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Chapter 384: Twilight Spear

Twilight Spear

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Challenging a Celestial grade Boss was already the limit for most players while Heaven’s End grade Bosses were usually undefeatable existences to players. This was something that all players, over the 100 years of history of virtual games, knew to be common sense. However, if a player really was able to defeat a Heaven’s End grade Boss, the rewards they received would be inconceivable.

This was much more so for a solo kill.

Ling Chen had achieved this. Although, by himself, it was impossible to take down the Mountain Giant, he had been able to defeat it with Tian Tian’s support. The Elegy of the Gods, which buffed Ling Chen, and Fury of the Gods, which took away half of the Mountain Giant’s HP and MP, as well as reduced its level by three, were given by Tian Tian, but she had died. As such, Ling Chen had been awarded a solo kill, and the corresponding rewards. In total, he had received over 50,000 Fame and SP from the Mountain Giant… this was a truly astronomical figure that could cause any player to stare in shock. For a normal player, it would be impossible for them to earn this much Fame and SP in years of playing.

Moreover, there was also a pile of exquisite items and equipment.

Ling Chen ran over to his spoils of war as fast as he could. There were about 3,000 gold coins glittering on the ground, which Ling Chen got Xiao Hui to pick up. Swallowing his saliva, he walked over to the equipment and items. The first piece of equipment was a spear shining with golden light. This golden light carried an air of nobility and dignity, making the golden light from the gold coins seem dull in comparison. The aura it emanated was like that of a king, which made it natural that Ling Chen would notice it first.

Ling Chen picked it up. The spear was 2 metres long, and was far taller than Ling Chen when placed upright. It was icy cold in his hands, and incredibly heavy. But the moment after he touched it, the golden light disappeared, and the heaviness of the spear decreased by half, becoming quite light… as if it was submitting to Ling Chen. After all, the Mountain Giant had been defeated by Ling Chen, which resulted in its appearance. When weapons reached a certain grade, they would start to develop a bit of sentience. As such, if anyone apart from Ling Chen tried to use it, even if they were a higher level than Ling Chen, it would not necessarily submit to them.

The light and heaviness disappeared, but the coldness and aura of nobility remained. The aura this spear emanated was far more powerful and sharp than that of the Zephyr Blade and Great Ravager. Ling Chen gripped it with both hands, and held it across him, his eyes trembling. Could this spear be… be…

“Ding… you have obtained the Heaven’s End grade weapon [Twilight]. This equipment ranks second in the China Region Equipment Rankings, do you wish to hide your personal information?”

Heaven’s End grade… although Ling Chen somewhat expected it, he simply couldn’t calm down after hearing the system announcement. That’s right, this was a Heaven’s End grade weapon!

Ling Chen hurriedly replied to the system announcement. On the Equipment Rankings, the Twilight Spear was ranked above all other equipment, second only to the Evil God’s Mask. He then hastily went to look at its stats.

[Twilight]: Type: Spear, Grade: Heaven’s End, Equipment Requirements: Melee professions above LV30, Fame above 2,000 and approved of by Twilight. It was originally a normal spear that was abandoned in the Nameless Ridge. After absorbing Titan’s spirit’s power, as well as Earth element energy, it gained some sentience. It has incredible piercing abilities, and can even tear space.

Stats: Physical Attack Power+360, Strength+30, Constitution+20, Agility+25, Pierce Rate+15%, adds a 7% chance of attacks adding 3 seconds of ‘Petrify’ debuff.

Special effects: Parry Level: 14, when parrying, or if your attack is parried, your next attack will be guaranteed to Pierce.

Bonus Skills:

[Wild Sand]: Releases the Earth element energy in the Twilight Spear, turning all damage dealt into Earth element damage. Can be activated or cancelled at will.

[Moment of Elegance]: Releases a cold wave of energy that instantly carries the user to pierce towards any direction, heavily injuring all those it hits. The piercing energy activates and attacks instantly, leaving only a ray of light. Unless destroyed, it cannot pierce through physical obstacles. The distance can be controlled to be within 5 to 15 metres, and deals 300% damage, as well as has a 100% chance of adding 3 seconds of Blindness. Costs 120MP, Cooldown Time: 10 seconds.

What an awesome Heaven’s End grade weapon! Ling Chen held the Twilight Spear in his hands as his heart beat rapidly. The Evil God’s Mask was given to him by Xiao Feng Chen, and the Twilight Spear was the first Heaven’s End grade equipment that he had earned! It was more powerful than even the Zephyr Blade and Great Ravager combined! Just the 75 stat points that it gave could make any player’s eyeballs pop out of their sockets.

Moreover, it gave two bonus skills, the strongest of which was definitely the ‘Moment of Elegance’ skill. In Ling Chen’s eyes, it was simply overpowered! Although it was not as powerful as the Thousand Kilogram Rend that dealt 500% damage, it dealt damage in a straight line and instantly teleported both the spear and himself in any direction! And it even had a 100% chance of causing Blindness, which could cause an enemy to immediately fall into confusion. What was even more broken was that its cooldown time was just 10 seconds!

Ling Chen marvelled at the spear in his hands… as expected from a Heaven’s End grade weapon!

Ling Chen was currently LV25. His Item Manipulation Technique was only LV4, so he still could not equip this Twilight Spear. As such, Ling Chen did not even hesitate as he spent 3,600SP on levelling up the Item Manipulation Technique.

“Ding… your skill [Item Manipulation Technique] has risen to LV5.”

[Item Manipulation Technique]: Current Level: LV5, Highest Level: LV10. SP to Upgrade to LV6: 5000. Ancient battle technique, after practice equipment that surpasses your current level can be equipped. Effect: Ignores any piece of equipment’s level requirement by 5 levels.

And thus, Ling Chen could equip LV30 equipment at LV25. Ling Chen smirked, and equipped the Twilight Spear, then looked at his stats.

The appearance of the Twilight Spear meant the replacement of the Zephyr Blade. However, Ling Chen didn’t want to give the Zephyr Blade to anyone else- the ‘Zephyr’ effect that the Zephyr Blade gave was much too useful. It had been instrumental in Ling Chen’s killing of the Mountain Giant.

As Ling Chen swung the Twilight Spear around, it let out a golden glow. Ling Chen eyes grew serious, and he pointed the Twilight Spear in front of him. Without any casting time, a ‘swish’ sounded out, and Ling Chen appeared 10 metres high in the air. In his original position was an afterimage that was still disappearing.

Ling Chen landed on the ground and laughed joyously. This sort of skill that allowed him to teleport in any direction and distance, as well as dealt a large amount of damage and caused Blindness was incredibly versatile. It could be used to insta-kill Magic professions, or to save his life. It could be used to evade, engage, escape, ambush, incredibly effectively.

The pleasant surprises the Mountain Giant brought to Ling Chen weren’t just limited to the Twilight Spear however. After playing around with it for a while, he put it away, and grinned as he looked at the other equipment.

[Titan’s Embrace]: Type: Full Body Armour, Grade: Celestial, Equipment Requirements: Melee professions above LV30, Fame above 2,000. A mysterious Armour that contains a very small portion of Titan’s spirit. Gives the wearer powerful Defensive abilities.

Stats: Defense+210, Strength+30, Constitution+42, Earth element Resistance+15%, Immunity to Petrification and Defense Reduction.

Bonus Skill:

[Sands of Fury]: 2% chance of activating when being attacked. Causes 2,000-3,000 Earth element damage to the attacker.

That’s right! A Celestial grade piece of equipment! And it was Full Body Armour, which replaced both Upper and Lower Armour. It was a type of Armour he had never even seen before.

Ling Chen immediately unequipped the Dark Chest Plate and Purple Crystal Armour, and equipped the Titan’s Embrace. Immediately, his stats once again rose. His HP was now 2,953, just short of 3,000.

The only piece of equipment that had emitted the Heaven’s End grade light was the Twilight Spear. However, it was not just the Titan’s Embrace the radiated the Celestial grade light.

[Twilight Bracelet]: Type: Lunar Chain, Grade: Celestial, Equipment Requirements: None. A high quality Lunar Chain that contains dense Earth element energy. It releases a glow similar to the light at twilight. Can equip energy crystals of any level, and energy orbs below Heaven’s End grade. Maximum number of crystals or orbs that can be socketed: 5.

The Twilight Bracelet was covered by a warm glow, and was quite small. It was quite suitable for females to wear. Ling Chen didn’t forget how the Gold Lunar Chain had caused such a sensation and uproar at the auction, and the astronomical amount of money it had sold for. If this Celestial grade Lunar Chain was shown to the public, it would create even more of a scene.

However, no matter how powerful a Lunar Chain was, it wouldn’t be able to compare to the Lunar Scourge. What he needed least right now was a Lunar Chain.

The rest of the equipment were Gold and Silver grade, none of which were suitable for Ling Chen. But Ling Chen didn’t feel annoyed or disappointed; to be able to receive a Heaven’s End grade weapon and 2 Celestial grade equipment already made him feel ecstatic. In fact, even if he only received the Twilight Spear, he would have been satisfied.