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Chapter 373: Nameless Ridge (1)

Nameless Ridge (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Player: Ling Tian

Level: LV20

Profession: Ling Tian Battle Soul, Feng Chen Curse Zanni

Affiliation: None

Fame Points: 14,513; Money: 83,650,019; SP: 470.

Basic Stats: Strength: 260, Constitution: 44, Agility: 60, Spirit: 68

Innate Attributes: Luck: 15, Comprehension: 15

HP: 2343; MP: 2080

Physical Attack Power: 1208; Magical Attack Power: 136

Defence: 218

Hit: ????; Evasion: 91

Critical Chance: 31%; Pierce Chance: 100%

Attack Speed: 100; Movement Speed: 175

Elemental Resistances: Water: 0% ; Fire: 0%; Wind: 10% ; Lightning: 0% ; Earth: 0% ; Light: 0% ; Darkness: 18%.

These were Ling Chen’s current stats. With the help of the Fairy Fountain Water, both Ling Chen’s HP and MP were above 2,000, increasing his ability to survive. Ling Chen took out his map, and looked to the east of the Forgotten Continent. On the map, the Lonely Spirit Ridge was labelled as a dangerous region. After the War Demon Beast had been destroyed by Xi Ling’s Nine Suns Heavenly Wrath, that place was no longer dangerous anymore. The entire Lonely Spirit Ridge had been turned into ruins, and countless mountain ridges had been burned to the ground.

The region to the east of the Lonely Spirit Ridge was marked by a black “?”, and had a striking description: This is a barren area, and apart from a few mountain ridges, there is nothing else. It doesn’t seem eerie, but there seems to be a powerful Nature spirit sleeping there. When I approached, its pressure warned me, causing me to turn back. It is best not to get close to here.

So there was another series of mountain ridges to the east of the Lonely Spirit Ridge?

The description said that a powerful Nature spirit was sleeping there. If even Qian Gun Gun, who had lived for countless years, felt afraid, it was most probably quite terrifying. However, since it concerned Shui Ruo’s chances of revival, Ling Chen had to go, no matter what!

Ling Chen took out a teleport scroll to Peace Town, which was the closest town to the Ghastly Grounds. Ling Chen had been to quite a few places, and whenever he reached a town, he would buy many teleport scrolls. Although it took up quite a bit of space in his bag, but he would never throw them away. This habit had helped him on quite a few occasions. After all, if he didn’t have this teleport scroll to Peace Town, he would have to set out from the Azure Dragon City again, wasting much time in the process.

15 kilometres to the North-East was the Ghastly Grounds. Because of the Ghastly Grounds, Peace Town had an eerie air to it as well, and there was always a thin layer of black fog hovering above it. When looking around, almost every house was tightly closed, and there were not many people on the streets. Ling Chen didn’t plan on staying in the Ghastly Grounds. He called out the Cloud Stepping Mare and shot towards the Lonely Spirit Ridge. Just as he rushed out of Peace Town’s North-Eastern boundary, he saw a small figure. As soon as he saw her, his eyes widened, and he almost fell down from his horse.

“Tian Tian, what are you doing here?” Ling Chen yelled out. He never thought that he would meet Tian Tian here. Normally, players wouldn’t be willing to get close to such an eerie place, and yet, here she was. Moreover, Mu Bing Yao was not around- she seemed to be by herself.

Hearing the voice, Tian Tian turned around. Upon seeing Ling Chen, her mouth opened wide, looking even more shocked than Ling Chen. She yelled out the same question as Ling Chen, “Ah! Big brother, what are you doing here?”

Ling Chen went over and looked around, and confirmed that Mu Bing Yao wasn’t around, as he asked, “This place is very dangerous, and isn’t suitable for training. Why did you come here? And where’s your big sister Bing Yao?”

“Big sister Bing Yao took me here, because there aren’t many people here and it’s quite safe. There are also many quests to do in this town. Oh, right, big sister Bing Yao seemed to have an urgent matter, so she left first. She told me to wait here for her, and if she wasn’t back within 30 minutes, I should go back to Azure Dragon City. I didn’t end up waiting for big sister Bing Yao, but I found big brother instead, hehe.” Tian Tian giggled as she looked up at him. Evidently, she was quite happy that she had coincidentally run into him.

Tian Tian was holding a jade-green staff and was wearing the robe with magic patterns that Ling Chen had given her. She was also wearing a pair of magical embroidered shoes, and adding on her cute little body, she looked like a little magician from an anime. Ling Chen thought for a few moments before asking, “Tian Tian, how long have you waited?”

Long Tian Yun was most likely also investigating Tian Tian, so Mu Bing Yao took her to a place where there were not many other players. Mu Bing Yao leaving on urgent business was also quite normal.

“Hmm… about… a really long time.” Tian Tian said in a small voice. She then asked, “Big brother why are you here? And where are you going?”

Ling Chen pointed to the East, “I’m going towards the East.”

“Then take me with you!” Tian Tian walked forwards to Ling Chen’s horse, her face filled with a hopeful look.

Ling Chen shook his head, “The place I’m going to is very dangerous, and isn’t suitable for you. Just be good and wait here for your big sister Bing Yao, or go back to Azure Dragon City. Don’t run around by yourself.”

“No way, no way, please take me with you, big brother. I really want to go as well. I’m really scared by myself. I promise that I’ll listen to big brother and won’t be a burden.” Tian Tian’s begged as her hands grabbed onto Ling Chen’s hand and shook it.

Ling Chen continued to shake his head, “Tian Tian, I really can’t take you. That place is far too dangerous and scary.”

“It’s fine! With big brother, I won’t feel scared. Big brother, pleeease take me with you. You’ve never played with me in the game before.” Tian Tian grasped onto Ling Chen’s hand, unwilling to let go.

Tian Tian’s last sentence caused Ling Chen to pause, unable to reject her again.

Indeed, in the game, it was either that Shui Ruo was with him, or he did things by himself. Now that Shui Ruo had left, Xiao Qi had left, Su’Er left, it was just Mu Bing Yao who could be with Tian Tian. Mu Bing Yao’s personality was quite cold, and she rarely spoke much. It was hard for Tian Tian to feel happy around her… Seeing Tian Tian’s eyes filled with hope and expectation, Ling Chen could only nod, “Alright, alright, then I’ll take Tian Tian with me this time. However, you need to be good and listen to me, and you’re not allowed to run off by yourself. If I tell you to run, you have to run, okay?”

“Mhmm, I’ll definitely listen to big brother!” Tian Tian’s eyes sparkled like diamonds and she almost started to jump up and down in excitement. Seeing her like this, Ling Chen’s heart twinged, and he grabbed Tian Tian’s little hand and pulled her up. He placed her in front of him as he said, “Alright, let’s go!”

“Yay, big brother’s the best!” Tian Tian leaned against Ling Chen, a happy look on her face. Her long eyelashes fluttered as she blinked in excitement.

Ling Chen returned to Peace Town and found the old grandpa to buy tens of bowls of Rice Porridge. He wouldn’t forget about the undead aura in the Ghastly Grounds that could reduce HP. Drinking a bowl of Rice Porridge would greatly reduce the HP loss there.

There probably won’t be any issues with bringing Tian Tian, right? Ling Chen thought to himself as he rode on. He was going to search for something, and not fight some super monster. He would avoid all monsters on the way, and with his Movement Speed and agility, he probably wouldn’t run into any danger. After thinking about it, he felt much more reassured, and continued to speed towards the Ghastly Grounds.

The whole way, Tian Tian was in high spirits, and would continuously talk to him and ask him questions. Ling Chen could feel that after Shui Ruo had passed away, Tian Tian had changed drastically. She was no longer stubborn and lazy, and wouldn’t make unreasonable demands. Instead, she was caring and obedient, and gradually learned to look after their home. He knew who it was that Tian Tian had made these changes for…

It was just as he had said on that night, to himself… Tian Tian, you’re stronger than me.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the Ghastly Grounds.

It was the same as when he had come last time. It was definitely daytime, but it was as if night had just fallen. The air was filled with thick grey smog, reducing visibility of the surrounding area. A gust of cold wind blew over, bringing with it a rotten smell, as well as sounds that sounded like crying and howling.

The undead monsters in the Ghastly Grounds were not very high level. The lowest were around LV5, and the highest were around LV25. It was completely possible for players of the current stage of the game to deal with the monsters here. However, not a single player was within sight. The atmosphere here was simply too terrifying, and most people wouldn’t have the guts to enter such a place.

Chatter chatter chatter…


All sorts of blood-chilling sounds came from around them, which could cause any grown man’s teeth to chatter. Ling Chen could feel Tian Tian’s body trembling, and he pulled her closer into his embrace. He stopped the Cloud Stepping Mare and lowered his head as he asked, “Tian Tian, are you scared?”

Tian Tian nodded, and shrank into his embrace, “It’s really scary here, but it’s so exciting! Big brother, let’s hurry up and go further in!”

Ling Chen was speechless. He could feel that Tian Tian was scared, but the excitement that was coming from her was real… come to think of it, normally girls around Tian Tian’s age would be frightened to the point of tears…

Since Tian Tian was alright, Ling Chen decided to continue. Ling Chen and Tian Tian both drank a bowl of Rice Porridge, and charged into the Ghastly Grounds. They soon disappeared into the thick, grey smog.

The further ahead they went, the thicker the smog became, and the worse the rotting smell became. Some hazy figures began to appear, and although Ling Chen knew what they were, he couldn’t help but shudder inwardly. He couldn’t be bothered to deal with these zombies, and didn’t reduce his speed at all.

However, Tian Tian…

“Waaaah!! Zombies! Zombies!! Just like the ones on TV… Ahhhh, so scary! Little White, go and destroy them!”

Tian Tian was scared to the point of yelling out when she saw her first Zombie, causing Ling Chen’s ears to ring. As she yelled, she gestured with her hands and four snow-white Summons appeared near the zombie… they had round bodies, four short limbs and short tails, as well as red eyes and long buck-teeth. They were all carrying carrots that were about half a metre long and as tall as themselves. That’s right, they were one of Tian Tian’s summons- Little White- four of them appeared simultaneously!

Currently, Tian Tian was LV22, 2 levels higher than Ling Chen, and could now conjure 4 of her Summons simultaneously.

The Little Whites all rushed over, smashing their big carrots onto the Zombie.

-890, -911, -904, -900!

The 4 Little Whites dealt almost 3,000 damage together. The LV5 Zombie, which only had around 600 HP, was instantly obliterated, and fell to the ground. The Little Whites also vanished.

“Eh? These Zombies are so weak! Heheh, my Little Whites are so strong!” Seeing how easily the Zombie had been defeated, Tian Tian put her hands on her hips, evidently incredibly proud of herself and her Summons. The fear from earlier was completely gone… Hmph, these Zombies are nothing special.

Behind her, Ling Chen was completely shocked… Tian Tian could simultaneously summon 4 Little Whites, and they could also focus their attacks. With that sort of Attack Power, forget about anyone else, even him with his 2,000 or so HP would be insta-killed!