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Chapter 381: Broken Arms and Broken Legs

Broken Arms and Broken Legs

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The two strikes were incredibly powerful, and the resulting sounds were deafening. Even the powerful Mountain Giant found it difficult to endure those strikes. The Mountain Giant howled, and suddenly raised its right foot and smashed it down. This Destruction Stomp was much faster and more savage than any of the previous ones. Evidently, after losing so much HP and being suddenly attacked completely enraged it.


The earth cracked, and countless stones flew into the air. Ling Chen’s body was also pushed back, but he was able to stand straight without losing his balance, and didn’t lose any HP. As soon his right foot touched down onto the ground, he once again shot forwards, slashing the Zephyr Blade and Great Ravager onto the Mountain Giant’s foot.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!


With Tian Tian’s Elegy of the Gods, Ling Chen’s Attack Power rose to incredible heights. His Attack Speed was also doubled, allowing him to attack twice with each hand per second… with two weapons, that meant he could attack four times in a second!

In one second, Ling Chen had attacked four times, dealing nearly 500,000 damage! Even Ling Chen felt chills when he saw those awe-inspiring damage figures. He almost couldn’t believe that it was him causing those damage figures to rise up.

This was the result of combining the Heaven Wind Technique, War God Technique, Zephyr, Soul Sacrifice and Elegy of the Gods… this sort of power was easily capable of destroying even the Mountain Giant!

After losing half of its HP, the Mountain Giant’s leg still had 1,000,000HP remaining. With its decrease in level, the maximum HP of its leg also fell to 1,700,000HP. After another four rounds of attacks in just two seconds, in addition to the initial attacks, the Mountain Giant’s right leg’s HP quickly fell to 0.


A monstrous roar came from above. The Mountain Giant raised its right leg again, and a crumbling noise sounded out as many cracks and fissures began to spread along its right leg…


A fist-sized rock fell from the Mountain Giant’s leg, smashing the ground near Ling Chen’s feet.

That rock was like the first raindrop of a downpour. The next instant, countless rocks started to rain down… the Mountain Giant’s fissured right leg completely broke down, showering the ground beneath it with rocks, which piled up into a small mountain.

Ling Chen stared for a second before running. With his increased Movement Speed, he was able to travel quite far away in a short period of time. Otherwise, he would have been buried alive by the rocks.

Ling Chen never expected that such a thing would happen when he reduced the leg’s HP to 0. Not only did the Mountain Giant have separate health for each body part, but it seemed that each body part was completely separated from other body parts. They could all attack individually, and be destroyed individually.

The Mountain Giant was unable to maintain its balance with its remaining left leg, and fell to its right. From Ling Chen’s perspective, it looked as if a massive mountain had fallen over, and his eyes moved with the Mountain Giant.


The moment the Mountain Giant fell to the ground, the surrounding 100 metres shook violently, and the nearest mountain had split in half. The shaking of the ground sent Ling Chen high into the air, and he was sent flying. The head-splitting booms caused his vision to temporarily darken, and he almost coughed up blood. It was as if a massive bomb had exploded right next to his feet. If it wasn’t for his invincibility status, he would have died at least 10 times just from the shockwaves.

The boundless sand obscured his vision, and made it difficult for him to breathe. He shook his head, and once again rushed up as he yelled, “I’m going to smash that other leg into rubble as well!!”

Ling Chen focused, then once again charged towards the Mountain Giant. Tian Tian’s sacrifice had activated Elegy of the Gods, and every second mattered. His Soul Sacrifice lasted for 20 seconds, and half of it had passed already. He couldn’t waste even a single second!!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ling Chen rushed to the Mountain Giant’s left leg, and started to furiously attack it. Each attack brought about a deafening explosion, which was comparable to the sounds of the Mountain Giant attacking before. The Mountain Giant’s left leg reflected 30% of all damage, which was simply ridiculous. However, with the Elegy of the Gods, Ling Chen could attack without worrying. The Mountain Giant’s [Hatred Shield] was activated after each attack, but it was useless against Ling Chen.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

It took him five seconds to run over, and two seconds to destroy the Mountain Giant’s left leg… six Ling Tian Slashes dealt over 700,000 Damage, causing its left leg to also fall to 0HP. Under such ferocious attacks, the [Rock Spirit’s Aura] which recovered 5,000HP per tick and had caused Ling Chen to furiously curse, was simply useless. The rate of recovery simply couldn’t match Ling Chen’s damage.


Cracks covered the Mountain Giant’s left leg and left foot, and they soon crumbled.

The Mountain Giant’s right and left legs had both been destroyed!

Soul Sacrifice’s effects ended, and there were still 30 seconds left on the Elegy of the Gods. In this overpowered state, Ling Chen could destroy a leg in just a few seconds. However, because of how far he had to run, as well as being flung away, much of his time had been wasted. As Soul Sacrifice’s effects disappeared, Ling Chen’s Physical Attack Power fell by 400%.

However, the Elegy of the Gods was still active- Ling Chen turned his gaze to the Mountain Giant’s left hand, and rushed over.

After losing both of its legs, the Mountain Giant howled furiously, and swung its right and left hands simultaneously. It raised its left hand, smashing down with a Titan’s Hammer, and its right hand let out yellow smoke that covered a large area. Ling Chen ignored all of its attacks, and stood where he was, waiting for the Titan’s Hammer. 10 or so Rock Devils also came over and attacked him which he paid no attention to at all.


The Titan’s Hammer landed, blasting Ling Chen away. He then charged up, and rapidly sent Ling Tian Slashes into the Mountain Giant’s left hand.


After the effects of Soul Sacrifice ended, Ling Chen’s Attack Power went down drastically. However, although his Attack Power was only a quarter of what it had been with Soul Sacrifice, the damage he was dealing was still terrifying. With an Attack Speed of 200, he could still attack 4 times per second, dealing nearly 100,000 damage per second. The Mountain Giant’s left hand’s HP rapidly decreased, with the Rock Spirit’s Aura could barely slow it down.

Titan’s Hammer… Earth Prison… Petrifying Aura…

The furious Mountain Giant propped itself up, and rained down attacks with its left and right hands towards Ling Chen. Ling Chen was buffeted by rocks, blown away, sent flying, but was otherwise unaffected. He would always come sprinting back, causing large amounts of damage. The Great Ravager and Zephyr Blade, still covered by the green glow, were like the fangs of demons that were slowly devouring the Mountain Giant’s lifeforce.

“Four Corners Star Formation!”

The Mountain Giant’s left arm only had a sliver of HP left, and Ling Chen’s final attack completely obliterated it as well as the 20 or so Rock Devils that had been desperately attacking him.

Bang bang bang bang bang…


The Mountain Giant once again furiously roared. Now, its left and right legs, as well as left arm, had all become a pile of rocks. The Rock Devils caught in the Four Corners Star Formation were all blasted to smithereens.

“Ding… you have killed 20 LV30 2 Star Elite Rock Devils. You received 1,200 Fame and 1,200SP.”

Hearing the system announcement, and seeing the broken rocks around him, Ling Chen raised his eyebrows in surprise. Those cute little Rock Devils had gifted him more than 1,000SP in an instant- that was incredibly profitable for him.

The Elegy of the Gods was about to wear off, and the light around him began to grow dimmer. The surroundings began to become more peaceful… this was because the Mountain Giant could no longer attack, as all of the body parts that could use attack skills had been destroyed.

Only when its head and body were directly attacked could it use its most extreme and powerful skill.

Its right hand’s skills were the healing skill, ‘Rock Spirit’s Aura’, and the ‘Petrifying Aura’. That meant that as long as Ling Chen didn’t attack its head or body, this Mountain Giant could only release some smoke!

Ling Chen smirked, and took his time to walk over to the Mountain Giant’s right hand. He used the last few seconds of the Elegy of the Gods to attack the right hand, and its recovery of 50,000HP per 5 seconds simply couldn’t stand up to his near 100,000 damage per second.

Finally, the white glow around Ling Chen’s body dissipated. Tian Tian’s miraculous Elegy of the Gods vanished, and the Mountain Giant’s right arm crumbled… the Mountain Giant was left only with its head and body.