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Chapter 385: Gold Token

Gold Token

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

There were seven Gold grade equipment and 12 Silver grade equipment in total. The lowest grade of equipment that the Mountain Giant dropped was Silver. Ling Chen picked each of the equipment up, and soon he came to an orb radiating a golden light.

[Wild Sand Orb]: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Heaven’s End, Attribute: Earth. Effects: Earth element Resistance+55%.

Ling Chen couldn’t hide the surprise on his face… this was a Heaven’s End grade energy orb! The Mountain Giant had not only given him a Heaven’s End grade weapon, but a Heaven’s End grade energy orb as well!

This was a defensive energy orb, which gave him 55% Resistance against Earth element damage. Ling Chen didn’t even think as he socketed it onto the Lunar Scourge, instantly boosting his Earth element Resistance to 70%! This was a terrifying number- if any player or monster attacked him with Earth element damage, more than two-thirds of it would be negated! This Wild Sand Orb was a nightmare for Earth element users. An Earth Magician would probably cry when they saw the damage they dealt to Ling Chen.

After socketing the Wild Sand Orb, there was only an earthen-yellow scroll left on the ground, which Ling Chen quickly picked up.

[Skill Scroll- Titan’s Shield]: Use the skill ‘Titan’s Shield’, which creates a thick shield in front of you, negating all damage for 30 seconds. Can only be used once, and will disappear after use.

It wasn’t a Hidden Profession Scroll or a Skill Learning Scroll, but a single use scroll that allowed him to use one of the Mountain Giant’s skills. Ling Chen was overjoyed to find that it was the Titan’s Shield- the skill that gave 30 seconds of invincibility!

What did 30 seconds of invincibility mean? The reason Ling Chen was able to defeat the Mountain Giant was because the Elegy of the Gods gave him 60 seconds of invincibility. In key moments, the Titan’s Shield could save his life, and create miracles like what had just happened.

Ling Chen carefully put it away. Suddenly a golden glow caught his eye… right under where the scroll was, there was a gold token. It had been completely covered by the scroll before, which was why he didn’t notice it until now.

Ling Chen picked up the gold token. It seemed to be made out of solid gold, and was just small enough to be comfortably held in his hand. On the front was engraved the word “command.”


This shape, and the word “command”… could it be a Guild Creation Token?

No… Ling Chen frowned. Ling Chen had obtained more than one Guild Creation Token, and although the shape was similar, Guild Creation Tokens were made of wood and were black.

Wait… could this be…?

Ling Chen suddenly thought of something, and immediately looked at its information…

When Ling Chen saw the name of this gold token, his eyes widened, and he stared at the token for a while. He simply couldn’t believe what it was!

Ling Chen had only heard of this token before, but had never seen or obtained one. Within the virtual world, as the average level of players increased, Guild Creation Tokens became a commodity. In some games, there would be hundreds of thousands of guilds, both large and small. However, the gold token that Ling Chen was holding was something that would only spawn once in a Region! That’s right, even if there were billions of players, there would only be one of this token. It was countless times more valuable than a Guild Creation Token!

Only incredibly powerful Bosses, Celestial grade and above, had a low chance of dropping this token. As soon as this token appeared, the entire Region would be sent into an uproar. This uproar would be incomparable to the one the first Guild Creation Token had created.

It was far more valuable than all the other equipment and items the Mountain Giant had dropped, even the Twilight Spear.

And now, this token was in Ling Chen’s hands.

“Is this the heavens’ will?” Ling Chen muttered to himself as he gripped the gold token. This sort of item, which usually only appeared in the late stages of the game, had actually been obtained by him so early on. He was holding it in his hand, but he simply couldn’t believe it.

But then again, the Mountain Giant was indeed Heaven’s End grade, and was qualified to drop it.

It’s a bit too early though… or is my luck really that great?

However… Ling Chen looked down at the token in his hand… Since I’ve obtained it, perhaps it really is heavens’ will. I won’t let it fall into anyone else’s hands. Although I’ve decided to put all of my efforts into reviving Shui Ruo, I haven’t given up on Heart’s Dream.

Long Tian Yun, just you wait. The pain you caused to me 12 years ago; the suffering I went through in ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ for 6 years, the pain of separating from Dia Wu and Shui Ruo… I haven’t forgotten about any of that for even a second! After Ruo Ruo wakes up again, I will return all of that to you with interest! I will make you lose your riches, power and dignity… everything. But don’t you worry, I won’t take away your life. I’ll continue to let you live in agony every day!

Ling Chen subconsciously clenched his fists. This gold token made him think of many possibilities, and also caused the boundless hatred in him to awaken. It took him some time to calm himself down, and he put the gold token away. Ling Chen put away his spoils of war from the Mountain Giant, and a system announcement sounded in his ears.

“Ding… you are the first player in Mystic Moon to kill a Heaven’s End grade Boss. You received the rewards: Fame+10,000, gold coins+10,000, SP+10,000, unique item ‘Heaven Slayer Insignia’.

Heaven Slayer Insignia: Type: Insignia, Grade: None, Equipment Requirements: cannot be transferred. A mysterious insignia with an unknown history. Awarded to the first player who kills a Heaven’s End grade Boss by themselves. Does not give any bonus stats. Legends say that it can open an ancient ruins that has been sealed.

A small, golden insignia floated down from the sky and landed into Ling Chen’s hand. It was about as big as a ping pong ball, and emitted a golden light. Ling Chen felt that it looked familiar, and suddenly remembered something. He took out a similarly-sized silver insignia… the Celestial Slayer Insignia [TLN: The original translator translated it as ‘Consonance Insignia’].

The Celestial Slayer Insignia was awarded to him when he killed the Greedy Giant Toad, for being the first player to kill a Celestial grade Boss. This Heaven Slayer Insignia had been awarded to him for being the first to kill a Heaven’s End grade Boss. They were about the same size and had almost the same description. Although neither of them gave any bonus stats, they could be used to open a sealed ancient ruins.

“Could it be that they open the same ancient ruins? Maybe it requires 2 Insignias to open. But where are these ‘ancient ruins’?”

The Insignias mentioned an ‘ancient ruins’, but never said where they were, which made Ling Chen feel slightly annoyed. He put the 2 Insignias together, and hoped that his luck would be good enough to find those ancient ruins someday.

Ling Chen’s harvest was especially abundant, and there was nothing blocking him anymore. The Mountain Giant had said some ambiguous things, then left. It seemed that it was encouraging him to go and find that mysterious race.

Although Ling Chen was incredibly curious as to what the race was, he didn’t go in, and instead logged off.

After returning to the real world, Ling Chen opened his eyes, and smelled food being cooked. These days, Tian Tian had been adamant to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for them. With her hard work, and Ling Chen’s masterful guidance, Tian Tian’s food now not only looked good, but also tasted good… especially the ones she liked to eat.

Dinner was already ready, and Ling Chen saw Tian Tian sitting at the table, cupping her face with her hands as she waited for him. Ling Chen couldn’t help but smile, and rushed over, picking Tian Tian up. He kissed her on the cheek as he yelled, “Tian Tian! I won! I beat that Mountain Giant! And I levelled up 5 times in a row!”

“Really?” Tian Tian’s mouth widened. Defeating that terrifying monster was simply inconceivable. She immediately started to happily laugh as she touched the place Ling Chen had kissed, “Wow wow wow! Big brother’s so strong! I can’t believe you beat such a big and powerful monster! Big brother’s awesome!”

Tian Tian didn’t know the full story, and so Ling Chen shook his head as he smiled, “No, it’s not me who’s strong, but Tian Tian. If it wasn’t for Tian Tian, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to defeat it. It was all because of you.”

“Ahahaha, no way, it was obviously big brother who defeated it,” Tian Tian said as she giggled.

Ling Chen put Tian Tian down and tapped her nose as he became more serious, “However… although you helped me quite a bit, you broke our promise! I told you to run, so why did you come back?! And you even died, how am I…”

“Ahhhh I got it, I got it. I know what I did was wrong, I won’t do it again… big brother, hurry and eat, otherwise your food will get cold,” Tian Tian knew that Ling Chen would say all of this, so she quickly cut him off as she placed a pair of chopsticks into his hand.

Ling Chen stopped speaking, and holding the chopsticks, he looked at Tian Tian who was filling his bowl for him. Seeing this scene, a warm feeling spread throughout his heart. Back then, Tian Tian had only been a burden to him. He had wanted to send Tian Tian off so he and Ruo Ruo could enjoy their two-person world. However, she had become part of his world, becoming more and more important to him. After Shui Ruo left, he didn’t feel too lonely because of Tian Tian, even the pain in his heart began to fade day by day. And now, he almost couldn’t imagine what it would be like if he had never met Tian Tian, or if Tian Tian had left as well.