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Chapter 393: Flatbread! The flatbread of the legends!

Flatbread! The flatbread of the legends!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

“1000? Finished by tomorrow midday? And they can really teleport you to any place you’ve been in the past?” Ling Chen was flabbergasted. In the virtual game world, the most efficient method of transport was teleport scrolls. However, teleport scrolls could only take a player back to a set city or town. They would have to walk or ride to their destination if it was outside the city or town. Sometimes, players would have to teleport to a town, and then walk for up to a day to get somewhere. Most of the time, strong mobs and Bosses were found in remote locations. If one died while fighting, it would be almost impossible to immediately return to the place and continue fighting after they respawned. Currently, if Ling Chen wanted to go back to Peace Town and come back, it would take him over 10 hours of continuous riding on the Cloud Stepping Mare.

However, the “Spatial Orbs” could allow him to casually teleport to a place he had been to in the past… him having been there before was the only requirement! This was a godly item! Moreover, they could produce so many of them with just this 1 Spatial Stone.

“That’s right, that’s right!” Elder Dita enthusiastically replied, “Creating Spatial Orbs are very simple; it’s just that Spatial Stones are much too rare. With such a large Spatial Stone, creating 1,000 or so Spatial Orbs will be a piece of cake. However, Spatial Orbs have their restrictions. For example, like teleport scrolls, they cannot be used while in battle or while bound. Moreover, you can’t use it to teleport through World Boundaries… that includes those places called ‘Novice Villages’. Even if you are able to go over there, you won’t be able to use the Spatial Orb to return.”

“Spatial Stones are legendary stones. They take many years to form, and never stay in the same place. They usually move around to avoid living creatures. Our clan records say that only those with extremely high luck can obtain Spatial Stones. Spatial Stones are incredibly powerful, and the Spatial energy they contain not only can be used to create Spatial Orbs, but also Spatial Equipment, as well as Teleportation Channels… all of these can be easily created by using Spatial Stones.” Elder Dita emotively said, his face red.

Spatial Equipment… Teleportation Channels…

Ling Chen wasn’t too surprised about the Spatial Equipment, but Teleportation Channels came as a surprise.

“How big of a Spatial Stone do you need to construct a Teleportation Channel?” Ling Chen asked.

“That depends on how big you want the Teleportation Channel to be, as well as its range,” Elder Dita immediately replied, “A 10 metres square Teleportation Channel that goes both ways would require about 1/3 of the Spatial energy in this Spatial Stone.”

“Hmm,” Ling Chen thought for a moment, before saying, “Elder Dita, can you please make 500 Spatial Orbs and keep the remainder of the Spatial energy?”

“Sure! We’ll definitely have them finished within 12 hours!” Hearing that Ling Chen was immediately getting them to forge the Spatial Stone, Dita was so excited that his hands shook and he beat his chest. He cradled the Spatial Stone as he rushed out.

Dwarf Chief Dilo looked at Elder Dita in admiration and envy, and after he left, Dilo rushed in front of Ling Chen with a big smile plastered on his face, “Err, little brother, since you’ve given the Spatial Stone to the old man, do you want to give the Mysterious Red Sun Gold to me…”

Before Dwarf Chief Dilo could finish his sentence, a loud yell came from the distance, “Dilo!! You bastard!! We just said that we’d share everything! You want to forge it by yourself? Where’s your integrity?! You’re so shameless!”

Dilo’s face turned red, and he immediately yelled back, “You’re the bastard!! You wanted to take the Spatial Stone away by yourself!”

“Screw you! The little brother said I could! You’re just jealous!!”

“So what if I’m jealous? Bite me!”

“Screw off! If you dare forge the Mysterious Red Sun Gold by yourself, I’ll take all of your 13 wives!!”

“Well I’ll go take all of your mothers!!” ………… ………… Elder Dita, who had rushed off with the Spatial Stone, came charging back in, and started exchanging curses with Dwarf Chief Dilo. Evidently, Elder Dita was worried that Ling Chen would really give Dilo the rights to forge the Mysterious Red Sun Gold by himself. After all, the Mysterious Red Sun Gold belonged to Ling Chen. Ling Chen frowned, and tried to calm them down, “Please don’t argue anymore. I… I’ve found what I came here for, and since forging the Spatial Orbs need some time, can you show me around your home?”

To the Dwarves, Ling Chen was now a super VIP, and whatever he said, went. The two Dwarves with incredibly high status nodded their heads rapidly, and walked next to Ling Chen on either side as they left the palace, preparing to show him around.

Upon opening the doors of the palace, all they could see was a sea of Dwarves. Ling Chen wondered if the entire Dwarf Clan was gathered here. Seeing Ling Chen come out, the countless Dwarves’ gazes were filled with curiosity, nervousness… as well as fervour.

“Ahem! This little brother here is the esteemed visitor sent to us by our guardian god. Don’t worry, he won’t reveal anything about us, so we’ll still be safe here. Moreover, he’s brought many high quality materials for forging. From today onwards, he is our Dwarf Clans’ closest friend, and no one is to be disrespectful to him,” Dilo said in a loud voice as he stood next to Ling Chen. He turned around, and said to Ling Chen, “Little brother, please come with us. We will show you around our home. Although we’ve hidden ourselves away for a long time, we still have many things we’re proud of in this home.”

And thus, the massive crowd departed from the palace. Dilo and Dita led the way, but none of the other Dwarves were willing to leave… every single Dwarf, whether it was the elderly or toddlers, wanted to see the legendary Mysterious Red Sun Gold. At the same time, they wanted to be closer to this human, in case he was willing to give them some high quality materials.

“This massive plate is what we call the ‘Light Accumulation Board.’ It can save large amounts of energy from the sun, which we can use during the winter.”

“Going down from here leads to our laboratories. Our best forging equipment is in there, and all of the great creations in the palace were forged in there.”

“That place is our graveyard. Countless ancestors are buried there, and we go to pay respects every year.”


As they walked around, Dilo and Dita introduced each place in detail. After two hours, they came to a place with many beautiful houses. Dwarf Chief Dilo started to introduce it, “This is our Residential District. After all these years, we haven’t expanded it at all, ai… this one is my home.”

As he spoke, the door was opened, and a small and skinny child, who looked about 10 years old, ran out.

“Dad!” He called out while running over.

“Oh! Dika, you haven’t been well lately; didn’t I tell you to rest properly at home?” Dilo said worriedly.

The boy called Dika looked at Ling Chen in curiosity, and directly asked him, “Are you the human everyone’s talking about? Apart from being taller than us Dwarves, you’re also a lot whiter, but we don’t look too different.”

“Dika, don’t be rude to our visitor,” Dilo immediately said.

Ling Chen smiled, “I’m a human, and you are Dwarves, but in the end we’re all ‘humanoids’. In fact, it wouldn’t be too weird even if someone said we were part of the same race. After all, we don’t look that different.”

“I heard that you have many high quality materials, so… so do you have any food? There must be a lot of food in the human world, right? I’m so hungry, so if you have any food, can you please give me some to eat?”

Dika looked at him with a look of eagerness, as he put his hand on his flat stomach.

Hearing the word ‘hungry’, the Dwarves all revealed pained expressions. They all desired for high quality materials, but even without them, at least they wouldn’t die. What they needed most was food!

Everything was scarce in this place, especially food. These years, in order to survive, they had often eaten bugs, grass, bark… even dirt, and small rocks… Dwarves used to have powerful and buff bodies, but now, all of them were only skin and bones. Every year, many, many Dwarves would starve to death.

“Dika… ai,” Dwarf Chief Dilo wanted to reprimand his son, but could only sigh. The children of the Dwarf Clan would complain of hunger every day, because they were truly incredibly hungry. The adults could endure the pain of hunger, or distract themselves with other things, but it was simply too hard for children. What they wanted was just something – anything – that could fill their stomachs.

The Dwarf boy in front of him looked extremely pitiful, and Ling Chen’s heart broke. He immediately looked through his bag… however, he rarely put food in his bag. Most of his bag was taken up by potions. After searching for a long time, he found a large, round, flatbread. He remembered that he had received this for free from the Central Food Plaza the first time he had visited there. However, this flatbread was thick and hard, so he didn’t want to eat it. This was the only food he had.

Ling Chen took out the flatbread and held it out, “I don’t usually keep food on me. This is the only thing I have.”

The flatbread’s faint aroma wafted out, and immediately, all the Dwarves fell silent. It was so silent that Ling Chen became dumbfounded. He looked around at Dilo, Dita, and all of the other Dwarves. They were all staring at the flatbread in his hands, as if it was something they had been dreaming of… no, something that they didn’t even dare to dream of.

What… What was going on?

“C-Could this be… the… the… this…” Dwarf Chief Dilo stuttered as he tried to say something. As a large pool of saliva flowed out from his mouth, a loud roar sounded out, “This is… is… flatbread!! Flatbread! The flatbread of the legends!”