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Chapter 368: Destroying the Barrier (3)

Destroying the Barrier (3)

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Editor: Chlocolatte

Indeed, over the years, many Fairies had combined their power in an effort to destroy the barrier, but had all failed. How could a mere human destroy it? The crowd of Fairies had murmured in excitement when Ling Chen first claimed to do so, but the excitement quickly died down… the Fairy Clan had tried to do this generation after generation, and had long since given up. It was simply impossible for a human to succeed. To the Fairies, the only words that could describe what Ling Chen had just said were “laughable” and “arrogant”. No one believed that it was possible, especially Greenwood.

Ling Chen didn’t care at all about their reactions. He calmly replied, “In that case, if I can really destroy the barrier, will you allow my little sister to rest in the Fairy Fountain without anyone disturbing her?”

“Ha,” Greenwood’s lips curved to form a smile that didn’t quite look like a smile. His eyes shone with the phrase “you’re too naïve” as he replied in a serious tone, “This barrier has sealed my Fairy Clan for thousands of years. At first, it was simply a protective barrier, but now, it has become a nightmare. All these years, as our Fairy Clan’s numbers dwindled, we felt more and more danger from it. In order to protect the younger Fairies, we tell them that this is a protective barrier that separates us from the dirty outside world. That way, their desire to go outside is also reduced. After they’ve matured, every Fairy wishes that this barrier would disappear. If there is someone who can destroy this barrier, they will be the saviour and benefactor of my entire clan. Let alone sleep in the Fairy Fountain, if that person is pure-hearted and kind, we can even gift the Fairy Fountain to him or her.

As Greenwood spoke, a look of desire and longing appeared on every Fairy’s face. The Fairies that were present were all the most powerful Fairies of the clan, and were all clear about the peril that the Fairy Clan faced. However, despite knowing this, there was nothing that they could do. They could only look at the barrier every day and sigh.

“Alright,” Ling Chen slowly nodded, “If I really can do it, I only request that you allow my little sister to stay in the Fairy Fountain, and no one is allowed to disturb her… Fairy Chief Greenwood, Granny Witherwood… I know you definitely don’t believe me, but please come with me.”

After speaking, Ling Chen walked towards his right. That was the direction in which the closest part of the barrier was.

Ling Chen’s confidence surprised Greenwood and Granny Witherwood, and complex emotions flashed within their eyes. They were unable to believe that a human could destroy the barrier that countless generations of Fairies hadn’t been able to destroy. However, seeing Ling Chen’s back, they could feel their hearts racing.

“Let’s have a look. Even if there isn’t much hope, we have nothing to lose by letting him try. After all, there’s only one outcome waiting for us if this continues… before we come back, no one is allowed to touch that girl.”

After speaking in her ancient voice, Granny Witherwood followed behind Ling Chen. Greenwood frowned, and also ordered, “Alright, go and do what you will. Without my permission, no one is to do anything to the girl in the Fairy Fountain. Afterwards, we’ll try to reach an agreement with him.”

After speaking, his body flashed, and appeared next to Ling Chen.

30 minutes later.

After passing through a large garden of flowers as well as an empty piece of land, Ling Chen saw distortions in the air in front of him. He slowed down, stretched out his hand and felt an invisible wall.

They had finally reached the barrier.

Greenwood and Granny Witherwood stopped behind Ling Chen. This entire time, neither they nor Ling Chen had spoken a single word. In front of them was the transparent barrier that had sealed the Fairy Clan for thousands of years. Greenwood and Granny Witherwood were both incredibly familiar with this barrier. Granny Witherwood tapped the ground with her walking stick as she asked, “Young man, how are you going to destroy the barrier? At least, with your current strength, it’s impossible for you to damage the barrier.”

Ling Chen took a few steps back, and asked, “Fairy Chief Greenwood, in the past, when you Fairies tried to destroy the barrier, you used your Fairy energy, right?”

“That’s right.” Greenwood nodded, feeling that Ling Chen had asked a stupid question. Without using their Fairy energy, could they have tried to blow it away with their mouths?

Ling Chen thought for a few moments before asking, “Fairy Chief Greenwood, can you please use your Fairy energy to attack this barrier?”

“Of course, but don’t feel disappointed.” Greenwood didn’t refuse. He calmly swept his gaze over Ling Chen as a white glow flashed on his body, and a thick white-coloured elemental arrow soundlessly appeared in front of him. The Fairy Clan did not specialise in attacking, and using Fairy arrows was their main form of attacking. All Fairy arrows contained a bit of the Holy element, which was effective against Demonic creatures. With Greenwood’s strength, casting elemental arrows didn’t require the use of a bow. This simple elemental arrow contained enough power to pierce through a mountain.


The elemental arrow was shot out, and was surrounded by an extremely berserk airflow, pushing Ling Chen back by many metres. The elemental arrow smashed into the transparent barrier, and fragmented into motes of starlight like a fragile ice shard.

The space in front of them was exactly the same- that attack had no effect at all.

Greenwood turned and looked at Ling Chen, who had been pushed away by the elemental arrow, as he said flatly, “My attacks are useless.”

Ling Chen could tell what Greenwood was subtly saying… My attacks are useless, so you trying will be pointless.

The airflow from Greenwood’s attack made it evident that the attack was incredibly powerful. However, just like Greenwood said, it was useless.

Ling Chen ignored Greenwood’s words. He walked up to the barrier, and stretched out his hand, confirming where it was. His hands flashed with light as the Zephyr Blade and the Great Ravager appeared in his hands. He raised up both weapons as he said, “Let me try this time.”

“As you wish.” Greenwood expressionlessly replied. He looked forwards, away from where Ling Chen was, as if he didn’t even bother to watch. Granny Witherwood sighed. She could clearly see Ling Chen’s strength. If Ling Chen’s plan to destroy the barrier was relying on himself… there would be no hope at all.

“Ling… Tian… Slash!”

Ling Chen stared in front of him, with the Zephyr Blade in his left hand and the Great Ravager in his right. Two Ling Tian Slashes viciously smashed towards the invisible shield. Both Greenwood and Granny Witherwood looked over, their eyes filled with shock. They were surprised that a LV20 human could release such a powerful attack… as well as that his left and right hands were equipped with completely different weapons!


The Zephyr Blade and Great Ravager heavily crashed onto the barrier. However, the attacks didn’t dissipate like Greenwood’s elemental arrow; what resulted was a massive colliding sound. This sound caused Greenwood and Granny Witherwood to suddenly turn around, and their pupils contracted. Two red damage figures floated up from the area where the two weapons had hit the barrier… -4228,-4190!

“This… This…” Greenwood, who had carried no hopes in Ling Chen being able to damage the barrier at all, gaped with his mouth wide open. Shock and dismay were written all over his face. His eyes trembled, and he was unable to believe what he saw. Even Granny Witherwood couldn’t contain the emotions in her voice, “What… what is going on?! Even my attacks are unable to damage this barrier, and your attack power is far below mine… so how did you damage the barrier?!”

Before, when Greenwood had attacked, there had not even been a damage figure.

Seeing the disappearing damage figures, Ling Chen smirked. It was just as he had thought. This barrier was incredibly tough, and even the powerful Greenwood was unable to damage it in the slightest. However, with the Lunar Scourge and its orbs, Ling Chen had a massive advantage. With the Cancer Orb, all of Ling Chen’s attacks ignored all Defence, which included even “Absolute Defence”. Although this barrier had incredibly high Defence, such that it could ignore even Greenwood’s attack, but it was completely disregarded by the Cancer Orb.

“Even so, it’s useless,” Granny Witherwood came back her senses as she slowly shook her head, “Over thousands of years, my clan has had many powerful Fairies who were able to damage the barrier. Our Fairy Clan’s strongest weapon is also able to deal massive damage to it. However, this barrier is not only tough, but has incredibly strong regeneration abilities. Unless you can destroy it in one blow, it will instantly repair itself. Although your attacks can damage the barrier, but it’s still too far away from being able to destroy it instantaneously. Even if you stand here and attack it for hundreds, or even thousands, of years, you won’t be able to achieve anything.”

If the barrier could be destroyed so easily, it wouldn’t have been able to seal the powerful Fairy Clan for such a long time. Although Ling Chen had the Lunar Scourge, he didn’t naively believe that he would be able to destroy the barrier so easily. He yelled out as a red light, as well as ripples, began to emanate from his body.

“Soul Sacrifice!”

The fully levelled Soul Sacrifice raised his Attack Power by 400%. The shocking aura that he was releasing caused Greenwood and Granny Witherwood to feel slightly suffocated, which was simply unbelievable. How could this sort of aura appear on a LV20 human?!

“Four Corners Star Formation!”

“Thousand Kilogram Rend!”


Ling Chen roared as he unleashed his two most destructive abilities, mercilessly smashing them towards the space in front of him… a deafening explosion sounded out, causing Greenwood and Granny Witherwood’s ears to ring as they saw two gigantic damage figures… -78,312,-43,143!

A yellow damage figure and a red damage figure appeared in front of Ling Chen. The space in front of him trembled, and a crack that was as long as a finger appeared in front of him. However, it instantly disappeared.

Ling Chen’s strongest attacks in his strongest state were only able to slightly damage the barrier. Moreover, the damage lasted only for a split-second.

Greenwood and Granny Witherwood also saw the crack, and the shock in their hearts greatly surpassed that of Ling Chen’s. Even for Greenwood, creating a small crack like that would be incredibly difficult, and yet that human had accomplished it so easily.

However, the barrier was simply too powerful. Although that small crack was enough to make them feel shocked, it was completely inconsequential.

“Young human, you’ve caused this old granny to doubt her own eyes. With that sort of power, I believe that in the outside world, there isn’t any barrier that can stop you. No wonder you had the confidence to destroy this barrier. However… Ai, this barrier was created by a Moon Goddess, as well as our clan’s most powerful ancestors. Its toughness is comparable to that of the ‘World Boundaries’ that surround each Continent. To be able to achieve this much, you’ve done quite well. However, even if that attack was ten times stronger, you still wouldn’t be able to destroy it.” Granny Witherwood sighed as she shook her head.

Ling Chen didn’t reply. His left hand flashed with light as he recalled the Zephyr Blade. He gripped the Great Ravager with both hands as he lifted it high into the air.

“Battle Soul Possession!”

The red glow around his body was now mixed with a chaotic white light, causing Ling Chen’s aura surge to be doubled. Those two strikes just then were simply Ling Chen running some tests- he didn’t have any hopes for them to succeed. In order to destroy this barrier so that Shui Ruo could sleep peacefully in the Fairy Fountain… he took out his ace.

“Shura’s… Death… Domain!!!”