefs were not wrong, we nearly sent you to your death, so we’re glad that you’re back. Haha, this time, you’re probably here for something important. Here, come inside this room and take a seat. Don’t worry, we won’t let what happened last time repeat itself. Even if you want to rebuke us and ask for compensation, we’ll be willing.”

“No, that’s alright,” Ling Chen shook his head, “I wasn’t hurt during my time in the Lunar Sky Hell, but instead received great benefits. Let’s forget about what happened last time. This time, I have come to the Fairy Realm for something incredibly important- there’s something I need your help with.”

“Oh? What is it?” Greenwood asked. The ten elders also listened attentively.

Ling Chen looked down as he slowly said, “My little sister, because of some unforeseen events, has fallen into a very deep sleep. I want to use your Fairy Fountain to protect her body.”

Those few sentences clearly stated his reason for once again coming to the Fairy Realm. However, when he mentioned the name “Fairy Fountain”, Greenwood and the ten elders’ faces immediately darkened.

Evidently, the Fairy Fountain was very important to them.

“Ahhh!!!” Cai’Er was the first to react. She looked at Ling Chen in shock, then let out a cry of horror as she covered her mouth with her hands, saying, “Big brother’s little sister… big brother’s little sister… could it be that big sister Ruo Ruo… she…”

Although Cai’Er was pure and innocent, she wasn’t stupid. Of course, she understood what Ling Chen had meant by Shui Ruo falling into “a very deep sleep”. Moreover, the Fairy Fountain was only ever used to protect the bodies of deceased Fairies.

Ling Chen didn’t answer Cai’er. To him, Shui Ruo was merely asleep, and was waiting for him to wake her up. However, his silence gave Cai’Er her answer. Cai’Er covered her mouth with her hands as her tears leaked out, and she started to wail, “Wuuuu… big sister Ruo Ruo’s dead! No! I don’t want big sister Ruo Ruo to die! Cai’Er missed her so much… Cai’Er missed her every day!! How can she die like this… this can’t be real!! No… wuuu…”

Greenwood couldn’t help but look surprised. He couldn’t think of where Ling Chen had heard of the legend of the Fairy Fountain from. After all, the Fairy Clan had disappeared for countless years, and very few outsiders knew about the Fairy Fountain. Seeing the look in Ling Chen’s eyes, he could see how important this “little sister” was to him, that he would return to this place. However…

Greenwood spoke, “So it’s like that. My condolences about your sister. However, the Fairy Clan is unable to help you with this matter.”

“Reason?” Ling Chen coldly asked. After the events from last time, Ling Chen no longer had any favourable thoughts towards the Fairy Clan. No matter what their reasons were, they had nearly forced him to his doom. If it was any other player, they would have been stuck in the Lunar Sky Hell forever. As such, even though he required their help, he didn’t show the courtesy he would have. He was someone who repaid both favours and grudges.

“We’re indeed unable to help you with this.” The leader of the ten elders said as he stepped forwards. An expression of worship appeared on his face, “Since you know about the Fairy Fountain, you should also know how important it is to the Fairy Clan. The Fairy Fountain is the holiest place of our Fairy Realm, and is the place we must protect with our lives. The Fairy Fountain is a holy place granted to us by Nature itself. Countless years ago, our ancestor was born from this Fairy Fountain. The water in the Fairy Fountain contains the purest Nature energy in the world, which is extremely suitable for Fairies. The Fairy Realm’s flowers and grasses could grow so beautifully, and even the air and dewdrops are infused with so much life energy, all because of the Fairy Fountain. Even the Fairy Forest is affected by the Fairy Fountain.

“The Fairy Realm can only exist because of the Fairy Fountain. In the Fairy Realm, every Fairy has flawless bodies and looks, as well as incredibly pure energy. We never succumb to illness, and our strength grows quickly. If the water from the Fairy Fountain is poured on a tree, it will be thriving with leaves and fruits overnight. If one drinks the water from the Fairy Fountain, they will be able to go an entire month without eating, drinking, or sleeping, and still feel more invigorated than otherwise, as well as be cured of many illnesses. Using the water from the Fairy Fountain to regularly clean one’s body can allow one to retain their youthful looks. Also, as you know, putting a deceased creature into the Fairy Fountain can preserve, and even purify, their bodies for thousands of years.”

The elder began to look more serious as he continued, “The Fairy Fountain was a blessing given to us by the Nature God. If the Fairy Fountain disappears, or is contaminated, then the Fairy Clan will face great peril. Every single drop of water from the Fairy Fountain is incomparably important to us. Because of how close we Fairies are with Nature, it is impossible for us to contaminate it. However, creatures from the outside world are full of impurities- if they so much as even touch the water, all of the water in the Fairy Fountain will be contaminated. As such, we’ve never allowed any creature outside of the Fairy Clan to touch the Fairy Fountain, or even go near it. This is something that we absolutely will not compromise on.”

“What the head elder said is what I was going to say,” Greenwood sighed, “After what happened last time, we all reflected on our actions. Although our traditions are important, we shouldn’t force them on outsiders. However, this time, it’s not us forcing you to do anything. In fact, even if you wanted to return Ying Xue’s First Wings, we wouldn’t refuse. If it was anything else, we would be willing to negotiate with you. However, it is absolutely impossible to allow an outsider to be placed into our Fairy Fountain. After all, the Fairy Fountain is directly connected to the life and death of our entire clan. I’m sorry, but we can’t help you with this request. In fact, even now, only six bodies have been placed into the Fairy Fountain, and they were all ancestors who made great contributions to the clan. Only they have the right to this glory. Although I’m this generation’s Fairy Chief, even I won’t be qualified to be placed into the Fairy Fountain after I die. We simply can’t agree to your request.”