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Chapter 386: The Mysterious Race

The Mysterious Race

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Nameless Ridge

After putting Tian Tian to bed, Ling Chen once again returned to the Mystic Moon world. Very soon, he arrived at where he had first met the Mountain Giant.

To his left was the incredibly steep and tall mountain, and to his right was the mountain the Mountain Giant had transformed into. However, this time, the Mountain Giant would no longer stop him- it wasn’t even releasing any of its pressure, and seemed to be in a very deep sleep.

Ling Chen looked around him. There were only these two mountains in the Nameless Ridge’s Central District. Everywhere else was flat ground, without even much grass. There were no traces of this ‘mysterious race’. Ling Chen called out Xiao Hui, saying, “Xiao Hui, have a look around for a hidden entrance.”

As soon as Xiao Hui appeared, his horn glowed with a grey light. There was not any danger here, so Xiao Hui casually ran forwards, with Ling Chen following behind him. Ling Chen had complete faith in Xiao Hui.

Xiao Hui ran in front of the extremely tall mountain, and stopped in front of it, wagging his tail. He looked up towards the ridiculously sloped mountain face, and his horn glowed a bit brighter. Ling Chen stopped beside him asking, “Is there a hidden entrance on this mountain?”

“Awoo…” Xiao Hui replied. He walked around in front of the mountain, continuously sniffing. Ling Chen also stepped closer and knocked on the mountain, seeing if there was anything hidden.

After sniffing around for a long time, Xiao Hui stopped at a place facing south. After looking up and staring at the mountain for a few moments, he took a few steps back, then ran forwards and jumped, using his horn to ram into a certain rock.

Xiao Hui’s horn crashed into the rock with a ‘bang’, and the horn glowed… Xiao Hui was sent flying back, and landed on his back. He got back up with great difficulty, and used his right paw to rub his horn as he cried out with a “wuu wuu” sound.

“Are you alright, Xiao Hui? Is there something hidden here?” Ling Chen reached out to the place that Xiao Hui had hit. Suddenly, clacking sounds, like those of gears turning, sounded out. The mountain face in front of them suddenly started to move. A portion of the mountain face that was five meters in height and length started to move upwards, then to the side.

A tunnel started to appear in front of Ling Chen.

After half a minute, the mountain face stopped moving, and a five meter wide tunnel appeared.

This was… a hidden mechanism?

Ling Chen was blown away. The noise from just then was probably the sound of metal gears grinding together, which meant that a mechanism controlled the opening of this tunnel. A five meter high, five meter wide and half a meter thick stone slab would be incredibly heavy, and yet this mechanism could move it. Moreover, the entrance was perfectly camouflaged; before it moved, it was impossible to tell that this stone slab was actually a large door. This sort of thing was definitely not something created by nature; to be able to create such a thing in this world was astonishing.

Ling Chen did not immediately enter the tunnel. Perhaps there was danger inside, so he had to make sufficient preparations.

After killing hundreds of Rock Devils and the Mountain Giant, as well as receiving the reward from the first kill of a Heaven’s End grade Boss, Ling Chen had 58,350SP. This was enough to level up many of his skills. Before entering this mysterious tunnel, he decided to level up his skills, so as to increase his survivability.

Although 50,000 was quite a lot of SP, Ling Chen’s skills were all extremely powerful, and all required much SP to level up. Lucky Hand required 300,000SP to level up and Soul Demise required 100,000SP. The 50,000SP he had was simply not enough to level them up. After thinking for a while, Ling Chen levelled up Ling Tian Slash and Ling Tian Burst, the 2 skills he used the most, to their max level.

[Ling Tian Slash]: LV7 – 1,600→ LV8 – 2,200→ LV9 – 3,000→ LV10。

[Ling Tian Burst]: LV6 – 1,000→ LV7 – 1,600→ LV8 – 2,200→ LV9 - 3000→ LV10。

[Ling Tian Slash]: Current level: LV10, max level. Automatically upgrades after upgrading profession. Using the weapon in the hand to attack a single enemy, suddenly releasing the strength of the battle soul the instant you hit the enemy dealing devastating damage towards the opponent. Effect: Single target attack, damage is equal to 300% of regular attacks, critical hit chance+18%, 7% chance of stunning for 3-5 seconds, very big chance of pushing back the target, MP Consumption: 25, Cooldown Time: 0.

[Ling Tian Burst]: Current Level: LV10, max level. Automatically upgrades after upgrading profession. Pouring the battle soul power into the weapon and instantly releasing it when slashing forward creates a power explosion in a small area, attacking all targets in a 7 meter area in front, damage is equal to 200% of regular attacks, MP Consumption: 35, Cooldown Time: 0.

After spending 14,600SP, and hearing continuous system announcements, both the Ling Tian Slash and Ling Tian Burst became max level. Their damage, range, and effects all reached their maximum. Soon after, the Four Corners Star Formation also rose to max level.

Four Corners Star Formation: LV6 – 2,200→ LV7 – 3,000→ LV8 - 4000→ LV9 – 5,200→ LV10。

Four Corners Star Formation: Current Level: LV10, max level. Automatically upgrades after upgrading profession. Using the power of the battle soul to sweep the surroundings, it instantly forms a formation of destruction in a 15 meter radius around yourself. The raging battle soul power will deal devastating damage towards all targets within the formation. Damage is equal to 800% of regular damage, Critical Hit Rate+20%, 100% chance to trigger knock back, MP Consumption: 160, Cooldown Time: 60 seconds.

The max levelled Four Corners Star Formation had a range of 15 metres, and dealt an astonishing 800% damage. As expected from one of the most powerful techniques of the War God. Levelling the Four Corners Star Formation to max level took 14,400SP, leaving Ling Chen with 29,350SP. Ling Chen spent the rest of it on some of his most powerful Passive Abilities.

[Heaven Wind Technique]: LV5 – 5,000→ LV6

[War God Technique]: LV4 – 5,000→ LV5 – 6,600→ LV6

[Feng Chen Technique]: LV3 – 2,600→ LV4 – 3,800→ LV5 - 5000→ LV6

[Heaven Wind Technique]: Current Level: LV6, Highest Level: LV10. SP to Upgrade to LV7: 6,600SP. Ancient battle technique, after practice it can greatly increase the ability to control any weapon. Effect: When using any weapon, damage dealt is increased by 30%. Effect does not stack with other weapon proficiency skills.

[War God Technique]: Current Level: LV6, Highest Level, LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV7: 8,500SP. Powerful battle technique originating from War God’s soul force, after practise can greatly increase personal attack strength permanently. Effect: Strength increases by 6*X points, physical attack strength increased by 14*X (X=Current level).

[Feng Chen Technique]: Current level: LV6, Highest level: LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV7: 6,600. A technique unique to the Feng Chen Sect. After cultivating, the user’s body will become incredibly light and nimble, as if they are riding on a gentle breeze. It is said that when cultivated to the peak, the user can use the winds to walk in the sky and even falling from a cliff will not hurt them at all. Effects: Movement Speed+60, Evasion+60%, can decrease falling speed by up to 60% (can be controlled).

Apart from the Item Manipulation Technique, all of Ling Chen’s techniques reached LV6. Now, he only had 1,350SP remaining. Currently, all of Ling Chen’s attack skills were max level, and all of his Passive Abilities were nearing max level. All of this was because of the gifts from the Heaven’s End grade Boss. After making sure he was completely prepared, Ling Chen stepped into the tunnel.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Ling Chen’s footsteps in the tunnel sounded incredibly clear. It was extremely quiet, and apart from himself, there were no other creatures. Ling Chen looked back towards the entrance. There were thick metal strips criss-crossing, and hundreds of metal gears. They were arranged in an incredibly complex manner, and Ling Chen felt his head spinning as he looked at them. Waves of shock crashed within his heart… these metal strips and gears opened that incredibly heavy stone door? That stone door was thousands of kilograms heavy. Who made such a mechanism…

After quietly walking forwards for a while, Ling Chen saw two lights hanging from the stone walls. The lights were spherical, and were about as large as fists. They emitted a warm light that felt comfortable to look at. Ling Chen stared at the lights for a while… the feeling they gave him was like the lights of the real world!

At least, he had never seen these types of lights in the Azure Dragon City, or at any other towns or cities. Under the illumination from the lights, Ling Chen found that the walls of the tunnel were incredibly smooth, as if every inch of them had been carefully polished. Evidently, this tunnel was created by the race that lived here. Normally, these sorts of constructions would be quite crude, with the walls uneven and left unadorned. However, this tunnel was extremely wide, and made with extremely high craftsmanship. Much time and effort had been spent in constructing it.

Who had built this tunnel? What sort of beings were the members of this mysterious race?

The tunnel was extremely long, and after walking for a hundred metres or so, the tunnel widened up and merged with a stone room. The stone room was round, and was 30 metres in diameter. Within the stone room were many rotating mechanisms… that’s right, they were all mechanisms! They were all spinning and rotating while letting out calm whirring and buzzing sounds.

“So it’s them. The only ones who can make mechanisms that other people can’t even comprehend is that race.”

While Ling Chen stared in shock, Qi Yue spoke, her voice full of sympathy, “Back then, this race was forced into hiding, and has never appeared ever since. They’ve been more or less forgotten by the rest of the races, and some even believed that they went extinct. Who would have thought that little master would find them… over these past 10,000 years, if this race didn’t go into hiding, with their talent, wisdom and skills, the technology in Mystic Moon would have been thousands of years more advanced.”