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Chapter 367: Destroying the Barrier (2)

Destroying the Barrier (2)

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“This feeling… could it be…”

All of the Fairies were staring at the girl in the Fairy Fountain. The light around her body was very similar to the Nature’s light on their own bodies, but it was somewhat different. However, what they felt from this light was true Fairy energy. What’s more, it seemed to be even purer than theirs. Although this aura was quite weak, but its purity and warmness resonated with their own.

The Fairies all valued peace, and sought the purest of energy. Their Fairy energy was the purest in the entire world. However, they couldn’t understand how their energy had appeared on a human, as well as how it could possibly be even purer than theirs. Moreover, the aura the girl radiated even contained a bit of holiness.

“It seems that most of you have realised.” Granny Witherwood’s voice broke the silence. She looked at the girl in the Fairy Fountain, her ancient eyes filled with reminiscence, “That is our Fairy energy. In fact, it’s the holiest type of Fairy energy that disappeared a long time ago. This sort of Fairy energy barely contains any attack power- such that it is unable to even use the Fairy arrows or control plants. Instead, every bit of the energy is used to help and protect other people. In our clan, this is the holiest, purest and most selfless form of Fairy energy.”

“But didn’t the Holy Fairy energy disappear in the ancient times… moreover, this girl is evidently a human. How can a human possess our Fairy energy?” Greenwood asked in shock. Every other Fairy had these questions in their minds as well.

“Disappear? Indeed, it did disappear. If it wasn’t for this girl, I also would have believed that the holiest Fairy energy had been lost forever. However, it seems that the Blue Sky Queen found some way to pass on her power and energy.”

Upon mentioning the name “Blue Sky Queen”, Granny Witherwood slightly stood up straighter, as a form of respect towards her, “Back then, our ancestors lost faith in humanity, and declared that all Fairies would return to the Fairy Realm forever. Our ancestors couldn’t stand the dirtiness of the outside world, as well as the betrayals, lies and greed of humans. Almost all of our ancestors agreed, but there were a few who opposed this. At that time, the Fairy Clan had three Fairy Kings and Queens. The one who was in strongest opposition to this decision was the only Fairy Queen, the warm-hearted and respected Blue Sky Queen. She was the only Fairy with the Holy Fairy energy. However, the overwhelming majority of Fairies were in support of the decision. Many of them believed that if they continued to stay in the outside world, their energy would start to become impure, and they would no longer be Fairies. Moreover, with how greedy the humans were, it was difficult to say when they would try to take over the Fairy Clan.

“In the end, our ancestors all returned to the Fairy Realm, and created the Bewildering Formation, as well as sealed off the Fairy Realm. There was only one Fairy who did not return to the Fairy Realm… and that was the Blue Sky Queen. The normally mild and warm Blue Sky Queen became incredibly obstinate, and left the Fairy Clan. At that time, our ancestors didn’t understand why she would be so stubborn... but looking back, Blue Sky Queen was the truly wise one. Our ancestors made that decision in the best interests of our clan, but after thousands of years, we’ve fallen into a hopeless cycle of decline.”

The Fairies all listened silently. They knew what Granny Witherwood said was true- the Fairy Clan was indeed in a hopeless cycle of decline. Although the Nature energy here was abundant, and they had no enemies or wars… there were only 2,000 Fairies left.

This was a chilling number. Furthermore, this number would gradually decrease more and more over time… it was entirely possible for the Fairy Clan to one day disappear from the Forgotten Continent.

“Could it be that the Holy Fairy energy on that girl is from the Blue Sky Queen?” Greenwood asked. After all, Granny Witherwood had just said that the Blue Sky Queen was the only one who possessed the Holy Fairy energy.

“Indeed, there’s no other explanation.” Granny Witherwood said as she continued to talk, “I’m sure the Blue Sky Queen didn’t want her Holy Fairy energy to disappear. However, at that time, she was in the outside world by herself, so she couldn’t find a Fairy to pass it on to. She must have used some sort of secret method to pass her power on to humans, so that humans could pass it down to their descendants. The human who inherits her power will have their body purified, and will become as pure as us Fairies. This is evidenced by the light and aura from that girl’s body. Although she is a human, she inherited the Holy Fairy energy, so not only is she free of impurity, but her purity exceeds even ours. She won’t contaminate the Fairy Fountain at all.”

Ling Chen silently listened as his questions were answered.

Shui Ruo’s profession was the Fairy Priest, and was obtained by him for her from the Hall of Heroic Spirits. This profession didn’t have any attack skills, but its healing and support skills were far superior to those of normal Priests’. Although Shui Ruo could only use the basic skills of this profession back then, she became a key player in their group. When training together, she was the support for all of the other girls.

It seemed that the Fairy Priest profession really did come from the Fairy Queen “Blue Sky Queen”. She most likely put her power into a scroll before she died, so that it could find a suitable successor. Eventually, it ended up at the Hall of Heroic Spirits, and was obtained by Ling Chen for Shui Ruo, thus allowing the Holy Fairy energy to come into the world again. No wonder the description contained “If a person with this profession enters the Fairy Clan they will have the goodwill and trust of the Fairies”.

Back when Ling Chen had obtained the Hidden Profession Scroll, he didn’t know any of this. At this moment, in his heart, he sighed in relief. He had never thought that this profession would become so important. Now, the fury from the Fairies would be reduced by at least half, and it would be much easier to take care of the rest.

“The Holy Fairy energy has reappeared, and come back to the Fairy Realm. Although it’s on the body of a dead girl, but it still came back. Perhaps this is the Heavens’ will.” Granny Witherwood said, “That energy belonged to the Blue Sky Queen, so perhaps it contains a bit of her spirit. By letting the girl sleep in the Fairy Fountain, this last bit of Holy Fairy energy will not be lost.”

Hearing that the Fairy Fountain had not been contaminated, the Fairies all let out a breath of relief. The fury and fear in their hearts also quickly disappeared. Greenwood thought for a moment, before looking at Ling Chen and frowning, “So it’s like that. However, that girl is a human. Many ancestors were not qualified to be placed into the Fairy Fountain, despite all of their contributions to the clan. To give this glory to a human girl who is unrelated to us, this is sacrilegious to all of our ancestors. Although she inherited the power of the Blue Sky Queen, in the end, she’s not the Blue Sky Queen herself. This reason… is not sufficient.”

Granny Witherwood fell silent. What Greenwood said was the truth. Only Fairies who had made significant contributions to the Fairy Clan had the right to be placed into the Fairy Fountain upon their death. After all these years, there were only six Fairies who had earned this glory. If they let this human girl stay in the Fairy Fountain… practically every Fairy would have this right. This sort of precedent couldn’t be allowed, otherwise all order in the Fairy Clan would be disrupted.

“You want a reason? Alright, I’ll give you a reason.” Ling Chen coldly said.

Immediately, all eyes fell on Ling Chen. Greenwood looked over and said, “You? Alright, what sort of reason can you provide?”

“I’ll destroy the Fairy Clan’s barrier, allowing your Fairy Clan to rejoin the outside world. Is that reason sufficient?” Ling Chen calmly said. His words were uttered in a steady voice, but they resounded like thunder in all the Fairies’ ears.


The Fairies all fell completely silent, and every Fairy had a look of disbelief on their faces.

“Destroy the Fairy Clan’s barrier, allowing your Fairy Clan to rejoin the outside world”. Ling Chen had said this so casually, but how could it be so simple? If this barrier was really gone, the Fairy Clan would be able to escape their impending doom… it would be equivalent to saving the entire Fairy Clan! Equivalent to saving all of these Fairies, as well as their descendants!

This was something that they had dreamed and longed for, but knew was impossible.

Greenwood’s body trembled, and his eyes widened. Even the extremely calm Granny Witherwood couldn’t help but gasp. However, immediately, Greenwood’s expression returned to normal. He looked at Ling Chen deeply as he said in a low voice, “If you can really destroy the barrier, then let alone allowing the human girl reside in the Fairy Fountain, we’ll even give you another ten requests. However…” Greenwood stretched out his right hand and pointed to the sky, “You should know what sort of barrier this is! Back then, our ancestors asked the magnificent Moon Goddess “Order” to create it, and it was reinforced by more than 300 of our ancestors. It is incredibly tough, and even the Moon Goddesses wouldn’t be able to destroy it. In the past, countless ancestors tried to destroy it, but failed. Even with the combined efforts of 10,000 Fairies, it would be impossible to even create a hole. Our Fairy Clan does not specialise in attacking and destroying, but I am able to destroy mountains with my power. However, even my power is vastly insufficient to even scratch the barrier. You, a weak human, saying such words is simply delirious ramblings.”