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Chapter 379: Desperate Struggle (2)

Desperate Struggle (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

“You think you’re invincible because you’re big? I’ll smash your legs, then cut off your hands, and then smash your head!!”

The Mountain Giant continuously forced Ling Chen into a corner, causing the flames of rage to surge out of his heart. He roared as he charged at the Mountain Giant, but no matter how much bravado he had, their difference in size was simply too vast- Ling Chen wasn’t even as big as one of its toes. Ling Chen and the Mountain Giant ran towards each other, and the distance between them shrank rapidly.

The Mountain Giant didn’t seem to care at all about the tiny human charging at it. Its right foot flashed with yellow light, and stomped onto the ground.


Dust filled the air, and rocks flew everywhere. A sandstorm surrounded the area within 100 metres of the Mountain Giant, turning the area into a world of chaotic sand and stones.


Ling Chen’s body stiffened upon seeing the massive damage figure above his head. He acted with his lightning fast reflexes, and drank a drop of Dew of Dawn. His nearly emptied-out HP bar immediately became full again, and a split second later, his HP almost dropped to zero again.


The red and green numbers alternated in appearing above Ling Chen’s head. His HP fell and rose by the same numbers every time, but he never worried about it falling to 0.

“Sand and Stone Hurricane” was the only skill that Ling Chen could resist without dying. He had 2,343HP, and the Sand and Stone Hurricane dealt 2,000 Earth element damage per tick. As such, he could resist it for one second before dying. However, this didn’t mean that the Sand and Stone Hurricane was a weak skill- not only did it do continuous damage for 10 seconds, it also obscured vision.

Even if Ling Chen used the best potions that he could buy from the Azure Dragon City, he would still be killed by the Sand and Stone Hurricane. Only with the Fairy Clan’s Dew of Dawn, which recovered 5,000HP per second for 10 seconds, could he resist this skill, as it completely negated the damage from the Sand and Stone Hurricane. Moreover, if it wasn’t for the water from the Fairy Fountain, which doubled his HP, the Dew of Dawn wouldn’t have been able to save him.

Countless small stones smashed onto his body, causing him to almost lose balance. Yellow sand filled his vision, reducing his vision to 10 metres around him and making it incredibly difficult for him to see. Although the Dew of Dawn kept him alive, he was still in a predicament.

In all the chaos, a sense of pressure came towards him from above. It was the Mountain Giant’s Destruction Stomp!

The Destruction Stomp caused damage with an AOE of 30 metres. The centre of the attack was where Ling Chen was. If he wanted to escape the 30 metre radius before the attack landed, he would have to use Broken Shadow.

However, Ling Chen looked up at the shadow descending towards him and did not move at all. He held the Great Ravager and Zephyr Blade in front of him and maintained the “Zephyr” effect, seeming intent on counterattacking.


The Mountain Giant’s foot heavily descended, and the effect of the attack was as if a massive bomb had exploded, rocking the nearby mountain ridges. At this moment, the Mountain Giant suddenly drew its foot back, and bellowed in a deep voice. A red damage figure appeared above the Mountain Giant’s foot.


Within the sand and stones, Ling Chen darted over like a fish in water, his weapons glimmering with green light as they relentlessly struck the Mountain Giant’s right foot.

Bang bang bang bang!


Four ear-piercing metallic sounds rang out, and four damage figures rose from the Mountain Giant’s foot. The Sand and Stone Hurricane continued. It seemed to not only affect Ling Chen, but also the Mountain Giant as well. It was as if the Mountain Giant couldn’t see Ling Chen anymore, and furiously stomped down with another Destruction Stomp.

This time, Ling Chen ran away as fast as he could. By the time the Mountain Giant’s right foot had been lifted up, Ling Chen had only moved by about 5 or 6 metres. His body blurred, and charged away like a gale.


The ground once again shook, and Ling Chen stumbled, falling to the ground. Luckily, using his last Broken Shadow, he was able to avoid the second Destruction Stomp.

He had tanked the first Destruction Stomp with his Evil God’s Mask. The eyes of the mask had glowed red, and let out a roar, reflecting the damage back at the Mountain Giant… the Evil God’s Mask’s power came from an Evil God- a true God. In this world, there was no damage that it couldn’t reflect… even if the Mountain Giant’s power also came from a true God.

The Destruction stomp dealt 15,000 Physical Damage and 15,000 Earth element Damage. The Mountain Giant was immune to Earth element Damage, so it only received the 15,000 Physical Damage. Taking advantage of that rare opportunity, Ling Chen had finally been able to attack the Mountain Giant a few times. The Mountain Giant was of the Earth element, and had incredibly high Defence. Luckily, Ling Chen did not fear enemies with high Defence at all. Even if its Defence was twice as high, it wouldn’t have mattered to him. His four Ling Tian Slashes all connected and dealt a significant amount of damage.

The Evil God’s Mask had a ten second cooldown. As such, he could only choose to dodge the second Destruction Stomp. With the Destruction Stomp’s range, it would be impossible for him to dodge it with his Movement Speed. Thus, he had been forced to use his final Broken Shadow.

However, it was worth it- he had been able to reflect the Mountain Giant’s damage to itself, as well as slash it four times. While Ling Chen thought that, he quickly got up and looked behind him. The instant he looked over, he saw a yellow light flash in the Mountain Giant’s right hand. Immediately, green numbers appeared above its body, arms, and legs.


The damage it had taken to its right leg was instantly recovered.



“What the fricking heck?!”

Ling Chen nearly spat out blood, and started cursing at the Mountain Giant. He had used the Evil God’s Mask to damage it, then took the opportunity to deal some attacks with his own weapons, and used his last Broken Shadow to escape… this sort of combo couldn’t be repeated, and he had taken great risks to damage the Mountain Giant…

And yet it had instantly recovered!

The Mountain Giant’s right hand didn’t have any attack skills. It only had an AOE debuff, as well as a skill that healed it for 50,000HP every five seconds.

Such a large body, such high HP, such damaging attacks… and such ridiculous regenerative abilities!

Do you have any shame?!

Are you even going to give me a chance at living?!

Where is the justice in this world?!

Which goddamn bastard designed this Boss?!

Boom! Boom!

The Mountain Giant walked over. In just two steps, its large right foot was once again above Ling Chen’s head. Ling Chen didn’t even think, and rushed away while he still had the Broken Shadow effects. A massive explosion erupted from behind him, and without even looking, Ling Chen knew that a crater had been smashed where he had just been. This time, Ling Chen didn’t turn around, and rushed in the opposite direction Tian Tian had left in.

20 seconds passed, and the effects of Broken Shadow ended. Ling Chen returned his normal state, and behind him, the booms grew closer and closer.

Ling Chen gritted his teeth, and turned around, his eyes filled with a vicious look. He definitely wasn’t going to outrun it, so why the hell was he running?! He might as well do his best to take it down with him!

Just like the first time, Ling Chen once again raised his weapons and charged towards the Mountain Giant. Again, when he came within 100 metres of the Mountain Giant, the Sand and Stone Hurricane activated, and Ling Chen drank the Dew of Dawn he had been preparing. He braved the stones flying into him, and the Great Ravager and Zephyr Blade glowed with a green light.


The Mountain Giant used the Destruction Stomp yet again with its right foot. This was because Ling Chen had deliberately rushed towards its right foot. The reason for this was because its left foot had an extremely disgusting skill which reflected 30% of all damage! Even if Ling Chen used his normal attacks, the damage from the Sand and Stone Hurricane and the reflected damage would be enough to kill him.


The Evil God’s Mask let out a roar, and the eyes of the mask flashed with a red light. The Mountain Giant’s right leg was forced back, and the 15,000 Physical Damage was reflected back at it. Ling Chen once again smashed his Great Ravager and Zephyr Blade onto its right foot… although he knew that he couldn’t damage it more than it could recover, he had no other options in the current situation.


At another place…

Tian Tian ran as fast as she could, and didn’t look back. After running for a while, she saw a fairly tall mountain ridge. She didn’t think any further, and continued to run until she was at the top. When she arrived at the top, she felt the pressure on her body disappear.

Because Ling Chen had drawn all of the aggro of the Mountain Giant, its aggro towards Tian Tian had disappeared.

She had finally regained her freedom, and could now return to the Azure Dragon City or safely log off. Tian Tian patted her chest and let out a sigh of relief. Suddenly, she heard an explosion from behind her, which sounded quite close. She turned around, and saw the Mountain Giant surrounded by a hurricane of sand and small stones… and it was heavily stomping down with its right foot.

Tian Tian’s mouth widened, and stared in shock, then yelled out, “Big brother!”

She rushed down the mountain ridge and ran towards the Mountain Giant, forgetting all the fear she had inside of her.