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Chapter 364: Endless Jade

Endless Jade

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

As soon as Ling Chen used Broken Shadow, there was not a single Fairy who could catch up to him. Very soon, the Fairy Fountain was surrounded by Fairy Chief Greenwood, the ten elders, as well as a large crowd of strong Fairies who could also use Nature’s power to teleport. They formed a protective circle with the Fairy Fountain in the middle. To them, using such a formation against a LV20 human was simply overkill. However, since this concerned the Fairy Fountain, they did not hesitate in the least. What happened last time still remained clear in their memories.

Ling Chen’s body flew forwards like a strong gale. Although the wind howled in his ears, he was still able to see clearly. Before, he had only been heading in a rough direction, but the direction Greenwood and the others had teleported in confirmed where the Fairy Fountain was.

No matter what… even if the entire Fairy Clan ends up hating me, I must put Ruo Ruo into the Fairy Fountain! I’ll take whatever consequences are thrown at me! There’s nothing more important than Ruo Ruo being revived!

“Be careful of the items he throws out!” Greenwood cautioned. Approximately 10 metres behind him was the Fairy Fountain. A green glow appeared in his hands. They had to take Ling Chen down before he reached the Fairy Fountain, no matter what.

“Understood.” The head elder replied. Last time, they had personally experienced how powerful his items were. They wouldn’t fall for the same thing again. If Ling Chen used that same AOE stun item, they were confident that they would be able to seal it before it could activate.

Ling Chen’s speed was simply monstrous. By the time they had said a few sentences, Ling Chen had already appeared in their field of vision, and closed in on them at a terrifying speed.

Currently, Ling Chen could only activate Broken Shadow for 20 seconds at a time, and could only use it 3 times per day. However, this 60 seconds was more than enough!

“Restrict him… no, forget it- kill him immediately!!”

Ling Chen’s determination to defile their holiest place finally enraged all of the Fairies.

Greenwood and the ten elders attacked simultaneously. Immediately, one, ten, then thousands of light-green elemental arrows appeared in front of them, and shot out like a sea of arrows.

In the instant the Fairies saw Ling Chen, he also saw them. He looked past them, and saw the glimmer of water. It was a fairly small fountain, and the light that reflected off it was pure and warm. When he came closer to it, he noticed that the air became clearer and more refreshing, causing his vision, hearing and consciousness to become more focused.

“That’s the Fairy Fountain!” Qi Yue yelled.

Even without Qi Yue’s yell, Ling Chen knew that this was definitely the Fairy Fountain.

In front of him, countless elemental arrows rained down towards him. Greenwood was Mysterious God grade, and the ten elders were all definitely at least Heaven’s End grade. To be able to defeat the Demon Beast Clan back then, the Fairy Clan was definitely quite powerful. A single arrow would be able to instantly kill Ling Chen. Moreover, the range of these arrows was terrifying- although they were shot from over 200 metres away, it looked as if they definitely were able to hit him.

Fairies were all natural-born Archers- this was something known by everyone in the Forgotten Continent.

However, how could Ling Chen allow himself to die?

As Ling Chen continued to run, he sidestepped to the left and right continuously. To the Fairies, it looked as if there were a hundred Ling Chens approaching at once, causing all of the Fairies’ eyes to widen.

The countless elemental arrows rained down onto Ling Chen, piercing through his afterimages. Because Ling Chen was far too fast and agile, even these Mysterious God and Heaven’s End grade Fairies couldn’t tell which was the real Ling Chen and which ones were the afterimages. They saw many of their arrows chaotically crashing into each other, or passing through an afterimage. Ling Chen, who continued to charge at them, and was now only 100 metres away.


Greenwood and the ten elders were flabbergasted. Last time, they hadn’t been able to stop Ling Chen because of his powerful items. To them, attacking a weak LV20 human was like an elephant stepping on an ant, and would not take any effort. Moreover, they had all attacked simultaneously with their elemental arrows. Not only did Fairies have incredible range, but the speed of their arrows was also incredibly fast. They had shot so many arrows so densely, and yet he was still completely fine.

They simply couldn’t believe their eyes.

Greenwood’s face darkened. With Ling Chen’s strength, he wasn’t able to cause any threat to their lives. However, with that sort of speed, if he was allowed to come close, they wouldn’t be able to stop him. If he really put his little sister into the Fairy Fountain… everything would be over.

Greenwood stretched out his hand, and a jade-green bow appeared. The bow was incredibly large, with the bowstring at 2 metres in length. It was even taller than Greenwood himself.

When the bow appeared, all of the Fairies stopped moving, and stared at the bow, their eyes filled with reverence. It was as if they were looking at a divine being. They knew that for Greenwood to summon this bow, he had truly become furious, and was determined to destroy this human. The appearance of the bow also sealed this human’s fate… the other Fairies didn’t even need to attack anymore. To do so would be blasphemous to the bow.

The massive bow hovered in front of Greenwood. His hands didn’t touch the bow, but as he made the motion of drawing a bow, the massive bowstring began to be slowly pulled back. A glittering jade-green elemental arrow was quickly formed on the bowstring, pointing towards Ling Chen.

All of the Fairies held their breath, because the appearance of this arrow caused all of the surrounding air and energy to be sucked into it. The arrow grew longer and longer, thicker and thicker, and the colour of the arrow became deeper as well…

The name of this arrow was “Endless Jade”. Within the same class of attacks, its destructive power was strong, but not extremely strong. Its strength was in its lightning fast speed, as well as the fact that it would not stop chasing its target, even if it had to chase him or her to the ends of the world!

This sort of arrow, shot by this sort of bow, against a LV20 human was simply ridiculous. However, Ling Chen had powerful items that could cause AOE stuns, and was able to escaped unscathed from their combined attack. This caused Greenwood to take out his trump card… the Fairy Fountain was simply too important, and they couldn’t take any risks.

A white figure appeared next to the Fairy Fountain, and seeing that jade green light, her face fell and she couldn’t help but yell out, “Father, no!!”


As soon as the “Endless Jade” was shot out, it was as if the space around it was like a thin piece of paper that was ripped apart, causing all of the Fairies to shudder.

The giant bow vanished, and Greenwood looked towards the jade-green arrow as he sighed inside his heart, “Forgive me, Ling Tian. For the Fairy Fountain, I have no other choice. Your speed and agility have exceeded my expectations, so I have no other option but to kill you with a single strike.”

When the “Endless Jade” arrow was being formed, Ling Chen’s gaze fell on it coldly. The instant it was shot out at him, the feeling of death surged inside of him, causing the hair on his body to stand on end. The dot of green that was speeding towards him was like a jade-green fang that was about to pierce his body.

At this moment, he was less than 50 metres away from Greenwood and the others. Let alone 50 metres, even at 20 metres, he would have the confidence to dodge normal arrows. However, this was certainly not a normal arrow. This ray of green light was many times faster than even the fastest bullet in the human world. Immediately, Ling Chen knew that he wouldn’t be able to dodge it.


Under the gaze of all of the Fairies, the Endless Jade arrow smashed into Ling Chen’s chest. The green light exploded, covering Ling Chen’s body. Endless Jade had never been dodged or escaped by any person before. Even if Ling Chen was able to dodge its initial onslaught, it would be impossible for him to dodge it forever.

Seeing the green light explode, all of the Fairies lapsed into silence. Ying Xue bit her lips, and closed her eyes. She knew that Ling Chen was definitely dead. Last time, because of her, the Fairy Clan had forced him into the Lunar Sky Hell. This time, the Fairy Clan had personally killed him. This man who had taken away her First Wings had caused conflict in the Fairy Clan again and again, which was something she couldn’t understand.

However, at that moment, the Fairies seemed to hear a furious roar. Within the green light surrounding Ling Chen’s body, they could faintly see two blood-red dots.


The air was once again torn, and the green glow that had just disappeared once again shot out… however, this time, it was shooting towards the Fairies. The Fairies all looked on with fear and dismay as the arrow, releasing boundless pressure, streaked towards Greenwood.


No one could dodge Endless Jade, and that included Fairy Chief Greenwood…

The Endless Jade arrow that had hit Ling Chen now shot into Greenwood’s body, and exploded into green light. Greenwood gasped, and his body was blasted away by the Nature energy that the arrow contained. His closeness with Nature meant that he wouldn’t be hurt by the Endless Jade arrow, but that didn’t mean he could fully stop the momentum that it carried. In fact, not only Greenwood, but even the ten elders gathered around him were blasted back by 100 metres. They were now no longer in front of the Fairy Fountain, but behind it.

Ling Chen, who they were confident was dead, once again appeared in their field of vision. However, his face was now covered by a golden glow, with many spikes extending out of it- the Evil God’s Mask!