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Chapter 404: A New Message from Su’Er

A New Message from Su’Er

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The [Summon Undead] skill caused Ling Chen to stare in shock.

Ling Chen had heard of skills that allowed one to summon undead creatures from corpses. In many games, powerful necromancers could often use corpses to summon undead creatures. What shocked Ling Chen was that as long as Leng’Er had enough MP, she could summon multiple Skeleton Soldiers from multiple corpses, and there was no limit to how many she could have!

That meant that with a large number of corpses, as long as she could replenish her MP… Leng’Er could summon an undead army!

Back then, Xi Ling could destroy large waves of monsters with a wave of her wings, turning them all into corpses. If Leng’Er then turned them into Skeleton Soldiers…

That sort of scene would be absolutely unbelievable!

Killing a monster would not only give him EXP and items, but it would also become a minion! Killing a wave of monsters would result in him gaining a wave of minions! This was simply incredible- corpses would be turned into Skeleton Soldiers, which would kill more creatures and create more corpses, thus increasing their numbers. In the end, he probably wouldn’t even have to train anymore. He could casually kill a wave of monsters, allowing Leng’Er to handle the rest while having a nice nap, while his EXP rose.

Well, the pre-requisite was that Leng’Er was as obedient as Xiao Hui and Xi Ling.

At least, for now, this dream wouldn’t be able to become reality. Even if this skill was incredibly powerful, it was useless if Leng’Er wasn’t willing to listen to him.

“Haha! Leng’Er’s become even stronger! In order to celebrate Leng’Er becoming stronger, here’s three pretty dolls!”

Ling Chen grinned as he took out three new dolls and gave them to Leng’Er. Seeing the dolls, Leng’Er’s eyes lit up and she quickly floated over, hugging the dolls in her arms. Over the course of time, Ling Chen had given Leng’Er more than 100 different dolls, and apart from the days that he hadn’t been online, he would give her at least 2 every day. This caused Leng’Er to be happy all the time. Leng’Er’s favourite time of the day was when she saw Ling Chen, because that would mean she would receive dolls.

Moreover, having over 100 dolls meant that… Leng’Er could use [Doll Grenade] more than 100 times.

“This girl is quite shocking,” Qi Yue sighed in admiration. Although her voice was soft, her surprise was apparent.

“She’s definitely not simple. If I remember correctly, only the peak expert Necromancers have this sort of ability, but have all sorts of restrictions. Even they can’t compare to Leng’Er. Qi Yue, have you been able to deduce Leng’Er’s background from this? There shouldn’t be too many people who can use this skill, right?” Ling Chen asked.

“Indeed, this is enough for me to start making some guesses,” Qi Yue replied, “However, if that really is her background, then it’ll be contrary to what I had believed before.”

“What is her background?” Ling Chen immediately asked. The more he interacted with Leng’Er, the more he wanted to know about her background. After all, she was too mysterious… even she didn’t know where she came from, or what she was called.

“It’s just a guess and there’s nothing to support it. I don’t want you to think too much about it, so I won’t say for now. You’ll definitely go to a certain place in future, and once you go there, we’ll immediately know if I was right or not,” Qi Yue replied.

Ling Chen could only give up. He was quite familiar with Qi Yue now- although she called him ‘little master’, and pretended to be obedient and subservient, if she didn’t want to tell him something, he wouldn’t be able to coax it out of her no matter what.

After Xiao Hui devoured the Golden Battle Bear’s corpse, he spat out an Intermediate HP Crystal that wasn’t of much value to Ling Chen. The rewards from killing the Golden Battle Bear were a few gold coins, a Silver grade Shield and a pair of LV35 Golden Battle Boots.

[Golden Battle Boots]: Type: Boots, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Any profession about LV35. A pair of luxurious Boots made of gold. It glows with a golden light, as if it has been infused with some mysterious energy, and it is unexpectedly light. Stats: Defence+50, Agility+18, Evasion+20, Movement Speed+10, reduces 20% of damage dealt to feet.

The LV35 Golden Battle Boots had very nice stats, so Ling Chen immediately equipped them. Just wearing the Boots made him feel quite prestigious.

Ling Chen stopped training and rested on the grass.

As soon as he closed his eyes, scenes and faces would appear in his mind, making it difficult for him to calm down. He raised his head and looked towards the north-east… he wondered how Meng Xin was doing. However, with how intelligent she was, he probably didn’t need to worry about her.

Ling Chen took out the Moonlight Treasure Box, put it on his knees and gently opened it. Within the warm light, he saw that soul-capturing smile… every day, he would open the Moonlight Treasure Box countless times, because seeing the image of Ruo Ruo that it contained made it feel like she hadn’t departed from his side.

Every time, he would stare for a long time, and was reluctant to close the Moonlight Treasure Box. After a while, he squeezed his eyes shut, then closed the box as he shouted in his heart… Ruo Ruo, wait for me!

Ling Chen took out the communication device from his bag, and checked for any messages. Last time, because of the message from Su’Er, he had found the Virgo Orb. As such, he would check for messages from her every day. He knew that revealing the heaven’s secrets was difficult and dangerous, and that Su’Er had just entered the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. As such, it would probably be a long time before Su’Er could find another orb. Despite this, he couldn’t help but check his messages every day.

Turning on his communication device, Ling Chen immediately saw a text message from Su’Er, causing him to become wild with joy. He immediately opened it.

“Big brother Ling Tian, congratulations on finding the thing you were looking for. You’re now one step closer to your goal. Master said that big brother Ling Tian was able to find that thing with my help, which made me feel so blessed… keep up your hard work!

“This time, I didn’t listen to master to wait a full month before using my powers again. I secretly used the Heaven’s Secrets power, but I hope there won’t be any negative side effects. I successfully saw one of the things big brother Ling Tian’s looking for, but it’s so, so far away. Just getting there is incredibly difficult. However, I believe that big brother Ling Tian will be able to do it. Here’s the information I have:

‘Within the narrow and long country to the east, the snowy valley under the cherry blossoms.”

Just like last time, Su’Er had given Ling Chen two phrases.

Last time, Ling Chen had been able to immediately figure out where the place was ‘Past the eerie mountain ridge in the east, within a mysterious palace’.

However, “Within the narrow and long country to the east, the snow-white valley under the cherry blossoms” just made him feel confused.

Within the narrow and long country to the east… hang on, country?

Could it be outside of the Forgotten Continent?

Ling Chen snapped out of his thoughts, and immediately opened up the World Map of Mystic Moon. Every player had access to this map, but apart from the main continents and some important islands, there was not much other information. Ling Chen looked to the right, or the east, of the Forgotten Continent, and saw a continent called the “East Ocean Continent”.

This piece of land was right next to the Forgotten Continent, and was long and narrow… looking similar to an earthworm.

I see!

The second sentence: “the snowy valley under the cherry blossoms”… the cherry blossom was said to be Japan’s national flower, while the “East Ocean Continent” was the continent that belonged to the Japanese server. A place within the East Ocean Continent with cherry blossoms, snow and a valley…

Now that he had a general sense of where he was going, Ling Chen stood up and asked Qi Yue, “Qi Yue, why is an orb in another continent? Wasn’t the Lunar Scourge created in the Forgotten Continent?”

“Back then, it was the 3 Moon Goddesses who destroyed the Lunar Scourge. They controlled the fate and order of the Forgotten Continent, and decided to put one of the orbs on a different continent so that the Lunar Scourge could not be revived,” Qi Yue slowly replied, “Within my memory, the East Ocean Continent is filled with pirates. From what I can sense, little master doesn’t seem to have a very favourable impression of them.”

“Not a very favourable impression?” Ling Chen coldly laughed and he smirked, “Calling them pirates would be a compliment. Many of those people have committed countless crimes, but don’t admit it, and even tried to change history. They are unrepentant and live evil lives… they should have been crippled and fed to the fish a long time ago. If Su’Er’s information really indicates that an orb is there, I might as well leave them with something they’ll never forget, heh.”

Su’Er’s second piece message was very likely pointing him to the East Ocean Continent. In that case, the first thing he had to do was to find a way to cross the World Boundary.