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Chapter 390: The Dwarves’ Mysterious God Grade Equipment

The Dwarves’ Mysterious God Grade Equipment

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“Then why don’t you leave this place? I’m sure your clan isn’t happy to have to fall to such a state,” Ling Chen said.

“No! We definitely can’t leave here!” Dilo and Dita yelled out simultaneously. Their reactions were much more intense than what Ling Chen had anticipated. Dwarf Chief Dilo seriously and earnestly said, “This was a command left behind by our ancestors. We can not disobey it no matter what.”

The seriousness and decisiveness of Dilo and Dita left Ling Chen shocked. He replied, “Chief Dilo, Elder Dita, I feel quite worried for the Dwarf Clan. You aren’t able to fully develop your talents here, and nor can you obtain what you desire. I’m sure none of you like this feeling. Furthermore, there seems to be a lack of food here, which has caused many Dwarves to die of starvation. If you rejoin the outside world, you will be able to obtain many high quality materials, allowing you to create high quality equipment again, and food will never be a problem… why are you so adamant in staying here?”

“No! We can’t leave this place,” Dwarf Chief Dilo continued to shake his head, “I understand everything that you’re saying. Indeed, we want to leave, but if not for all of the hardships and suffering our ancestors went through, which forced them into despair, why would they have hidden themselves away in a place like this?

“Our Dwarf Clan is talented in forging and engineering, but we have no battle power. As such, our talents have become a curse to us. Back then, countless ancestors were captured and made into slaves. They were taken to a terrifying place and those ugly and evil demons forced them to forge equipment day and night. They had no freedom or dignity, and were not given any time to rest. If they rested or worked slowly, they would be harshly punished. The ancestors had no way of fighting back, because their families were often being held captive as well… countless ancestors were tortured and worked to death…

“In the end, even the humans, who we thought were our friends, wanted to make us their slaves to make them equipment… our ancestors completely lost faith in the other races, and decided to hide away… forever. Although we are severely limited in this place, and are lacking in food, but at least we have freedom. We don’t need to worry about being forced to forge day and night. At least this way, we won’t have to live in pain and despair. You humans… are unable to understand these things.”

Ling Chen fell silent… he wanted to tell them that the Demon Beast Clan had already been exterminated, and the Forgotten Continent was in an age of peace. He wanted to tell them that the things from back then definitely couldn’t happen again, and that if the Dwarves appeared, they would be revered by all other races… however, seeing the determination and anger in Dilo and Dita, he simply couldn’t say those words. After all, the Dwarf Clan had hidden themselves away for 10,00 years! 10,000 years was enough for them to ground the idea of them living here permanently deeply into their minds. Continuing to try to convince them would only anger them even further.

“However, although we can’t leave here, that doesn’t mean we don’t have any high quality equipment in our clan. Our ancestors left behind many priceless treasures.”

After speaking, Dita’s face lit up with a strange smile. He pointed towards the centre of the palace, where there was a display stand with 3 levels. There was a piece of equipment on the top, middle and bottom levels. Although there was only one piece of equipment on each level of the display stand, they were all especially eye-catching and surrounded by a thick, glass-like material.

They were placed facing the doors of the palace, and were at the exact center of the palace. Ling Chen walked over, and looked at the things placed there. The lowest level had a small ring, which released a faint purple glow. The middle level contained a scroll, which looked like a normal teleport scroll. The top level had a Magic Staff. It was a Short Staff, and was no longer than a human adult’s arm. It was pure white, as if it was sculpted from pure white jade. It looked quite like a jade flute, and white motes of light floated around it, making it seem especially beautiful and holy.

Their grades…

The ring on the bottom level: Celestial grade!

[Tulip Ring]: Type: Ring, Grade: Celestial, Equipment Requirements: Luck greater than 10. A small ring made from unknown materials. It lets out a purple glow, as well as the fragrance of tulips. It is said that its fragrance can continuously keep a person in high spirits.

Effects: Increases duration of buffs by 30%, and decreases duration of debuffs by 30%.

This Celestial grade Ring truly deserved its Celestial grade status! Ling Chen almost started drooling when looking at it. Celestial grade jewellery was much more valuable than other Celestial grade equipment. This Tulip Ring could be used by any profession; however, its Luck requirement was quite difficult to satisfy… there would be practically no players who could equip it, except Ling Chen.

The scroll on the middle level: Heaven’s End grade!

[World Boundary Scroll]: A Heaven’s End grade Scroll that has been infused with the Spatial power from a Spatial Stone. It allows the user to ignore World Boundaries, allowing them to teleport to any City in any Region. Can be used twice.

Although it was not a piece of equipment, this scroll was simply incredible. This scroll, which ignored World Boundaries, was probably the most powerful teleportation item in the entire game. It had to be known that the barrier that sealed the Fairy Clan was like a soap bubble compared to World Boundaries.

The Magic Staff on the top level: Mysterious God grade!

[The Kindest Staff of Blessing- Forgiveness]: Type: Short Staff, Grade: Mysterious God. Equipment Requirements: Magicians above LV80 (Elementalists, Priests, Summoners). A Staff created by integrating 19 Light Stones into a Staff of Blessing forged from a Pegasus’ Soul Heart. It contains boundless Holy energy, and causes light to flourish, the kind to be protected, darkness to be dispelled, and evil to be vanquished.

Stats: Magic Attack Power+5,050, Spirit+220, Constitution+90, HP+1,000, MP+2,000, Light element Resistance+25%, MP Consumption-30%.

Bonus Skills:

[Blessing of Light]: Passive Ability, all healing skills’ effects and range increased by 100%, Cooldown Time shortened by 30%.

[Barrier of Light]: Uses the Blessing Light to create a barrier of light around the caster. Nullifies all Magic Damage, and reduces Physical Damage by 50%. Darkness element creatures within 30 metres of the Barrier of Light will receive heavy damage. Effects last for 30 minutes, costs 1,800MP, Cooldown Time: 30 minutes.

[Song of Forgiveness]: Restores all targets within 500 metres to full HP and MP, and cancels out all debuffs, as well as resets all Cooldown Times. Targets also recover 50% of their HP and MP per second for the next 3 minutes, and become immune to all debuffs. Costs 12,000MP, Cooldown Time: 24 hours.

This was the first Mysterious God grade equipment Ling Chen had seen in the Mystic Moon world… the stats and skills it gave were so overpowered that they were suffocating. Compared to this Mysterious God grade weapon, all of Ling Chen’s equipment combined seemed incredibly weak and insignificant.

Elder Dita went up, and said emotively as he stared at the white Magic Staff, “This Staff of Forgiveness was left for us by our ancestors. Back then, our ancestors created this Magic Staff for the Moon God Representative that oversaw the Forgotten Continent… the Forgotten Continent Goddess. However, even when we were facing catastrophe, the Moon God Clan did not help at all. As such, our ancestors, in their disappointment, decided against giving it to the Moon God Clan, and brought our clan to this place. However, the only things that still serve to evidence our clan’s talents in forging are these 3 items. We once had countless great creations, but most of them were stolen by the wicked demons. And now, only this Staff of Forgiveness serves as proof of our golden times. To us, it is almost something to be worshipped.”

There were many Gold grade equipment here, but even if they were added together, they simply couldn’t compare to the Mysterious God grade Staff. This Staff was powerful enough to break the game.

This Staff, which boosted healing skills, and had strong protection skills greatly suited… Ruo Ruo.

Evidently, this Mysterious God grade Staff was already like a god to the Dwarves. They definitely wouldn’t allow anyone touch it, let alone take it away. Those powerful stats caused Ling Chen’s blood to boil, but he dispelled all thoughts of trying to take it away, at least for now. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “No less than expected from the Dwarf Clan- this Mysterious God grade weapon is simply incomparable and exquisite!”

“That’s right! We’re the only clan that can create Saint Destroyer weapons. If our ancestors could do it, so can we!” Dwarf Chief Dilo walked up in front of Ling Chen, as his eyes started to burn with desire, “What we lack isn’t the ability… but the materials! For example… the Mysterious Red Sun Gold you have!”

The words “Mysterious Red Sun Gold” caused Elder Dita’s body to tremble. He shot over to Ling Chen’s other side at an astonishing speed as he excitedly said, “The Mysterious Red Sun Gold is a holy metal! Even a piece as big as a grain has enough energy to destroy the heavens and the earth. The Mysterious Red Sun Gold can only bring danger to you humans; there aren’t any humans who are able to forge it. Only we… only we can turn it into a core for a powerful weapon! With some other materials, we’ll be able to create a Heaven’s End or Mysterious God grade weapon! So, esteemed visitor, if you really have Mysterious Red Sun Gold on you, please give it to us… don’t worry, we won’t keep any of it- we will use it, as well as all of our strength and knowledge, to create an incredibly strong piece of equipment for you! Anything of your choosing!

Elder Dita and Dwarf Chief Dilo flanked him on either side, staring at him with fire burning in their eyes. Their voices were incredibly sincere, afraid that he wouldn’t agree.