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Chapter 409: Scaredy Cat Curse

Scaredy Cat Curse

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

“He yelled out Ling Tian’s name… did Ling Tian come?”

“Where? Where?”

The unexpected voice caused Cruelty Ichinawa to receive a great fright, and he almost began to break out in cold sweat. His eyes rapidly swept around his surroundings, but there was definitely no one around him. Instantly a word popped into his head…


However, he had never heard about Ling Tian having such an ability! Moreover, Ling Tian was evidently a Warrior profession- concealment was definitely something that he shouldn’t have!

As he was still wrestling with his bewilderment, a person suddenly appeared five metres away.

He was wearing earth-coloured armour, and was releasing an oppressive aura. He had golden coloured boots on his feet, and wore a golden mask with spikes all over it on his face. Just this set of equipment caused countless players to gasp and hold their breath. Above his head, his name shone brightly- Ling Tian!

The Sunrise City Central Square burst with noise, as every player there began to shout.

Ling Tian had appeared, and his entrance was completely unexpected. He did not squeeze through the crowds of people, nor did he descend from the sky. He simply appeared right in front of Cruelty Ichinawa, causing countless players to stare in shock.

“What… What’s going on? Could it be that Ling Tian was concealed this whole time? But I thought only Assassins could conceal themselves… and they have to be over LV50 and have completed their second profession change. Ling Tian’s definitely a Warrior profession, so how can he conceal himself?” Yun Feng said in disbelief as he stared at the screen.

“It seems that he had been hiding in the crowd for a long time, and only just changed his equipment and came out,” Xiao Qiu Feng said in a low voice. It was just his entrance, but the arrogance of the Japanese players had been diminished by quite a bit.

The Chinese players all cheered when Ling Tian appeared. Although Ling Tian was now in a very dangerous situation, he had at least protected the Chinese players’ dignity. Cheers filled every corner of the China Region.

“Ling Tian! It’s Ling Tian!”

“Good on you, Ling Tian! Destroy that Cruelty Ichinawa! Even if you die, you need to go down with glory!”

“Ling Tian, do your best! Even if you die, you need to drag down at least 100 of them with you! Show these scum the strength of a Chinese player!” ………………

After suppressing all of their fury and worry, the Chinese players burst out with happiness upon seeing Ling Tian, and they all shouted words of encouragement. After all, this battle concerned the dignity and honour of all of China. Ling Tian was not any ordinary player- he was the publicly acknowledged number 1 player, so he was qualified to represent all of China!

Countless eyes stared at what was happening in the Sunrise City Central Square.

The Japanese players became quite lively as well. Forcing Ling Tian out was the aim of this whole event. Seeing Ling Tian, who was five metres away from Cruelty Ichinawa, they all coldly smiled. It didn’t matter what the outcome of their duel was, and even if Cruelty Ichinawa lost, it was fine. After all, he was only the 3rd ranked player in Japan while facing off against the number 1 player in China. To them, Ling Tian was already a dead man.

“Heheh,” Cruelty Ichinawa planted his machete in the ground as he maliciously chuckled, “You’re China’s Ling Tian? Not bad, not bad, it seems that you’re not a coward, but this is so funny.”

Cruelty Ichinawa raised up his large golden machete was he looked at Ling Tian and coldly smiled, as if everything was in his grasp, “Daring to come to our East Ocean Continent, you’re either incredibly arrogant or terribly stupid. Forget it, since you’ve come, and it’s time, let’s start. I’m Cruelty Ichinawa, an ordinary player in Japan. Today, I’ve come to experience the power of China’s number 1 expert!”

“Go Cruelty Ichinawa! Kill him out of the East Ocean Continent!”

“Who cares if he’s China’s number 1 player! He’s nothing to us Japanese players! Destroy him, Cruelty Ichinawa!”

The Japanese players all started to mock and jeer. After all, this was their territory, and Ling Tian was by himself. He had no backup, so they could act as they wanted to.

Facing off against the extremely arrogant Cruelty Ichinawa, the silent Ling Chen finally responded. He looked up and pointed at Cruelty Ichinawa while slowly saying, “You think you’re qualified to fight me?”

The condescension in Ling Chen’s words was apparent. Moreover, those words did not sound fake or forced at all- it was as if to Ling Tian, he was not facing off against a Japanese expert, but rather, an insignificant ant.

Cruelty Ichinawa’s face darkened… he was the 3rd ranked player in all of Japan, and had represented Japan twice in International Mock Battles! In Japan, almost everyone knew his name and everyone who came across him treated him with the utmost respect. He had never been spoken to in such a way… and this was in front of players from all around the world.

Ten thousand ‘screw yous’ sounded out in Cruelty Ichinawa’s mind, and he almost exploded from anger. He swung his machete, and his expression became even more ferocious and savage, “Ling Tian! You think you’re so great just because you’re the top player in China? Hahaha… in my eyes, the top player in China is just a joke. If I want to kill you, it’d be even easier than stepping on an ant.”

Hearing these arrogant words from Cruelty Ichinawa, countless Japanese players cheered. Cruelty Ichinawa’s words were arrogant, but not without basis… Cruelty Ichinawa had lost pitifully against the Sword Emperor twice in the International Mock Battles, and the Sword Emperor was easily beaten by Ling Tian. It would be almost impossible for Cruelty Ichinawa to defeat Ling Tian. However, he was not by himself. Behind him was the fifth largest guild, the Cruelty Party! Under Cruelty Ichinawa’s leadership over the years, it now had over 200,000 guild members. If he ordered it, they could drown Ling Tian with their spit alone. Even if Ling Tian was powerful, he was powerless against masses of enemies.

“Go and die!!”

Cruelty Ichinawa raised his weapon and dashed towards Ling Chen. The large golden machete flashed with a golden light, and surprisingly became longer. An oppressive aura swept out from it, and even from tens of metres away, the surrounding players could feel the sharp waves the machete had sent out.

Japan’s 3rd ranked player was not to be underestimated.

Facing such a vicious attack, Ling Chen did not retreat at all, and neither did he take out his weapons. He simply looked at Cruelty Ichinawa with a look of amusement, as his eyes shone with a mysterious light…

Cruelty Ichinawa’s attack caused the surrounding players to shout with excitement. Although he used a heavy weapon, his body was as fast as lightning, and he crossed the five meters of distance between them in an instant. The machete descended toward Ling Tian at such a speed that normal players wouldn’t be able to react at all. At this moment, Cruelty Ichinawa suddenly froze, and the golden machete stopped in the air… as if he had crashed into an invisible wall.

At the same time, Cruelty Ichinawa’s ferocious expression disappeared, replaced with one of fear… even his entire body and the machete in his hands began to tremble. His eyes widened, and stared with extreme fear… as if he had seen the most terrifying thing in the world.

“Hoh! Why did you stop? Weren’t you going to kill me? Come, attack me,” Ling Chen said as he grinned. He took a small step forwards with his hands behind his back.

Just this single small step caused Cruelty Ichinawa to scream out in fear and stumble backwards. He was so eager to get away from Ling Chen that he lost his balance and fell on his bottom, and his machete fell to the ground with a ‘clang’. So scared that he couldn’t even get up, Cruelty Ichinawa didn’t even bother to pick up the machete which he had viewed to be as important as his life. He did his best to crawl away as he babbled, “No… stay away… please… don’t come over here!!”

The surrounding players fell silent, and all of them stared in shock. Ling Chen took another step forwards as he continued to say in a mocking voice, “Hoh! What’s going on? You were so imposing just then. So it turns out you’re just trash. I haven’t even fought back yet, and you’re already acting like this. I mean, you’re the 3rd~ ranked~ player~ in Japan, so at least act like it. Are you trying to show the world your skills in acting like a dog?”

While speaking, Ling Chen slowly walked forwards. Every time he stepped closer, Cruelty Ichinawa would howl in fear. Soon, a particularly striking and bitter smell assaulted the noses of everyone around them, and a puddle began to form underneath Cruelty Ichinawa.

He had actually been scared to the point of wetting his pants.


Cruelty Ichinawa’s fear reached its peak and he screamed as he desperately scrambled away… he sped into the crowd behind him like a terrified dog… while taking that horrendous smell with him.

“Hahahaha!” Ling Chen began to wildly laugh as he clapped, “Japan’s 3rd ranked expert, the head of Japan’s fifth largest guild, is quite impressive. My eyes have been opened, and my teeth have almost fallen out from laughing, hahaha…”

Cruelty Ichinawa continued to yell out in fear in the distance, and Ling Tian’s words were broadcasted to the entire world. After a long period of silence, all of the Chinese players burst into laughter, some of them even collapsing onto the ground from laughing too hard… the 3rd ranked player in Japan had sent a battle invitation to Ling Tian, and had been scared into pissing his pants before they even started fighting… what splendid, comic and shocking display!!

All of the Japanese players faces stiffened, as if they had just been forced to eat 10 kilograms of dung.