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Chapter 382: Earth God’s Sigh

Earth God’s Sigh

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The ‘crippled’ Mountain Giant was only half as tall as it was before. Ling Chen returned to his original state, and huffed as he stared at the defeated Mountain Giant in front of it… the first time he had seen the Mountain Giant, all he could think of was running away. However, he soon found that running away was simply a fantasy, and that the only thing he could do was save Tian Tian. From the beginning, he had never expected or even dared to imagine that he could reduce the Mountain Giant to such a state. The Mountain Giant was simply too powerful, and no matter how strong he was, he just didn’t have the right to fight with it.

Everything had changed because of Tian Tian’s… miraculous power. That power allowed him to destroy the Mountain Giant’s legs and arms, leaving it with just its body and head.

However, the Mountain Giant could still use its Light of Extermination, which would reduce his HP and MP to 1, as well as its “Titan Ray”, which was guaranteed to hit, and dealt the most damage out of all of its skills. Moreover, it could still summon Rock Devils… all of which would be LV30 2 Star Elite Bosses.

And now, the Ling Chen had lost the effects of the Elegy of the Gods. As soon as the Mountain Giant activated its Titan Ray, it would be enough to kill him tens of times. After being affected by the Light of Extermination, even being touched by a Rock Devil would be enough to kill him.

Before the Mountain Giant’s right arm had been destroyed, its main body had been healed by the Rock Spirit’s Aura back up to 3,100,000HP. After having its level lowered, its body’s maximum HP was reduced to 4,500,000HP. Currently, it had 69% of its maximum HP. That meant if Ling Chen kept attacking it, before its HP fell to 0, it would be able to use the Light of Extermination 68 times, the Titan Ray 68 times and the summoning skill 13 times… allowing it to summon 338 Rock Devils.

Ling Chen stared at the Mountain Giant’s body, and the Mountain Giant’s single eye stared back at him. Neither of them attacked… after remaining like this for 10 or so seconds, Ling Chen coldly laughed and rushed over, sending a wave of Ling Tian Slashes into the Mountain Giant.

Bang bang bang bang…


After losing Soul Sacrifice and the Elegy of the Gods, Ling Chen’s Attack Power greatly plummeted. However, the Mountain Giant could no longer recover its HP, and its HP quickly dropped down to 68%...

A low roar sounded from above, and a yellow light soundlessly exploded out of the Mountain Giant’s chest, enveloping the surrounding 100 metres… the Light of Extermination was a skill that was cast instantly, giving its enemies no chance to retaliate or evade. At the same time, the Mountain Giant’s single eye turned yellow, and a yellow ray pierced through the air, shooting towards Ling Chen’s body.

The moment the yellow light covered him, Ling Chen felt his chest tighten, and his HP and MP were instantly lowered to 1. Almost immediately afterwards, the yellow ray shot straight towards him… the Titan Ray was the Mountain Giant’s most overpowered skill. Once it was locked on to a target, it was guaranteed to hit. No matter how much evasion one had, or how fast they were, they wouldn’t be able to avoid it. Furthermore, it was used right after the Light of Extermination was casted, meaning that it would result in a guaranteed kill!

This was unless there was something that could cancel out the damage from the Titan Ray.


Ling Chen heard something that sounded like the space being torn, and the Titan Ray smashed into his head. Even if he was at full health, he would have been unable to survive such an attack, let alone when he only had 1HP… however, he had the Evil God’s Mask.

With this mask that contained the Evil God’s spirit and power, he would never have to worry about being insta-killed while it wasn’t on cooldown.


The same sound sounded out as the Evil God’s Mask’s eyes flashed with a red glow, and the Titan Ray was reflected back into the Mountain Giant’s eye. The Mountain Giant’s head swayed, but because the Titan Ray dealt Earth element damage, it wasn’t injured by it.

Ling Chen smirked. There was nothing he needed to worry about anymore. After drinking a blue potion to recover his MP, and waiting 8 seconds, he unleashed another round of attacks onto the Mountain Giant.

Bang bang bang bang bang…

The Mountain Giant’s HP fell rapidly. After a few rounds of attacks, its HP fell from 68% to 67%. It once again activated the Light of Extermination and Titan Ray, and the Evil God’s Mask refreshed just in time… again, Ling Chen was not injured at all. He replenished his MP, waited for the Evil God’s Mask’s cooldown to expire, then once again went to attack…

The Light of Extermination could never kill someone, and the Titan Ray was completely negated by the Evil God’s Mask. Ling Chen alternated between attacking and waiting, and effortlessly cut down the Heaven’s End grade Boss. Its HP fell from 67% to 66%, then 65%... When using the Light of Extermination and Titan Ray, the Mountain Giant also spawned 14 Rock Devils, which rushed towards Ling Chen.

This was quite a deadly combo. After being affected by the Light of Extermination, even if a player immediately used potions to recover, it would be difficult to deal with the crowd of 2 Star Elites that came charging over.

It was a pity that in front of Ling Chen, there was not much of a difference between these 2 Star Elite Bosses and the Bucktoothed Rabbits from the Novice Village. He drank a green potion and a purple potion, and ignored the Mountain Giant. He moved towards the Rock Devils, and started to attack them with the ‘Zephyr’ effect still activated on the Great Ravager and Zephyr Blade. Every time he attacked, multiple Rock Devils would be insta-killed. They couldn’t even get close, let alone attack. All of them were annihilated in just a few seconds.

“Ding… you have killed 14 LV30 2 Star Elite Rock Devils. You received 840 Fame and 840 SP.”

Ling Chen grinned in joy. He ran towards the Mountain Giant as he smirked, saying, “Heh, thanks for the gift. Since you’re being so generous, I won’t refuse.”

After speaking, he went up and delivered another round of attacks.

Under Ling Chen’s repeated assaults, the Mountain Giant’s HP fell from 65%, to 64%, then eventually down to 60%. At that moment, 16 Rock Devils spawned, and were instantly destroyed by a casual sweep from Ling Chen. The system announcement caused him to laugh in happiness, and he became even more motivated.

“Ding… you have killed 16 LV30 2 Star Elite Rock Devils. You received 960 Fame and 960 SP.”

1 minute later…

“Ding… you have killed 18 LV30 2 Star Elite Rock Devils. You received 1080 Fame and 1080 SP.”

Yet another minute later…

“Ding… you have killed 20 LV30 2 Star Elite Rock Devils. You received 1,200 Fame and 1,200 SP.”

Many minutes later…

“Ding… you have killed 30 LV30 2 Star Elite Rock Devils. You received 1,800 Fame and 1,800 SP.”


“Ding… you have killed 38 LV30 2 Star Elite Rock Devils. You received 2,280 Fame and 2,280 SP.”

Every time the Mountain Giant’s HP fell by 10%, a massive shield would form in front of it- Titan’s Shield. The Titan’s Shield was incredibly powerful, and negated all damage for 30 seconds. Tian Tian’s Elegy of the Gods gave 60 seconds of invincibility, but the prerequisite was her dying. However, damage negation, in front of Ling Chen, was nothing. The Titan’s Shield hovered in front of the Mountain Giant, but damage figures still continued to rise from the Mountain Giant.

10 minutes later, the Mountain Giant summoned its final wave of Rock Devils, which had 38 of them. They were killed by Ling Chen with a single Four Corners Star Formation, and the Mountain Giant’s HP fell below 5%. Over the course of the battle, it had summoned 13 waves of Rock Devils, with more and more spawning each time, for a total of 338 Rock Devils!

The number of Rock Devils wasn’t the most significant point… the most significant point was that these 338 Rock Devils had given Ling Chen a whole 20,280SP! Adding on the wave that had been summoned when the Mountain Giant fell to 50% of its HP, he had received 21,480SP in total! This was more than he had ever obtained before! He also received 21,480 Fame, increasing his total fame to a whopping 35,993!

Every time the Mountain Giant summoned Rock Devils, Ling Chen felt overjoyed. He would spring upon them like a starved wolf, and although they were dangerous enemies summoned by the Mountain Giant, they were like delicious meals to him.

Where could he find such crowds of 2 Star Elites? It was incredibly difficult to find such a generous Boss!

Now that the Mountain Giant stopped spawning Rock Devils, it had lost all its worth in Ling Chen’s eyes. Ling Chen steadied his emotions and said in a low voice, “It’s time to send you off. I don’t care what you are or where you came from. After hurting my Tian Tian… dying 100 times wouldn’t be enough to make up for it!!”

Ling Chen’s attacks landed furiously on the Mountain Giant, clearing out its remaining HP. Its HP fell from 5%, to 4%, to 3%, to 2%, to 1%...

The last attack was a ‘Thousand Kilogram Rend’, and Ling Chen smirked as he saw the Mountain Giant’s remaining HP fall to 0.

“Ding… you have killed the LV30 Heaven’s End grade Boss ‘Mountain Giant’. You received 30,000 Fame and 30,000SP.”

The system announcement telling him that he had killed the Mountain Giant sounded in Ling Chen’s ears. Killing a Heaven’s End grade Boss, and especially because it was the first kill, brought him monstrous rewards. Just the SP and Fame made it difficult for Ling Chen’s heart to remain calm. The Mountain Giant’s body started to crumble, and also turned into a large pile of rubble. A pile of glittering items and equipment also fell out from its head.

Even the worst item or equipment dropped by a Heaven’s End grade Boss was one of the best of the best items. No player in their right mind would not want it! Ling Chen took the risk of being crushed by falling rocks and rushed up… but just as he took a few steps, his body stiffened, and a massive sense of danger forced him to come to a stop.

“Sigh...” Whoosh…

A low sound that sounded like sighing rang out. At that moment, the fragmented Mountain Giant stopped crumbling, and like time had been turned back, the rocks on the ground began to fly back up. The countless cracks on its body also began to close… and this didn’t happen only for its body. Its broken arms and legs also began to be restored as the rocks flew towards their original positions.

Ling Chen was flabbergasted, and quickly retreated. His eyes widened, and after staring for a few seconds, he quickly called out Xiao Hui. As Xiao Hui appeared, his eyes flashed, and information was sent into Ling Chen’s mind.

[Earth God’s Sigh]: Dying Skill. The dying Mountain Giant completely awakens the Titan’s Remnant Spirit in its head, causing it to be reborn by the power of the Earth. Its grade remains the same, and its level increases to LV100. It gains incomparable power, as well as great intelligence. Can only be activated once.”