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Chapter 366: Destroying the Barrier (1)

Destroying the Barrier (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Ling Chen watched as Shui Ruo’s body gently landed into the water. Ripples spread out from her, and she slowly sank to the bottom of the Fountain. She looked so peaceful and beautiful as if she was a sea princess who had been cursed to a long sleep, waiting for her prince to wake her up.

The effects of Moon Shadow ended, and the elemental arrows all dissipated. The ten elders also regained control of their bodies, and stood as a group, looking at Ling Chen in fear and fury. Although their bodies were restricted, they could still see and hear what was happening. This human had put another human in the Fairy Clan’s holiest place, which mustn’t be contaminated no matter what.

However, what’s done was done. There was no way to reverse what had just happened. This was the first time an outsider had ever come into contact with the Fairy Fountain, and had even completely submerged within it. The Fairies were all completely furious. As the most peaceful and kind clan, they rarely became furious. What Ling Chen had done had pushed them too far.

“Ling Tian… you… you…” Greenwood’s face was unsightly, and flames of anger burned in his eyes. His fists were gripped so tightly together that blood almost started to flow from them. What he, and the rest of the Fairy Clan, feared most, had just happened right in front of his eyes. He felt as if he had been struck by lightning, and suddenly felt incredibly dizzy. Boundless fury erupted inside his chest, and he was so overwhelmed by anger that he could only point at Ling Chen. He wanted to order this human killed, but even if they killed him, they wouldn’t be able to change the fact that their Fairy Fountain was now contaminated. Even if they killed him a thousand times, nothing would change, and their anger still wouldn’t have dissipated.

“Are you happy now, Ling Tian? Do you know… what you’ve done?!” Greenwood vehemently spat out as his body trembled. As the Fairy Chief, he didn’t want to fight or kill, but he now felt killing intent welling up inside of him.

“I know what I’ve done. However, I will compensate your Fairy Clan for this.” Ling Chen matter-of-factly replied.

“Compensation?” Greenwood coldly laughed, “The Fairy Fountain is the foundation of our Fairy Clan. As soon as the Fairy Fountain was contaminated, our clan was doomed! This was what our greatest ancestor told us! And yet, you… you…”

Ling Chen looked around at the Fairies. All of them were giving him murderous looks, filled with boundless hatred. As soon as Greenwood gave the order, they would do all they could to destroy him. Ling Chen continued to calmly reply, “Is the fate of your Fairy Clan really dependent on a fountain? Before today, your Fairy Fountain had never been touched by an outsider before, and yet your clan is declining to such an extent. With your low fertility rate, as well as being sealed from the outside world, even if the Fairy Fountain was ten times as big, or a hundred times as pure, you would still be in decline! In not too long, your Fairy Clan will dwindle down to just a few Fairies, and may even go extinct! I’m sure you’re even more clear than me about this!”

Greenwood frowned, and gnashed his teeth, but could not rebut what Ling Chen had said. The Fairies who were listening were also speechless. They all knew the current condition of the Fairy Clan, but no one wanted to talk about it. Ling Chen’s words had ripped open a wound that they wanted untouched, and the Fairies’ faces all darkened.

“I can’t deny what you said. However, our Fairy Clan was born from Nature, and is extremely close with Nature. I don’t believe that our clan will ever go extinct. You, a human, don’t need to worry about these things.” Greenwood’s tone was devoid of the courtesy he had previously shown. If he wasn’t doing his best to suppress his anger, he would have gone up and ripped Ling Chen to shreds long ago. He continued, “You committed the gravest crime possible against our clan… no matter who you are, we simply can’t forgive you. The person you put inside the Fairy Fountain… must disappear immediately!”

Greenwood charged forwards as he yelled, as did the ten elders. How could they possibly allow a human to remain within the Fairy Fountain?

“Don’t you dare!”

Ling Chen’s calm voice immediately became murderous, causing Greenwood and the ten elders to instantly stop, their bodies stiff. They felt an incredibly cold pressure covering their bodies, causing them to freeze… killing intent! This was an incredibly overwhelming wave of killing intent. They looked up at Ling Chen, who had not moved an inch. Ling Chen’s eyes and expression had completely changed. His eyes were completely dead, and unmoving. Being stared at by these eyes, even many of the Heaven’s End Grade Fairies couldn’t help but shiver.

All the Fairies were born in the Fairy Realm. They didn’t have any predators, or any other races to go to war against. Killing intent was something that many of them had never experienced before. This suffocating and icy pressure caused them to understand what killing intent really was. This wave of killing intent was so large that they simply couldn’t fathom how releasing such amount was possible!

The one releasing this killing intent was actually a LV20 human. They couldn’t understand how a weak human like this could make them feel so much fear.

“Hmph!” Greenwood coldly harrumphed as he released his own pressure, reducing Ling Chen’s killing intent by half. However, his shock was still visible within his eyes. He did not retreat, and stared into Ling Chen’s dark and cold eyes, saying, “You think that you can stop us? No matter how impressive your aura is, you won’t be able to withstand a single blow from us.”

“I know I can’t stop you,” Ling Chen’s body and eyes were unmoving. Only his lips moved, as he released more killing intent, causing the airflow to become chaotic, “But if you dare to touch my little sister, and she loses the last bit of hope she has in reviving… I will cause your beloved Fairy Fountain to become the dirtiest marsh in the entire world! You can kill me, but in this world, I can revive as many times as I want. Moreover, your Bewildering Formation is completely useless against me- I can come in as I wish. Today, I was able to put my little sister in. Next time, I can do the same thing and put other things in, and can continue to do this for as long as I want. If you kill me a hundred times, I’ll revive a hundred times and pollute your Fairy Fountain a hundred times… try touching my little sister’s body, and we’ll see whether I dare to do this or not!”

“You!!” Greenwood pointed his finger towards Ling Chen, his face ashen. However, he didn’t dare to go any closer.

They had all personally seen Ling Chen’s terrifying speed and his strange abilities. Today, even with Greenwood and the ten elders present, they had been unable to prevent Ling Chen from putting a person into the Fairy Fountain. They didn’t want to admit it, but it was completely possible for Ling Chen to do the same thing again. Moreover, as a player, he could revive limitlessly and harass them limitlessly…

Thinking about this, Greenwood gnashed his teeth and frowned. But, how could Greenwood and the other Fairies back down? What Ling Chen had done was simply unforgiveable.

“Alright, settle down. Since things have become like this, threatening each other won’t help resolve the issue. Everyone calm down.”

An elderly voice slowly spoke, and hearing this voice, much of the Fairies’ fury dissipated. Looks of respect appeared on their faces and even Greenwood became much calmer. They turned to look at Granny Witherwood, who had appeared without any of them noticing.

“Mother, we were useless and couldn’t stop these humans from contaminating the Fairy Fountain… we’ll let mother decide what to do from here.” Greenwood said while sighing The Fairy Realm had existed in peace for thousands of years, and today was the biggest thing that had ever happened. Greenwood was incredibly furious, but didn’t know what to do.

“Since this has happened already, just let it go. Everyone go back to your homes.” Granny Witherwood said. Her words caused all of the Fairies, who were planning to beat up Ling Chen, to stare at her in shock.

“Let it go? How can we just let it go? Because of his selfishness, he contaminated the entire Fairy Fountain. This is unforgiveable! The Fairy Fountain is the foundation of our Fairy Clan!” Greenwood couldn’t stop himself from yelling out. Granny Witherwood was the only authority higher than him in the Fairy Clan, and even he would follow her orders. However, he was simply unable to understand why she would tell them to ‘let it go.’

Granny Witherwood looked up, her eyes calm and wise, “For his loved one, Ling Tian was willing to go against our entire Clan with his bit of strength. Although what he did was extreme, and nearly caused a catastrophe, but his spirit is admirable. Moreover, you don’t need to worry- the Fairy Fountain’s water has not been contaminated. Can’t you feel there’s something familiar about that girl’s aura?”

“The Fairy Fountain hasn’t been contaminated? Mother, do you mean…?” Greenwood was dumbfounded. They had all watched as Ling Chen put the human girl in the Fairy Fountain. However, because of their rage, they hadn’t paid attention to that girl’s aura.

Granny Witherwood didn’t reply. Her hunched figure slightly straightened up, and she waved the walking stick in her hand. Immediately, a jade-green light shot down from the sky, covering all of the Fairies around the Fairy Fountain, as well as Ling Chen. After the light disappeared, they found that they had moved to the edge of the Fairy Fountain, and the cage of vines had disappeared.

The water in the Fairy Fountain was so still and transparent that it was almost as if it wasn’t there. Everyone could clearly see every inch of the fountain. In the middle of the Fairy Fountain was a human girl, who looked as beautiful as a Fairy… she looked like she was sleeping extremely peacefully, but there was not a bit of life within her. Seeing her up close, all the Fairies suddenly felt a desire to protect her, as well as… a sense of pain within their hearts, like they were being stabbed by needles.

Around her body, there was a white glow of purity, which also contained a hint of light green.

“That… That’s…” Seeing the aura around her, Greenwood and the ten elders were completely flabbergasted. Even Ling Chen was shocked… What’s going on? Why is there light coming from Ruo Ruo’s body?