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Chapter 412: Insta-kill


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

“Bastard! Bastard!!”

“This can’t be happening… is he really our Lord Blade Emperor?”

“Go! Kill that Ling Tian! Ling Tian must die!”

The Japanese players felt like their heads were going to explode, and their eyes all turned completely red. Like a pack of despairing wolves, they charged at Ling Chen. This sort of humiliation caused them to lose all their rationality.

Ling Chen glanced at the Japanese players charging over, and looked at Yamazaki Jinichi, who was still eating grass… after using the Psychic Flower that he had bought from Qian Gun Gun, his Comprehension had risen to 17, meaning that all of his Feng Chen Curses lasted for 17 seconds. Although it was not a long time, it definitely wasn’t short either. The effects of the I’m a Sheep curse were about to expire.

“Hoh! Yamazaki Jinichi, it looks like your little Japan’s players doesn’t want you to become my pet. Oh well, having a barbarian as my pet wouldn’t be very fun anyways. I’ll let you return to you your people.”

After speaking, Ling Chen kicked Yamazaki Jinichi’s butt, causing him to fly into the air. After flying a few metres, Japan’s Blade Emperor crashed face-first into the ground. However, he continued to bleat, causing the Japanese players to almost cough up blood.

If this happened in the past, everyone would have fought to have the opportunity to help the Blade Emperor up. However, now, none of the Japanese players even wanted to get close. This Blade Emperor had been an invincible legend a few moments ago, but was now a pile of dung. His status as “Japan’s number 1 player” and “Blade Emperor” were now embarrassments to Japan.

Ling Chen grinned, and silently marvelled at the Feng Chen Curses. After all, even if Ling Chen defeated the Blade Emperor, he would still be the Blade Emperor, as well as a legend to the Japanese people. Since Ling Tian had easily defeated the Sword Emperor, the Blade Emperor losing would not be a big deal…however, the Feng Chen Curse lasted for less than 20 seconds, but was enough to completely destroy the Blade Emperor. This showed how powerful the Feng Chen Curses were. The saying ‘it’s better to offend the grim reaper than to anger the Feng Chen Sect’ was not an exaggeration. Especially considering that even the Moon Goddesses had fallen victim to them, resulting in Xiao Feng Chen being thrown into the Lunar Sky Hell.

At this moment, the effects of the I’m a Sheep Curse ended… of course, the Scaredy Cat Curse that had been used on Cruelty Ichinawa had also expired a long time ago, but he definitely didn’t have the guts to show his face anymore. Perhaps he went to find a secluded place to cry and vent. He was quite lucky in the sense that he did not have to immediately face the aftermath of what just happened.

Yamazaki Jinichi had been clear-minded the entire time… for those 17 seconds, he clearly believed that he was a sheep, and now, he completely believed that he was a human. The humiliation and shame from what had just happened caused his entire body to shake, and his face twisted in anger.

Yamazak Jinichi got up… he didn’t even need to look around to know just how much the rest of the Japanese players despised and look down on him. To the whole world, he, the Blade Emperor, was now just a laughingstock.

“Arghhhhh!! Ling Tian, I’ll kill you!!”

No matter how much mental fortitude someone had, facing such humiliation, they simply wouldn’t have been able to keep their sanity. Yamazaki Jinichi’s face was even more terrifying than a demon’s, and he shrieked like a devil. He snatched up his Daito from the ground, and madly rushed towards Ling Chen… right now, his only desire was to make Ling Chen die as horribly as possible!

A cold smile flashed on Ling Chen’s face. After all, the Blade Emperor who had lost his rationality was no longer the Blade Emperor. Although he was charging over ferociously, he was full openings. Ling Chen did not even bother to move, and when he was five metres away, the Great Ravager and Twilight Spear appeared in Ling Chen’s hands.


Ling Chen disappeared, only leaving behind a ray of blinding light.

All of the spectators felt their vision blur, and Ling Chen suddenly appeared behind Yamazaki Jinichi. Yamazaki Jinichi continued to charge forwards, but lost his balance and fell to the ground and remained there, unmoving. A damage figure appeared above him, and gradually disappeared.


Moment of Elegance… Insta-kill!

It was a true insta-kill!

“Hahaha, this is how strong your top player is? My eyes have been opened- your number 1 player is so weak?”

Ling Chen mocked the Japanese players as he continued to grin. Everyone clearly saw that Japan’s number 1 expert had been taken down by China’s number 1 expert in just one move. The gap between them was simply too vast.

For the Blade Emperor to defend his title as the top player in Japan for over 10 years, he was indeed an extraordinary player. However, he had lost control of his emotions, and had no battle sense left in him. Moreover, Ling Chen’s ‘Moment of Elegance’ was extremely fast and powerful. Even in his peak condition, the Blade Emperor couldn’t have avoided it, much less in his current state. It was no wonder he was insta-killed.

Having their top player insta-killed was yet another blow to the pride of the Japanese players. One didn’t even have to think to imagine just how much the Chinese players would mock them over this. After enduring humiliation after humiliation, the Japanese players simply couldn’t take it anymore. Only by crushing Ling Tian into dust could their rage be quelled.

They didn’t need anyone to give the command. The humiliation that they suffered completely destroyed their dignity and unleashed the savageness inside them. The Japanese players roared, and swarmed towards Ling Chen like a massive wave.


Yun Feng jumped up to his feet. What he dreaded most was now happening. He gripped his hair with his hands as he exclaimed, “Crap! What should we do? They’ve got so many people, and the revival point is right next to them. Even a god wouldn’t be able to survive!”

Xiao Qiu Feng glanced at him and blandly replied, “It’s no use even if you worry. Plus…” He paused for a moment as he frowned, “Look, Ling Tian seems calmer than anyone else right now. Perhaps… he has a way to escape.”

On the screen, Ling Chen was still mockingly laughing at the Japanese players, and didn’t seem nervous or worried at all. However, this didn’t help Yun Feng calm down in the slightest, and he anxiously yelled, “Escape? How can he escape? The entire Central Square has been blocked off, and even a fly wouldn’t be able to get out. How can he possibly escape?”

“If it was you, escaping would be impossible. However, he’s Ling Tian,” Xiao Qiu Feng’s eyes lit up with a faint sense of expectation… Ling Tian, let me see how you defy fate today! If you can escape from this situation, your name will well and truly stand on equal ground with Eve’s! If that happens, every player in the world will know the name ‘Ling Tian’, and China will skyrocket to a new position in the world!

At that moment, you will become a spiritual figure in the Chinese virtual world. When it becomes known that Ling Chen is Ling Tian… even the Long family would not be able to do anything to you.

Compared to the massive onslaught of Japanese players, Ling Chen looked like a single grain of sand within a vast sea. He observed his surroundings, looking at all the eyes filled with hatred, and smirked… an extremely blinding silver light shone out from the Lunar Scourge, mercilessly stabbing into the countless Japanese players’ eyes. Howls filled the Sunrise City Central Square, and all of the players unconsciously squeezed their eyes shut. The feed that was being broadcast to other countries turned white, and the spectating players could only hear the miserable screams.

The Moon Flare cast by the LV30 Ling Chen now had a range of 60 metres. This area was filled with an intense silver light, making it so that no one except Ling Chen could see what was happening.

“Don’t panic! Don’t let Ling Tian get away! Hurry and attack!!”

It was obvious that this light was released by Ling Chen in order to blind everyone and use the opportunity to escape. All of the players in the crowd began to yell, but they were unable to open their eyes. They could only blindly swing their weapons around and randomly cast their abilities in the direction they thought that Ling Chen was in. Of course, because they were attacking so wildly, most of the Japanese players’ attacks fell on other Japanese players, and the entire scene descended into utter chaos… whoosh… the nightmarish light finally disappeared, and the Japanese players gradually opened their eyes. The screen that the spectating players were watching also returned to normal… within the area that had been covered by the light, Japanese players’ corpses lay strewn all over the ground- there were at least 100 of them. Beside them, the remaining Japanese players continued to attack, while dumbly staring at the corpses.

Because the Japanese players were clustered so closely together, any player casually attacking would hit many other players. All of these Japanese players had been killed by their fellow countrymen.

“Where’s Ling Tian? Where did he go?”

There were corpses everywhere, but not a single one of them belonged to Ling Tian. Ling Tian’s equipment was quite eye-catching, but he was nowhere to be seen.

“We have so many people surrounding him, so it’s impossible for him to escape! He definitely changed his equipment and is hiding among us!”

The Japanese players felt as if they had been woken from a dream. Indeed, they had completely surrounded this entire region, so it would be impossible for Ling Tian to get away without being discovered. The only possibility was that Ling Chen had disguised himself and was hiding among the remaining players.

However… the Japanese players gathered here had come from all over the place, and barely anyone recognised each other. It was almost impossible to determine who was who.