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Chapter 414: Wishing To Die

Wishing To Die

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

This entire day had been an absolute nightmare for the Japanese players. All of this was because of Ling Tian intruding into the East Ocean Continent, and their battle invitation that they sent out. If they could return to the past, even if they would have suffered some loss from Ling Tian entering the East Ocean Continent, they definitely wouldn’t have chosen to clash with him like this.

Ling Tian had once again appeared, mocked them, killed a group of players, then disappeared… the Japanese players all felt as if their heads and chests were about to explode, and furiously started to look for Ling Tian again. Anyone who was wearing a mask or did not have their name revealed would immediately be slaughtered by other players. In the end, even anyone whose build looked slightly similar to Ling Tian’s would be ripped to shreds by the other players… of course, the players being attacked would also retaliate, and the fighting and killing continuously increased as more and more corpses fell to the ground…

What’s more, they didn’t even know that Ling Tian, who they were so desperately trying to find, was comfortably lazing on his sofa as he watched their amusing performance.

The situation began to spiral more and more out of control. No one expected that such a thing would happen. If the Japanese players kept even a bit of their rationality, things would not have come to this. However, because Ling Tian had utterly stepped all over their dignity and pride, the sense of humiliation and fury that they felt made them lose control. In addition, after Ling Chen had just fanned the flames, they again became like savage beasts who wanted to tear Ling Tian into shreds.

As time passed, the Japanese players once again began to calm down. Countless Japanese players had been killed, and even more had been taken away by the City Guards. However, seeing that Ling Tian still had not been found, many of the Japanese players started to leave.

At this moment, Ling Chen once again appeared… just like the previous time, he immediately activated Moon Flare as he uproariously laughed, “Hahaha, you trash have killed so many of your own comrades, but you haven’t even touched a hair on my body yet. Even a group of dogs would be better than the lot of you! Even if you had millions of players, you still wouldn’t be able to catch me, hahaha. By the way, I might as well tell you: in China, we have an item that lets us temporarily change our names. I bet you idiots haven’t heard of it before, hahaha!”

The Japanese players had finally suppressed their rage and indignation and were about to make the right decision in leaving. However, hearing this, they once again became completely infuriated, and roared out. Once the blinding light disappeared, there were more corpses on the ground, but they still could not see Ling Tian. This time, he had even given them a misdirection, causing them to believe that he had always been here, but it was just that they couldn’t find him… and it was because he had used an item to temporarily change his name!!

No one knew what Ling Tian looked like. As such, if he took off his mask and even changed his name… it was no wonder that they couldn’t find him!!

“An item that allows you to temporarily change your name? Qiu Feng, have you heard of such a thing before?” Yun Feng thought hard, but he couldn’t think of such an item. In virtual games, once one’s in-game name was chosen, it couldn’t be changed. This was something known by everyone.

“I haven’t heard of it before, but for Ling Tian to be able to obtain a Heaven’s End grade weapon and Heaven’s End grade pet before he even hit LV30, I don’t think it’s impossible for him to obtain such a thing. An item that can temporarily change one’s name probably exists, which is why they couldn’t find Ling Tian after all that time.” Xiao Qiu Feng replied.

None of the players considered the possibility that while the Japanese players were looking for Ling Tian, he was actually offline. No matter how hard they searched, they wouldn’t be able to find him, no matter what. However, there was a reason why no one had realised this… in order to log off, a person had to be in a ‘free’ state, meaning that they could not be in battle or have aggro drawn to them. When Ling Tian had first disappeared, he had been surrounded by countless enemies, with all of the them locked on to him. If he wanted to log off, he would have to escape from the aggro range of all of the players. The blinding light only lasted for around 5 seconds, and it would be impossible for him to get out of their aggro range in just 5 seconds….

If it was a day ago, Ling Tian would not have been able to do such a thing.

However, when Ling Chen had levelled up to LV30, he had received a new skill from his Feng Chen Sect profession- Vanishing Shadow! Vanishing Shadow allowed him to directly conceal himself, and it wasn’t any normal concealment- according to the description, even a god would not be able to discover him. This meant that when he activated Vanishing Shadow, not only did his body turn invisible, but his aura completely disappeared as well! It was impossible for anyone to detect him with any of their senses, as if he had suddenly vanished. As such, any aggro locked on to him naturally disappeared as well. After activating Vanishing Shadow and losing the aggro of the players, he simply logged off. It was because of this skill that Ling Chen could toy around with the Japanese players like this.

At this moment, Yamamoto Michio loudly yelled out, “Everyone listen! No one move!! Unsetting Sun players, lock down the area within 100 metres of where the voice came from!! Don’t let anyone leave!”

From when Ling Tian spoke, to when the silver light disappeared, only about one second had passed. It was impossible for Ling Tian to move more than 50 metres in a single second. That meant that Ling Tian was definitely still within a 100 metre diameter of where he had spoken from!

The Unsetting Sun players immediately moved into action, forming a human barricade around the area where the voice had come from. The Japanese players inside that area also cooperated by not moving, hoping that Ling Tian would be quickly found.

Looking at the players inside the human barricade, Yamamoto Michio’s gaze became more and more savage. After confirming that no one could get in or out of that area, he waved his hand, shouting, “Archers, get ready! Kill everyone inside that barricade! Those of you who are innocent: after we kill Ling Tian, the Unsetting Sun will generously compensate you! Start attacking!”

The Archers, who had been prepared since a long time ago, aimed their arrows towards the players within the encirclement… because of how closely they were all standing, there were more than 2,000 people in that area! In order to force Ling Tian out, Yamamoto Michio was willing to kill all 2,000 of these people. This showed just how desperate they were to kill Ling Tian, and the lack of options that they had.

The surrounded players all revealed an expression of fear and dismay, but not a single person dared to try to escape… after all, trying to escape in this situation would just result in them being attacked even more. Everyone was surprised by Yamamoto Michio’s cruel decision, but no one had the opportunity to respond before countless arrows descended towards the innocent Japanese players. They began to collapse one after another amidst pitiful screams.

“Pfft…” Ling Chen spat out the tea in his mouth as he stared at the screen in shock. He had never thought that his misdirection would be so successful and have such an effect! In order to find him, these Japanese people were mass-killing their own comrades… a whole 2,000 people at once!

Even with his low opinion of Japan, Ling Chen didn’t think that they would do such a thing.

However, he had forgotten just how much suffering and humiliation he had caused them, driving them to commit this atrocity.

The miserable screams in the Sunrise City Central Square thundered to the sky, shocking countless players around the world. No one expected that the Japanese players would do such a vicious thing in order to get rid of Ling Tian.

Arrows continuously whistled through the air, and the area surrounded by the Archers gradually shrank. Soon, all of the players within the encirclement were dead, and not a single one had escaped.

Despite this, Ling Tian was still not found.

Could it be that Ling Tian had already been killed, or…

The Central Square was incredibly quiet, and Yamamoto Michio’s expression continuously changed. He had a vicious and cruel personality, but that decision was still quite extreme. After calming down a bit, he started to feel some regret. After all, what he just ordered could destroy his reputation. However, it wouldn’t be too bad if they could force Ling Tian out or kill him… but what was worrying was that Ling Tian had still not appeared. He didn’t naively believe that Ling Tian had been killed by the countless arrows, but within that area, there was not a single person alive!

Yamamoto Michio sharply breathed in. Could this Ling Tian be a ghost?! That area had been tightly locked down, and not a single person had escaped. How was it possible that he was not there? If he hadn’t died from the arrows, then… all 2,000 of those players would have died for nothing! The consequences would be unimaginable.

“Ling Tian has been killed! Let’s go!”

Yamamoto Michio gritted his teeth and yelled out. He flicked his wrist, and quickly began to walk out of the Central Square as he desperately prayed… Ling Tian! You definitely died just then! Please be dead!

“Hahaha, how exciting! How brilliant! Looks like coming to Japan to see this amazing show was worth it, hahaha!”

Yamamoto Michio’s body froze, and he almost spat out blood.