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Chapter 396: Three Requirements (2)

Three Requirements (2)

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“We can forge many high quality materials, and can eat flatbread every day… ai, that’s true,” Dwarf Chief Dilo repeated what Ling Chen had said, but shook his head, “Little brother, I’m sure you think that us living here is worse than dying, and that we have no pride. You must think that it must be painful and humiliating to live here, and that we’re not brave enough to take on the dangers of the outside world.”

Ling Chen did not say anything.

“Back then, if it wasn’t because our ancestors completely lost hope and faith in the outside world, they wouldn’t have led our clan here. Back then, they knew what would happen if our clan continued to stay here. They only had a single goal: which was to allow us to live on without being captured as slaves. Even if it would be difficult to survive, and we would lose our pride, at least we would be alive. Although pride and dignity are important, and high quality materials and delicious food are even more important… but if we lost our entire clan, what would be the point in gaining those things?” Dilo said as he sighed.

Ling Chen earnestly replied, “I heard a bit about what happened in the past. Back then, the Forgotten Continent was in an age of war- there were interspecies wars and intraspecies wars. However, the Forgotten Continent is completely different now. The Demon Beast Clan has been eradicated, and there are just a few demons left who live their lives in hiding. Every other race has their own territories… humans, beasts, those of the Underworld, devils, those of the sea… the Moon God Clan set rules that they weren’t to attack each other, and there has not been any large scale fighting in over 100 years. I believe that if your Dwarf Clan rejoins the outside world, you won’t be made into slaves, but rather, will be respected and protected.”

“Moreover…” Ling Chen looked around as he slowly said, “The Forgotten Continent is quite vast, and there are countless treasures within it. The things I brought were things that I casually found as I travelled around. Do you really not want to collect all sorts of high quality materials to create equipment that surpasses even that of your ancestors’?! You like delicious food? The flatbread that you ate was one of the most ordinary types of food; in the Forgotten Continent, there are multitudes of more delicious food than that of flatbread and seafood soup. Don’t you want to eat that every day?”

Ling Chen’s words sounded quite mesmerising to every Dwarf. Forging and eating delicious food were the two things they loved above everything else. Hearing Ling Chen’s words, the Dwarves’ eyes burned with desire, including Dilo and Dita… however, what was surprising was that not a single Dwarf voiced his or her agreement.

“Little brother, what you just spoke about is something we’ve always dreamed about. However… However, we cannot disregard our ancestors’ instructions. If we ignore our ancestors’ commands and leave here, our Dwarf Clan will suffer great calamity, and will completely disappear from this world. As such, we can’t leave. If we impulsively left, and our ancestors were right, we would become the greatest sinners of our clan.” Ling Chen felt downcast. He asked, “Did your ancestors tell you to never leave this place?” Inwardly, he was cursing, these goddamn ancestors; will you not let your descendants live happily even after you’re dead?!

“No, that’s not it.” Dilo shook his head, “The clan records state that back then, our ancestors went to the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, and asked the Sect Leader as to how our clan could survive.”

“Heaven’s Secrets Sect?” Ling Chen couldn’t help but repeat the name. That was where Su’Er was currently.

“Looks like little brother has also heard of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. The clan records state that the Heaven’s Secrets Sect was the head of the three Sects of the Night Demon Clan, and that the Night Demon Clan was the only clan that could oppose the Moon God Clan. The Heaven’s Secrets Sect’s battle power was quite weak, but they had the ability to reveal heaven’s secrets. As such, no one dared to doubt the Sect Leader’s words. After hearing what the Sect Leader had to say, our ancestors decided to hide away, and passed on the Sect Leader’s words to each generation. Unless we fulfil three requirements, we can never leave here.”

“Three requirements? What are they?” Ling Chen asked. He had followed Su’Er’s instructions in coming here, and had successfully obtained an orb. Su’Er had only learned the basics, but could still accomplish such feats. Ling Chen no longer held any of the scepticism he had once felt towards the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. If the ancestors’ commands were really from the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, he could no longer oppose them.

“Ai…” Dilo let out a long sigh. Beside him, Dita’s face was also forlorn. It was evident to see that those 3 requirements were probably quite difficult to fulfil. “The first requirement is that we must be able to join up with the Fairy Clan.”

“Join up with the Fairy Clan? Why’s that?” Ling Chen asked, surprised.

“It’s because the Fairies are the kindest race in the Forgotten Continent, who love peace the most. Before we hid ourselves away, the Fairies did not try to enslave us, and instead protected us. As such, they are our trusted friends, and they can protect us. It’s just that…” Dilo shook his head, “We can’t leave from here, so how can we join up with the Fairies? It seems that just this first requirement can never be fulfilled.”

Ling Chen listened silently, then asked, “What’s the second requirement?”

“The second requirement is even worse. We must find the method to construct the ‘Underworld God Cannon.’”

Ling Chen: (⊙o⊙)!!

Hearing the name ‘Underworld God Cannon’, all of the Dwarves’ expressions became serious. Dilo continued to speak, “Little brother, I told you before that our clan once created a Forbidden Weapon that surpassed even Saint Destroyer weapons. That’s right, it was the Underworld God Cannon that I just mentioned. The Underworld God Cannon was created by 1,900 of our ancestors for the Underworld race, and it was called a ‘god-killing’ weapon. It is said that it can truly destroy a god. The reason our clan was treated as such was because we are too weak; if we can have a god-killing weapon like that, then no one would dare to do those things to us again.

“It’s just that the ancestors who created the Underworld God Cannon have all died… however, one of the ancestors who helped in forging the Underworld God Cannon said that they secretly created a blueprint for creating the Underworld God Cannon, which is in the Underworld. If… If we can obtain that blueprint, perhaps we can make our own Underworld God Cannon. However… ai…”

Dilo’s sigh was filled with frustration. He didn’t even know what the Underworld race was like, or where they were.

Ling Chen’s eyes became brighter as he calmly asked, “What’s the third requirement?”

“The third requirement…” Dilo’s face became slightly red, and his eyes lit up. He looked upwards as he exclaimed, “Is a pan! The legendary pan that can cook the most delicious food in the world! Our ancestors’ third requirement is to find that pan, so our clan can taste the most delicious food in the world!”

“A pan that can cook the most delicious food in the world? What is it called?” Ling Chen thought of something, but couldn’t fully recall what it was.

“Its name is… the Handsome Pan!!”

Ling Chen’s legs became weak, and he staggered, “T-The Handsome Pan? Are… are you sure??”

“What about it? It’s got quite the name, right?” Dilo looked at Ling Chen’s face in satisfaction, “The legends say that the pan can become big or small, and has mystical powers. If one can use it properly, they can cook delicious food with even the most simple ingredients. The only ones who know how to use the Handsome Pan are us, the Dwarves! Little brother, everyone knows that we’re talented in forging and engineering, but we’re actually talented in cooking as well! Our talent in cooking is not at all inferior to our talent in forging! It’s just that, ai… that Handsome Pan is just a legend. Even the ancestors had only heard of its name before, but never saw it in their lives.”

Ling Chen was completely speechless. His facial expression kept rapidly changing.

Those three requirements… Fairy Clan, Underworld God Cannon and Handsome Pan… this is way too coincidental!

Not too long ago, he had accidentally found the Fairy Clan, and destroyed their barrier.

He had then bought the Underworld God Cannon Blueprint from Qian Gun Gun while he was travelling to the Lava Purgatory.

Finally, he also had the Handsome Pan! He had stolen it from the Lucky Cat!

“Only when we’ve satisfied all three requirements can our clan leave this place. Otherwise, we will definitely suffer great calamity- this was what the Heaven’s Secrets Sect’s Sect Leader told us. As such, we can’t just ignore it. The ancestors said that if an outsider can help us fulfil these three requirements, our whole clan needs to follow him, because that person will lead us to a new age of glory. It’s just that it has been so long, so long…” Dilo shook his head as he once again sighed.

“Don’t be pessimistic, perhaps someone will come and fulfil those three requirements for you soon,” Ling Chen said as he rubbed his nose.

“Haha, I surely hope so,” Dwarf Chief Dilo chuckled.

“Well, I’ll be leaving now.”

Ling Chen didn’t stay any longer. He said goodbye to the Dwarves, and left without turning back.