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Chapter 391: Virgo Orb

Virgo Orb

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Back when Ling Chen had obtained the Mysterious Red Sun Gold, Qi Yue had told him that it could be used to forge equipment, but only the Dwarves were capable of doing so. Even the best human Blacksmith would only be able to sigh at his incapability to forge it. As such, even if Dilo and Dita didn’t request for it, he would have asked them to forge something out of it. After all, to him, the Mysterious Red Sun Gold was just a piece of scrap metal if it couldn’t be used.

However, seeing their excitement, Ling Chen knew he couldn’t give in so easily.

Ling Chen pretended that he was feeling quite conflicted, as if he was making an incredibly tough decision. Seeing him like this, Dilo and Dita both felt incredibly nervous, and didn’t dare to make a sound. After a while, Ling Chen gave a heavy sigh and gritted his teeth as he said, “Alright, being able to find you guys like this means we were fated to meet. I know that you have spent your whole lives desiring for high quality materials, so I’ll let you forge it.”

“Awesome… awesome!!”

Hearing Ling Chen’s reply, Dilo and Dita were so moved that their bodies trembled, and they almost burst into tears. When Ling Chen took out the Mysterious Red Sun Gold, whether it was Dwarf Chief Dilo, who had already seen it, or Elder Dita, their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

“That’s right… this colour… this feeling.. this density of energy… that’s it! That’s it! This is the Mysterious Red Sun Gold, which our ancestors called a holy metal!” Elder Dita passionately yelled. He was staring so intensely that he didn’t even blink, as he said, “In the ancient times, the Golden Crow created Mysterious Red Sun Gold by refining the bodies of True Gods with its Sun Flames. It is something that gods and demons all desire for. In our records, our Progenitor left behind these words: “Being unable to touch Mysterious Red Sun Gold in my lifetime is one of my biggest regrets.” I never thought that we would be able to see this holy metal… and such a big piece!”

The piece of Mysterious Red Sun Gold that Ling Chen had was about as big as a soccer ball. As he spoke, Elder Dita started to weep. Seeing the Mysterious Red Sun Gold, the floodgates to Dilo and Dita’s emotions opened. Just as they were about to touch it, Ling Chen took a step back, and put the Mysterious Red Sun Gold away as he calmly said, “However, before giving you the Mysterious Red Sun Gold, I hope you can agree to a request of mine.”

They had only been three centimetres away from touching the Mysterious Red Sun Gold, and seeing it suddenly disappear, Dilo and Dita nearly howled. They immediately nodded, “Sure… sure… we’ll agree to anything… as long as it doesn’t conflict with our morals or principles.”

Luckily, they still had some sense left in them, and didn’t rashly agree to absolutely anything.

Ling Chen nodded, and said, “I told Chief Dilo that I came here to look for something. I hope that you won’t prevent me from taking that thing away when I find it. It’s that simple.”

Dilo and Dita looked at each other, and simultaneously nodded. Dwarf Chief Dilo said, “Indeed, you said that the thing you’re looking for is in the palace. Apart from the three things in the centre of the palace, especially the Staff, you can take anything you want.”

“Alright. Don’t worry, the thing I’m looking for isn’t one of those three treasures. Here, I’ll give this Mysterious Red Sun Gold to you to forge.”

After speaking, Ling Chen immediately took out the Mysterious Red Sun Gold and gave it to Dwarf Chief Dilo.

Hearing that it wasn’t one of the 3 treasures left behind by their ancestors, Dilo and Dita calmed down. Seeing Ling Chen directly hand over the Mysterious Red Sun Gold like this, they were both quite shocked. Dwarf Chief Dilo almost didn’t dare to hold it, and he stuttered, “Are… are you really giving it to us now? You’re not afraid that we’ll steal it? Or go back on our word?”

“Haha!” Ling Chen laughed, “Chief Dilo must be joking. I know the Dwarf Clan is not only intelligent, but proud. I’m sure you wouldn’t do such a thing. As such, I trust you, and I hope you trust me too.”

Ling Chen’s words deeply moved Dilo and Dita. As the saying went, “actions speak louder than words”. Dilo and Dita furiously wiped their hands on their clothes, then carefully received the Mysterious Red Sun Gold from Ling Chen. The instant their hands touched the Mysterious Red Sun Gold, they closed their eyes, revealing expressions of bliss and satisfaction.

“Mysterious Red Sun Gold… Mysterious Red Sun Gold… oh, Mysterious Red Sun Gold…”

Dilo and Dita muttered its name again and again as they stroked it, afraid that they were in a dream.

This piece of Mysterious Red Sun Gold caused Dilo and Dita to become lost in their own world. Ling Chen ignored them, and started to search the palace. The palace Su’Er referred to was definitely this one. That meant as long as he searched every inch of this palace, he would definitely be able to find the orb.

Ling Chen started from the centre, and walked around, scanning every bit of the palace. Just as he walked a few paces away from the centre, he felt that he stepped on something poking out from the ground.

Ling Chen looked down, and saw that the part of the ground where he had stepped on looked slightly different to the ground around it. Upon carefully examining it, he found that it seemed that something had been buried in the ground, and only a small part of it was sticking out. Ling Chen’s eyes widened, and he immediately squatted down.

The thing stuck in the ground was flat on either side, and seemed to be quite sharp. Its end seemed to be broken off from something else, which left its end jagged… it looked like a part of a broken sword. It was black, with a hint of red- the redness of dried blood.

Wait… could this be…

Ling Chen felt that this object’s shape, colour and feeling were all quite familiar. He tried to take it out of the ground, but his hand could find no purchase on it. Finally, he gave up, and had a look at its information:

[Shura Emperor Sword Shard 3]: …

He was right!

It was another shard of the Shura Emperor Sword that the Shura had used 10,000 years ago to kill countless creatures!

By now, Dilo and Dita had somewhat calmed down, and walked over. Ling Chen looked up and asked, “Chief Dilo, where did you find this thing?”

“Eh? This is… oh! This is something our Progenitors left behind. There’s a record of it in our clan records. Our Progenitors found it near here, and said it’s incredibly heavy. The records say that although it’s a broken shard from a sword, the energy inside it has been sealed, so it cannot leak out. Moreover, the energy inside seems to be quite terrifying; the Progenitors tried to extract the energy from within it, but failed every time… during that period of time, they would experience terrifying nightmares depicting rivers flowing with blood. From then on, our Progenitors never tried to do anything to it, and warned everyone else not to try anything. As such, it was put here and forgotten… oh! Could it be that this is what you’re looking for?”

“No, it’s not, but… if I find all of the shards of this sword, would you be able to reforge it into a whole sword again?” Ling Chen asked.

Dilo and Dita thought for a while, before shaking their heads, “It’s probably not possible. For the energy within it to not disperse even after being broken, this isn’t a normal sword. It’s definitely at least Heaven’s End grade. However, if we want to completely reforge it, we need to combine all of the energy within the shards. Our great Progenitors were not able to extract the energy of even 1 shard, so combining the energy of all of the shards would be impossible. The energy in the shards are either sealed by something, or is in a deep sleep. As such, even if you find all the shards, reforging them as a sword requires a method to open the seal, to allow the energy from the shards to once again combine.”

“So it’s like that.” Ling Chen said. If even the Dwarves said they couldn’t do it, it was probably impossible. However, even if he could find all the shards and reforge it into a sword, what then? The Shura Emperor Sword was the Shura’s sword, and so could probably only be used by the Shura. No other creatures had the right to use it.

However, Ling Chen could feel a burning desire with him to make it whole again, which stemmed from his curiosity towards the legend. He still remembered the words the War God had said at the War God Trial Ground:

“As you can see, this is a shard of a broken sword. The sword that it belongs to is called the ‘Shura Emperor Sword’; I’m sure you definitely have not heard of this name before. In this day and age, there shouldn’t be that many people who still remember this name. This sword was once the strongest sword, and shook the world. The amount of life that this sword has taken… is something you cannot imagine. The reason it was able to grow to become the strongest sword is because it drank too much, too much blood. That amount is enough to make even True Gods deeply tremble. And this strongest sword belonged to history’s strongest person. His strength was something unfathomable. Although at that time, he was not a human anymore, but he still had his human nature… His name was… Shura.”

The strongest sword… just how strong was it…?

“Although it’s not what I’m looking for, I’m quite interested in it. Can I take it away as well? Of course, I won’t take it for free. I’ll give you my Spatial Stone to forge as well.” Ling Chen said as he gave the Spatial Stone to Dilo and Dita.

A piece of useless metal that had nearly been forgotten by their clan had given them the opportunity to forge a Spatial Stone. This was the deal of a lifetime! Dilo and Dita smiled so widely that their mouths were about to split, and immediately nodded, “No problem! No problem at all! Dita and I will immediately dig it out for you.”

After speaking, Dilo and Dita personally started to dig out the Shura Emperor Sword Shard. Every shard was incredibly heavy, and this shard was buried deeply into the ground. It would take much effort to take it out, but the two old men were enthusiastically working at it.

Ling Chen continued to look around the palace; he was sure that the orb was in there.

After walking 10 steps or so, the four orbs in the Lunar Scourge started to glow.

“The God Orbs are reacting! There’s another God Orb within 3 metres!”

As soon as the Lunar Scourge reacted, Qi Yue yelled out, causing Ling Chen’s excitement to build. He stood there, trying to detect it. If he could find it, this would be the first time he had obtained an orb by himself… of course, Su’Er played a significant role as well. In future, he would have much more confidence in finding the other orbs with Su’Er’s help. This would also demonstrate that the Heaven’s Secrets Sect was the real deal… which was incredible! With Su’Er’s growing abilities, he would no longer have to run around aimlessly while looking for the orbs, and finding all of the orbs within a short period of time would no longer be a dream!

10 or so seconds later, Ling Chen opened his eyes, squatted down and stretched out his arm towards a small gap between two display stands. When he took his arm back, there was an orb in his hand, with a symbol that looked like an “m” combined with a “q”.

“The Virgo Orb! Great, you found another one!” Qi Yue yelled happily.

Virgo Orb? Ling Chen couldn’t help but smile. Before, he had wanted to collect the orbs to become stronger. However, he now saw these orbs completely differently. Although everyone wants to become strong, it would not be a necessity. But now, to Ling Chen, these orbs were the things that he needed to obtain even if it was at any cost. Holding the Mysterious God grade orb that he had just obtained, Ling Chen felt that he had come a step closer to the day Ruo Ruo could be woken up again…

[Virgo Orb]: Energy Orb, Grade: Mysterious God, Attributes: None. Equipment Requirements: Can only be slotted in the Lunar Scourge. Effects: HP+150%, MP+150%.