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Chapter 365: Into the Fairy Fountain

Into the Fairy Fountain

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The Endless Jade arrow shot out by Greenwood was meant to instantly kill Ling Chen. However, he didn’t know about the Evil God’s Mask in Ling Chen’s possession. With the Evil God’s Mask, all attacks that could instantly kill Ling Chen were useless, and would even be reflected back to the attacker!

There were not many Fairies who could use Nature’s power to teleport, and as such there was a large gap in the circle left by Greenwood and the ten elders. Ling Chen sped towards that gap- with his speed, no one would be able to stop him!

If Greenwood hadn’t shot out the Endless Jade arrow, and had just used the large numbers of plants to form a barricade, it would have been virtually impossible for Ling Chen to make it. However, the Endless Jade had not only not affected Ling Chen, but gave him a chance to break through.

“Lock down the Fairy Fountain!!”

After being blasted back, Greenwood did not panic. He yelled out, and green light began to shine from his and the ten elders’ bodies. Instantly, countless thick vines sprang up from around the Fairy Fountain, rapidly growing towards a point in the air directly above the Fairy Fountain. Evidently, they wanted to use these vines to completely seal it off. That way, even if Ling Chen was able to come close, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to the Fairy Fountain. However, this method had a large drawback- and that was that all of the energy and life force from the Fairy Fountain would also be sealed, which would affect all of the plants and creatures in the entire Fairy Realm. However, they simply had no other choice. In all these years, they never had to completely seal off the Fairy Fountain before.

They never thought that such a weak human would be able to force them to such an extent!

While Greenwood and the ten elders were locking down the Fairy Fountain, the other Fairies were also kept busy as well. They worked together, causing many large vines to burst out about 10 metres in front of the Fairy Fountain, wanting to stop Ling Chen. Seeing that the Fairy Fountain was quickly being sealed, Ling Chen’s eyes flashed in urgency. He hurriedly yelled out, “Leng’Er, help me! If you help, I’ll give you five… no, ten new dolls!!”

Leng’Er was now much closer to Ling Chen, but was still not at the point where she would follow every order from him. Although she would occasionally help Ling Chen out when she felt like it, she wasn’t like Xiao Hui, who would unconditionally obey him. The only way to mobilise her was to bribe her with dolls. Leng’Er had never been able to resist the temptation of dolls.

Under the offer of ten dolls, Leng’Er’s eyes lit up, and she immediately nodded. She stretched out her two arms, and her eyes flashed with a black light. “Darkness Lock” was activated, and illusory chains passed through the wall of vines, and wrapped around the nearest Fairies, locking their active skills.

All of Leng’Er’s skills forced a certain condition onto the target. Evidently, even these Fairies were not strong enough to resist Leng’Er’s skills.

The Fairies who were focusing on making the vines grow as quickly as possible suddenly shuddered, and an expression of surprise surfaced on their faces… the Nature energy that they could easily control suddenly fell dormant, and couldn’t be controlled by them. The vines, having lost the energy that was controlling and nourishing them, quickly withered. Gaps began to appear in the originally dense wall of vines.

Ling Chen burst through one of the gaps, flashing past the Fairies, with wind howling behind him. With Broken Shadow, let alone block him, the Fairies weren’t able to even react in time.

“Stop him!!” All of the Fairies looked on with fear.

Ling Chen’s current speed was one that could ignore almost everything.

Fairies were naturally much more powerful than humans. As soon as a Fairy was born, they would be stronger than a human who had cultivated for more than ten or so years. Within the Fairy Clan, any little kid would have been able to defeat Ling Chen in a direct confrontation. And yet, Ling Chen was able to throw the entire Fairy Clan into complete chaos. This was all because of his skill “Broken Shadow”.

No matter how strong one was, or how powerful their abilities were, what was the point if they couldn’t even keep up with their opponent? Back when Xiao Feng Chen was trying to convince Ling Chen to join the Feng Chen Sect, he had explained this very clearly. All of the human experts who were put into the Lunar Sky Hell were much more powerful than he was, but only he was still alive… why was that? It was because when he ran, none of the demons or beasts could touch a single hair on his head. So what if those experts were all incredibly strong? Without sufficient speed, all of that was completely useless.

After joining the Feng Chen Sect, Ling Chen only received one skill for running away, which was Broken Shadow. He could only use it for 60 seconds per day, but these 60 seconds were more than enough to throw the entire Fairy Clan into chaos. Ling Chen had to admit, although the Feng Chen Sect didn’t have any powerful attack skills, but the skills they had were all astonishingly brutal and effective.

The Fairy Fountain was right in front of him, and Broken Shadow’s effects were still active. Stopping him… was already impossible.

The vines densely covered the Fairy Fountain, creating an impenetrable cage. The only region that remained unblocked was the top of the ‘cage’, which was gradually becoming smaller and smaller. If even that small space was blocked, it would be impossible for him to reach the Fairy Fountain… but it seemed that he could make it!

Ling Chen deeply breathed in, and leapt upwards. With his extreme speed, he was able to jump incredibly far and high. While in the air, he felt ten or so pressures locking on to him. He didn’t bother to turn around as he coldly harrumphed, activating the Lunar Scourge’s “Moon Flare.”


A blinding light pierced into all the Fairies’ eyes like a sharp sword, causing them to cry out in pain. The pressures that locked on to him disappeared. It was simply impossible resist the light from Moon Flare. With Moon Flare, everyone’s vision, except Ling Chen’s, was rendered useless.

As soon as the white light began to appear, Greenwood could feel that something was amiss. Last time, it was also this blinding white light that had allowed Ling Chen to escape. He tightly closed his eyes, and the green glow around him remained just as strong. He mustered all of his strength, trying to close that final gap in the cage.

Taking advantage of the chaos and confusion, Ling Chen sped along the vines, charging towards the last gap. By now, every other place had been completely and utterly sealed- only the two-metre-wide gap at the very top was still closing up. In another two seconds, not even a bit of light would be able to enter.

Through the gap, he saw the still fountain. The water was so clear that even from that distance, he was able to clearly see the bottom. The fountain simply emanated purity and holiness.

This was… the Fairy Fountain…

Ling Chen didn’t have any time to marvel at it. Just as the effects of Moon Flare were ending, it was replaced with a dark silver flash of light.

Moon Shadow!

Immediately, the vines stopped, frozen in place.

The Fairies finally regained their vision. Looking up, they saw Ling Chen standing high in the air, on top of the vines, with a large gap in front of him.

Greenwood’s face fell, as he found that no matter how hard he tried, the vines at the top couldn’t budge at all. This caused him to become utterly shocked. Ling Chen’s power definitely couldn’t overcome his control of Nature energy… moreover, he felt that his connection with Nature hadn’t been affected, but those vines at the top had been restricted by something, and even his power wasn’t able to overcome it!

What was this power?

Greenwood quickly calmed down, and stopped trying to make those vines grow. Ten or so elemental arrows instantly formed in front of him as he shouted, “Quickly stop him!”

As he yelled out, the elemental arrows shot out towards Ling Chen. The other Fairies also moved into action, and started to shoot their own arrows towards him. In an instant, countless arrows swept towards Ling Chen. The ten elders disappeared, and teleported near Ling Chen, preparing to destroy him in one blow.

However, a strange scene met their eyes.

Countless elemental arrows shot at Ling Chen from every direction. Unless Ling Chen could fly, it would be impossible for him to dodge. However, when the elemental arrows came close to Ling Chen, they all stopped. They didn’t vanish or fall down, but rather froze in place. Very soon, what they saw was a cage of vines, with a smaller cage of arrows above it. Furthermore, the ten elders who teleported close to Ling Chen weren’t able to move either. They were unable to budge, and even their eyes stared unblinkingly. It was as if time had paused for them. Only shock and terror could be seen in their eyes.

The Fairies all stopped attacking, and watched with wide eyes, unsure of what to do.

Within Ling Chen’s arms, a beautiful girl had appeared.

Although she seemed to be in a deep sleep, she looked dazzling and pure. As Ling Chen gently held her, his mind became chaotic, and repeatedly replayed her last words, “I’m sorry…”

Indeed, Shui Ruo’s body had somehow appeared in this ‘virtual world’. However, by now, Ling Chen didn’t feel any shock.

Seven days. It was the first time they had been apart for so long. After today, perhaps they would be apart for much longer. He couldn’t bear to part with her, and wanted to hug her forever. However, he knew that he couldn’t allow himself to do that.

That short embrace contained boundless, endless longing. Ling Chen buried the grief and sorrow inside of him as he softly said, “Ruo Ruo, sleep well. Sleep… until I wake you up.”

Ling Chen closed his eyes, and gently let go… Ling Shui Ruo’s body gently floated down like a feather towards the Fairy Fountain. The Fairies all stared in horror, but there was nothing they could do. All of their elemental arrows had stopped short of their target, and even the ten elders were unable to move an inch. Under the effects of Moon Shadow, apart from Ling Chen and things that he allowed to move, there was nothing that could escape its bindings.


The sound of Shui Ruo’s body entering the water travelled into every Fairy’s ears, causing their hearts to plummet.