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Chapter 398.5: Godchild Plan

Godchild Plan

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

At an unknown place.

The lighting was quite dim, and fog rolled about. Neither the ground nor the sky could be seen, and the void stretched out as far as the eye could see. The only light was from a massive blue crystal ball that let out a dreamy blue glow. The crystal ball was about one meter in diameter, and mist swirled around within it, making it impossible to see what it contained. The crystal let out blue motes of light, making it seem like there were blue fireflies flying around, making this place seem like a mystical world.

Apart from the crystal ball, there was nothing else in this dark place.

At this moment, a light flashed, and a humanoid shape appeared 30 metres away from the crystal ball. It was much taller than a normal human, and there were two horns on its head. This was simply a hologram, but as soon as it appeared, the surrounding space seemed to freeze, and even the blue motes of light stopped floating around.

“In the name of the Godchild, appear, messengers of the oracle.”

A heavy voice came from where the hologram was, filling the entire space, causing the blue motes of light to tremble.

Another light flashed, and another hologram appeared to the south of the crystal ball. It was facing the first hologram with the crystal ball in the centre. This hologram wasn’t very tall; however, it was incredibly well-built; it was as thick as three adult men.

“Boss, what have you summoned us for?”

Just as the well-built hologram spoke, it suddenly froze, as its voice became full of shock, “Wait! Could it be… the Godchild has already…”

“That’s right!” The tall hologram’s heavy voice sounded out, “The Galois Plan has already succeeded; having absorbed another three billion souls, the Godchild has somewhat matured. Currently, the Godchild is still a youth though, hahaha.”

“No less than expected from the boss! You actually completed the Earth Flame Plan and Galois Plan by yourself! We simply can’t compare to the boss. However, since the Godchild has already become a youth, it should have enough power and sentience. Why hasn’t it come out?”

“It’s not that the Godchild doesn’t want to come out, but that ‘King’ has personally sealed it away, sealing its power and sentience, and causing it to fall into a deep sleep. Because the Godchild’s power and intelligence have not matured, giving it freedom will disrupt the Godchild Plan. King orders that the Earth in the east, Xiya in the south, Galois in the west and Pegasi in the north, the ‘four great god sources’ are to be converted into power for the Godchild, and that it is not to come out before then.”

“I see,” The well-built hologram seemed to understand.

“King told me to summon you to report on how the Burning Heavens Plan for the Xiya Star is going, as well as how the Mystic Moon Plan for Earth is going. King is becoming impatient! Wan Chong, how are things going on your side?” The tall hologram thundered.

“Although I’m not as fast as boss, but the Burning Heavens Plan has nearly been completed. The Xiya Star has completely fallen into our control, and the soul extraction process has reached its final stages. We will be able to give King a satisfactory answer within two years.” The well-built hologram slowly said, “However, the only problem was that the only being with a Demigod Godhood, the most suitable Xiya creature to become a sacrifice for the Godchild, escaped from the Xiya Star, and is now missing.”

“Demigod Godhood? The Xiya Star had such a being? Could they be a descendant of the ancient god clan? The soul of a being with a Demigod Godhood is more valuable than even the souls of 100,000,000 people. What a pity.”

“Heheheh! Demigod Godhood? How can it be as interesting as Artificial Godhood?”

A sharp, hoarse and incredibly ugly voice sounded out. At that moment, the third hologram appeared… this hologram looked small, skinny and weak. From afar, it looked like a hunchbacked skeleton was standing there. He raised his head, and looked towards the crystal ball, his voice filled with passion, “I felt the aura of the Godchild. Indeed, the Godchild has matured, and will become a True God in due time!”

“Mad Scientist, shut the hell up! Your laugh is so disgusting I want to cut you up into chunks!” The well-built hologram yelled.

“Heheh, talking to the great Mad Scientist like that will cause you to have an early and terrible death, heh…” The skinny hologram replied.

“Everyone shut up. This isn’t the place for you to bicker,” The tall hologram harrumphed, “Mad Scientist, how is the Mystic Moon Plan going? And what did you mean by the ‘Artificial Godhood’?”

The skinny hologram brought its finger to its nose… as if it was pushing up its glasses. Its shrill voice once again sounded out, “After planning for so many years, the Mystic Moon Plan’s most important step has started. My dear boss, there are more than 10 billion humans on Earth! There are much more than on the Galois Star and Pegasi Star, which you have already conquered. Only a genius like me could think of this perfect Mystic Moon Plan! Now, the souls of 2/3 of all humans have entered the cage I have designed. When the time is ripe, I will trigger the final step of the Mystic Moon Plan. The souls from Earth will allow the Godchild to directly grow to full maturity. Even if the Burning Heavens Plan fails, it won’t matter, heheheh!”

“The Burning Heavens Plan failing? That’s the best joke I’ve heard in a while!” The well-built hologram mocked.

“So what is this Artificial Godhood that you were talking about? Could it be that you were researching something special all these years?”

“My dear boss, you’re exactly right. With this genius me, anything can become reality. These years, I’ve successfully pushed two of my experimental subjects past the limits of humans. Their bodies cannot become bodies of gods, but their minds have nearly reached the level of gods! Especially the one called ‘Adam’, his mental energy is something that makes even me fearful! In the end, he even escaped from the mental energy seal that I put on him, and helped another experimental subject escape. Heheheh… no less than expected from something created by my genius! Remarkable! He is the greatest creation of my life!

“It’s just that my mental energy seal isn’t that easy to escape from- these two experimental subjects have only escaped from its control, but they have no way to completely get rid of it. They can only use 1/3 of their mental energy at most. However, even with this 1/3 of their mental energy, they are absolute monsters. One day, if they can completely escape from the seal, heheh… just thinking about it makes me shiver. Perhaps even King would not be able to compare to their mental energy!”

“Hmph! It seems you really are a madman. You’re comparing a human to our glorious King?” The tall hologram rebuked him, “However, if their mental energy really is strong enough, then they could be suitable sacrifices for the Godchild.”

“It’s a pity that they escaped though,” The short hologram sighed, “Right now, my Mystic Moon Plan is going into its final stages, so I don’t have any time to bother with them. However, as long as they’re on Earth, they’ll never be able to escape from me, heheh…”

“Enough with your bullcrap, Mad Scientist, tell me how much longer you need to complete the Mystic Moon Plan.”

The short hologram once again lifted its hand to its nose as it replied, “Perhaps two years, perhaps three years, perhaps even longer. Absorbing the souls of 10 billion people… my dear boss, I’m sure you know how difficult it is.”

“I know how difficult the Mystic Moon Plan is, as well as how many people there are on Earth. However, the eastern god source is something that the God Creation Plan requires- King doesn’t want there to be any mistakes. And now, it’s not just you who’s in charge of the Mystic Moon Plan- didn’t King tell ‘Yue’ to help you?” [TLN: ‘Yue’ can be translated as Moon, but I’m going to be leaving it as ‘Yue’. Some of you may be able to guess why]

“Yue? Heheh, don’t you know that that woman hates being with me? She just went to Earth with me, but these years, I’ve only met her three or so times. Moreover, her participating in the Mystic Moon Plan is not her main mission; she has another mission.”

“What is it?” The tall hologram asked. Evidently, he didn’t know what else ‘King’ had asked ‘Yue’ to do.

“I heard that it was to create a creature called the ‘Shura’. Before the Godchild awakens, the Shura’s blood is used to dye the Godchild’s body… that way, after the Godchild awakens, the Apocalypse Plan can directly be started, which would be simply wonderful. Moreover, apart from this mission, Yue seems to be searching for something even more interesting… a way to resurrect creatures from the dead.”

“What? Resurrect from the dead? Hmph! How can such a thing be possible? Even True Gods cannot be revived. Why would Yue think she can do such a thing? Oh? Unless she’s thinking of bringing her mother back?”

“Heheheh, who knows? Perhaps it really does exist. Although I don’t know where Yue is right now, or what she’s doing, but from the messages she occasionally sends, everything seems to be progressing quite smoothly. I’m looking forward to what is going to happen,” The small hologram looked up towards the empty place to the west of the crystal orb.

“Don’t forget what Yue’s identity is. Let her do whatever she wants. I will report what we talked about today to King. Moreover, the deadline King has given us is five years. Within five years, the Burning Heavens Plan and Mystic Moon Plan must be completed! However, it seems like we won’t need five years. You can leave now.”

“Roger. I’ll immediately return to the Xiya Star. Tell King that everything will be complete within two years.”

“My dear boss, don’t forget to tell the great King how much I miss him…”


After the voices and holograms disappeared, only the blue crystal ball remained, and the blue motes of light began to float about again.