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Chapter 363: Forcing His Way In!

Forcing His Way In!

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Greenwood’s reply was one that was unnegotiable… it was absolutely impossible to fulfil Ling Chen’s request!

They were even more adamant than Ling Chen had expected.

There were already many Fairies gathered around them. Many of them looked absolutely furious that he would even think about putting an outsider’s body into the Fairy Fountain. Fairies were all kind and amicable- for them to become angry so easily showed just how important the Fairy Fountain was to them. That was indeed the truth- contaminating the Fairy Fountain was even more unforgiveable than killing them. Even if they died, they wouldn’t let any outsiders touch the Fairy Fountain.

Ling Chen looked around him, and saw the hostile looks on the Fairies’ faces. If he continued to insist, it was possible that they would crush him. He slightly frowned, but calmly replied, “You can rest assured- although my little sister is a human, her body and heart are incomparably pure. She definitely won’t contaminate your Fairy Fountain.”

“You know just as well as I do whether humans’ bodies and hearts have any impurities.” Greenwood waved his hand, his face becoming more and more unseemly, “Of course, there are kind-hearted humans who love purity, but living in the outside world, without Nature’s power cleansing them, it would be impossible for humans to be without any impurity. Moreover, even if there were such humans, what could give them the right to be placed in our Fairy Fountain? Since the ancient times, my clan has had countless powerful and noble Fairy Kings, but only six of them were qualified to be laid at rest in the Fairy Fountain. We don’t even put every Fairy King in- why should we put an outsider in? If we really did this, what would this mean for all our ancestors? If our Fairy Fountain is contaminated, then we’ll become the greatest sinners of our Fairy Clan, and might even cause our clan to be wiped out! Enough, don’t bring up this matter anymore. Unless you have the power to destroy our entire clan, we won’t let you close to the Fairy Fountain.”

Greenwood’s words were incredibly heavy, and carried a warning. He suddenly realised that he spoke a bit harshly, as after all, this was a human who didn’t understand the true significance of the Fairy Fountain to the Fairy Clan. He began to use a kinder and calmer voice, “Ling Tian, I’m sure you’re still emotional from losing your loved one. To be able to come here for your loved one, I can see that you loved her very much. However, we simply can’t help you with this. No outsiders have ever touched the Fairy Fountain before- we wouldn’t even let the Moon Goddesses to touch it, let alone you. Ai, dead people can’t be brought back- even if you put her in the Fairy Fountain, you’ll just be preserving her body, and there isn’t much point in that. I suggest you let this go, and properly bury her.”

“Who said that people can’t be brought back to life?” Ling Chen said as he stared down Greenwood, “I came here to preserve her body, so that I can bring her back to life in future! Fairy Chief Greenwood, you Fairies are all supposedly kind and compassionate- will you really not help in saving a life?”

Greenwood frowned, and stared back into Ling Chen’s eyes. All he could see within Ling Chen’s eyes was calmness and determination, and none of the madness that he had expected. However, he simply couldn’t fathom how a clear-minded person had declared that he would bring someone back to life so matter-of-factly. Greenwood temperately replied, “Ling Tian, I know that it’s difficult to accept a loved one dying. However, death must come sooner or later to living creatures. Dying is a natural process that happens to everyone. Let alone humans and Fairies, even gods cannot escape death. This is something no one can change. If this was changed, then the order of the world would descend into chaos. Resurrection from the dead is simply impossible.”

“Hmph, even if everyone in the world doesn’t believe in resurrection, I’ll still believe in it! If reviving someone from the dead is going against the heavens, then I’ll go against the heavens.” Ling Chen looked just as determined as ever. Greenwood’s words simply couldn’t shake him, “Fairy Chief Greenwood, please agree to this selfish request of mine. After putting my little sister in the Fairy Fountain, I will look for a method to revive her… thirty years, please give me thirty years. No matter if I succeed or fail, I will definitely come back and agree to any request you ask of me. Even if you ask me to stay here forever, or become a slave, I will be wholeheartedly willing.”

Seeing Ling Chen’s expression, Greenwood knew that no matter what he said, he wouldn’t be able to change Ling Chen’s mind. However, the Fairy Clan couldn’t back down either. Greenwood exasperatedly sighed, and did his best to remain calm, reminding himself that Ling Chen had just lost someone important to him. He replied, “Put your little sister at rest in the earth, and let this matter go. Please stop deluding yourself. No matter what, we won’t let any outsiders come into contact with the Fairy Fountain.”

“Deluding myself? Ha…” Ling Chen could no longer maintain his calm breathing. In truth, he had expected this outcome. From his experience last time, he knew that Fairies were extremely stubborn creatures. Qi Yue had said that the Lunar Scourge could only preserve Shui Ruo’s body for seven days, and six days had already passed. Today was the seventh day, which meant that if he couldn’t find another place to preserve her body by sundown…

Even if he could find a way to revive her, it would be completely useless. His last bit of hope would be extinguished.

“And if I insist?” Ling Chen’s face darkened… since good cop hadn’t worked with these Fairies… it looked like he had to switch over to bad cop.

“If you refuse to let this go, then we will have to restrict your freedom. Just to inform you, we have already sealed the teleportation channel to the Lunar Sky Hell. Now that you’ve come again, you’re destined to stay here forever this time.” Greenwood said in a low voice. All of the Fairies around them started to glare at Ling Chen murderously. Ling Chen was a LV20 player, and even the weakest Fairy in the Fairy Realm would be able to take care of him easily. Ling Chen’s words didn’t cause them to feel any threat at all, only fury. Wanting to contaminate the Fairy Fountain was something they would never accept.

“Looks like I have no other choice…”

As Ling Chen said this sentence, his eyes flashed and he leapt to the right…the head elder said that the Fairy Realm was created due to the Fairy Spring, and that the closer one was to the Fairy Spring, the thicker the scent of Nature would be. That meant that the Fairy Realm grew around the Fairy Fountain… meaning that the Fairy Fountain was in the middle of the Fairy Realm!

As soon as Ling Chen moved, Greenwood also moved in response. Although Ling Chen’s overall strength was comparatively quite weak, he had powerful items. Last time, he had used an item that had an AOE stun, giving him the opportunity to escape into the Lunar Sky Hell. This time, they wouldn’t make the same mistake.

The ten elders also moved into action. Anyone could see that this weak human actually wanted to force his way into the Fairy Realm’s most sacred place. He was definitely carried away by his wishful thinking, and greatly overestimated himself.

But… was it really just wishful thinking, and that he had overestimated himself?

The current Ling Chen was the same level as the last time he had come, but there was a significant difference… and that was that he had joined the Feng Chen Sect. The Feng Chen Sect’s greatest strengths were in its Feng Chen Curses, as well as… running away!

In that moment, pressure from countless Fairies locked onto Ling Chen’s body, almost crushing him. Tens of streams of Fairy energy also shot over from different directions. They didn’t contain any attack power though- evidently, they didn’t want to hurt Ling Chen. However, if any of them touched him, he would lose his ability to move.

“Broken… Shadow!”

As if a gale had caught onto his body, his entire body became incredibly light, and he charged towards his destination.


All of the pressure and Fairy energy that had been locked onto Ling Chen was left far behind by him. The Fairies all heard the roar of a gale, and all that was left of Ling Chen was an afterimage.

Greenwood, the ten elders and all the other Fairies present all stared in shock. By the time they realised what had happened, Ling Chen had already disappeared from their sight. They had never seen this sort of speed before- in fact, they had never even heard of such a speed before!

“Hurry! Go to the Fairy Fountain!!” Greenwood was finally able to react, and his eyes widened as he yelled out. His yell travelled a long way, and covered almost the entire Fairy Realm, causing every Fairy to hear it. The direction Ling Chen had left in was precisely the direction that the Fairy Fountain was in. It was not very far to the Fairy Fountain, and at the monstrous speed he was travelling, it would take less than half a minute for him to arrive! Moreover, because of the Bewildering Formation, the Fairy Clan had never worried about outsiders entering, and so they had never prepared any defences for the Fairy Fountain.

If that human really did put his little sister in, then they would be finished.

Swish swish swish swish swish…

Light flashed, and Greenwood and the ten elders all disappeared. Within the Fairy Realm, they could borrow Nature’s power to manipulate space, and use teleportation. After teleporting a few times, they reached the Fairy Fountain and waited for Ling Chen’s arrival with darkened expressions. With Ling Chen’s speed, it was impossible for them to chase after him. As such, they decided to wait for him at the Fairy Fountain to stop him. All of the other Fairies also flocked towards the Fairy Fountain.