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Chapter 395: Three Requirements (1)

Three Requirements (1)

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Editor: Chlocolatte

This time, Ling Chen entered the Dwarf’s territory with no obstruction from the Mountain Giant.

The first thing he saw was a large crowd of Dwarves waiting for him. Within minutes of him leaving, every Dwarf knew of his promise to bring everyone a flatbread. This was the biggest thing that had happened to the Dwarf Clan in the past 10,000 years, so many of them were waiting for him at the entrance.

The wild shouting from the Dwarves gave Ling Chen a fright, and they nearly went crazy when they saw him pulling out flatbread from his bag.

“Everyone calm down!! Don’t push!! Don’t fight!! No one will have more than others; no one will have less than others! Everyone will have their share!”

Dwarf Chief Dilo’s voice became hoarse, but he didn’t feel tired at all, and he continued to spiritedly yell out. Seeing the flatbread being handed to the Dwarves, and the ecstatic looks on their faces, he felt happier than he had ever been in his entire life.

After receiving the flatbread, every Dwarf hugged it against their chest, trembling with emotion. They simply couldn’t believe that what was happening was real. They had actually obtained the legendary food that countless ancestors had hoped to see.

After receiving the flatbread, none of the Dwarves lost control and devoured theirs. They either held it in the air, or held it against their chests, their faces filled with satisfaction. Some would bring it to their nose and deeply breathe in, savouring the smell of the flatbread. Some older Dwarves were weeping as they hugged their flatbread…

All of the Dwarves were drooling like crazy, but not a single one could bring themselves to eat their flatbread… in their hearts, this flatbread wasn’t just ‘food’- it became something holy, like the Mysterious Red Sun Gold.

As such, Ling Chen said, “My Dwarf friends, please don’t hold yourselves back from eating the flatbread. This definitely won’t be the last flatbread you eat. In future, I’ll bring just as much flatbread when I come back… or even more. Everyone, please eat to your heart’s content.”

At this moment, the way the Dwarves looked at Ling Chen radically changed… they looked at him as if he was a saint or a god. He had brought the Dwarf Clan Mysterious Red Sun Gold, a Spatial Stone, as well as flatbread for every Dwarf… these were all things that even their ancestors longed for. To be able to personally see the Mysterious Red Sun Gold and taste flatbread, most Dwarves could now die happily. Their gratitude and respect towards Ling Chen had reached their peak. Now, hearing Ling Chen say this, they almost wanted to kneel down and bow to him. The Dwarves all started to devour their flatbread. After taking their first bite, every Dwarf’s body shook, and they began to furiously eat their flatbread… it was much more delicious than the legends had said!!

Who would have thought that there were such delicious things in the world?!

A grand banquet of eating flatbread unfolded before Ling Chen.

All of the Dwarves, including the honourable Dwarf Chief Dilo and Elder Dita tore into their flatbread like they were crazy. Before, they had been unwilling to eat it, but once they started eating, they simply couldn’t stop. The hunger that they had suppressed within themselves awoke like a sleeping monster… this scene caused Ling Chen to feel truly shocked.

Goddamn! Had these Dwarves been starved their whole lives?

And… aren’t you afraid of choking from eating those flatbreads so quickly?

As he watched the Dwarves frantically eat their flatbread, Ling Chen took out the large pot of seafood soup.

The seafood soup was incredibly fresh and aromatic, and soon, he once again had all of the Dwarves’ attention.

“L-L-Little brother… Little brother… this soup… it…”

Dilo forgot all about the flatbread he was eating, and he furiously sniffed the air. The aroma from the seafood soup made it feel las if his entire body was floating. He had thought that the flatbread was the most delicious food in the world… but this smell made even his soul tremble in ecstasy… it was definitely more delicious than the flatbread! Compared to this smell, the flatbread was nothing!

What was this smell?! How could such a smell exist in the world… this smell should only exist in heaven!!

The Dwarves all stopped eating the flatbread, and their saliva began to flow even faster. They stared at the large pot in front of Ling Chen, as if their souls had left their bodies.

“This is some seafood soup I brought back from the human world. Chief Dilo, please help me give out this soup.” Ling Chen said.

“Sure! Sure!” Dwarf Chief Dilo immediately nodded as he walked towards the large pot. As soon as he got close, his saliva began to gush out of his mouth.

This entire day had been like a dream to the Dwarves; it was the best day of their lives.

In fact, this was the first day they had experienced what it meant to be alive.

Ling Chen, who had given them all of this, rose to the highest position in all of the Dwarves’ hearts. From now on, wherever he walked, he would always be gazed at with adoration and worship by the Dwarves.

“Here, little brother, these are the 500 Spatial Orbs I’ve made,” Dita took out the completed 500 Spatial Orbs, and gave them to Ling Chen. He closed his eyes as he said, “The feeling of extracting and redirecting the Spatial energy from the Spatial Stones was simply too wonderful.”

The Spatial Orbs looked just like normal stones. Ling Chen looked at the small stone, which was as big as a fingernail, in disbelief. Could this really do all the things that Elder Dita had said?

[Spatial Orb]: A stone orb that has been infused with Spatial energy. Using it allows the user to return to any place they had been in the past. Single use. Cannot be used to cross World Boundaries.


Ling Chen happily gripped the Spatial Orb in his hand. They did exactly what Elder Dita said. With these Spatial Orbs, he could instantly go anywhere he had been before… this would save him so, so much time.

What godly items!

And there were 500 of them!

“I also have these 2,” Seeing Ling Chen’s expression, Elder Dita was very happy. He took out 2 stone shards that were about as big as the Spatial Orbs and gave them to Ling Chen, “These were 2 failed Spatial Orbs. However, although they’re failed Spatial Orbs, there is still Spatial energy inside them. They can’t be used like normal Spatial Orbs, since they’re locked on to here. However, these 2 failed Spatial Orbs can allow anyone to come here, even if they’ve never been here before.”

[Nameless Ridge Teleport Stone]: A stone orb that has been infused with Spatial energy. Allows a user who is not in combat to teleport to the Nameless Ridge’s Central District. Single use.

These 2 ‘failed’ works… were incredibly useful! Ling Chen immediately put them away and thanked Elder Dita.

Ling Chen stayed with the Dwarf Clan for a day, and did his best to understand their situation. When he left, the entire clan came to see him off. The Dwarves were people who remembered and repaid favours, and the sight of the entire clan sending him off was unforgettable.

“Little brother, you are our clan’s great benefactor, our most esteemed visitor and closest friend. We welcome you back any time,” Dwarf Chief Dilo said earnestly.

“Mm, I’ll come back often. After all, I’ll be leaving my Mysterious Red Sun Gold here,” Ling Chen said half-jokingly. As he spoke, he took a few steps back and took out a five to sixt meter tall Ancient Dragon Skeleton that he had found in the Forest of Bones.

“This… This is… heavens! Could this be a Dragon’s skeleton?!” Dilo and Dita both yelled out simultaneously. They had never seen a Dragon’s skeleton before, but their desire for high quality materials had led them to memorise almost every type of high quality material recorded in their clan records, “This shape and pressure… there’s no doubt about it! It’s definitely a Dragon’s skeleton.”

The two Dwarves emotionally went to touch the Dragon’s skeleton, “The legends say that Dragons’ skeletons are incredibly tough and hard; even a small piece can pierce through steel. It also contains a lot of energy and a remnant of the Dragon’s soul, and is a priceless material.”

While muttering, Dilo and Dita looked at Ling Chen with trembling eyes… Dragons were the most powerful race, and even an incredibly weak and young Dragon could easily destroy other beasts. And yet, this human had somehow obtained a Dragon’s skeleton.

“I’ll leave this Dragon’s skeleton with you, as well as this Rainbow Agate. In future, if I find any high quality materials, I’ll also bring them here. Only you can give them their true value,” Ling Chen said as he smiled and took out his Rainbow Agate.

Not only did he give the Dwarves high quality materials and food, he also gave them acknowledgement and praise. Dilo said in gratitude, “Little brother, you’ve given my clan so much, but we don’t know how to repay you… ai, our clan is quite poor, and there’s nothing of value that we can give you. The only valuable things we have are our ancestor’s works, but we cannot give those away. I feel quite ashamed.”

Ling Chen shook his head as he smiled, “Since we’re friends, don’t say such things,” He paused for a moment, before pretending to speak casually, “Chief Dilo, there’s something I want to ask… since your clan loves forging and delicious food so much, why don’t you choose to leave here? In the outside world, you’ll be able to forge many high quality materials, as well as eat flatbread every day. There’s also food that’s more delicious than flatbread, so why do you keep yourselves locked up in here?”