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Chapter 375: Rock Devil King

Rock Devil King

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Ling Chen's sudden movements caused Tian Tian to become incredibly tense, and she subconsciously shrunk back towards his body, “What happened?

Ling Chen stared in direction of where the noise was coming from for quite some time, before shaking his head, “Looks like it was nothing, I’m probably being too sensitive.”

Just now when he beat the Rock Monster, he felt some kind of strong force directed at him. In that moment he felt suffocated but the feeling was fleeting and the memory of it felt more like a hallucination than reality.

Was it really a hallucination though?

“Let’s go, we’ll see what’s ahead.” Ling Chen continued forwards as he picked up Tian Tian’s hand. But he is now significantly slower, and his expression was grave. He’d been at Death’s door many times before so normally he would never question his intuition, but even Xiao Hui didn’t have a reaction to it.

After crossing two mountain ridges, he had still achieved nothing and it was already 7pm. As he was getting ready to go offline with Tian Tian, there were several howling noises that could be heard ahead. And suddenly, several dark figures jumped out behind rocks as high as two meters tall

Although they were one meter tall and completely made of rock, they had a humanoid head, body and limbs. On the heads was only one eye, and below it, a big mouth. At a height of one meter, it was really fat and in one of its hands gripped a sturdy stone mallet… A group of humanoid Rock Devils had unexpectedly appeared!

“Ahh! It’s a rock person, with one eye!” Tian Tian called out in alarm.

There were five fat rock people, all of them making strange sounds. They looked so heavy but they were surprisingly agile, in an instant they appeared before their eyes.

[Rock Devil]: Category: Monster, Level: 30, Grade: 2 Star Elite, HP: 5100. Ordinary rocks that have been affected by Death’s Breath which turned them into Rock Devils. They have a tough body and high agility but low Intelligence, functioning only by instinct.

Talents: 50% immunity to earth attacks, high defence, high move speed, attacks have a low chance of stunning.

Attack Moves: [Rock Mallet]: Uses the Rock Mallet in hand to attack a target, 10% chance of a critical hit, high probability of knockback.

Weakness: Weak to wind attacks (wind resistance -50%)

What he fought before was a defenseless lowest ranking Rock Devil. After walking through two mountain ranges, he is suddenly faced with level 30 monsters that were 2 Star Elite! These kinds of 2 Star Elite monsters always appear in groups, Ling Chen had only seen something similar before in the Forgotten Cavern back in the Newbie village.

Not only does it not make him anxious, it actually made him excited… because this big wave of 2 Star Elites, were worth a lot of skill points!

“Tian Tian, make sure you protect yourself!”

Ling Chen warned Tian Tian before rushing out to meet the Rock Devils. Left hand holding the Zephyr Blade and in the other, the Great Ravager, Ling Chen overlapped them and mercilessly attacked through them.


-2400, -2400, -4782, -2401…

Letting out a strange cry as the damage values appeared, all five Rock Devils were hit and fell to the ground as Ling Chen flew by. One of them had already been killed, leaving the rest behind lying on the floor unable to get up. These 2 Star Elites however were not by all means weak, if a player of the same level were to fight them they would need to be careful. A group like this was naturally a little bit threatening. But for Ling Chen, to not be killed by him would only be because they were lucky enough to have high HP.

“Go, Little White!”

With the clear command, four little white rabbits surrounded the Rock Devils that were still lying on the floor. Each one was targeting one Rock Devil, throwing a radish… no a carrot at them.

-881, -878, -865, -892

With four Little Whites, one for each was perfect. The lucky four Rock Devils each let out a weak howl before dispersing back into crushed stone.

“Ding… you have successfully killed 5 2 Star Elite ‘Rock Devil’, Prestige +260, Skill Points +260.”

If it was a party that defeated the 2 Star Elites, then the prestige value and skill points will be assigned based on contribution. The damage these Rock Devils sustained primarily came from Ling Chen, thus Ling Chen obtained most of the prestige and skill points. But, to Tian Tian, these skill points are useless, because all her skills were ‘not upgradable’. The strength of her summons increase as her level increases.

“Ha! How stingy, all five 2 Star Elites didn’t even drop a single item, not even a copper item.” Looking at the crumbled rocks, Tian Tian mumbled with discontent. Ling Chen was also grumbling internally… these Rock Devils were way too stingy! Not even a feather was dropped. If a level 1 didn’t drop anything, that is to be expected, but these were level 30 2 Star Elite!

This was a small group of 2 Star Elites, so that means there are stronger monsters ahead. Ling Chen looked at the time, and said, “Tian Tian, I’ll be going offline first, I’ll continue playing later. It’s time for dinner.”

“Okay, that’s fine, I started to feel hungry just then as well.”

After Tian Tian had finished speaking and they prepared to go offline, Xiao Hui started to cry out, and started running towards a small hole. After running for three meters, his horn lit up with a gray light.

Ling Chen was familiar with this light. Xiao Hui had sensed some kind of treasure and only when it went to the place of the treasure would his light shine. He was suddenly aware, and rushed over, “ Xiao Hui, did you find something?”

“woo~~” Xiao Hui growled, rubbing its body against Ling Chen and then took a step forwards. Ling Chen stopped logging off and dragged Tian Tian with him to follow Xiao Hui. In his heart, he kept repeating... ‘Xiao Hi, you have to find it.’

According to the many experiences before, Xiao Hui’s detection range is pretty big, so when his horn glows it doesn’t mean that the item is close by. The closer he gets, the stronger the light on Xiao Hui’s horn glowed. After going forward for a few meters more, Xiao Hui stopped. But the light on the horn still wasn’t at its brightest, which meant there was still is some travelling to do.

Ling Chen also stopped and looked ahead, in his line of sight there were two completely different mountains. The left one was quite steep, its ground almost vertical and reaching into the sky. If you looked around, there was nothing that compared to its height. But the one on the right was much lower in comparison, its attitude was probably about 50 meters. Its surface was especially smooth, which is strange given the region was surrounded by rugged rocks and mountain ranges.

“Xiao Hui, is it here?” Ling Chen said while looking at Xiao Hui

Xiao Hui shook its tail, looking at the tall mountain but also looking at the shorter mountain. The horn on its head continued to glow, its behavior made it look like it was hesitating. Only after quite some time, did it finally start moving forwards, heading towards the unusual smooth ground.


Just as Xiao Hui's claws touched the ground, six rays of earthen-yellow light arose ahead, and a wave of strange roars followed. The five Rock Devils that they had previously faced appeared in front of them, and behind them was a darker-coloured Rock Devil that was at least three times the size of those 2 Star rock Devils.

[Rock Devil King]: Category: Demon, Grade: Lord, Level: 30, HP: 50,000. The Rock Clan’s strongest leader, with a strong body and a break ability, but still low intelligence. Will order various Rock Devils to defeat any invaders.

Talent: 50% resistance to Earth attacks, very high defense, each attack has a 15% chance of stunning the opponent for 2-3 seconds. Earth Type, Immune to stat drop effects.

Attack Skills: [Bombarding Mallet]: Raising a great rock mallet, it fiercely bombards all enemies within 3 meters in front of it. It deals high damage and the cast time is very short. There is a 20% chance that it explodes on impact, dealing 100% of the target’s strength to itself.

[Demon King Roar]: When its HP is lower than 60%, it will let out a roar, raising its own and surrounding Rock Monster’s physical attack strength by 20%.

[Rock Explosion]: It hits the ground with the great mallet, creating a series of explosion in the soil in an area. Damages all targets within a five-meter radius and also knocks them down. Medium cast time, the great mallet will be raised up high before this skill is cast.

[Greater Rock Explosion]: Cast upon death. When HP reaches 0, its body will explode. The energy released will have a powerful impact on the surrounding 10 meters. Deals extremely high damage. Cast immediately upon death, no pre-emptive actions.

Weakness: Weak to wind attacks (Wind resistance -50%)

The five Rock Devils looked exactly like the one they had encountered before, but there was also a Rock Devil King. Ling Chen noted that the Rock Devils and the Rock Devil King dropped down from the sky. They clearly didn’t originate from this place, it actually looked like… they had been summoned.

A level 30 Lord and five 2 Star Elites, this was hardly a formidable lineup as Ling Chen had already killed 3 Celestial Bosses in this world. He pushed Tian Tian behind him and immediately started charging towards them, shouting: “Strong Gale!”

Upon the Great Ravager and the Zephyr Blade was a weak green tinge. One skill of Zephyr Blade was, ‘Strong Gale’, which could transform all attacks into wind which was what these Rock Devils were weak to! They had a -50% resistance will wind attacks, which mean wind attacks would deal 150% damage to them.

The Rock Devils made their strange cry in unison while lifting up their mallets. They turned to rush forwards, moving shoulder to shoulder in a tidy row, trying to ensure that Ling Chen’s attack range couldn’t reach them all at once. The Rock Demon King was behind them, unmoving, it seemed like it didn’t fight unless it had to. The corner of Ling Chen’s mouth twitched, and his right hand swung left while his left hand swung right, creating two huge green semi-circle arcs. These hit all of the Rock Devils before they could even get into range to attack.



Because of Strong Gale, Ling Chen’s attacks dealt 50% more damage to these Rock Devils. With two overlapping Ling Tian Breaks, they should have been killed in a flash, there was no need for Tian Tian to clean them up. His lip curled as he kicked away the rubble, Ling Chen then took a moderate pace towards the Rock Devil King. The Lord that he was facing right now, any other player would still be unable to defeat it. But to Ling Chen, the monsters before him were just trash. With two of the strongest occupations, and two Celestial weapons, plus his ability to transcend human agility and battle consciousness, this Lord was no threat to him at all.