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Chapter 400: The Fairy Clan’s Territory

The Fairy Clan’s Territory

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

“Back then, if you had stayed in the Forgotten Continent, who could have destroyed your clan? Your ancestors’ worries about being eradicated were absurd. As for being polluted, that’s also utter nonsense. In fact, humans are not as bad as you think. After all, humans are not demons; we have kindness in us, as well as intellect, emotions and desires. There are those who do good, and there are those who do evil. The good outnumber the bad, otherwise your ancestors wouldn’t have become friends with our human clan in the first place. Those who made your ancestors disappointed were the evildoers, the minority.

“Back then, if the Fairy Clan didn’t go into hiding, perhaps the Fairy Clan and humans would have been as close as a family, and perhaps there would be millions of Fairies. Moreover, maybe the Forgotten Continent could have been developed even more. Now, there are a measly 2,000 Fairies left, but your clan could have covered the entire Forgotten Continent, with every year being a better year!

“In order to ‘protect’ your clan, your ancestors cut off the future of the Fairy Clan. Not only did this almost drive your clan to extinction, but also caused the rest of the Forgotten Continent to forget about you! That’s right, your clan isn’t in decline because of the sacrifices you made; it’s because you hid away. The powerful Fairy Clan, that even the Moon God Clan asked for help from, disappeared just like that, and is being forgotten, year after year.

“Now, in the Forgotten Continent, people only know from the history books that there was a clan called the “Fairy Clan”, and know that they were a kind race who loved peace, but nothing else! One day, if your clan really does go extinct, no one would ever remember you. However, even if the human race went extinct, because of the traces we left behind, even if a hundred, or a thousand, or even ten thousand years pass, we won’t be forgotten, as long as the Forgotten Continent still exists!”

“A clan that exists, but is forgotten by the rest of the world… don’t you feel that this is quite pitiful? Do you really want to continue to hide? Don’t you think that your ancestor’s actions back then were stupid?” Yun Meng Xin looked at them as she straightforwardly said.

Greenwood’s body swayed, and the ten elders’ faces became pale white. Yun Meng Xin’s words boomed in their ears like thunder.


Granny Witherwood’s walking stick smashed into the ground, causing Greenwood to flinch. He thought that she had become angry, but what she said surprised him, “Well said… young lady! Excellently said! That was incredibly sobering and eye-opening! Well said!”

The head elder breathed out, as he said in frustration, “Indeed, well said… only now have my eyes been opened… what were we running away from? Our clan has been in decline for thousands of years; we felt safe, but we were being forgotten by the rest of the Forgotten Continent. We felt proud of ourselves, but had nothing to be proud of… what is the point of living like this? Human girl, well said, well criticised!”

All of the other elders heavily nodded. It was as if they had all been woken up from a dream.

Yun Meng Xin’s tone became gentler as she gave a slight bow, “What I said just then was to wake everyone up. I apologise for my rudeness, I hope the seniors won’t hold it against me.”

Greenwood shook his head and sighed, “Not at all, not at all. What you said was correct. These years, we’ve been living in our own world. Thank you for waking us up from that. After hearing what you had to say, I am no longer hesitant. The Fairy Clan… must leave from here!”

“Indeed, it is time to leave.” Granny Witherwood slowly nodded.

The elders who had been bickering for the past few days all nodded in unison. There was no doubt in their hearts anymore.

“It’s just that we have hidden away for too long, and have almost been forgotten by the rest of the Forgotten Continent. Moreover, we only have 2,000 Fairies; how can we rejoin the human world? Young lady, do you have any ideas?”

Greenwood’s attitude and tone towards Yun Meng Xin had completely changed. He respected her from the bottom of her heart. This human girl who had peerless looks and incomparable aura was actually very intelligent and persuasive as well. Every word had impacted them greatly, causing them to completely agree with her. Greenwood guessed what her purpose was in coming, and so courteously asked her for her ‘ideas’.

Yun Meng Xin gave a faint smile. Perhaps she had forgotten how powerful her smiles were, but all of the 10 elders were sent into a daze upon seeing it. She said, “I want to ask Chief Greenwood why it is that you need to rejoin the human world, as opposed to getting the humans to draw nearer to you and absorb your clan into the rest of the world? If you rejoin the human world, you will definitely be welcomed and given much respect, but wouldn’t you always feel like you were depending on others? Moreover, the power would be in the humans’ hands, instead of your own hands.”

Yun Meng Xin’s words caused them to feel stunned. Greenwood replied, “What you said is true. However, we only have 2,000 Fairies, and the human race has occupied more than half of the Forgotten Continent, and is incredibly large. In their eyes, we are almost nothing. What right do we have to make the humans draw near to us?”

In actuality, the Fairy Clan wasn’t as pitiful as Greenwood made it out to be. Although they only had 2,000 Fairies left, they were still a monstrous power that could shake the human world. However, Yun Meng Xin’s words had deeply affected them… she had even wiped out all of their arrogance and pride.

Yun Meng Xin didn’t directly answer Greenwood’s question. Instead, she said the words she had prepared, “Recently, I was reading through the Forgotten Continent Chronicles in order to gain an understanding of the human race and the Fairy Clan. I found that the Fairy Realm is in the Fairy Forest, which isn’t the territory of monsters, nor is it the territory of humans. Rather, it’s the Fairy Clan’s territory!” “This…”

“I looked over all sorts of records, and confirmed that the Fairy Forest belongs to the Fairies completely. At the same time, the 100 miles around the Fairy Forest does not belong to anyone else. As such, it can be counted as part of the Fairy territory as well. This is because back then, this land belonged to your clan. After you hid yourselves away, no one took the land because the Moon God Clan protected it, indicating that this place would forever belong to the Fairies. Humans were prevented from taking it for their own, so there are no traces of humans in Fairy Forest, as well as in the area 100 miles around it. All of the monsters around here are fairly weak and calm as well.”

Those 10 days, Yun Meng Xin had spent all of her time on reading the Forgotten Continent Chronicles. She wanted to understand the Fairy Clan, and was surprised to find that the Fairy Forest, as well as the area around it, still belonged to them.

This was why the Fairy Forest was so beautiful and pure, and had never been developed before.

“Is… Is this true? We still have such a large territory within the Forgotten Continent? This… This is a great blessing from the Moon God Clan.” Granny Witherwood said emotionally.

According to their clan records, the Fairy Forest belonged to their Fairy Clan, but after hiding away for thousands of years, they hadn’t expected that it still belonged to them, and even the name was still the same.

“Of course it’s true. That piece of land will always belong to you. I believe that the best way to rejoin the world is to build your own city, a city that belongs to the Fairies!”

Yun Meng Xin’s eyes shone beautifully, as she stated her purpose in coming here.

Building a city…

Only with a City Creation Token did one have the right to create a city. The next step was to go to the Forgotten City and ask for a piece of land from the Emperor… only the Forgotten Continent’s Emperor could determine where the city would be built! Moreover, obtaining a piece of land to build a city required an astronomical amount of money. And also, the land that the Emperor gave was usually the worst land… in fact, even meeting the Emperor was incredibly difficult. After all, players could only enter the Royal City after reaching LV50.

However, Yun Meng Xin had discovered something incredible after reading through the Forgotten Continent Chronicles.

That was that they didn’t need permission from the Emperor to build a city on the land owned by the Fairies!

In fact, they didn’t even need a City Creation Token… because the Fairies had absolute control over the land.

However, that didn’t mean that the City Creation Token was useless. Only with the City Creation Token did one have the right to become the Lord or Lady of the city, as well as control the settings and rules of the city…

“Build… our own city?” Greenwood’s face was filled with confusion. He asked, “Let alone ask what the purpose of building a city is, how would we even build a city? We only have 2,000 Fairies, and don’t know anything about construction.”

“Building the city will not be done by just yourselves. Another clan will help you with that. They are the experts at this sort of thing!” Yun Meng Xin said as she smiled.

“Another clan?” The Fairies were completely confused.

“The Dwarves! 30,000 Dwarves! With their talents and their numbers, creating a city won’t take too long.” Yun Meng Xin said.

“The Dwarves?!”

The Fairies were completely flabbergasted. Fairy Chief Greenwood, Granny Witherwood, and the 10 elders all shot to their feet. Granny Witherwood hurriedly asked, “Are you really talking about the Dwarves? From the way you’re talking… could it be that the Dwarf Clan has reappeared? Didn’t their clan go extinct?”

Their reaction made Yun Meng Xin feel shocked. She shook her head, “The Dwarf Clan never went extinct. However, they hid themselves away more than 10,000 years ago, even earlier than your clan. Recently, Ling Tian coincidentally found them, and discovered that there were still 30,000 of them… it seems that you care about the Dwarves. Could there be some sort of relationship between your clans?”

“The Dwarf Clan… didn’t go extinct, but hid themselves away… this… this is great!” Greenwood looked absolutely delighted, “Young lady, another reason our ancestors led the clan to hide away was because of the Dwarf Clan. The Dwarves are a kind and simple clan, but suffered disaster because of their talents. Our guardian weapon, the Jade Verdict was gifted to us by the Dwarf Clan, so our ancestors tried to help and protect the Dwarves as much as possible… however, the Dwarves suffered a catastrophe, and disappeared. There were rumours that they had become extinct because of the Demon Beast Clan. Our ancestors felt incredibly guilty, and blamed themselves for the Dwarves’ demise. If… If we can become closer with the Dwarves, that would be wonderful- even if it was to make up for our inability to protect them back then and fulfill our ancestor’s wishes. The Dwarves are incredibly talented, but harbor no ill-will. We can be completely at ease with them!”