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Chapter 370: Fairy Fountain Water

Fairy Fountain Water

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Seeing that the barrier was gone, the entire Fairy Clan was in full celebration. Today was the most lively day in the history of the Fairy Realm. What the lack of the barrier meant for the Fairy Clan wasn’t just that they could freely go into the outside world; it meant that their race was no longer doomed.

After finding out that it was Ling Chen who destroyed the barrier, the animosity that the Fairies held towards Ling Chen instantly disappeared, and was replaced with gratefulness and respect… as well as fervour. Countless Fairy ancestors had tried and failed to destroy this barrier, but it had actually been destroyed by this human. This human, who they had looked down on, became like a god within every Fairy’s heart. Very soon, Ling Chen was even described to be an ambassador sent from the heavens.

As for the matter of allowing Ling Chen’s little sister to rest in the Fairy Fountain, there were no Fairies in objection anymore.

Greenwood’s joy was also evident, and he profusely thanked Ling Chen. However, he simply couldn’t get rid of the shock in his heart… he had personally witnessed Ling Chen destroy the barrier. Greenwood could almost still feel that Demon-God-like pressure bearing down on him, and he would shiver whenever he thought about it.

Although the barrier was gone, none of the Fairies left the Fairy Realm. The Fairies had disappeared from the Forgotten Continent for thousands of years, and now faced the issue of how to interact with the outside world. Before making sufficient preparations, they wouldn’t leave the Fairy Realm. It seemed that this would take a long time.

After staying in the Fairy Realm for half a day, Ling Chen came to the Fairy Fountain and looked at Shui Ruo for a long time, before turning around and saying, “Granny Witherwood, Fairy Chief Greenwood and everyone, I should be going. I leave my little sister to you.”

“Don’t worry. We won’t allow anything to happen to her.” Granny Witherwood replied. There was not a single Fairy who was against this matter anymore.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay for a few days? We haven’t even properly thanked you yet.” Greenwood said.

“No need,” Ling Chen shook his head, “Helping me look after Shui Ruo is enough. There’s no need for anything else.”

Ling Chen walked in front of Ying Xue, and took out her First Wings as he apologetically said, “Ying Xue, these are your Frist Wings. Back then, I didn’t take them on purpose- I didn’t know that it would be so important to you Fairies. I’m so sorry about what happened. However, I’m a human, not a Fairy, so I don’t follow your Fairy traditions- I’ll return your First Wings to you now.”

Ying Xue didn’t stretch out her hands to receive them. She only stared at him as her chest ached with pain. Greenwood and Granny Witherwood sighed inwardly, but didn’t say anything. Indeed, it was wrong to force Fairy traditions on a human, and they couldn’t force their great benefactor to bend to their will. It was just that this outcome was not very ideal for Ying Xue.

“I refuse. No matter what, when a Fairy loses their First Wings, they don’t have the right to take them back. If you feel like they’re a burden to you, feel free to throw them away.”

Ying Xue’s beautiful face flashed with anger, and her voice was incredibly cold. After speaking, she turned around and disappeared in a white flash.

Ling Chen held Ying Xue’s First Wings in his hands, his face full of awkwardness. Seeing the expressions of the Fairies around him, he could only silently put them away. He once again said his goodbyes, and walked towards the direction he had entered from.

After placing Shui Ruo in the Fairy Fountain, Ling Chen did not have anything else to worry about. His mission was now to gather all of the Lunar Scourge’s orbs. Before gathering all of the ingredients required, he most likely would not be coming back here. He didn’t know when he would back, and didn’t even know where to start searching. However, what he did know was that no matter how arduous and difficult this journey was, he would see it to the end.

When Ling Chen left, all of the Fairies in the Fairy Realm came to see him off in order to show their gratitude. After walking for a long time, Ling Chen finally came to the place where he had arrived after being transported by the Bewildering Formation. The barrier that had blocked it off was now gone, and if he continued to walk forwards, the Bewildering Formation would send him outside.

“Big brother… Big brother, please wait!!”

An urgent shout sounded out from behind him. Ling Chen stopped walking, and turned around. The little Cai’Er furiously flapped her wings as she rushed towards Ling Chen. Ling Chen smiled and said, “Is Cai’Er unwilling to see me leave?”

Cai’Er flew as fast as she could, and finally reached Ling Chen. After huffing and puffing, she stretched out her hand towards Ling Chen. In the middle of her hand was a small bottle, as big as one’s pinky finger, “Big brother, granny told me to give this to you. Granny said that it will help you a lot.”

A bottle? Could it be medicine? Ling Chen took the bottle and shook it. Indeed, it was some sort of liquid.

[Fairy Fountain Water]: Water that comes from the Fairy Realm’s Fairy Fountain. It contains the purest Nature energy in the world. After drinking, HP+1000 permanently, MP+1000 permanently. Strength+10, Constitution+10, Agility+10 and Spirit+10 permanently. The effects can only take place once.

Clatter… the little bottle fell to the ground.

Hallucinating… Ling Chen was sure that he was hallucinating!!

Ling Chen picked up the bottle with a “whoosh”, and he read the description again and again… no, the effects weren’t just temporary- they would permanently add 1000 HP, 1000 MP, and 40 points of stats! Permanently!

After his stats had all been decreased by 30, Ling Chen’s current HP and MP were only around 700. This tiny bottle of water from the Fairy Fountain could actually more than double them! Moreover, it also gave him a total of 40 stat points.

“Ah? Big brother, are you alright? You don’t like it? Water from the Fairy Fountain tastes really good. It’s very cool and refreshing.” Cai’Er said as she tilted her head.

“No, no, I really like it.” Ling Chen gripped the tiny bottle in his hand. Inwardly, he finally realised why the Fairy Clan viewed the Fairy Fountain so importantly- it was simply incredible. This little bottle of water was the most powerful item Ling Chen had seen in Mystic Moon. He looked up at Cai’Er and asked, “Cai’Er, can you ask your granny if she can give me a few more bottles of this water? I want to bring some back for your big sisters.”

“Oh, I’ll go and ask granny. Wait here for me, big brother.” Cai’Er nodded as she obediently flew back.

After a while, Cai’Er again flew over like a little butterly. In her arms were ten little bottles. When she had given them all to Ling Chen, Ling Chen couldn’t help but beam like a child.

“Granny told me to give these to big brother. She told me to tell you that it takes a long time for the Fairy Fountain to produce a drop of water, so we can’t take too much at once. If we take too much, it will affect the Nature energy in the Fairy Realm, so we can’t take anymore for now.”

“It’s enough, it’s enough. Remember to thank your granny for me.” Ling Chen carefully put away the 11 bottles of Fairy Fountain Water as he screamed inwardly, “I’m rich!”. Any player who used this game-breaking item would be able to have a massive advantage over all other players.

“That’s right, there’s also this.” Cai’Er opened her hand. It was a pair of jade-green earrings that were as big as a fingernail, “Big sister told me to give these to you. She said that if you don’t want them, you can throw them away, but she won’t take them back.”

Ling Chen: “……”

Earrings… Out of all the jewellery equipment, he already had a ring and a necklace. The only thing he was missing were earrings. Could it be that Ying Xue had noticed that he didn’t have a pair?

Ling Chen picked up the jade-green earrings from Cai’Er’s little hand, his heart full of complicated emotions, which he quickly suppressed. He looked at the description and stats of the earrings.

[Fairy’s Blessing]: Type: Earring, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Luck must be greater than 5. An earring that contains the blessing of a Fairy. After equipping, recovery+30% when using recovery items or benefitting from recovery skills.

This earrings’ effects were incredibly useful. An additional 30% recovery would often mean the difference between life and death. Ling Chen thought for a few moments before putting the earrings on. He said to Cai’Er, “Cai’Er, please thank your big sister for me, and tell her that I really like the earrings, and have already put them on.”

Gold grade earrings were worth far more than other Gold grade equipment, due to their rarity. This gift was much too precious, and Ling Chen simply couldn’t think of what to give Ying Xue in exchange. He looked through his bag, and found that the thing that he carried the most of… were dolls.

As such… “Also, please give this doll to your big sister for me… oh, and here’s the one for Cai’Er. The big one’s for your sister, and the smaller one’s for Cai’Er.” Ling Chen took out a big doll and a small doll, and gave them to Cai’Er.

“Wow! These toys are so cute! They’re even prettier than the ones big sister bought last time.” Cai’Er happily yelled as she hugged the two dolls, her body flying around in circles. Her eyes shone with joy as she said, “I’m sure big sister will like these pretty dolls. After I came back last time with those toys, everyone was really jealous of me. Big sister really liked them too, and would always try to play with them. She’ll be really, really happy to receive this from you!”

Eh? That cold Fairy liked dolls as well? It seemed that it was the right decision for him to carry around a mountain of dolls with him.

“Big brother, are you going now?” After calming down from her excitement, Cai’Er looked at Ling Chen with disappointment in her eyes.

“Mhmm,” Ling Chen nodded.

“Then, when will you be back?”

“… I’m not sure.” Ling Chen could only give this answer. He would only be back when he had gathered all of the necessary ingredients to revive Shui Ruo. He had no idea when that day would be.

“Then… Then…” Cai’Er eyes shone as a look desire, as well as hesitation, appeared on her face. It seemed that there was some internal conflict going on within her. After a while, she finally said, “Big brother, can you secretly bring me with you? The barrier’s gone, but dad won’t let me go out. I really want to go and play outside; I think about it every day.”

“No, I can’t do that,” Ling Chen said as he gently patted her head, “Alright, go back now. Make sure you listen to the adults- if you ran off by yourself, everyone would be very worried about you… I’m going now.”

Without giving Cai’Er an opportunity to respond, Ling Chen waved, and walked forwards into the Bewildering Formation, then disappeared.

“Big brother… wuu…” Seeing that Ling Chen was gone, Cai’Er started to cry. In front of her was the exit of the Fairy Realm. She really wanted to go, but she was afraid that she would get lost, or run into something scary. Moreover, there was also her dad’s orders… She stayed there for a long time, gazing out, then turned around and flew back.