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Chapter 376: Rock Giant

Rock Giant

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The five Rock Devils that were before him were destroyed in under a second. This then scared the Rock Devil King leading him to immediately let out an angry roar. It held a giant stone mallet in both its hands and as it approached Ling Chen, it took a vicious swing directly at him. The giant mallet made the air howl as it swung to the side and if he was hit by it, he would have definitely been sent flying.

But Ling Chen paid no attention to it, advancing forwards. As soon as the mallet was about to reach him, a silver light glowed from his right hand and the Rock Devil King immediately stopped moving. But Ling Chen’s attacks quickly followed, using both hands, he opened with Ling Tian Slash.

-6082,-6044 -6021,-12048 -12022,-6025

In a three second window, six Ling Tian Slashes were cast and two of them were critical hits. The Rock Devil King’s 50,000 HP was reduced to less than 2,000. The high damage values caused even Tian Tian to cry out in shock. After three rounds of attacks, Ling Chen stopped attacking and immediately started running away, attempting to leave the 10 meter radius.

As the effect of Moon Shadow came to an end, the Rock Devil King’s mallet missed, hitting the ground and raising dust into the air. But Ling Chen had already reached Tian Tian’s side, which was 20 meters away from the Rock Devil King. The Zephyr Blade in his left-hand changes into Soaring Cloud and is fired towards it.



The Soaring Cloud’s damage was weaker than the Zephyr Blade, especially now that the Zephyr effect was lost. Soaring Cloud’s damage was weak but it was enough to completely deplete the Rock Devil King’s HP. The Rock Devil King then let out a strange desperate roar before its body exploded…


Crushed stones filled the air, there was dust everywhere and the fierce explosion made the ground shake. The Rock Devil King’s death skill was truly formidable… if it weren’t for Xiao Hui’s ability to detect and give Ling Chen the information about the monster, he probably would have taken significant damage as he killed the monster. But now, this self-destruction didn’t even leave a scratch on Ling Chen.

“Ding… you have successfully defeated a LV30 Lord ‘Rock Devil King’, Fame +300, Skill points +300.”

“Waaa! Big brother is so strong! You can deal with such a scary monster so quickly!” Tian Tian looked at him with adoration as if there were stars in her eyes. After being in this game for so long, she was very aware of the strength of these Lord monsters. But this Lord monster, in addition to the five 2 Star Elites were all cleared out so effortlessly.

“Hey, it’s just that you’re weak,” Ling Chen said jokingly. In order to ensure Tian Tian’s safety, he used the cleanest method he knew, which of course made it very easy. However, if he was seen by the previous owner of the Lunar Scourge, they would have definitely scolded him: Using the Lunar Scourge’s OP skill Moon Shadow against a Lord, how can you feel satisfied and happy about this kind of bullying. Have you no shame!

The place where the Rock Devil King exploded left a crater, which was surrounded by rubble. In the pit, a faint gold light could be seen.

Could it be gold equipment?

Ling Chen immediately walked over and squatted by the hole. There were two pieces of equipment inside, one was glittering gold and the other silver. One of them was a Gold grade equipment while the other was a Silver grade equipment. The Silver equipment was an exquisite ring. Additionally, there was also a stone fragment that was glittering yellow through the soil.

The Rock Devils were so stingy, but their leader on the other hand was quite generous.

[Rock Devil Robe]: Category: Coat, Grade: Gold. Equipment Requirement: LV30 and above in a Magic occupation (Elementalist, Priest or Summoner). It seems like a regular Magic occupation robe and has a slight smell of soil. It will occasionally release a strange yellow light. Defense +63, Spirit +15, Constitution +12, Resistance to earth attacks +7%, grants invulnerability to petrification.

[White Jade Ring]: Category: Ring, Grade: Silver. Equipment Requirement: LV15 and above in a Magic occupation. A perfectly formed white jade ring, it had been lost for a very long time before being picked up by the Rock Devil King. MP +150, MP consumption -15%.

Two equipment, one Gold robe and one Silver ring which both suited a magic occupation. Ling Chen couldn’t help but wonder how this close combat physical attack Lord managed to drop two Magic occupation equipment. He handed over the robe and the White Jade ring to Tian Tian, “It’s your lucky day, both of the equipment are suitable for you to use. You can put this ring on right away, but as for the robe you’ll have to wait until you’re lV30. They may not be the best looking, but their stats are pretty good.”

A Gold equipment’s stats were not just ‘pretty good’. Even though players were, on average, around LV30, Gold equipment was still very rare; to have them would have made many players boil with envy.

“It’s a ring! And a Gold equipment!” Tian Tian’s best equipment all came from Ling Chen, but she still hadn’t gotten a ring. Seeing the White Jade Ring, she cried out in excitement and took it from Ling Chen hands, immediately putting it onto her right hand’s middle finger. She then opened her hand for Ling Chen to see, “Big brother, have a look, does it look good?”

The wonderful workmanship of the White Jade Ring was evident, it seemed like the ring was made of the purest ice and snow. The white ring wrapped around her finger, unexpectedly complemented by the gloomy surroundings. Ling Chen looked for a while and nodded, “It looks good.”

Her hand was small and nothing in the world was as beautiful, it looked even better than real jade. The hands were a woman’s second face and Tian Tian’s face and hands were both perfect. Once she grew up, she might have the same kind of insane beauty as Yun Meng Xin.

“Hehe, I think it looks nice as well. I guess I’ll just put it on. As for this robe, I’ll work hard to get to LV30 and then I’ll put it on.” Tian Tian nodded happily, retracting her palm and looked at the ring for a bit longer before putting her hand down while putting away the robe.

Other than those two equipment, the Rock Devil King also dropped a stone fragment.

[Intermediate Defense Crystal]: Category: Energy Crystal, Grade: Intermediate. Attributes: Earth, Effect: Defense +9%

This piece could only be found in the heart of the Royal City; it couldn’t be bought in the market. Ling Chen also gave this to Tian Tian. He didn’t need any defense as those who couldn’t defeat him were no real threat to him and for those who could, they were so strong that the additional defense points would be pointless. It would be more useful to just give it to Tian Tian to strengthen her defense.

Because he dealt with a Rock Devil King and 5 Rock Devils, the surroundings were peaceful once again. But Xiao Hui was still standing there, his tail unmoving, looking left and right. His behavior concerned Ling Chen, who walked over and asked, “Xiao Hui, what’s happening? Do you want to go left or right?”

This question was kind of stupid as the left mountain was almost vertical and pretty much reached into the clouds so if he wanted to climb it he would have needed to fly. The only way forwards was really to continue walking on the right mountain.

The light on Xiao Hui’s horn was still shining, so judging by where they came from, the item they were looking for was still ahead. If they continued forward, they would get closer and closer. But after quite some time, Xiao Hui still didn’t move. Only after Ling Chen had asked multiple times did he finally show some kind of resolution and moved forwards. After slowly moving five meters, he stopped firmly once again, unmoving.

Ling Chen was getting doubtful; he took large strides until he stood right in front of Xiao Hui.


The moment he finished walking, the earth started shaking beneath him, as if there was an earthquake starting out of nowhere. The quiet Xiao Hui let out a long howl, all the roots of his hair stood on end and lowered his body till it almost touched the ground… It was only when they were in a situation of grave danger that Xiao Hui would have let out this warning sound.

“Ah!!” The shaking ground made Tian Tian call out in alarm. She jogged to Ling Chen in fear, and grasped his arm with both her hands.

Ling Chen took two steps and stopped walking, because an extremely strong aura was pressing against his body. This aura was strong and dangerous, much more so than even the Zephyr Bird he had previously fought. He didn’t even know how many times stronger this thing was.

Following the source of this aura, Ling Chen quickly turned and looked to the right.

The shaking on the ground was getting stronger, it felt as if the entire ranges were shaking. The source of this formidable aura, was at the bottom of that low hill. Ling Chen stared directly at the hill, and his pupil unexpectedly flashed repeatedly.

With the mountain shaking, it was stretching out the rocks bit by bit. Soon enough there were rocks tumbling down and even trees that were uprooted. The middle of the mountain stretched out higher and higher and both Ling Chen and Tian Tian became dumbfounded, saying nothing as an indescribable body slowly rose up.

“Gi… Giant!!”

That’s right! To their surprise it was a giant! A giant that came out from the mountain range… no, a better description would be that the mountain ranges were formed because it was asleep.

Its whole body was made up of rocks, every part including the forehead, limbs, body and every muscle was made from rock. There was only one exception, the big eye that was on his forehead… exactly like the Rock Devils.

Before the mountain ranges had an altitude of approximately 50 meters, but when this giant stood up, it was at least 100 meters. Although this distance didn’t look long on a horizontal scale, but when measured in height, it was an extraordinary value. Ling Chen pulled his head back as far as he could and still couldn’t see a complete picture of the giant.

Supporting its body below was its two column-like legs that looked like pillars from the sky and the length and width of the arms were by no means less than the legs themselves. For comparison, if Tian Tian and his bodies were added together, they couldn’t even compare to the giant’s smallest finger.

Ling Chen’s mouth was left wide open; it hadn’t been closed for a while. This was definitely the biggest living thing he had ever seen, it was so big that it had surpassed everything he had imagined. In facing this rock giant, without even talking about its strong aura, its mere size commanded such authority that any human would have been completely paralyzed, unwilling to even lay a single finger on it.