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Chapter 371: Levelling Begins!

Levelling Begins!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

After Exiting the Fairy Realm, Ling Chen appeared at the place where he had originally entered the Bewildering Formation. He had left the Fairy Clan, as well as Shui Ruo.

Ling Chen walked forwards for a few steps, then stopped. He looked forwards, but didn’t know where to go. Out of the four ingredients, the Demon Emperor’s Soul and Moon Goddesses’ Blood were the things that were currently impossible for him to obtain. Every single one of the ten ancient beasts were Mysterious God grade, and even a fart from them would be enough to kill him tens of times. The Moon Goddesses were even more out of the question- even Moon God Representatives would see him as an ant, let alone the three Moon Goddesses Fate, Freedom and Order. Moon God Representatives were ‘gods’ that oversaw a Continent, and even the Emperor would have to prostrate himself before them. As for the Shura’s tear… at least Ling Chen had a goal for the Moon Goddesses’ Blood and Demon Emperor’s Soul. However, he didn’t even know where to start looking for a Shura’s tear.

Right now, the only thing he could do was do his best to look for the Lunar Scourge’s orbs. The more orbs he found, the more powerful he would become. Only then would he be qualified to seek the Demon Emperor’s Soul and Moon Goddesses’ Blood. With the sheer size of the Forgotten Continent, running around without specific places to search meant that it could take him an eternity. Moreover, according to Qi Yue, the orbs were all in extremely secret or dangerous places, or were in the possession of powerful creatures. They would all be incredibly difficult to obtain.

The Gemini Orb was given to him by Tao Tie, the Sagittarius Orb was found by Xiao Hui in the War God’s Trial Ground, the Cancer Orb was given to him by the Shura’s Spirit, and the Pisces Orb had been gifted to him by Xiao Feng Chen. Out of these four Orbs, the first and fourth were gifted to him, and the other two had been found by sheer luck. After all, he had coincidentally obtained these orbs, and had not gone out of his way to search for them. All of the orbs had appeared to him by themselves; he had never expected to find them where he did.

Now, he didn’t even know where to start looking for the remaining orbs. However, he wasn’t worried about how he would find them- after all, he had Xiao Hui. Whenever they passed by a place, if there was any treasure, Xiao Hui would be sure to find it.

“Little master, you should first raise your level back up. You’ve become far too weak, and don’t have the power to search for the Mysterious God grade Orbs. I recommend that little master does nothing but train until he’s LV50. That’ll make little master’s life a lot easier. Not only will you be able to enter the Lost City, but you’ll be able to go to at least half of the places in the Forgotten Continent.”

Qi Yue knew what Ling Chen was thinking about, so she gave her recommendation. Truthfully, even Qi Yue didn’t know where to start looking for the orbs. The Forgotten Continent was simply too vast, and if one wanted to search every inch of it, it would take several lifetimes.

Ling Chen considered Qi Yue’s words, and nodded, “My level is indeed far too low right now. If I don’t raise my level, searching the Forgotten Continent will just be a joke.” He thought back to half a month ago, when he had met Daoist Tian Qing and Xiao Feng Chen at the Vermillion Bird City as he muttered, “Xiao Feng Chen seems to be on good terms with that old Daoist. If that old Daoist can find a successor, maybe that successor will be able to tell me where the orbs are… I hope they can find that person soon. For now, I’ll just train.”

It was already getting late, so Ling Chen took a look at his greatly reduced stats, then logged off.

Ling Chen got up, but found that Tian Tian was not next to him. He sniffed, and smelled something cooking in the kitchen. He raised his eyebrows as he smiled amusedly. The reason he had logged off so early was so he could cook dinner for Tian Tian. He never thought that Tian Tian would have logged off even earlier than him, and it seemed that dinner was almost ready.

Walking into the dining hall, Ling Chen saw that there were already two dishes and a big bowl of soup on the table, which all looked quite decent. Although they might not taste too good, but at least they were burnt, and didn’t have any strange smells. Hearing the sounds from outside, Tian Tian poked her head out of the kitchen. She was wearing a white apron and holding a spatula. Seeing Ling Chen, she blinked as she asked, “Big brother, are you hungry? Wait for a bit- there’s still one more dish, and the porridge is nearly ready.”

“I’ll come and help.” Ling Chen said as he smiled. When it came to cooking, Tian Tian could be barely considered to be a beginner, whereas he was world-class.

“Okay, okay… ah… it’s going to be burnt!” Tian Tian happily agreed, then darted back into the kitchen.

With Ling Chen helping out, dinner was finished quickly. Three dishes, a big bowl of soup, two bowls and two pairs of chopsticks… but they were missing someone. Ling Chen was unable to quickly adjust to this, and he often still felt melancholic. However, seeing the little girl who was sitting opposite him with her sweat-covered forehead and bright red cheeks, he felt much better.

“Big brother, what are you doing in the game? Why did you say such a formal farewell? All the big sisters cried.” Tian Tian asked the question she had been holding the whole day as she filled Ling Chen’s bowl with porridge. Ling Chen leaving didn’t mean much to her, since they were living together. However, the feeling was completely different for the other girls.

Ling Chen knew that Tian Tian would ask this question, and he casually replied, “I’m looking for some things that are very important, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to find them all. I don’t want to have other things distracting me before I’ve found them, so I said goodbye to your big sisters. Alright Tian Tian, let’s eat.”

“I see…” Tian Tian sort of understood, but sort of didn’t. She didn’t continue to ask, and started eating. She looked at Ling Chen as she rested her cheeks on her hands and said, “Oh, by the way, big brother, your communication device was turned off for the entire day today. There was a lot of things that we wanted to tell you, but couldn’t. Big sister Qi Qi also said goodbye to us, saying that she was going to the south to find… um… right, the Vermillion Bird. She should be there now, since her communication device is also off.”

Ling Chen’s actions slowed down, and he nodded as he said, “She made the right decision. When she comes back, she might even be more powerful than me.”

“And also, big sister Su Su also left. After big sister Qi Qi left, big sister Su Su went to say goodbye to her. Afterwards, she said that she was going somewhere, and might be away for a long time.”

“Eh?” Ling Chen looked up, shocked, “Where’s Su Su going?”

“She went to… to… eh I forgot what it was called, let me think…” Tian Tian looked up, trying her best to remember, then uncertainly said, “Something starting with ‘Tian’… I can’t remember.” [TLN: Heaven’s Secrets Sect’s first character is ‘Tian’ (天), but just ‘Tian’ by itself is incredibly ambiguous so I didn’t translate it as ‘Heaven’].

“What sort of place is that?” Ling Chen was incredibly surprised, as well as curious. Su’Er had never mentioned anything like that to him before. Moreover, Su’Er’s personality was quite soft, and was quite dependent on her friends. It was quite rare that she would make a decision like this by herself. Where could she have gone?

“So now it’s just you and Bing Yao?” Ling Chen sighed inwardly. Yun Meng Xin had given up on her battle profession, Xiao Qi and Su’Er had left, and Shui Ruo… out of the original team of six girls, only Tian Tian and Mu Bing Yao remained.

He didn’t know when he would be able to see those six girls fight together again.

“Mmm, right now it’s big sister Bing Yao who’s training me. Big sister Bing Yao has been teaching me a lot about something called “battle sense”, but a lot of it I can’t understand or learn properly.” Tian Tian’s voice became smaller as she talked, evidently embarrassed by her inability to learn.

Battle sense? Ling Chen shook his head as he placed some food into Tian Tian’s bowl, saying, “Tomorrow, tell your big sister Bing Yao that I said that she doesn’t need to teach you those things. Tian Tian, just play however you want in the game, in any way that makes you happy, alright?”

“Hehe, big brother’s the best!”

Mu Bing Yao evidently wanted Tian Tian to become stronger, and unlock the full potential of her ‘strongest profession’. However, this wasn’t what Ling Chen wanted for her. Only after losing something would one truly treasure it and know how important it was. Now, Ling Chen just wanted Tian Tian to live happily and heavily. He didn’t want her to have any unnecessary burdens after all she had been through.

At night, after making sure that Tian Tian was asleep, Ling Chen once again returned to the Mystic Moon world.

Ling Chen sent 10 bottles of the Fairy Fountain Water to Yun Meng Xin, as well as a memo for how to distribute them… 1 was for Yun Feng and 1 was for Xiao Qiu Feng in order to thank them for helping him that night. 2 were for Xiao Qi and Su’Er, and another 2 were for Mu Bing Yao and Tian Tian. The remaining 5 bottles were for Yun Meng Xin to do what she pleased with them… whether she wanted to sell them, auction them or keep them was up to her. This sort of overpowered item would be able to sell for astronomical prices.

Ling Chen took out the remaining bottle and drank the contents. Immediately, an incredibly refreshing and cool taste entered his mouth, filling his entire body.

“Ding… you have consumed “Fairy Fountain Water”, HP+1000, MP+1000, Strength+10, Constitution+10, Agility+10, Spirit+10.”

A small bottle of fountain water had caused his HP and MP to more than double. This sort of shocking effect could make people go crazy. After looking at his current stats, Ling Chen took out a teleport scroll and teleported to the town closest to the Fairy Forest, then walked out the southern exit of that town. The Fairy Forest was a completely natural region, and all the beasts inside it were quite weak and cowardly. Most of them had no attack power at all, and were all LV0. Because this town was close to the Fairy Forest, the monsters here weren’t very high level either. Ling Chen remembered that there were some LV20 monsters to the south of this town.

With his current strength, it would best for him to train in this region.

Not too long after walking out of the town, he reached a vast grassy plain, and saw herds of grey sheep.

[Grey Sheep]: Type: Beast, Level: LV20, HP: 800, a mutant sheep that is completely grey. It has a bloated body and incredibly sharp horns. Its innocent expression reduces peoples’ desire to attack it.

Passive Abilities: 20% resistance against all Magic Damage, can slowly recover its HP by eating grass.

Attack Skills: [Charge]: Uses its horns to charge into enemies. Attack Power is average, and frequency of attacks is high. 20% change of critical strikes.

Weaknesses: Slow Movement Speed, slow reaction speed.