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Chapter 387: The Dwarf Clan

The Dwarf Clan

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Hearing Qi Yue’s words, Ling Chen did not reply. After looking around for a bit, he continued onwards. Combined with what the Mountain Giant had said previously, he could pretty much confirm what race this was. However, this sort of coincidence was a bit too shocking. Not too long ago, he had found the Fairy Clan, which had been sealed off from the rest of the world. And now, he had entered the place that this race had hidden themselves away in… it was simply too coincidental. They had been in hiding for more than 10,000 years, and no one had found them. And yet, he had discovered them in such a short period of time.

Ling Chen walked onwards, and after walking for a while, he saw another stone room. It was different to the previous one, as it was completely silent inside, and there were 10 or so stone tables, as well as stone chairs. As Ling Chen walked forwards, a figure rushed over to him.

This figure looked like a human, but he was incredibly short – only 1 metre tall. He was quite skinny, had messy hair, but had a large head. His skin was black, and was wearing incredibly tattered clothing. His body emanated a burnt smell.

Ling Chen nearly bumped into this small person. They stared at each other in surprise, and after a few seconds, the small person suddenly jumped back and yelled out, “Y-y-you!! Who are you? How did you get in? Save me! There are outsiders here!”

Although this person was quite short, but his voice was incredibly loud. This shout brought about effects like a wasp’s nest being poked, and the peaceful stone room erupted into chaos. 10 or so small people rushed in, standing at a distance from Ling Chen. They stared at him with shock and fright, as if he was some sort of monster… this race had hidden themselves away for over 10,000 years, so they had probably had never seen an outsider before. To them, Ling Chen was like an alien.

Seeing these 10 or so people, the tallest of whom was 1.2 metres tall, and had black skin and tough-looking bodies, Ling Chen’s suspicions were confirmed.

“I knew it! It’s the Dwarves! What a great surprise.” Qi Yue’s words reinforced what Ling Chen was already thinking. However, she immediately muttered, “Weird, the Dwarves are short, but they shouldn’t be so skinny and weak-looking. Rather, they should be muscular and well-built. Why do they look like this?”

From the legends Ling Chen heard, the Dwarves were an intelligent, proud, kind and hardworking race. They were talented blacksmiths and engineers, and were unparalleled in forging. However, it was because of their intelligence and talents that they had suffered catastrophes… in the ancient eras, when the Mystic Moon was in an age of war, equipment was often an important factor in determining victory. Large numbers of Dwarves were kidnapped and imprisoned, and forced to create weapons and equipment… and the humans had taken part in this as well. Because the Dwarves lacked any talent in fighting, they were powerless in front of humans. Human greed and wickedness was openly displayed to the Dwarves…

In the end, the Dwarf Clan decided to hide themselves away in a place that no one else could find. The wickedness of the humans was a key factor in making this decision. Because they seemingly disappeared from the world, all these years, no Mysterious God grade equipment, or even Heaven’s End grade equipment appeared in the world.

“Hello, Dwarf friends.” Naturally, Ling Chen was the one to greet them first. He greeted them as if he was casually saying hello to an acquaintance.

Ling Chen had been shocked when discovering the Dwarves, but the Dwarves were absolutely terrified upon seeing Ling Chen. After all these years, no outsiders had set foot in this place before.

“He’s… a human!!” One of the Dwarves yelled as he pointed at Ling Chen.

The rest of the Dwarves all gaped. The person in front of them looked exactly like the records of humans they had. Their records said that humans were incredibly greedy and evil creatures, and had wanted to enslave the entire Dwarf Clan. And now, a human had entered their safe haven, meaning that their peaceful days were over! They were all doomed! The Dwarf Clan was going to be sent into chaos once again.

“Humans… humans have found us!” Another Dwarf yelled.

“Quick! Go and tell the Chief!” The Dwarves all picked up iron clubs, with fear and apprehension written all over their faces. Evidently, they weren’t very confident in fighting, and didn’t have much experience either. Their actions were simply based on their natural instinct.

Ling Chen stood where he was, and did not get any closer. He had expected the Dwarves to react in this way- after living in peace for over 10,000 years, seeing an outsider was sure to send the entire clan into uproar. Just as he was wondering what he should do to calm them down, a loud and strong voice sounded out, “Everyone, don’t panic. He’s a visitor sent here by our guardian god.”

As soon as the voice sounded out, the rest of the Dwarves fell silent. The crowd parted, and an old Dwarf with white hair and beard, wearing a black robe and holding a walking stick walked in. While walking forwards, he observed Ling Chen calmly, not revealing any of the shock the other Dwarves had. The Dwarves all respectfully stood to the side as he passed by.

The elderly Dwarf stopped about 5 metres away from Ling Chen, saying, ‘Greetings, visitor from the outside world. I am the Dwarf Clan’s current Chief, Dilo. Although you came in uninvited, we still welcome you here.”

Although the Dwarf Chief’s hair was white, his eyes were clear and focused, and full of intelligence. Ling Chen nodded and politely replied, “Hello, Dwarf Chief Dilo. My name is Ling Tian. I apologise for disturbing your peace.”

“You are the first visitor we’ve had in 10,000 years. Since our guardian god allowed you to come here, I’m sure you don’t have any ill intentions.” Dilo calmly said.

The guardian god he was referring to was the Mountain Giant. So it seemed that the Dwarf Clan knew about the Mountain Giant, and the Mountain Giant had somehow told the Dwarf Chief about him. Thinking to here, Ling Chen said, “Dwarf friends, please don’t worry. I don’t have any ill intentions, and unless you all agree, I won’t tell anyone about you.”

Hearing that Ling Chen was a visitor sent by their “guardian god”, the worried Dwarves were able to relax a bit. Their trust in and reliance on the Mountain Giant was evident.

“Well then, human friend, why have you come here?” Dilo asked.

“I’m here to look for something.” Ling Chen truthfully replied.

“Look for something?” Dwarf Chief Dilo frowned, “What are you looking for?”

Ling Chen thought for a moment before replying, “An orb. I don’t know its name, but it’s within a palace here. If you can let me go there, I should be able to find it immediately.”

“I am sorry, visitor from the outside world, but I cannot fulfil your request.” Hearing Ling Chen’s words, Dwarf Chief Dilo immediately shook his head, “The palace is our Dwarf Clan’s holiest place. Our ancestors said that unless they are a close friend of our race, we cannot let any outsiders in. Moreover, all of the items in the palace are incredibly precious; even members of our race cannot casually take them away.”

Ling Chen: “……”

Just as Ling Chen was about to speak, Qi Yue suddenly spoke, “Hehe, little master, don’t worry. Let me tell you a secret about the Dwarf Clan.”

“What secret?”

“Does little master know… the two things the Dwarves love?”


“One is forging. Every single Dwarf is obsessed with creating high level and high grade items. They have exceptional talent, but often lack high quality materials. If they had high quality materials, they would become delirious with joy, and forget about all their rules and morals. As long as they can obtain high quality materials and use them in their forging, the pleasure they receive is similar to what you humans receive from climaxing.”

Ling Chen: “……”

After hearing Qi Yue’s words, Ling Chen knew what he should do. High quality materials… he had found quite a few materials because of Xiao Hui, but he wasn’t sure if they were high quality.

“Ahem,” Ling Chen cleared his throat as he sincerely said, “Chief Dilo, don’t worry, I won’t force you to do anything. I came in full earnestness to become your Dwarf Clan’s close friend.”

As he spoke, Ling Chen reached into his bag and took out two stones.

The two stones were extremely beautiful, and let out rainbow coloured light. The instant Ling Chen took them out, all of the Dwarves stared at them, unable to shift their eyes away.

“This light… this feeling… this is… this is the Rainbow Agate! The Rainbow Agate that only appears in 1 of 300,000 normal Agate! This Agate can be used to make the world’s most beautiful decorations and jewellery!” One of the Dwarves madly eyed the Rainbow Agate as he yelled with a voice full of passion.

This voice seemed to awaken something within all of the Dwarves, and they all rushed in front of Ling Chen, staring at the stones in his hands. Some Dwarves were even drooling, and even Dwarf Chief Dilo’s eyes lit up.

Just a Rainbow Agate made them react like this? Ling Chen grinned. Out of all of the things Xiao Hui had found, the Rainbow Agate was probably of the least value. Ling Chen put away the Rainbow Agate, and took out the Spatial Stone that he had used to escape out of the Lunar Sky Hell with.


The moment Ling Chen took out the Spatial Stone, the Dwarves reacted as if they had been struck by lightning. These Dwarves who were geniuses at forging and recognised almost every material in the world instantly recognised what it was.

“Oh my god! A Spatial Stone! That’s a Spatial Stone!”

“That mysterious Spatial power, that delicious smell… that’s it! That’s the Spatial Stone I’ve been dreaming of! I actually got to see a real Spatial Stone!”

Seeing the Spatial Stone, all of the Dwarves became like little children, fighting to squeeze closer to it.

Ling Chen put away the Spatial Stone after a few seconds, then took out the Mysterious Red Sun Gold. The faint golden light shone into every Dwarf’s eyes.

It seemed as if time stopped. Every Dwarf’s eyes widened to comical proportions, and their eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets. Their gazes were filled with disbelief and shock, as well as madness.

“Mysterious… Mysterious Red Sun Gold!!”

The trembling voice came from Dwarf Chief Dilo. His entire body was shaking, and the trembling in his voice was obvious.

Hearing his voice, the Dwarves all went out of control.

One Dwarf charged over to Ling Chen with an incredible speed, and knelt in front of him. He hugged Ling Chen’s legs as he cried out, “Mysterious Red Sun Gold! Mysterious Red Sun Gold!! If you give it to me to forge… I’ll do anything for you. I’ll serve you as my master!!”

“No! Human friend, give it to me, give it to me! My forging abilities are the best here… if you’re willing to give that Mysterious Red Sun Gold to me, I’ll use it to create any equipment for you for free. I’ll even provide all of the other materials required… trust me!! You have to choose me…”

“If you’re willing to let me forge it, I’ll become your personal Blacksmith in future. I’ll do anything you want…”

“Get out of the way, get out of the way… Ahhhh!! Human friend, my respect and awe towards you know no limits. If you’re willing to let me forge that Mysterious Red Sun Gold, you’ll be my father~~~” ………………

Ling Chen: “!@#$%.....”

The Dwarves lost all of their self-control upon seeing the Mysterious Run Sun Gold. All of them were staring at him with delirious eyes. The Dwarves’ obsession with high quality materials was far greater than he had expected.

“Shut up! All of you shut up! Do you have no shame? Stop embarrassing yourselves!” Dwarf Chief Dilo roared. After yelling out FIVE times, the Dwarves finally calmed down, but they continued to stare fixatedly at the Mysterious Red Sun Gold in Ling Chen’s hands.

After everyone settled down, Dwarf Chief Dilo walked up to Ling Chen, and looked at him intently, causing goosebumps to rise up on Ling Chen’s skin. After a while, he finally spoke, “Friend! Human friend! You are indeed our Dwarf Clan’s closest friend. If you want, you can enter the palace at any time… ahhh no, no, I’ll take you right now.”

Ling Chen, “……”