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Chapter 413: A Hilarious Show

A Hilarious Show

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Moon Flare completely blinded everyone except Ling Chen, so it was impossible for anyone to know what equipment he had changed into, or where he was. Looking around, all the Japanese players could see were corpses on the ground and countless strangers. Plus, who knew what this Ling Tian really looked like under his mask?

A large group of City Guards suddenly descended from the sky, and captured 100 or so Japanese players in an instant. The leader yelled, “Not only did you fight in the city, but you also caused the deaths of other players. According to the laws of the East Ocean Continent, you will all be confined for 24 hours!”

Ling Chen was from a different country, and thus was not affected by the laws in the East Ocean Continent. As long as he didn’t attack any NPCs or destroy any structures, he would not be punished. Similarly, the Japanese players would not be punished for attacking him. However, these Japanese players had all attacked other Japanese players. As such, the offenders would be confined for 24 hours. However, these 24 hours only counted when the player was online, meaning that they had to be logged on, waiting in the jail for a total of 24 hours, before they were released. Of course, this could be avoided if they were willing to pay bail. However, the amount required for bail was quite hefty, and usually not affordable by a normal player.

Many Japanese players were taken away by the City Guards, while the rest of the players could only stare… the most pressing issue right now was… where was Ling Tian? Ling Tian had completely trampled upon Japan’s honour. If he was allowed to escape, the Japanese players would never be able to raise their heads in front of Chinese players ever again, and would become eternal jokes to the rest of the world.

“Everyone show your names and take off your masks!!”

Someone started shouting, and soon the entire crowd began to shout the same thing. Indeed, making everyone show their names and take off their masks would make it a lot easier to find Ling Tian… however, the prerequisite was that everyone was willing. Evidently, this was not the case. In the virtual world, the majority of players preferred to hide their names, and around half of all players wore masks. Protecting one’s identity was something that was important to every player, and this was especially so for those who had some special circumstances. Even in this sort of situation, there were many players who were not willing to comply… of course, the majority of players still revealed their names and took off their masks, which resulted in…

“He didn’t take off his mask!! His name is also still hidden, so he’s probably Ling Tian!”

“Oi! Why aren’t you showing your name? Ahh!! You must be Ling Tian! Ling Tian’s over here!”

“There’s someone over here who isn’t showing his name! His figure looks extremely similar to Ling Tian’s!”

“Ling Tian’s over here! Quickly surround him and don’t let him get away!”

“I found Ling Tian! This person refused to take off his mask and is hiding his name!” ……………… Almost instantly, countless cries of “I found Ling Tian” and “Ling Tian’s here” erupted around the Sunrise City Central Square. All of the players who were unwilling to reveal their names or show their faces were surrounded by other players… however, there were many of them- which one was the real Ling Tian?”

“Screw it! Let’s kill all of these people who aren’t showing their names or taking off their masks! Even if we kill innocent people, we can’t let Ling Tian escape!”

This yell caused all of the Japanese players to become consumed with bloodlust and hatred. They charged at the ‘Ling Tians’ in front of them with their weapons in hand, without even giving them a chance to explain. Instantly, the Sunrise City Central Square once again erupted with sounds of fighting and screaming, and thousands of players were killed. It seemed that the Japanese players would rather kill a thousand innocent players than to let Ling Chen get away, showing just how much they hated and feared Ling Chen.

Countless bodies now filled the Sunrise City Central Square. Although the players almost immediately respawned at the revival point, they had to suffer the consequences of losing a level. The City Guards that had just departed once again descended from the sky and took away the players who had attacked or killed other players, sending them to the Sunrise City’s Prison.

However, all of the players who had died… were all Japanese players! Ling Tian was still nowhere to be seen! It definitely wouldn’t be so easy to find and kill Ling Tian.

“Don’t panic! Ling Tian couldn’t have gotten very far! He’s definitely hiding in the crowd! Everyone, keep looking for people who are hiding their names and are wearing masks! Immediately attack once you’ve found anyone! No matter how great the price, we must find him! If you don’t want to die for nothing, reveal your names! Otherwise, don’t blame us for killing you!!”

The person who was shouting was called Yamamoto Michio. He wasn’t ranked among the top experts in Japan, but his fame was second to only Yamazaki Jinichi’s. This was because he was the leader of the largest guild in Japan- Unsetting Sun! He had immense fame and power in the Japanese virtual world.

Ling Tian’s disappearance caused the Sunrise City to fall into chaos, and all of the Japanese players felt completely furious and humiliated. Everyone warily looked at the players around themselves, and would immediately attack anyone who had their name hidden or face covered. And yet, Ling Tian still had not been found, whereas countless Japanese players had died or been taken away by the City Guards.

All of the Japanese players knew that this would be the outcome, but they had no other choice. Since the situation had already escalated to such a level, they could only do their best to find Ling Tian in order to crush him into dust.

Everything was being broadcast by the media all around the world, and players everywhere were watching in amusement… what could be more hilarious than this scene? The Chinese players all felt incredibly pleased and relieved, but were still a bit worried that Ling Tian would be found. With such a large encirclement, it was impossible for Ling Tian to escape very far away. If he tried to forcefully break out, he would be discovered immediately. Like the Japanese players said, he was probably still at the centre of the Sunrise City Central Square.

If he was found… he would probably be buried alive by all of the people there.

Of course, there was a possibility that no one had even considered… was Ling Tian even in the game anymore?


Ling Chen lay on the sofa, leisurely snacking on some pumpkin seeds. He smirked as he looked at the television screen, and almost laughed out loud.

That’s right! While the Japanese players were making hefty sacrifices to find and kill him, he wasn’t even in the game. During the four seconds of Moon Flare, he had quickly lost the aggro of the Japanese players and logged off.

After he logged off, everything played out just as he had expected. Everything he had done was to make the Japanese players as furious as possible, so that they would act like this after discovering that he was gone. They had started a hunt for Ling Tian, and killed anyone who did not show their names or hid their faces. The more they killed, the less they wanted to give up… they had no idea that they were just poor little clowns who were trying to find Ling Tian while he was relaxing and watching them do so in the safety of his own home.

5 minutes passed… 10 minutes passed… 15 minutes passed…

The number of Japanese players who had been killed continuously increased, and more than 10,000 players had been taken away by the City Guards. Today was the busiest day of the Sunrise City’s Prison. Ling Tian, however, had still not been found, and the Japanese players started to lose hope… they started to realise that perhaps Ling Tian wasn’t even there anymore. Even so, they simply couldn’t accept this. Otherwise, everything that they had just been through would have been for nought, and they would suffer an even greater humiliation!

Yamamoto Michio felt numb, and started to realise that it was likely Ling Tian was gone. Otherwise, it was unlikely that they couldn’t find him after such a long time. If he really was gone, they had killed so many innocent people for nothing, and many players had been sent to the Prison for nothing… whereas Ling Tian and the rest of the world had been watching them in amusement.

Yamamoto Michio’s fury and indignation reached their peaks, causing him to roar, “Ling Tian!! Get the hell out if you’re a man! Are you Chinese people all cowards?!”

“Ling Tian!! Get out here!!”

“Get the hell out!”

Yamamoto Michio shouted out three times, but didn’t receive any reply. His face twisted and he flicked his wrist, shouting, “Let’s go!!”

He could pretty much confirm that Ling Tian was no longer there, but couldn’t bring himself to say those words. Otherwise, that would just add to the humiliation that they had already suffered. After Yamamoto Michio yelled out, all of the Unsetting Sun players gathered together and prepared to leave with him. This was also a signal to the other Japanese players to give up and leave as well.

At this moment, Ling Chen suddenly got up from the sofa and slowly trudged towards the bedroom.

The Japanese players felt more and more sullen and deflated as time dragged on. Soon, most of their anger had been reduced by how depressed they were feeling, and Yamamoto Michio telling everyone to leave took a weight off their minds. However, just as they were about to leave, Ling Chen logged on.

Unfortunately, no one saw Ling Chen when he logged on… because as soon as he appeared, he instantly activated Moon Flare, causing the Japanese players to once again experience the agony of being blinded. The Japanese players screamed in pain and fear as Ling Chen madly laughed.

“Hahahaha! You idiots, you numbskulls, you complete dumbasses! I was right here the whole time, but none of you could find me, hahaha! Do your eyes grow on your asses? Hahahaha!”

Ling Chen’s wild laughing and condescending words were sent into the ears of all of the surrounding Japanese players, and were also heard by players all around the world. After the light from Moon Flare disappeared, there were even more corpses on the ground, but Ling Tian was still nowhere to be seen.


Yamamoto Michio roared like a furious beast as he shrieked, “Search!! Search for Ling Tian!! Anyone who is hiding their name or is wearing a mask… or looks similar to Ling Tian must die! Kill!! Kill!!!”

Ling Chen’s appearance, as well as his vicious ridiculing sent the Japanese players over the edge. The scene that was just calming down once again exploded into madness.

Ling Chen once again walked into his living room and casually sat on the sofa as he watched the broadcast from Japan with glee.