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Chapter 394: 30,000 Flatbread

30,000 Flatbread

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte


This word boomed out like thunder in the ears and hearts of all the Dwarves. Dilo and Dita trembled, and the countless Dwarves all stared, as if their eyes were glued to the flatbread in Ling Chen’s hands. Fire ignited in their eyes, as if they were looking at a god. Ling Chen looked around, and saw the countless Dwarves all staring and drooling…

Ling Chen felt that he had suddenly stepped into a different world.

“Flatbread… flatbread… flatbread!!”

“This beautiful shape… this beautiful aroma… the flatbread of the legends!!”

“Flatbread… flatbread!! I never thought that I’d be able to see the legendary flatbread in my life! If I could have a bite, I’d be able to die happy!”

“Flatbread… flatbread!!” …………………… ……………………

After recovering from their stupor, the crowd started to clamour. Half of the Dwarves were drooling, and the other half were weeping. Some were biting their fists, staring at the flatbread, imagining that they were biting the flatbread instead.

Dika stood in shock, staring at the flatbread unblinkingly. He stretched out his hand, wanting to touch it, but the flatbread was suddenly taken away by another pair of hands.

The pair of hands naturally belonged to Dilo. He carefully cradled the flatbread in his hands, and swallowed his saliva as he smelled its aroma. He suppressed the urge to take a bite, and yelled, “Silence! Silence! Everyone calm down… that’s right, this is the flatbread of the legends! A real flatbread! It has the aroma of heaven, an aroma that can make our souls go crazy…”

Ling Chen’s mouth fell open, and he almost spat out blood.

“I never thought that I would be fortunate enough to see the legendary flatbread that our ancestors recorded in my lifetime. Although this flatbread was given by our human friend to my son, but I don’t think my son should have it all to himself… only those who have made the greatest contributions to our clan can have some! As such, I want to split this flatbread into 200 portions! Only the 200 Dwarves who have made the greatest contributions to our clan can have some…”

A single flatbread… split into 200 portions… are you crazy?!

Ling Chen was astounded… he never thought that the Dwarves would be so desperate for food. That was just a flatbread! A completely normal, ordinary, plain, flatbread!

“Little master, your reaction is so funny,” Qi Yue said as she giggled, then said, “Little master, remember how I told you that there were 2 things that Dwarves love? One of them is forging… do you know what the other one is?”


“It’s food. The Dwarves’ love of delicious food is just as strong as their love for high quality materials. Eating delicious food and creating high quality equipment are the greatest pleasures for Dwarves. However, in this place, they aren’t able to eat any delicious food; even plain human food would be a luxury. After seeing this flatbread, their reaction isn’t at all exaggerated.”

So the Dwarves loved high quality materials and delicious food. Forging high quality materials was something everyone knew about, but delicious food… this flatbread simply couldn’t be called ‘delicious food’.

After Dilo finished speaking, not a single Dwarf responded. All of the Dwarves were looking at that flatbread with a burning passion. That’s right, not a single Dwarf responded… because all of the Dwarves wanted to have a bite… even if it was a tiny bite… even if it was a tiny, tiny, crumb…

“Err… Chief Dilo, can I say something?” Ling Chen asked.

The Dwarves all looked at Ling Chen. After all, it was Ling Chen who had taken out this flatbread. Dilo suddenly remembered Ling Chen’s existence, and hurriedly held the flatbread in front of Ling Chen as he said, “I apologise, little brother. I was so excited that I forgot this flatbread belongs to you. I have no right to distribute it… indeed, this legendary smell is definitely from the outside world. Without your permission, how can I distribute it as I please?”

Ling Chen furiously blinked… in the outside world, if someone threw a flatbread on the ground, no one would even bother to pick it up. He calmed himself down, but did not take the flatbread from Dilo’s hands as he calmly said, “Chief Dilo, it seems that you all really like flatbread… hmm, I remember that you said that the Dwarf Clan has about 30,000 Dwarves, right?”

“Oh, right, currently, we have 29,632 Dwarves.” Dilo replied, wondering why Ling Chen had asked such a question.

“Very well,” Ling Chen nodded, “Since my Dwarf friends like flatbread so much… I’ll return to the human world, and bring every single Dwarf here a flatbread, so you won’t have to worry about having to split it. Everyone will have their own flatbread.”

Pa-da! The flatbread in Dilo’s hands fell to the ground, and every Dwarf stared at Ling Chen in absolute silence. After a few seconds, Dilo picked up the flatbread with lightning-fast speed, and hurriedly dusted it off, before stammering, ‘W-W-W-What did you just say? Everyone… everyone… will have their own flatbread?!”

“That’s right!” Ling Chen calmly said as he nodded. The Dwarves once again fell silent.

“T-T-This… but… but… we have nearly 30,000 Dwarves… 1 flatbread for every Dwarf…. This sort of legendary food, how could you possibly have so many… we… we… this…” Dwarf Chief Dilo simply didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t believe what Ling Chen was saying. This was flatbread! The flatbread of the legends! Even many of their ancestors had never seen one before. And now, this human was claiming he could bring 30,000… how was this possible?! How could every Dwarf have one for themselves??Even a god wouldn’t have so much flatbread!

Ling Chen rubbed his nose as he said, “Don’t worry, I’m not lying. How about this, I’ll go and get them now. Remember, everyone will have their own one. It’s just that the human city is very far from here, so it’ll take about a day for me to get back,” Ling Chen looked at Dilo and Dita as he said, “Before, I already gave the Mysterious Red Sun Gold and Spatial Stone to Chief Dilo and Elder Dita. If I can’t bring back enough flatbread, and lied to you all, then you can keep those high quality materials. If I can bring back that many flatbread… that means I didn’t lie, and we’ll still be friends.”

“If… If you can really bring back that many flatbread, you’ll… you’ll be the greatest benefactor and saviour of the Dwarf Clan!” Dwarf Chief Dilo emotionally said. He started to believe what Ling Chen was saying was true.

The Dwarves all started to yell out and scream in joy as the flames in the eyes burned even brighter, and their saliva flowed even faster.

“Elder Dita, I hope that you’ll have the 500 Spatial Orbs ready for me when I return.” Ling Chen said.

“Of course, of course! I’m actually itching to start!” Elder Dita replied.

Very soon, Ling Chen exited from the Dwarf Clan’s territory, and returned to the Azure Dragon City. He put on some inconspicuous clothing, sold all of the things he didn’t need in his bag, and went to the Central Food Plaza.

“Hello, 30,000 flatbread please.” Ling Chen directly said when he saw the chubby chef.

Clang! The chubby chef’s ladle fell to the ground.

“H-H-H-How many?!”

“30,000, is that possible?” Ling Chen acted calmly, and took out 150,000 gold coins. The ‘flatbread’ he was buying was much bigger than normal ones. A single flatbread was enough for a human adult to eat for 2 meals, so they were more expensive than the normal ones, at 5 gold coins each.

“N-No problem…” After confirming that his ears were working, the chubby chef wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and went to get the flatbread… during the entire transaction, he looked at Ling Chen more than 10 times like he was a monster… buying 30,000 flatbread with 150,000 gold! Was he super rich, or just retarded? Or was he a super rich retard?

After completing the transaction, the 30,000 flatbread took up 150 bag spaces, filling up Ling Chen’s bag.

There were many places to eat at the Central Food Plaza, and there was a lot of delicious food that couldn’t be experienced in the real world. Of course, the flatbread couldn’t be described to be delicious food at all. However, he only bought flatbread, and didn’t have any plans to buy any real ‘delicious food’ for the Dwarves, at least for now.

Before leaving, he thought for a moment, before pointing at a large pot of seafood soup, “Can you do takeaway for the soup as well?”

“Oh… sure.”

“One pot please.”


Ling Chen returned to Peace Town with 30,000 flatbread and a large pot of seafood soup. From there, he once again rode towards the Nameless Ridge.

10 or so hours later, he once again returned to the home of the Dwarves.