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Chapter 383: The True Mountain Giant

The True Mountain Giant

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

“Ding… you have levelled up to LV21, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.”

“Ding… you have levelled up to LV22…”


“Ding… you have levelled up to LV25…”

“Ding… your pet ‘Xiao Hui’ has levelled up to LV25, HP+200, MP+5, Defence+20.”

“Ding… your pet Xiao Hui’s Holy Spirit’s Aura has levelled up to LV6.”

“Ding.. your pet ‘Leng’Er’ has levelled up to LV25, MP+100, Magic Attack Power+20, Defence+10.”

After killing a Heaven’s End grade Boss that was 10 levels higher than him, Ling Chen received an astronomical amount of EXP, and his level jumped from LV20 to LV25. Xiao Hui and Leng’Er’s levels also rose with his to LV25. If it wasn’t for the Heaven’s Jealousy debuff, his level would have increased even more.

The continuous system announcements should have made him feel incredibly excited, however, he was currently filled with despair… As the rocks flew around in the air, the Mountain Giant began to be restored and in just a few seconds, its arms and legs were almost whole again.

Once the Mountain Giant was completely restored, it stood up in front of Ling Chen, with not even a scratch on its body anymore. Moreover, the pressure that it emanated was hundreds, if not thousands, of times heavier than that of the original Mountain Giant.

The miracle that he had created with Tian Tian’s power now vanished like smoke. The reborn Mountain Giant was not only restored to its peak condition, but was more powerful than before. A LV100 Heaven’s End grade Boss… even if Tian Tian could give him another Elegy of the Gods, he would have no confidence in defeating it.

A pile of shining equipment and items were next to the reborn Mountain Giant’s feet. Ling Chen however, dared not to move, and even forgot about their existences as a whole.

Ling Chen looked up, and stared at the colossal figure above him. The pressure that it radiated caused his forehead to be covered with cold sweat, and he gritted his teeth… Ling Chen wanted to throw the developer of this Boss and his or her family into a pig sty for them to be violated a thousand times! This ‘Earth God’s Sigh’ had thrown him from heaven into hell.

Ling Chen felt himself being watched, and knew that this feeling came from the Mountain Giant. He deeply breathed in, and just as he was about to move, a deep voice sounded out.

“After sleeping for so many years, I’ve finally awoken. The sky and earth are still the same, but the demonic aura from the west has disappeared. Other than that, I can’t see any changes. Should I be happy, or sad?”

The voice sounded incredibly ancient, and it seemed that the Mountain Giant had experienced much over the years. Its tone contained no malice, only nostalgia. Ling Chen frowned, and looked up.

“I never thought that the one who would wake me up would be a human. I thought it would be that demon from the mountain ridges in the west. Human, young human, destroying my body was quite incredible. However, I have guarded this region for countless of years. Because of a very important reason, I cannot let any outsiders come in. As such, please leave. I don’t want to harm you.”

Before, the Mountain Giant had only told him to leave, and then started to mercilessly chase and attack him.

This reborn Mountain Giant not only didn’t attack him, but spoke eloquently like an elderly human. Ling Chen immediately understood something, and started to relax. He took a few steps back as he asked, “Mountain Giant… is this your true body?”

“Indeed,” The Mountain Giant replied, “My life contains the remnant power and spirit of the Earth God, Titan. In order to protect the remnant of the Earth God, I chose to put the core of my life and power into a deep sleep. I used the excess energy I had absorbed over the years to create a separate body, which stood guard over this region in my place, and chased away outsiders. Now that that body has been destroyed, it means that a powerful intruder has appeared, so I awoke. Who knew that after so many years, it would be a human who woke me up.”

Ling Chen’s eyebrows shot up… the power of the original Mountain Giant was just some of the excess energy the true Mountain Giant had stored up over time. Its true power was simply terrifying!

“Then… what have you been guarding?” Ling Chen asked.

“I have been guarding a race. A proud, kind, pure and intelligent race. Their existence is a blessing to the Forgotten Continent, are even able to change the entire Forgotten Continent. However, they were treated unfairly and cruelly. This race can no longer be harmed, and must not disappear from the Forgotten Continent. As such, I must protect them. This is my answer. As for anything else, I cannot tell you, so please do not ask. Human, since you know the reason, please leave. I cannot sense any evil on you. Perhaps you entered here by accident, so I will not attack you. If you must continue on, I will be forced to take action.

Guarding… a race?

Wait! Could the palace that Su’Er mentioned belong to this race?

One of the Lunar Scourge’s orbs was within that palace!

Everything seemed to match up now. If Su’Er’s information was correct, and if this Mountain Giant was guarding the race that owned the palace, then he definitely couldn’t leave! For Shui Ruo, and for the Orb, he had to go in!

“Mountain Giant, I cannot leave. Although you’re guarding this region, there’s a reason why I must go in.” Ling Chen said while looking up.

“Oh?” The Mountain Giant’s voice remained calm and amicable, “What is that reason?”

“I need to find something; something that is more important than my life. That thing is definitely in the region you’re guarding,” Ling Chen did his best to speak as cordially as possible.

“Find something? Can you tell me what it is? Perhaps I can find it for you. I am connected with every grain of sand, every blade of grass and every tree here. If what you are looking for is in or on the ground, I can immediately find it.”

“It’s an orb,” Ling Chen hesitated for a moment before continuing, “If I’m correct, that orb should be in the possession of the race you’re guarding.”

The Mountain Giant fell silent, and replied after a few seconds, “If it’s with them, then I cannot help you. I cannot allow you to go and find them, otherwise their existence may be exposed. Young human, please leave.”

Ling Chen frowned as he maintained his composure and said, “Mountain Giant, that thing is useless to anyone else, but it is incredibly important to me. I only want to obtain that thing, and I have no other motives. If I find the race you’re guarding, I swear that I won’t reveal any information about them! Moreover, you just said that you cannot sense any evil on me…”

“These reasons are not sufficient,” The Mountain Giant’s tone became a bit more serious, and it firmly rejected Ling Chen’s request, “Since a long time ago, they refused to interact with the outside world. If you go in, they will descend into panic and confusion, and a catastrophe may occur. As their guardian, I cannot allow such a thing to happen… oh?”

The Mountain Giant’s tone was incredibly resolute, cutting off any hope Ling Chen had. However, after speaking, it had made a curious and shocked sound. Ling Chen felt the pressure on his body decrease, and felt the Mountain Giant’s gaze shift. Ling Chen followed its gaze to the right… apart from the cracked ground, there was only Xiao Hui.

“Hoho, hohohoho…” The Mountain Giant suddenly laughed. This laugh sounded calm, and yet quite strange. It was as if the Mountain Giant had seen something that was pleasing to it. It once again spoke, “I think that there is no longer any reason for me to stop you. Perhaps you going in there will not bring them catastrophe, but rather an ‘opportunity’. This place does not suit them. If they hadn’t hidden themselves away for the past 10,000 years, the Forgotten Continent would be much more beautiful. They need an opportunity; a reason that can convince them to rejoin the world.”

The Mountain Giant’s attitude towards Ling Chen going in completely changed. Not only did it not stop him, but encouraged him to go in. Ling Chen’s mind spun, and thought about what it had just said, then asked, “Then tell me, where is that race ridden?”

“Your companion will lead you in the correct direction- you just need to follow him. I am going to continue my slumber; maybe when I awaken again, that race will have returned to their former glory, and will no longer need my protection, hohohoho…”

As the Mountain Giant laughed, a yellow light covered its body, and it disappeared. At the same time, a place in the distance also flashed with the same yellow light. Within the light, a large mountain appeared, blending in with all of the other mountain ridges.

After everything had settled down, Ling Chen looked at Xiao Hui thoughtfully. He then rushed towards the spoils of war that the original Mountain Giant had dropped… when talking to the Mountain Giant, he had been itching to kick it away, so that he could finally get his hands on these exquisite items and equipment!